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S (Submissive Slut) had quickly become addicted to the cocks of total strangers. She seemed ready for a whole new level of submission. When I gave her instructions by phone, her breathing become ragged with arousal as she absorbed the nastiness of the idea. She tried, unsuccessfully, to conceal her eagerness. As always, I told her to dress in conservative clothes. But this time, because her destination had dim lighting, I told her to wear something bright red that would stand out and be easily seen. In this case, dim lighting meant a porn theater.
She knew only what I told her: I would be seated nearby, where she couldn’t see me, watching her every move. I might or might not join in. She would submit sexually to anyone who approached her. (The theater was under the ownership of The Bar. Habitués of The Bar knew the deal and always had current proof of HIV testing when they entered. They sat in the half of the theater closest to the door. Unaware strangers who entered were told that those seats were reserved and sent to the far side. When freaky stuff jumped off, security [who almost always rotated and joined in the action] told the new visitors they could watch, jack off, etc., or leave [no one ever did] but could not participate without clearance from them. Some returned within a day or two with testing certificates once they saw the lewd action going on. In this theater, now owned by Big Willie, owner of The Bar ?, something was almost always going down at some point in the day.) S told me later that not seeing me and feeling so alone made her so horny and crazy when strange men she had never seen approached her. Her panties were totally soaked before she even got to the theater, she said.
When she entered the darkened room, lit only by the red exit signs and some reflected light from the movie screen, it seemed that I could almost smell her fuck hunger from across the room. In the film being shown, a costumed orgy was taking place; a voluptuous woman built much like S sucked and slobbered on a thick dick. S took a seat not far from the door, crossed her big legs and tried to look nonchalant. She wore her salt-and-pepper hair in a conservative twist. Her attire was as directed: a red high-necked blouse, knee-length red skirt, and red suede spike-heeled sling-backs on her shapely feet. Her pale legs were bare. A dark-haired swarthy man wearing shades entered moments after she did. Unknown to my submissive, he supervised a quintet of studs I had personally recruited from The Bar. I had asked for mostly white dudes this time. S was getting used to strange black cock and loving it; white men would heighten the stranger fantasy, as indeed it did, she said later. In her mind, she couldn’t be sure if I had arranged it or not.
The stud wearing dark glasses made a point of stopping and looking her over, and then sitting right next to her. S glanced quickly at him but looked quickly away, staring straight ahead at the porn movie on the screen, watching a woman choke on cockmeat as a stud facefucked her. Her expensively manicured fingers fiddled nervously with each other. In her head, she told me later:
I feel like a back alley slut . . . Oooooo!
The dark haired stranger immediately and ostentatiously unzipped his trousers. S swallowed hard, nervously fingered the strand of pearls around her throat and kept staring straight ahead. The man exposed his large dick, already hard, and looked at S. He reached for her hand with one of his own; she made a token gesture of resistance. Taking the resisting hand between both of his, he placed it on his stiff cock and folded her fingers around its circumference. Still refusing to look at him, S started stroking it. Slow, steady strokes.
Still holding her hand, the stranger took S out of her chair and, just like that, she found herself kneeling on the dirty floor, looking at the single eye of his fat cockhead. She had a deer-startled-by-headlights look in her eyes. The stranger placed his hand on top of her head and fucked his stiff dick between her red lips. She whimpered.
They hadn’t said a word to each other and she was sucking his cock! Oohhhhhhhh!
The swarthy man removed his saliva-soaked dickmeat from her mouth.
“Do you come here a lot?” the stud asked. He rubbed his cock, stained with her lipstick, across S’s face
“T-this is m-my first time,” she replied, a tremor in her voice. “Do you come here often? Y-you have a big dick.” She saw a large man in a white shirt watching them from behind the stud fucking her mouth. It made her feel even nastier.
The stranger smiled. “Fairly regularly,” he said. “Somehow, this place attracts a lot of fuckslut whores who are starved for cock. Women who can never get enough dick, the kind who suck the big hard dicks of men before they even say hello. You know the kind?”
What in the world am I doing? Oooooo! My panties are soaked!
S blushed. “I-I think so.” Her voice had a thick coating of lust.
The man smiled again. “Are you sitting down there with sopping wet panties because you never get enough dick? Are you a fuckslut whore who’s starved for cock? I mean, you are sucking the cock of a man you just met.” His smile broadened. “Answer me!”
“Uh-huh.” Her voice was small, trembling. They had attracted attention; other men were looking.
A motley trio of rough looking men came through the door as the man clutched S’s salt-and-pepper hair and once again fucked between her hungry lips. S made greedy slurping noises, her resistance evaporating like fumes.
“Suck the cock, you fuckwhore,” the stranger said in a fierce whisper. “Take all that meat in your mouth. Oh yeah, like that, take it deep! Do you know how slutty you are, deep throating a complete stranger’s dick, a man you met less than five minutes ago?”
“Mmmmmfff!” S said. “MMMMMFFF!” Her whimpering noises grew louder as her flooded pussy lips contracted with spasms. When she sat back for a moment to catch her breath, she saw the three men leaning against the wall near the door, stroking their hard cocks, eyeing her and the man whose dick she slobbered over.
Oooooo! Oh dear!
