LIBRARY FANTASY SERIES: The Making of S, the Story


By Pornmaster1.
©2011. All rights reserved

Mouth stuffed with her Master’s cock, S now understood that it had been a test. Being face fucked by Master meant that she’d passed. She was glad because her new life of lust now devoured her and dominated her senses, and she didn’t want to let it go.
From finding the phone number in her car, to the timing of this meeting, her master wanted to see how submissive she’d become since that fateful night they had met in the library. Her actions provided an answer: totally. She had been fascinated with The Story of O that night. Already O’s adventures seemed mild compared to what her Master had made her experience.
As she slurped and slobbered on her Master’s hard manmeat, all the while stroking his friend’s fat dick, she felt her already soupy pussy awash with a fresh gush of fuck fluids. The new excitement came from looking through the motel window at her blissfully unaware husband seated outside in their car while she scarfed on the big hard dicks of two men whose names she didn’t even know. She had told hubby that an out-of-town executive interviewing her for a job was staying at this hotel. S was certain that both her Master and “the other man,” the one who’d been there before, would both fuck her before she left.
And to think, she’d almost failed the test . . .

I picked the phone up on the third ring. “Yes?”
“How are you, S?”
“Fine. I found this number in the car after you left the other day and although only the letter M was on it, I figured it out. You did want me to call, didn’t you?”
“Yes, I did. What are you doing?”
“Well, I have a job interview, and my husband and I were going to have lunch before I went to the interview.”
“Interesting. I’d like to see you dressed for success with my dick in your mouth. What are you wearing?”
“It-it’s a pinstriped business suit, tailored, and a white blouse, and a pair of low-heeled pumps.”
“Would you like some sperm for dessert after you have lunch?”
“Y-yes, Master, that would be nice.” Her voice almost a whisper.
“Tell your husband that you have two interviews. And convince him that he has to wait outside while you come to see me. I want to fuck you. And I need my cock sucked.”
“Oh, but, Master, I don’t think ____”
“You have no buts because when you have choice that isn’t given by me, then you are no longer Submissive Slut, you’re whoever you are. If you don’t want to do it, we can end it all completely today. You won’t hear from me again, nor will this number be operative. Is that your choice?”
“Oh, no, Master, I didn’t mean that, it’s just that, that it will be difficult to do.”
“You’ll find a way. Be here in two hours. And, instead of the sensible pumps, I want to see the slut pumps with the suit.” I gave her the address of the hotel. “Be prompt or you will be punished.” I hung up without waiting for a reply . . .

