LIBRARY FANTASY SERIES: The Making of S, the Story



By Pornmaster1.
©2011. All rights reserved

As she pulled her car out of the parking lot, she u*********sly licked her glossy red lips.
Good sign.
When the library gave its 15-minute warning, my new friend and I had decided to stop for a bite to eat. When she invited me by for more coffee, we both pretty much knew what was up. And amazingly, we had been so engrossed in conversation we had not even given each other our names.
Thoughts: Maybe she was thinking about more coffee. Maybe she was just licking her lips.
“I’m remembering how we started talking at the library,” I said. “You have a great laugh.”
Thoughts: And I bet you’re a high-energy fuck. I bet you love having your pussy eaten, too.
She laughed self-consciously at my compliment, her red mouth open and playful as it had been in that introductory moment at the library. “Well, it was funny, me thinking you were self-conscious about your foot on the table and you not caring and me trying to reassure you. It just seemed so silly.”
Her thoughts: And the way you kept looking at me. I wished I hadn’t worn that long peasant skirt, although you said you liked it. I wanted to tease you and show my legs and let you know the scandalous kind of panties I had on!
I glanced over at her, noticing that she had pulled her long green peasant skirt up around her knees as she drove. Her stiletto gold pumps reminded me of how she had constantly swung her leg back and forth in the library, when one leg hadn’t been tucked beneath her. Her plain white blouse belied her sexiness.
Thoughts: When we sat there, I imagined me first throwing your skirt back, moving your panties aside and licking your pussy to see how juicy I could get it. You look like a screamer when your clit gets hard . . .
At the coffee shop, we both ordered pie and coffee. I enjoyed watching her eat the pie, making it seem almost like a sensuous exercise.
“Do you go to the library often?” she asked, opening her red lips for a piece of pie.
“Lately about once a week. My first few years here I hardly came to town at all. I’d always go over to Parks, the university library. How about you?”
“Not too often. My husband’s at a conference.” She paused and I knew there was some decision getting made. She looked at her watch. “I have to call him. Excuse me a minute.” She took out her cell phone and punched in a speed dial.
“Hi, honey,” she said. “How’s it going there? Good. Listen, I won’t keep you, but I just met someone at the library and want to invite him over for . . . coffee. I wanted to let you know.” A pause. “Yes.” Another pause. “Yes, I knew you’d understand. Bye.” She clicked off and smiled a little nervously, I thought. “So that’s taken care of.
“I was saying that I don’t come to the library that often. I was bored because he’s out of town. “ A pause “Not that I don’t get bored when he’s here.”
Her thoughts: There! I’ve said it! Wonder what he’ll think?
Thoughts: I wonder what this is all about?
“I noticed that you just seemed to be skimming magazines,” I said. “Is that what you read mostly?”
Thoughts: Or do you read fuck books? I doubt it.
“Like I said, I was bored. I was getting ready to leave and then—well, something made me change my mind, and just before I sat down with you, I found the book I wanted. I decided to check it out and read it at home, which is why I was reading mags.”
Her thoughts: I almost told him I was looking at him and wanted to jump on him. But that would be too, too brazen. He’d think I was a slut.
“What book were you looking for?”
“I don’t know if I should tell you.”
“Your secret’s safe with me.”
A pause. “The Story of O. Do you know it?” Another pause. She reddened when she saw me smile. “You know it.”
Her face crimsoned more. I thought I detected a slight film of perspiration just above her upper lip. She had a sensual overbite.
“Yeah. I do,” I said, feeling my johnson stiffen. “You’ve never read it?”
Her voice softened, a hint of—lust? “I read it a long time ago. I was just in the mood for it tonight.”
A long silence.
“In the mood? For?”
A long silence.
“It reminds me, well, of a certain way I . . . like . . .to feel.” Her thoughts: There! I’ve said it. Damn!
“Do you get to feel that way often?”
“It’s been a while,” she said. “My husband doesn’t really understand that kind of thing.” She lowered her eyes.
Thoughts: So it’s like that? Well, here goes. “You’re telling your master that you were in the mood to read The Story of O and maybe even read it to him. Is that right?”
Her thoughts: Oooooo! I haven’t even told him my name! And I don’t know his!
(I would learn much much later, after several torrid fuck sessions, that her name was Amber.)
“Y-yes, Master,” she stammered. “I was telling my master that I was in the mood to even read it to him if it would please him.”
“Maybe we should go to your place and have you, uh, read to me.”
Her thoughts: Oooooo!
“W-we could do that,” she said, a tremor in her voice.
An erotic silence enveloped us.

