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my omegle adventure

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!


Stranger: 20 m bi

Stranger: what's up

You: wanna sex chat

Stranger: you bet

You: how long are you

Stranger: 7 inches

Stranger: :/

You: will you let me give you a hose enema

Stranger: what in god's name is a hose enema before I agree to such a thing

You: i hog tie you fill you to capacity with water and fuck you till you jizz your self

Stranger: well

Stranger: i just stiffened up

Stranger: so the answer is yes

You: bend over

Stranger: bending

You:... Continue»
Posted by pornmaster1993 3 years ago

[Story] a date with the garden hose

Ever since i was little i have liked to have my ass toyed. I remember filling myself with ice cubes in the tub, the cool sensation felt great in my ass as i rubbed my cock, not even aware what i was really doing at the time. years later i used rubber gloves to give myself a prostate massage, my skin rippled every time i came with something in my ass. knowing this i began to make plugs with candle wax to use in the shower. cum would rain down into the drain as i nearly lost my balance every time i blew a load in the shower my ass tingling.

but something was missing, the pleasure i felt was m... Continue»
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