She redoubled her oral efforts, aware now of her ever-increasing fuck hunger. She realized her Master knew how to stoke her lust and make her willing to do anything he asked. These men she didn’t know could use her like a fuck toy, fuck her in the ass, cum all over her, do anything at all.
The cocksuckee held her hair in his fists and face fucked S, taking control from her. She made gagging noises as his swollen cockhead bumped against the back of her throat. She grabbed his thighs as if to let him know he should fuck her mouth harder.
“Mmmmmmf!” she said. “Ssslllllllllrrrggg! Glllllllrrbb!”
“Yeah, it’s a lot of dick but you’re doing good, you slut cocksucker!” He facefucked her harder; she emitted snuffling noises as she tried to breathe.
He withdrew from her mouth suddenly. Slobber drooled from her now puffy lips.
“You want more cock, don’t you, slut?” he hissed. The hunger in her eyes gave her answer. He pulled her to her feet and moved her roughly into the aisle. “Take off your dress.”
She did as instructed. Dressed now only in a white bustier and her red high heeled slingbacks, the middle-aged, middle-class-housewife turned-cockhungry-whorefuck found herself on her knees again, this time facing three more hard, angry stiff slabs of fuckmeat waiting for her mouth to devour them.
The first man guided her head to one of the trio’s dicks. She slurped it between her wet lips without hesitation.
“Glllllrrrb!” she said around the hard cock in her mouth. Her hands went to the shafts of the other two. The first man, now the ex officio leader, told her what a whore she was for sucking strangers off. Her whimpering noises grew louder as she came all over herself absorbing the verbal abuse.
“Mmmmmmmfff! Slllllrggghh!” Her head bobbed from one cock to the next, her growing fuckhunger obvious to all.
The man who had watched her from his seat behind the first stud kept his eyes on her, jacking off faster now. The more the merrier, he figured, and stood up to make the quartet of hard cocks a quintet.
S couldn’t stop cumming. The lewd soundtrack of fuck noises from the movie, the nasty things the men said about her, and the knowledge that her Master was watching, along with the others in the theater, stripped all pretense away.
She knew openly now what her Master had recognized that first night: she was a submissive cockstarved slut ready to do anything for hard dick now that she had been turned out and had her dormant inner lust fanned into flames. Before meeting her Master at the library, reading fantasies of masochism and jilling off had been sufficient, even daring, she thought. Now she was ready to walk into public places and let anyone bold enough do anything they wanted to her. If these strangers wanted to fuck her in the ass, she would pull her fleshy cheeks apart. If they wanted to spunk in her mouth, she would hold her mouth wide open and extend her eager tongue for their cockjuice. If they wanted to doublefuck her, triplefuck her even, she would submit without a second thought.
Ooooooo! So fuckynastyyy!
As it became clear that these big-dicked studs were ready to hose S with jism, I decided to give my aching dick relief as well. I walked over and joined the five strangers putting my submissive through her paces. Next time, I might let her get fucked.
Lost in fucklust, S didn’t realize who I was at first. It was just one more dick being fed to her hungry mouth as she went from one swollen cockhead to the next.
“I’m gonna bust a nut in this slut’s mouth,” one man growled as he jacked off with faster and faster strokes.
“Yessssss!” S hissed. “Bust me a hot fucky nut! Shoot it!”
“You want some spunk, you nasty cuntfuck? Here comes some more!” a second man said. He erupted and sprayed milky ropes of fuckjuice on her fat titties just as the leader of the pack hosed her forehead, nose and cheeks with long, looping ropes of jizz.
S looked up when she realized a black dick was now in the mix. My cock exploded on her gaping tongue just as she recognized me. My appearance apparently set her off and she quivered through fresh cum spasms. Her eyes lost focus. Her face scrunched as if in pain; she made strangling unintelligible noises.
The other men cursed, all of their active hands a blur as they erupted. The exploding dickmeat spewed spunk all over her grimacing face, into her now matted hair and onto her eager, begging tongue.

With lewd strings of sperm dripping from her chin, and more splooge all over her face and hair, I led S from the theater. Usually S had a sexy stride when she walked in spike heels but now her steps were shaky as if the dickjuice she had ingested had gotten her d***k.
“I like your red dress and your new French twist hairdo,” I said as I drove her to her car. “We’ll have to find more use for it. Did you have a good time?”
“Yes, Master, you know I did,” she said. “Since I met you, I can never seem to get enough cock.”
“Next time, would you like to suck off everyone there? And let them fuck you?”
“Oh yes, if it would please you. I’ll fuck as many of them as you wish, Master.”
I smiled. “We’ll see. I want you to drive home with the sperm hanging off your chin. I’ll follow you and drive past when you park to see if you comply. Then you can clean up before you go in to kiss your husband.”
“Yes, Master. Will I see you soon?” She knew that I heard her eagerness because she didn’t try and disguise it.
I smiled again. “We’ll see.”

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2 years ago
WOW. So fuckin HOT. Thanks.
3 years ago
very hot & sexy
3 years ago
Another fantastic part of a brilliant series xxx
3 years ago
I wonder if porn theatres do exist where this can happen. Where the owner of the theatre lets guys do what they want to the girls that go there. Also, that's hot about S driving around in public with cum on her face.
3 years ago
I like!