LIBRARY FANTASY SERIES: The Making of S, the Story


By Pornmaster1.
©2011. All rights reserved

The symbolism in her decision to again wear the long green peasant skirt, the plain white blouse, and the gold spike heeled pumps told me all I needed to know about her. So did the filmy dew of perspiration just above her glossy red lips. And the slightly startled look when she saw me, as if she were reminded that this was really real. She even sat in the same library easy chair, swinging a shapely leg crossed over the other, revealing her nervousness.
I sat down beside her. “Hi,” I said.
“Hi, yourself.”
“Hi, yourself, Master.”
She flushed. “I’m sorry, I’m not used to ___ Hi, Master.” She lowered her eyelids, flustered. The crossed leg swung faster.
“I like that outfit,” I said. “From now on, it will be known as your slave outfit. I may want you to wear other things. But when I say ‘slave outfit,’ I will be referring to what you have on now. Clear?”
Her voice was low, trembly. I’d bet anything her pussy was soaked. “Y-yes, Master, it’s clear. You have something for me to wear?”
I knew she wanted her question to sound casual, but there was excitement on the underbelly of her words. Already acquainted with my imagination, she thought I was up to something. I’d bet she almost hoped I had something for her to wear. Maybe next time, if there was a next time. I ignored the question.
“Has your husband returned?”
“Yes, but he left again today for an overnight trip.”
“Good. I have a surprise for you.” I was certain my words sent a fresh jolt of cuntal syrup to her pussy. “We’re going to a hotel. You can leave your car here. We’ll use mine and bring you back here.”
She started to say something, swallowed, averted her eyes. Summoned her nerve. “Master, I - I don’t know your name,” she said. She glanced quickly at the swelling in my crotch, then looked up with wide eyes.
I smiled. “I know,” I said.

As we approached my dark blue sedan, I heard her quick intake of breath. She stopped. Like last time, I knew she was making a decision. I was one step ahead of her.
“Don’t turn around,” I said. “The word, as I’m sure you remember, is ‘summer.’ ” Say it or get in the car.”
She looked down. “Master, please, I wasn’t expecting anyone else,” she said timorously. “I can’t do anything with him, I just can’t. I don’t even know him!” She sounded quietly hysterical.
“You’re being presumptuous. No one’s asked you to do anything. For all you know, he may not have the slightest interest in fucking you. You may not be his type. And, lest we forget, you don’t know my name, and you know me quite well in the biblical sense. Now, get in the car or say ‘summer.’ ”
A pause and a long sigh. She got in the car.

The brothuh in the car got behind the wheel. I got in the back with my Library Friend. Because her tension was so obvious, I decided to let it increase.
Neither the driver nor I said anything all the way to the hotel. The loudest sound in the car was my Library Friend’s breathing. She kept shifting her legs, probably because her pussy was soaking wet. (The assumption was correct, I found out later.)
Her mind raced as the car headed toward—where?
Her thoughts tumbled together, rambled all over the place: I must be out of my mind! How could I let him talk me into this? Well, he didn’t, actually, he gave me a choice, that’s what bothers me, I’m here because I want to be. Cut to the chase. He did it to you last time the way you wanted it done. You came back for more. But this other man! I absolutely positively will not let two men have me, even if I have had fantasies about it. This is crazy! Suppose he won’t do it to me unless I do it with his friend. Well, then, I’ll just say the code word and leave, that’s what I’ll do. But I really do want him to . . .

When I opened the hotel room door, Charmel, her meaty thighs splayed and fat titties jiggling, was fingerfucking herself. Her lipsticked mouth was slack with passion as two brown fingers slurped back and forth in her sopping slit. My friend from the library tried to speak, but no words came. She looked hypnotized. I could almost see her mind racing, her eyes asking:
What have I gotten myself into?
I smiled, told her to sit down and relax. I sat beside her. Leroy, the brothuh who was in the car, walked to the head of the bed. Charmel licked her full lips as if it were lunchtime.
“You were trying to control things when you saw my friend in the car,” I said softly. “You must rid yourself of the notion. You control everything with the code word ‘summer,’ but beyond that, you control nothing.
“It should be clear by now that I am a firm, but not a brutal or crazed master. I will bring you extraordinary pleasure, as I’ve already done. I enjoy your resistance because I will use it to increase your pleasure.
