Mothers Friends

my moms friend are all sexy. either one has huge tits or huge ass. i love when they come over the house they always give me a huge hug and kiss. one day they were all playing cards, my mom and her 4 friends. they were drinking and let me drink as well. when these girls drink they piss every 10 mins lol..but my downstairs bathroom was being redone so i went and took a shower and left the door cracked so they could go when i shower. i wasnt in there 5 mins and my moms friend donna came in. she has the biggest tits ever. ever hug i get she squeezes she my right into her cleavage and her scent is amazing. so i was peeking from the shower curtain and saw her huge beautiful ass. i started jacking off and slid the curtain just enough so she could see me. i was washing my body with my dick throbbing hard and she looked. she couldnt take her eyes off me. i started jacking off my dick and she was fingering her pussy. i looked at her as i jacked off and asked to see her tittys. she agreed if she could jack my dick off. i happily agreed! i played with her tits and got them wet and she jacked my dick off. her nipples became hard immediately. i started rubbing them and biting them and pulling her tits with my teeth. she started licking my dick, slowly slurping up and down the shaft, until she went into full deepthroat i then came and she keep gagging, garling, and salivating on my dick, i held her head in position and fucked her throat for a good 5 minutes, hearing her moan and asking me for more, afterwards i took a final spray on her face and she washed up and went and played cards. i dried off and just layed on my bed thinking wow....
69% (17/8)
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