When she slowed to turn into her driveway, I decided to pull out all the stops. The car slid slowly to a halt. She shut the motor off, turned off the lights. For a moment, the only sound was our breathing.
“Tell me this: what kind of panties are you wearing? Panties say a lot about a woman.”
“I—oh, dear, I, yes, they do, but . . .”
“But what?”
“Mine don’t have a crotch.” Her voice a whisper, but loud in the darkened car.
“You’re a very nasty girl, aren’t you?”
A brief silence. “Yes.”
“Yes, Master.”
“I - I’m sorry. Yes, Master.” Her voice trembled slightly. Maybe fear, maybe lust, maybe both.
“Don’t let it happen again. You’re very wet, aren’t you?”
“Y-yes, Master, I’m—oh, I don’t believe I’m doing this. I’m so very wet.” Breathing ragged.
“Open your legs.”
The rustling of cloth. Inhaling, exhaling still ragged. Hers. I reached beneath the full green skirt. Absolutely a gooey mess.
“Drive your car into the garage,” I said as I plunged two fingers into her flooded pussyhole, heard her whimper. By the time she pulled the car to a halt and turned it off, my cock was out, jutting straight up. “Give me your hand,” I said.
Soft, warm and well manicured, her long fingers trembled as they touched my rigidness. Her touch was delicate and told me she would be a skilled lover.
Her heated loins pushed toward my probing fingers with a sensuous circular motion. Her big pale thighs parted more to accommodate my explorations. Her cuntal syrup flowed freely over my fingers. I withdrew my hand.
“Get out.” She did. I walked around the car. She kept her eyes averted.
“Are you having second thoughts?” I asked.
It was obvious she was struggling. “I’m just confused,” she stammered. “I — “
Her face colored a deep pink. “M-master, I’m confused,” she said, still averting her eyes. “This is so much like a fantasy I’ve had and now that it’s happening, I am just scared shitless. This is blowing my mind!”
“Your code word is ‘summer’,” I said. “If you want to stop this at any time, just say it and it stops. Not just now, it’s over, period. I’ll leave without another word, regardless of how far we’ve gone. I can find my way home. I intend to thoroughly and totally dominate you, but only with your absolute permission. Is that clear? If it is, open the door or say summer.”
Several seconds passed. When she fumbled in her purse for her keys, their jangling was loud. We both stepped inside. She closed the door. A dim nightlight created a dusky ambience.
“Stop and get on your knees. And don’t say a word, just do it.”
I heard a sigh full of anticipation as she sank quietly to the carpeted floor. I saw a plush pillow on a chair to my left. I handed it to her. “Kneel on this,” I said. My cock, which still hung out of my unzippered fly, had softened some but started to stiffen as I walked around in front of her.
“Suck my cock.”
Her glassy eyes, no longer averted, stared at my dark shaft. Her wet lips parted. I remembered that first peal of laughter when we met as she whimpered slightly, then eagerly slurped my hardening manmeat into her mouth.
Without encouragement, she grabbed my asscheeks and pulled me toward her until my cockhead nudged her tonsils. Each in stroke elicited a ragged whimper. I grabbed her salt-and-pepper hair and fucked my cock back and forth. Some slobber drooled from her full red lips. When she looked up with a look of submissive surrender, I knew she wanted to drink a load of spunk.
“You want me to bust my nuts in your mouth and you don’t even know my name,” I said huskily. “It’s your nastiest fantasy, isn’t it?”
Fuckhunger glazed her eyes even more at my lewd comments about drinking a stranger’s sperm. I felt a tremor in her body as she tried to answer with a mouthful of cock.
“Mmmmm-hmmmmmm! Mmmmmf!”
I withdrew, slopping her saliva in a string from my dickhead to her wet lower lip.
“What would your husband say if he saw you with your mouth full of a stranger’s hard black dickmeat?” Still clutching her hair, I fucked back into her greedy lips as she looked up submissively with a wild look in her eyes and emitted a mewling sound.
Her hands pulled me into her mouth more aggressively, making gagging noises as she did so. “Would he tell you how slutty you are, would he tell you that you are a nasty cockwhore?”
“Would you want him to see you as I busted a nut all over your face?”
I withdrew. She whimpered her disappointment, her wet lips slack and eager.
“I want to dick all your holes before I bust a nut. Do you become aroused when you’re called dirty names?”
Her blush answered me before she spoke. “Y-yes, Master, I-I do,” she whispered, each word bloated with lust.
“I figured as much,” I said. “Your husband probably has no idea what a fuckslut you are, does he?”
“No, Master, I doubt it. Ooo, you’re making me feel so nasty!”