“Now,” I said as Leroy unzipped his trousers. “By now, you could be stuffed with dickmeat, which is why you came, isn’t it?”
She flushed again. “Oh, Master, that sounds so nasty but yes, it’s true,” she whispered.
“Louder,” I said. “Say it.”
“I came here to be s-stuffed with cock, Master” she whimpered.
“But because you tried to make choices, you’ll have to watch instead, and wait. I’m going to mold you into a total submissive because I see how cockhungry you are. Now, when you’re ready to get fucked, you can let me know. We’ll see how I feel at that time. If you don’t ask, you get no dick tonight. Understood?”
“You’re going to make me beg you, aren’t you?” The question thick with lust. “Ohhh! Oh dear! She’s sucking his pen—his cock! He’s, he’s rather big.” Her legs opened, closed several times.
I ignored her question. Charmel scarfed greedily and loudly on Leroy’s stiff fuckpole. I moved across the room and sat where I could watch the fuck show and my nameless submissive friend at the same time, who was entranced with the lewd cocksucking Charmel was putting down.
Leroy placed Charmel on her knees by the bed and did some serious mouthfucking. Charmel whimpered and clutched his asscheeks, her fat chocolate titties swaying erratically as she gobbled his stiff goo giver. Leroy grabbed her hair, stroked back and forth evenly between her drooling lips.
“Oh yeah, suck it, cocksucker, suck that meat good!” He grunted as he looked over and winked at me. I winked back because, as hard as my dick was, I knew I could wait. “Gonna dick your mouth like a pussyhole, girl . . . might bust you some dickjuice if you suck it good, shoot it down your throat . . .”
“Mmmmmmlllffff!” Charmel said.
Watching the younger woman, my older companion realized how much voyeur was in her, mingled with all the other stuff that had come out recently. Her pussy was flooded with pussyjuice just from watching the accomplished Charmel perform fellatio. She blushed at the truth smacking her across the face: the only thing I know about the other man was that he likes books and knows how to do it to me so good and knows exactly what buttons to push to bring out my submissive fantasy life that my dear husband knows nothing about. Probably would have little interest in if he did. Ohh, look how good she’s sucking it! She’s trying to choke herself with it!
When it dawned on her how badly she wanted to be in the black woman’s place, she knew what I already knew, that if we didn’t stop this nasty show, she would soon be begging for dick. Plural. Without realizing it, she licked her lips. When she saw both Leroy and me smiling at her quandary, she knew we knew.
No! her mind screamed. I won’t. I can’t. I’ve already gone too far. I can’t allow two strangers to have intercourse with me. Knowing them, they probably would want to have me at the same time. One probably would use my mouth while the other had intercourse with me. Like in my fantasy . . . No! I can’t!
“What do you want?”
“Will you do it to me? Please? I know I acted badly and jumped to conclusions, but I’ll do better, I promise.”
“They haven’t even started fucking yet. Don’t you want to see him fuck her? And learn how a good submissive behaves?”
“Well, I . . . yes, but ___”
“Then keep quiet and watch.”
Leroy knelt between Charmel’s big thighs, positioned his stiff fuckwand at her gooey gash, and bumped bottom pussy on the first stroke.
“Awwwwwwdamn!” the sepia slut wailed, her legs flailing as Leroy shifted immediately into deepfucking mode. “Cumming too sooon! Eeeeeeeeeeee! OOOO! OOOO! YAAAAAA!”
The amazing thing was, the lady with the unknown name came at the same moment Charmel did. Her pussy spasmed out of control, soaking her panties, as Leroy’s cock thumped the black woman’s womb opening. She tried without success to hide it but her body betrayed her even as she bit the knuckles of one hand to keep from crying out. As her cum spasm subsided, she looked at me. My knowing smile made her flushed face flush more until she was beet red.
“Oh pump the pussy, Master Leroy, pump the pusseeee!” Charmel’s spike heels punctured the air as her shapely legs waved erratically. Her fleshy ass was off the bed trying to help Leroy’s quest for her bottom pussy. “Ooo, shit, that’s bottom pussy again, oooo, shit, daddy, you thumping all the way, awwwwww! Fuck the muthafuckaaaa! Gon cumm again so fast so—AWWWWWWWWWWFUCKKK! AWWWWWWWW!”