S got a little crazy when we both fucked her mouth at the same time. It showed in her eyes. I enjoyed her compliant whimpers when we took turns cockwhipping her. She reminded me of Lili Marlene, the porn star from back in the day. Ah, that Lili Marlene. She was the supreme whimperer of all time.
“Sllllllrrrggggfff!” she said as our spit soaked dicks sawed back and forth between her soft wet lips.
“You want to get fucked, don’t you?” Leroy asked. “You want some dickmeat in that slut pussy of yours, ain’t that right?”
“Glllllllmmmfff!” she said heatedly. “Mmmmmmfff!”
“Awww, suck it! I think what she really wants is to get fucked in that tight asshole of hers. Right?” I clutched her hair and let her deep throat me as Leroy gently cockwhipped her cheek.
“Gllllawwwkkkk! Glllrrrg!” Tears rolled down my submissive’s cheeks from her gagging effort to take my cockhead in her throat.
As both our spit stained fuckpoles bounced in the air, S sat back on her haunches, panting, ready for anything.
“Turn around,” I said, stroking my stiff dick. “So you can look at your husband waiting for you while men whose names you don’t know fuck the shit out of you.”
“Yes, Master,” she mewled. We both had insisted that she keep her dress-for-success tailored suit on. Leroy pushed her skirt up on her fleshy ass and bulled his fuckpole into her gooey pussy.
“EEEEuuuhh! C-cummminggg!” S’s head dropped; she bit her lower lip as her fat thighs quivered through her cum spasm. “Ohh, damn, soo goood, so fucking good! Ohhh, fuck me!”
Her hips ground lewdly as Leroy dicked her. She kept mumbling about how nasty it was, how bad she was, how good the fucking was.
She went totally bananas when I fucked her in the ass, all the while making her finger her soupy slit through repeated orgasms that kept her in a babbling frenzy. By now she really looked like a fuck-crazed whore. One slut pump had fallen off; one smoky seamless stocking had fallen below her knee; her fat tittieflesh dangled helplessly from her dress-for-success blouse.
Leroy watched and jacked off. To her seeming dismay—her face flushed a deeper red—she heard herself begging to suck Leroy’s cock. Since she didn’t know his name, she called him “sir.”
“Oooo, good dick in my ass,” she grunted. “Nnnuhhh, so fucking good . . . Owww! Oh yes! Yes, like that! Owww! Uh-huh! Uh-huhh! . . . Sir, may I suck your dick? . . . Please, sir? . . . I’ll drink your spunk, or you can come on my face, I don’t care
. . . Oh, sir, I need some dick in my mouth really bad . . . Mmmmmmff! MMMF! GLLLMMMFF!”
“You ain’t got to beg, slut, you can have the dick,” Leroy said as he fucked into her mouth with even strokes. “I’m gonna bust a nut, just like you want . . . Got a big load coming, too, I can tell . . . Gonna shoot the shit all over you like you want. . .”
Feeling my own nut building, I roughfucked her shitter like a maniac. “Think your husband can see over here, see you fucking and sucking on two big black dicks? Getting ready to bust some fuckjuice, damn good asshole, you slutfuck, awww fuck, here it comes! Ohhhyeah, shityeahhh!”
S’s meaty thighs spasmed uncontrollably with her own orgasm as she nearly choked on Leroy’s taut dickmeat bulling between her greedy lips. As my own nut swirled to a conclusion, I withdrew with a popping noise and, jacking off, moved above her upturned face stuffed with dick. Her eyes opened at my movement and she seemed to spin off in the throes of another cum spasm overtaking the one already racking her body. Three of her own fingers mauled her swollen clit furiously. Clearly, cumming and cum juice dominated the moment for her.
Leroy fucked his cockhead into S’s jaw as my dick exploded pearly globs of jizz that flew everywhere. Spunk dotted her hair, d****d across her nose, sprayed across one eye, and bounced off her upper lip after clogging a nostril.
As my dickjuice hosed S, Leroy—eyes fixated on S’s cum bath — busted a wet, greasy nut moments after me. He grunted, his strokes into her mouth a blur, and unleashed a torrent of creamy dick sauce into her wildly sucking mouth. Our grunts and wails, mingled with her muffled gurgles and slobbering noises, created a lustful symphony of erotic sounds as the trio of cum spasms merged. I allowed her to lick her ass juices and my sperm dregs from my spent dick, enjoying the soft mewling sounds she made as she did so.
As me and Leroy zipped up, S did her best to regroup, patting wrinkles from her skirt, straightening her blouse and trying to hide a sperm stain on it, pulling her wrinkled stocking up. As she brought a towel from the bathroom to wipe her face, I stopped her.
“You can do that in a minute,” I said, looking out the window at her car.
Meanwhile, hubby got out of the car. He seemed a little impatient, looked around, lit a cigarette, appeared irritated.
“What did you tell him?” I asked.
She looked uncomfortable with the drying spunk on her face. “I said the interviewer said there was limited space and that I’d need enough time to take a test.”
There was a knock on the door. S looked startled, looked at me. I smiled. She looked at Leroy. He smiled.
“You never thanked Big Willie for letting us use The Bar,” I said.