“Turn around, slut. But stay on your knees.” When she had turned around, I said, “Put your head down so that your whorish ass is in the air. And pull your skirt up so I can see those nasty panties you’re wearing.”
Her face a flaming red, she turned around and did as she was told. Her cheeks were fleshy. Her oversized tittieflesh dangled from her blouse, the stiff nipples brushing against the floor. The crotchless panties were green, like her skirt. Her cuntal soup, clearly visible, glistened along the length of her slit. I heard her labored breathing in the quiet.
“How do you feel?” I asked.
“I-I don’t know,” she whispered. “I’m so horny! You’re going to fuck me and I don’t even know your name.”
“Which tells us both what a fuckslut whore you are,” I said. I moved forward, felt my swollen cockhead squish between her soaked pussylips. I burrowed in.
“Ooooooooo!” she squealed. “You’re, oh dear, you’re—really fucking me like in my fantasy! Ohh, shit, it’s good! It’s really good!”
I smacked her asscheeks several times. She whimpered each time until her sounds had graduated to a fuckhungry moan.
“So nasty, you dicking me like this, so . . . nastyyyy!” she wailed. I quickened my thrusts, thumping against bottom pussy. “Eeeeeeeeeee! Fuckittttt! Fuck it good! I am such a slut, such a fuckslut whore, like you said! Awwwwww!”
Her submissive whimpers counterpointed the squelchy, wet noise her flooded pussy made as I roughfucked it. Realizing I didn’t know her name either was a turn on to me, too.
I slowed my strokes as I felt a load start to churn. “You know what’s next, don’t you?” I grunted.
I thought her pussy became even wetter, and it was already flooded. “I-I think so,” she whined. “Ooooo, you’re roughfucking me really good, oh shit, I think I’m gonna cum, Master!”
“Good, let it go . . . let a stranger’s cock make you juice your whorish pussy!”
“Gonnacummmm! Cummming! Cummingggg! Eeeeeeeeeeee! Awwwwwgoood!”
The squelching noises were louder, wetter, as my friend from the library thrashed through a body rattling orgasm. As she trembled her way down from the plateau, I asked her again. “You know what’s next, don’t you?”
“Whew! Oh damn! I-I think so, Master.”
“Say it. Ask for it.”
New tremors racked her body. “Oh, please, isn’t it enough that, oh, please, don’t make me say it!”
My thumb caressed her sphincter. “If I’m your Master, you have no choice. Your choice is always to do what I tell you or say a certain word. You have no other choices.” I started longdicking her now swampy fuckhole. Her whimpers started again. “I said ask for it!”
“Master, will you, Oooo, I feel like such a slutty dickhungry tramp! Will you fuck me in the ass, awww, gonna cummm againnnnnn! Nnnnnnn! Awwwww!” Her pussy clenched my prodding dickmeat.
“Ask again.” I slapped her asscheeks.
“Oww! Please, fuck me in the ass, Master! Fuck me in the ass!” Her voice, throaty and ragged now as she held her forehead against the floor in total submission. “Dick me in the ass, ohh, I want your hard cock in my asshole! Ohhhh, gonna nut again, oooo, can’t stop, ooooo shitt, can’t stop cummminnggggg! Awwwwwww!”
My thumb plunged into her asshole as she came, bucking uncontrollably, ready for anything. As her tremors subsided, I kept looking for little ways to have her show her submission which, after all, was what the game was about.
“If you’re ready for some dick, grab those fat cheeks of yours and hold your slutty asshole open,” I said in a low voice.
“Y-yes, Master,” she whimpered. “Ohhh, you’re making me feel so crazy! I can’t believe I’m doing this!”
“Doing what, fuckwhore?”
“Ooo, you know the nastiest names, Master.” Her manicured fingers pulled her fleshy asscheeks apart, leaving her thoroughly slimy fuckhole and anal sphincter wickedly exposed. “I can’t believe I’m letting a stranger do all these nasty things to me. Ohhh, you’re going to fuck me in my asshole and I don’t even know your name! And I’m letting you! It’s making me crazyyyy!”
I thrust three fingers into her slit and used her juices to coat my already wet cockhead even more. I nudged my bloated dick against the entrance of her shitchute.
“Uhhh, ohh, Master, please . . . Not too fast, awwwww . . . It, ohh dear . . . It’s going in, oh shit, it’s, oooo, really going in my ass, ohh, awwwww . . . You’re dicking me in the ass, oh shit, you’re really dicking me in the asssss . . . Awwww, it hurts good, Master . . . It - it, oooo, ohhhfuckk, yesss, pump . . . Oooo, pump . . . Oh dear, what am I saying? Pump it, oh, pump it good! Uh-huh, awwww, in my asshole, uh-huh . . . Fuckkk, fuckitt, fuck my asshole good, Master! Dick it good! Ooooooo! Uh-huh! Awwww! Uh-huh! Like that! Ohhh shit, just . . . like . . . that! Uh-huh! Owww! Oh yeah! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! UH-HUH!! UH-HUH!! UH-HUH!! AWWWWW! OWWWW! OOOOSHITTT!”