The Library Woman looked hysterical. Her own pussy felt like an oven. Here she was, with two men whose names she didn’t know, one who she had never even seen before (which almost applied to both), and she was about to beg them for their big hard penises.
Dicks. Big hard dicks. She wanted them fucking her. Any way they wanted, hard, soft, it didn’t matter.
“Master, I’ll beg if you want,” she heard herself say meekly, the words bloated with fuckhunger. “Please, I’ll do what you want, your friend can do it to me, too, if that’s what you want.”
“Do it to you?”
“Fuck me, Master, he can fuck me,” the woman whose name I didn’t know said. “Or I’ll suck him off if you want. He can come in my mouth, anything, but, please, I need some dick if it’s okay with you, Master.” She was thoroughly into the submissive role now, her mental and emotional restraints shattered. “Anything, Master, you name it and I’ll do it.”
“Well, first, there’s an enormous dildo in the bag I was carrying. Charmel’s going to need it. Get it for her.”
Leroy had dismounted, leaving a compliant Charmel displaying her soupy fuckhole until the dildo was handed to her. She sluiced it in her pussy immediately, its enormity stretching and warping her soaked pussylips. Determined, she grimaced and worked it in with both hands. Leroy looked at the Library Lady as he stroked his hard dick.
The Library Lady looked at me. I looked at Leroy, then back at her. I didn’t have to wait long.
“Yes, Master,” she said.
“Crawl,” I said.
Without hesitation, she dropped to her knees and made her way across the carpeted floor. Eagerly, she reached for Leroy’s stiff dickmeat. As her hand closed around it, I took her to another level of submission.
“Wait.” My voice was firm, unequivocal. She turned, looked at me, her thwarted fuckhunger evident on her face in the form of a frown and pout. She looked ready to cry.
“Lift your skirt, lie back and fingerfuck yourself.”
She moaned as her fingers made contact with her own dampness. Meanwhile, wet, squelching sounds came from Charmel’s stuffed fuckhole as the plastic dick worked in and out. I moved next to Leroy, unzipped, took out my now hard cock.
The Library Lady’s look grew crazed as she mauled her flooded pussy. She looked whorish instead of matronly with her peasant skirt twisted askew. I leaned over, pulled one fleshy tit from her blouse, mashed it, rolled it this way and that, eliciting desire bloated whimpers and faster finger action.
“Ohhh, Master, I think I’m going to cum!” Her voice was breathless, agitated.
“Not yet,” I commanded. “Lick the juice from your fingers.”
Eyes bright, frantic and focused on our cocks, she did as she was told. Both Leroy and I stroked our dicks slowly. “Now, you can crawl over and suck him.”
Before I finished the sentence, her lips made contact with Leroy’s cockhead. Greedily, she vacuumed his cock into her mouth and slurped greedily. Her fingers worked her pussy with new fury.
I’m sucking this stranger’s big hard cock! And I love it! Oooooooo!
She whorishly deepthroated him until she gagged. With drool dripping from her lower lip, she looked at it and touched her tonsils with the cockhead again. The third time, Leroy placed a hand on her head and started stroking back and forth. Slobber stained her blouse, made her cocksucking look lewd. I knew she was ready for anything.
I moved closer, nudged her cheek with my swollen cockhead, cockwhipped her lightly. A questioning look appeared in her eyes. I pushed my dickhead at her cockstuffed lips, pushed insistently. She understood. Her eyes lost focus, her face scrunched up as orgasm overtook her and my cock bulled into her mouth next to Leroy’s.
“You are such a cockhungry tramp,” I muttered. “You don’t even know how much of a slut you are.”
He’s right! . . . I never dreamed I could do these things! . . . They’re nastier than my fantasies! . . . Ooooo! Nearly my whole hand in my pussy . . . The big hard cocks of two black men in my mouth, men I don’t even know . . . Big hard dicks fucking my mouth
. . . Fucking my mouth so good! . . . I feel like a back alley whore . . . And I can’t stop cumming! Oooooooooo!

We dicked her mouth like we were doubledicking her pussy. Lurid spit bubbles leaked from both sides of her stuffed lips, dribbled down, soiled her skirt. By now, both of her fat titties hung from her blouse, her nipples stiff nubbins.
