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my omegle adventure

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!


Stranger: 20 m bi

Stranger: what's up

You: wanna sex chat

Stranger: you bet

You: how long are you

Stranger: 7 inches

Stranger: :/

You: will you let me give you a hose enema

Stranger: what in god's name is a hose enema before I agree to such a thing

You: i hog tie you fill you to capacity with water and fuck you till you jizz your self

Stranger: well

Stranger: i just stiffened up

Stranger: so the answer is yes

You: bend over

Stranger: bending

You: here somes the lube

Stranger: Hey quick question before we get into the down and dirty

Stranger: Would you do the same thing with a girl?

Stranger: Yes?

Stranger: No?

Stranger: I'm just curious before we get into it

Stranger: I definitely want to get into it though

Stranger: I'm lubing up right now in fact

You: she'd have to have a strapon to fuck me afterwards but yes

Stranger: ah ok

Stranger: So After I get filled to capacity

Stranger: I fuck you afterwards?

Stranger: Actually nevermind

Stranger: Let's just see where it goes

Stranger: Alright

Stranger: I'm lubing up

Stranger: Getting that lube all in there

Stranger: In my super tight asshole

You: you'll need a diaper after this

Stranger: Sounds hot

You: it will be

You: now relax

Stranger: I'm trying but I'm a little nervous

Stranger: excited too though

You: spread your cheeks

Stranger: Spreading

You: here comes the fire hose

Stranger: Put it in

You: relax

You: im pushing on your hole

You: i can feel you loosening up

Stranger: mmm

Stranger: it feels good

You: just wait till i turn on the hydrant

You: i can feel it sliding into you

Stranger: can't wait

Stranger: oh god its so big

You: how does the hose feel

Stranger: gooood

Stranger: more

You: before i turn on the water put your hands behind your back

Stranger: They are behind my back

You: now im gonna tie you up, i dont need you thrashing and ripping out the hose

Stranger: make sure it's tight

You: i'll make your hands turn purple

Stranger: Asphyxiation

Stranger: That's hot

You: put your head on the ground and open your mouth

Stranger: It's open

You: when i turn on the water everything in your bowels will flush out your mouth

Stranger: Kinky

Stranger: I'm ready for it

You: dont close your mouth or you'll burst

Stranger: I'll try my best not to

You: trust me i lost three bfs before i figured that out

You: here cums

You: the water

Stranger: oh shit

You: can you feel your cavitys filling

Stranger: i feel everything filling oh man

You: keep your mouth open your about to feel a hard tug on your tummy

Stranger: Ok ok

You: here cums every thing out your mouth are you ready

Stranger: yes yes I'm ready

Stranger: I open wide

You: you look like your pregnant with triplets

Stranger: It feels so good

You: i know it does i do this every weekend

Stranger: uggh soooo good

You: do you like being pregnant

Stranger: Yes yes it feels great

Stranger: i want to get bigger

You: then close your mouth

You: slowly

Stranger: I'm slowly closing it

You: my god your tummy is lifting you up off the ground

Stranger: more more

Stranger: feels so good

You: im gonna push more hose into you

Stranger: do it mmmmm

You: here we go

You: one foot

You: two foot

You: three foot

Stranger: oooooooh

Stranger: god

You: four foot

Stranger: oh god

Stranger: holy shit

You: five foot

Stranger: omg it feels amazing omg

You: six

You: seven

You: eight

Stranger: ahhhhh

You: nine

You: here cums the last foot

Stranger: do it do it

Stranger: omg its soooo good

You: ten

Stranger: ahh god

Stranger: im so hard

You: open your mouth all the way

Stranger: opened

You: im gonna turn off the water for a moment

Stranger: k

You: my god your huge

Stranger: i know

Stranger: feels

Stranger: so good

You: im gonna put a ball gag in your mouth

Stranger: ok

You: nice and tight

Stranger: mhm

You: let me just pull out the hose and i'll start fucking you

Stranger: mmmm

You: the last foot of hose is stuck i'll pull you push as hard as you can

Stranger: mmmmmm

You: harder

Stranger: mmmmmmmm

You: [POP]

You: the hose came out

Stranger: hmmm

You: lean back let let out all the water i don't want my cum to make you burst at least not yet

Stranger: mhm

Stranger: (leaned back)

You: its draining from you by the bucket full

Stranger: mmmm

You: can you feel it rushing past your prostate

Stranger: mhm mhm

You: my my your hole is all stretched out

You: i could practically climb in side you

Stranger: hmmm

You: but for right now my cock will be the only thing spelunking

Stranger: hmhmhmhmh

You: im sliding in can you feel me streching out you over stretched asshole

Stranger: mhmhm

You: roll onto your back

Stranger: (I roll over)

You: now every time i pump my cock into you i want you to clench your hole and flex your cock

Stranger: mhm

You: my god your so long

You: and thick

Stranger: mhhmmmm

You: im gonna spin around and sit on your cock while i fuck your ass

Stranger: mmmmm

You: does my ass feel good

Stranger: mmmmm

You: thrust

You: i want you to fill me with cum when i fill you

Stranger: mmmm

Stranger: mhm

You: im getting closer

Stranger: mhmmhm

You: closer

You: i can feel your heart beat with my ass

Stranger: mmmmmmmmm

You: im gonna cum, im gonna cum you cum too

Stranger: mhm

You: i can feel your sperm moving in my ass

Stranger: mmmmmm

You: can you feel mine

Stranger: mhm

You: when i pull out of you clench your asshole as hard as you can

Stranger: mhm'

You: don't let any cum out

Stranger: mhm

You: [pop]

You: wow your ass hole won't close

You: i told you you would need a diaper

Stranger: mhmmm

You: im gonna pull you out of my ass when i do try not to cum everywhere

Stranger: mhm

You: my god you look even more bloated than from the water

Stranger: *burp*

You: wait while i get the hose again

You: ive got two hose now one for me and one for you

Stranger: mhm

You: im putting mine in now

You: now yours

You: listen im gonna take out your ball gag now

Stranger: mhm

You: feel better

Stranger: yees

You: im gonna kick on the hydrant on full blast there's nothing that can stop us from bursting if i do that

Stranger: do it

You: but before we burst we'll suck each others cocks

Stranger: aiight

You: im opening the hose line GO

Stranger: AHHHHHH

You: i can feel my cock getting harder can't you

Stranger: yeah sooo hard

You: im reaching my capacity

Stranger: me...

Stranger: too...

Stranger: so big...

You: so round

Stranger: bloating up

Stranger: like a balooon

You: im gonna cum

You: what about you

Stranger: yes

You: ooooo cum in my mouth

Stranger: im cumming!

You: close your mouth lets see how big we get

Stranger: closed

You: do i look good pregnant because you do

Stranger: mhm you look absolutely fuckable babe

You: lets break on 3

You: 1

Stranger: 2

You: 3

Stranger: kaboom
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