I pumped furiously, caught up in the delicious tightness of her bunghole. It felt like it was her first time getting fucked in the ass. I felt the first stirrings of a nut. Pumped more furiously.
“I’m going to roughfuck your asshole and then, you know what?” I panted. “I’m going to bust my nuts in your fuckslut mouth and all over your face!”
I felt her pussy spasm in orgasm through the thin wall sheath separating my dick in her ass and her empty clutching pussy.
“OOOOOO! CUMMMMING! AWWWWWWWWWWWW!” She gasped as if she was running a marathon. “Ohhh, that’s too nastyyyyy! You’re going to fuck my mouth after dicking my asss! Ooo oo, you’re so nastyyyy, ohhh shitt, cummming againnnn! Awwwwfuckkkk! Nnnnnn! Nnnnnnn! Unnnnnnnngggg! Ohhh shittt! So goood! So fucking goood!”
I thought her clutching shitchute would pull the skin off my dick. I pumped even harder, plunging deep in her bowels.
“You’re roughfucking me soo good!” she wailed. “Ohhhh, all the way in, yeah, yeah, yeahhhhhhhhh! Roughfuck meeeeee! Ohhhh, dick the asshole! Fuck my brains out! Awwwwwwwwwww! OWWWW! Gonna nuttt again, going crazeeeeeee! Eeeeeeeeeee!
Waaaaaaaaaaaa! Unnnnnnn! Nnnnn! Unf! Ooooo!”
Even as she started her descent from her orgasm, I felt my ascent building. I pulled my glistening cock from her gaping pooper and spun her around. Her face was twisted in a grimace of overpowering fuckhunger. Pain/pleasure and fear/lust mingled as my hard cock fucked between her begging but frightened lips. She made an eerie strangling whimper, as if she were doing this terrible awful fuckynasty thing and loving it despite herself, which she was.
“Yeah, baby, I know,” I replied. “The dickjuice is on the way . . . suck it out . . . I’m about to bust you a hot fucky nut . . .”
Her lust glazed eyes looked up, wide and almost unseeing. I clutched her hair and looked down at my dick sawing back and forth between her lips, my nut building as my fuckmeat grew in the hot moist cavern of her mouth. Spittle drooled from below my dick, spilling messily onto her wrinkled blouse and fleshy titflesh. I reached down with one hand and mauled her rock hard nipples, eliciting new mewls and whimpers.
“Mmmmff! Spplllllfff! Mmmmm!” she whined.
“You don’t have to beg . . . Here comes the juice, fuckwhore!” I pumped faster, clutching her hair with both hands now, fucking her mouth like a pussy, saliva drooling all over the place. I looked at her eyes looking up at me, glassy with fuckgreed. “Here, slutwhore, here it fucking coommmmmes, drinkkkkk itttt, ahhh, fuck, shootingggg, drink it, bitch, ohh fuckkkkkk!”
Fuckjuice sprayed everywhere as my cockhead slipped to the tip of her tongue in her gaping mouth. Jets of spunk pelted her upper lip, her tongue, nose, splatted the length of her face into her hair. Another rope sluiced across her cheek, more spilled onto her tongue. Spermsnot dribbled from one nostril as the jizz backed up in her throat. Frantically, she tried to slurp down as much as she could.

Holding my cock in my hand, I wiped the leaking cockhead across her lips and cheeks, trailing a thread of jizz as it went. Her submissive mewling noises were so erotic I started feeling hardness trying to return to my spent and leaking member. I zipped it back in my pants, looked down at her disappointed jizz-stained face.
“I’ll be at the library at the same time next week,” I said as I strolled toward the door. “Be there. Maybe next time, before you suck my cock and let me dick you in the ass and hose your slutty face down with my jizz, I’ll let you tell me your name.”
I left.

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2 years ago
oo wonderful
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awesome hope there is more to come
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
I write and read, I love erotic writing :) much better for my imagination than films.
You are very welcome, I like to let people know what I think, and always try to be positive
A xxx
3 years ago
Bob111401 and Slave Ari, thanks for your comments and encouragement. I will post a new one no later than Sunday. Do you guys write or just read?
3 years ago
I like it can not wait for the sequal
3 years ago
OOOO may we have more please???