With my peripheral vision, I could see Charmel, her fleshy asscheeks completely off the bed, with nearly all of the oversized dildo somehow impossibly wedged in her fuckhole. It was obvious that her body was racked with near continuous cum spasms as she watched.
“Y’all so nasty,” the sweet chocolate submissive whined.

“Thought you didn’t want to suck his dick,” I said, clutching her salt and pepper hair in one fist. “You want him to take it away?”
“NNMMMMMLLLBB!” she blubbered with her dick-filled mouth. We could hear the panic that said not to take it away. Any residue of surprise at her own sluttishness had dissolved. Her hand had left her pussy; she clutched at each of us desperately, digging fingernails into our thighs, trying to get more dick between her lips. We looked at each other, afraid she might tear the corners of her lips if she got any more meat in her mouth.
When we pulled our two spit-soaked fuckpoles away, she looked wild-eyed and d***k with fuckhunger. She panted, her mouth slack and open.
“Get on the bed,” I said. “On your knees.”
“Charmel, you have to watch from the sofa,” Leroy said.
“Yes, Master,” Charmel said meekly and waddled to the sofa with the dildo protruding from her pussy.
“Yes, Master,” the Library Lady said meekly as she knelt on the bed. With two silk cloths, I quickly tied her two wrists to two corners of the bed, then placed a pillow where her head would be when she placed it down. I used a third silk cloth as a blindfold. I could hear an increased raggedness in her breathing.
The ragged breathing was quickly replaced by muffled mewling as I fucked my stiff cock between her lips. Leroy got behind her, threw her peasant skirt up around her waist and speared into her soaking slit with one long thrust.
“MMMMMMMFFFF!” the Library Lady said.
“I think that means you like dick in your sluttish pussy and mouth at the same time,” I said. “Or do you love being tied and helpless? Saying ‘summer’ will free you if you want to be free. Ahhhh, damn, she’s gobbling the dick harder! Suck it, suck that cock good, you nasty fuckslut! Awwww yeah, just like that!”
She knew what a whorish tramp she must look like, actually pushing her fleshy asscheeks back, trying to make sure that big dick hit bottom pussy, and trying to gorge herself on my fuckmeat bulling its cockhead into her jaw, making spit drool from her mouth. Her big aching titties hung from her blouse. One cum spasm after another racked her body.
The blindfold took her to another level of eroticism. Everything felt more with the sensory deprivation of sight. She didn’t know whose dick was doing what and it didn’t matter as long as we kept letting her suck dick and kept her pussy filled. She was so wet!
She heard herself whimpering and realized through a haze of fucklust that she wasn’t sucking dick anymore, she was being cockwhipped. It made her feel even nastier to have a stranger gently slapping her face with his hard dick.
“Oooo, yes, cockwhip me, it makes me feel so slutty and nasty,” she mewled. “It make me feel like a street corner slutwhore . . . Ohh yeah, like that . . . Mmmmmmmlllff! . . . Oooo, it’s getting bigger . . . you’re going to give me some juice, aren’t you, Master? Are you my Master?”
“Fuck that whore! Ohhh shit, can’t stop cumming!” she heard the black woman say. “Fuck her good, Master, cummming again! So full, so fucking fullll! OOOO! Fuck the bitch! Do her ‘til she can’t see straight! A-a-aaaahhhh! Cummmingagaaaiinnnn!”
Charmel’s lurid litany inflamed The Woman Without A Name even more and she renewed her efforts to drain ball batter from Leroy and me. I alternated between cockwhipping her pretty lips and sluicing my fuckpole into her mouth.
“Naw, I ain’t gonna bust a nut yet,” I said. “Gonna fuck you in your asshole first . . . Then I’m gonna let you drink my juice . . . Yeah, suck that mufucka!”
Memories of her initiatory assfucking made her come again, flooding her already swampy pussy anew. Her mind had been drifting in that direction and as she wafted down from her cloud of fucklust she felt the man behind her bulling his cockhead into her sphincter. Her muffled cries encouraged him.
“Bbbllllllff! Mmmrrrlllggg! Spppplllffff!” she said in muffled tones.