Ohh shit, I can hardly breathe! . . . So much dick! . . . Big Willie’s so biggg! . . . So full . . . And he’s face fucking me hard, dicking my mouth like it’s a pussy . . . A wide open wet pussy . . . Oh, damn, I’m wanting his fuckjuice . . . I love sucking cock so much and Master knows it . . . My husband’s probably going crazy, wondering what’s happened to me . . . Ooooo, Big Willie! . . . deepfucking my mouth . . . my lips so stretched . . .Ohhh, I’m drooling slobber all over everything! . . . He must think I’m a real slut . . . Oh dear . . . I am a real slut . . . Sucking him off less than five minutes after meeting him . . . And loving it! . . . Letting a man dominate me who won’t even tell me his name . . . And obsessed by it! . . . Fucking and sucking anybody he wants me to . . . Ooooo! What has happened to me?

Whatever had happened to her, something fuckynasty was happening, right then, right now and, just like that, all her attention was focused on the meat missile dicking her hungry mouth. Big Willie’s oversized cock was leaking pre-cum on her tongue as, she suddenly realized, she sucked on the thick shaft and large cockhead like a demented woman. Even during her reverie, she’d sucked dick sluttishly and eagerly.
Big Willie clutched her hair. Her chic salt-and-pepper French twist was awry but it didn’t matter. What mattered was Big Willie’s fuckjuice. She needed it now.

Watching S suck Big’s cock brought Leroy and me back into the action, jacking off leisurely at first, until her determined and frantic cocksucking made Big start talking to himself.
The triple penetration happened easily, as if it was preordained and she was expecting it. She not only offered no resistance, verbal or otherwise, she quickly and eagerly slipped into position when Leroy and I approached.
Big Willie got S’s asshole. Even as she grimaced, she pushed her overstretched sphincter back on Big’s dick. Leroy pumped her from below while I fucked her greedy mouth.
When we flipped her over, her fat titties jiggled like Jell-O; she made delightful fuck faces and, without encouragement, scrunched down until Big Willie f******n-inch dick was in her shitchute to the hilt. Leroy and I switched places; I got on top and rough fucked her soupy pussy while Leroy dicked her mouth.
Then she sucked Big off again with a wet, slobbery, sloppy blowjob. Leroy approached from one side, me from the other. Our dicks got harder, our wet, slapping, beating off sounds got louder. S heard the slapping sounds, looked up through eyes clouded with fuck fever, whimpered ragged noises at what she saw, redoubled her cocksucking efforts on Big’s dick, as if somehow in her mind she might be sucking ours, too.
With Big’s dick fucking her face, there was no room for me or Leroy. We got close and whacked off with fervor. I leaked pre-cum on her cheek, Leroy did the same on her forehead. By now, her cockstuffed mouth was a spit-coated slobbering mess as she held on for dear life with all of Big’s thick manmeat sawing back and forth between her obscenely stretched lips.
“Glllllffffffff!” she said. “Slllllrrrgggghhh! Gllllrrrlllggg!”
“Yeah, baby, it’s a lot of dick, I know,” Big said gently as, clutching her hair, he upped the tempo on his mouthfucking strokes. “Gonna be a lot of juice, too. Gonna give you lots of juice . . . You want Big Willie’s dickjuice, baby? You want a big load?”
“MMMMMMFFFF!” she said. Big fucked into her mouth faster. And faster. Pre-cum leaking from the corners of her lips along with drool and slobber. Leroy stroking real fast. Me too. Faster than Leroy.
Hot fucky nut ready to bust. S went crazy on Big’s big dick. Big Willie face fucked her, distorting her jaw. Whimpers, hers; groans, ours.

Cum showered S as three cockheads sprayed splooge at and on her face. Big didn’t lie. His load was massive and coated her face with long ropes of jism even as Leroy and I belched hot helpings of dickjuice into her gaping mouth. Snorting spermsnot, she sputtered as the copious outpouring of man milk caught her off guard.

She told me later what happened afterward.
“How’d the interview go? All this time, you must’ve gotten the job,” her husband said as he started the car.
“They said they’d call me.” She looked up at the window of the “office” she’d just left, felt a flush of arousal. “I had to interview with three different people. A boss stopped by unexpectedly.”
“What’s that on your blouse?”
“Oh, I spilled something. They invited me to have something to eat, and part of what I was drinking spilled accidentally. But they said I made a good impression.”
“Well, I sure hope so,” hubby said. “You took long enough.”

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