“Yeah, he said you like getting fucked in the ass,” Leroy said. “Well, I’m going to work your asshole good, know what I’m saying?”
The man’s long, deep strokes into her shitchute reinf***ed his words, making the Library Lady wallow in ecstacy and wonder if she might become addicted to having dick in her asshole. A week ago she had a virgin ass and now she knew she wanted a regular diet of it.
Leroy and I switched. Because her ass was so receptive, I started roughfucking it right away; Leroy did the same to her mouth. We stayed well below causing pain, but we gave her plenty of dominant attitude in our moves. On each stroke, I bulled in all the way to my pubic hairs.
“Oooo, y’all dicking that slut bitch like there’s no tomorrow,” Charmel said huskily as she furiously worked the huge dildo back and forth in her gooey slit. She seemed content to do her master’s bidding and let the white woman have all the dick. “Master, why don’t y’all sandwich her? She’s so cockhungry, I bet she’d love it. Ooooooo shit, can’t stop my pussy from juicing, awwwwww, cuuummming!”
The Library Lady’s puzzlement was only momentary. Sandwich? What in the world does she mean? Ohhh, he’s dicking my ass so good! Then her mouth was empty as her mouthfucker pulled away, slopping spittle down her chin as he did so. Not being able to see heightened her anticipation of all the nasty things happening to her, she realized.
When it became clear to her that Leroy was scrambling beneath her, her breath caught. “Ohh dear, you aren’t, I mean I can’t, ohhh, no, wait, you’re going in . . . Awwwwww! Awww! Oooo, fuck, two dicks fucking meeeee! Ohhh dear, so full of dickkkk! Nastyyyyyy! Cummmminnnnngggg! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
Her body spasmed seemingly out of control as we put the dick to her asshole and pussy simultaneously, something she told me later she hadn’t even dreamed of in her nastiest fantasies. We turned the slutty housewife out thoroughly with the doubledicking.
“Fucking me too good, Master!” she screamed. “Too good! Too much dickkkkk! Ooooo, alll the way in, yessss, like that! Fuck my brains out! Owwwwww! Tear my asshole up! Ohhh yeah, shit, yeahh, awwwwwwww!”
Her fleshy asscheeks jiggled as we put the meat to her. The wet sucking noises coming from her pummeled fuckslit and asshole heightened the eroticism, made it almost palpable.
By now Charmel had worked the immense dildo into her asshole. As she worked her shitchute up and down on the fake cock, she gouged her soupy slit with two, then three, fingers. Her eyes, clouded with fucklust, were fixated on the doublefuck she’d instigated. Taking two cocks at the same time was her own favorite thang, and watching it was the next best. The plastic dick and her fingers and her imagination had her almost feeling what this white woman was feeling. Although being turned out the way they were turning this whore out was always something special. Her memory flashed back . . . three boys pulling a train . . . all three fucking her in her hallway, one after the other, when she was sixteen . . . all three talking her into sucking three messy loads from their teen cocks. . . Actually, two had come on her face in their excitement . . . She’d been a sperm addict ever since. Like this white woman was becoming a little later in life.
I reached down, mashed and mauled the Library Lady’s fat tittieflesh. Leroy reached up and pulled the blindfold away, but she was still unseeing, her fuckhunger blinding her as she danced from one orgasm to the next on our stiff cockmeat buffeting both her holes.
All her shit was completely exposed and she knew it. She felt so helpless with her wrists tied to the bed. We saw her total submissiveness, saw we could turn her into a complete fuck slave. Her mind screamed at the realization even as her body wallowed in the throes of one cum after another.
Ooooooo! So fuckynasty, two big black cocks stuffing my pussy and my asshole at the same time! Strangers! Oooo! I don’t even know their names . . . ohhh shit fuck shit damn I can’t help myself I am fucking cumming againnnnnn! Awwwwwwww! Ooooooo! And I’ll go crazy if they take all this good dick away! So fuckynastygood! I’m a cocksucking fuckslut whore and didn’t even know it! A whore who loves strange dick . . . they could bring men in off the street and . . . ohhh, this is so disgusting! . . . I’d suck their dicks and let them fuck me! Ohh dear! Oooooo! Please don’t let them know that about me! That’s too much even though I’d do it if they threatened to stop fuckingmesooogoood! Cummming againn! Nnnnnnnuuhh! Awwwwww!
Leroy withdrew his soaked dick at the same time I did. We jacked off as we turned her around, then tied her wrists behind her trembling body.
On her knees, she actually (to her surprise, she said later) heard herself begging for a sperm bath all over her face. We beat off with even strokes, the wet slapping sounds loud and quick, turned on by the lewd sight of her gaping mouth and obscene pleas for our milky ball juice.
Charmel was back in that hallway, letting the boys jack off on her, trying to drink their young sperm . . .
She was back in that car, parked in an alley, when Master Leroy first turned her out, when he made her suck off ten strangers who all hosed her down with ball juice really good . . .
I whacked off furiously, thoroughly aroused by this woman, this near stranger who had walked into my life the week before as I sought intellectual nourishment at the library. Her outstretched tongue was my target. Leroy’s eyes were closed as he beat his meat over her face.
“Fucking slut whore!” he grunted, his stroking fist almost a blur.
“Yesssss!” she hissed.
“Filthy cocksucking cuntfuck!” I said, a ragged catch in my voice as I felt my nut about to bust.
“Uh-huh, uh-huh, Oooooo!”
“You dickhungry cocksucker!”
“Awww, yessss!”
“You fuckynasty cum drinking fuck toy!”
“Whorefuck!” I yelled.
“Spunk licking fuckbitch!” Leroy grimaced.
“Ohh please, you’ve made me a slut, a fuckbitch, a fuck toy, pleassse! Please give me the juice!” she whined. “Ohh, Master, want the nasty dickjuice, yes, I’m a fuckynasty fuck toy, uh-huh, please, ooo, oh your dick’s swelling, ooooo, shoot, uh-huh, uh-huh, oh yes give it—Sllllrgggg! MmmmNastyyy! Glllbbbb! Yummyshootittt! Fuckynastygoood! Sppplllf! Gooodnasty! Fuckynastyhot! Mmmmmm!”
Totally surrendered to her inner fuckslut, she groveled under the onslaught of the lustful liquid shower of cockjuice.
A long jet of jizz spurted from my cock and d****d itself diagonally across her lust crazed face. As she let out an involuntary whimper, Leroy splatted the entire side of her face with a gooey knot of spunk.
Charmel’s sluttish whimpers were loud in the background as she impaled her asshole totally on the oversized dildo.
Me and Leroy beat off like madmen, whacking our wetness at my new submissive, drenching her with a torrent of cockjuice. First me, then Leroy pasted her lips, cheeks, nose, eyelids and hair with gooey strings of spunk, hosing her features until our erupting cocks slowed from long stringy ropes of jizz to oozing dregs that she lapped at eagerly.

Our car pulled alongside hers in the parking lot. She didn’t know it because her mouth was full of my cock. Her slobbery whimpering noises got to me. Clutching her hair, my cock swelled on her greedy and active tongue. I busted one last load of splooge in her mouth, which she greedily swallowed. Glassy-eyed with lust, sperm dripping from her lips, she moved to the front seat with Leroy.
Within minutes, Leroy grunted, cursed, then pasted a load across the bottom of her face. She was a sperm-stained mess. Although the parking lot was nearly empty, Leroy struck at her masochism and insisted that she not wipe the jizz from her face until she was in her own car and had driven off.
“For now, your name is Submissive Slut,” I said. “Same time next week. Same slave outfit, only wear the sexiest spike heeled slingbacks you can find. Understood?”
“Master, I think my husband will be home next week,” she said.
“That’s your problem. Maybe you can fantasize about him sitting at home watching TV while I fuck your brains out and you suck Leroy’s dick. I might even bring some new cock for you, I’ll have to think about it. Then you could have some hard dick in your pussy, asshole and mouth at the same time. Which I bet you’d enjoy, given your enthusiasm for two cocks tonight. Be there, Submissive Slut.”
“Y-yes, Master. I'll figure out how to be there.” Her voice fragile and thick, she licked at a glob of spunk on her bottom lip. She sounded as if she had just come again just at the thought of having her mouth stuffed full of hard cock as she got her brains fucked out in a double penetration and more new strangers fucking her with big hard cocks while her stodgy husband sat at home.
She had.

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