TALES FROM “THE BAR” Chapter Two Gra


Chapter Two

Grace Spreads the Word to Her Friends
(And We Meet Felicia)

Grace slept late after Fred left for work the next day. Lana was the first of the "Horney Housewives" to call. After sucking Fred off, Lana had gone home and aroused her husband for a hot fuck. Although she didn't totally know what was going on with Grace, she knew it had to do with fucking, and whenever Grace had anything to do with anything that had to do with fucking, it was nasty.

Grace gave Lana an explicit description of The Bar and the delicious doubledicking she had received. Lana, a lean, suntanned fox with big tits, fucked herself with a black dildo as Grace told her about every inch of Leroy and Ralph's cock.

Lana, mainly an exhibitionist, wore darkish blonde frosted hair and chose clothing that accented an exquisite figure. She favored white lingerie that contrasted beautifully and erotically with her suntanned brown skin.

Lana had very little interest in masturbation until she saw what it did to her voyeur husband. After seeing his dick became brick hard when she pulled her wet pussylips open and fingerfucked herself, Lana re-evaluated her interest in wanking herself off. The dildo had been his idea. The first time she used it, he jerked off in her face. She loved the feel of fuckjuice splattering her features. After the cum facial, they fucked wildly on the living room floor.

Now, as her friend Grace told her about this obscene place called The Bar, where they did all kinds of depraved sucking and fucking. A new vista was opening in her life, a vista that promised lots of big fat fuckmeat to nibble on. And fuck.

Veronica was rich, leggy, sexy, and caught up in an obsession that went back to a high school date ten years before. Well, not exactly a date. She had hitched a ride with two b*****rs from the basketball team. She had seen them both around school. Although she had gotten beyond the racial stereotype of expecting them to be hung, a girlfriend had told her that, in fact, one of these guys actually did have a big dick. One of them had some exceptional weed and they had passed a few joints. She had really gotten ripped.

The next thing Veronica knew, she was sucking cock for all she was worth in the back seat for more than an hour, surprised that having her mouth crammed full of manmeat turned her on so much. Taking turns kept both b*****rs from coming because she had whipped it on them, slobbering most of their erect lengths into her greedy throat repeatedly, whimpering fuckhungry sounds and loving every minute of the lewd mouthfucking. Then both fucked her, one after the other, boning her so good that the memory was still etched sharply in her mind all these many years later.

When Grace called and described The Bar, Veronica immediately stuffed her pussy with a vibrator and fucked herself to two orgasms as she listened. The swing club was fun, but shit, this place sounded like a real sin den.

When Grace called, Donna was shoving an immense cucumber sluicing back and forth in her gooey fuckhole. Both she and her husband were masturbation freaks. Her husband was pumping a load onto a pillow as he watched his blonde wife ream herself with the cucumber. Sometimes he and Donna would spend hours telling each other filthy stories —some true, some made up—as they whacked off for each other, deliberately holding back from busting their nuts until they were both crazed with fuckhunger.

With her husband pumping very hard dick into her from behind, Donna gladly agreed to accompany her buddies on a trip to The Bar. Jake, her husband, agreed moments before he came, but only on the condition that they went together so he could watch.

We promised earlier to tell you about Felicia, a coffee-with-cream-complexioned piece of fuckstuff. For Felicia, The Bar was an absolute dream come true because, in a word, Felicia was oversexed.

Felicia wasn't really what you would call pretty but she did the best with what she had. What she had was an exceptionally soft, voluptuous body on her diminutive frame. She wore her hair rather high on her head and fluffed out. She had a tiny gap between her upper front teeth. Men always noticed her fat titties first, a fact of life ever since she was a teenager.

She had her titties fucked more than any other girl in her high school. Boys and men came to realize that Felicia would fuck strangers in a heartbeat and, in fact, preferred to fuck strangers. It was such a weird turn-on for her. Also, if you simply touched her super-sensitive nipples and squeezed her pillowy titties, she was like the girl on an old TV show called "Laugh-In" used to be when you blew in her ear—Felicia would go anywhere and let you do absolutely anything you wanted to do to her. She loved having her titties squeezed and mauled.

Felicia met a lot of dudes who simply didn't know they could fuck her if they just asked and she masturbated a lot. She had a large collection of dildoes and vibrators that got used regularly.

Before discovering The Bar, Felicia had a memory of a wicked afternoon that had set the pattern for her fantasies. Felicia had an unusually big order from her market one week, and the grocery boy asked a buddy to help on his last drop to her house. They were partners from the football team. Both were oversized for their age.
They had accidentally caught her in a filmy nightgown, patterned black stockings and red strap, high-heeled sandals. She had been getting ready to fantasize with a fuck video and her biggest dildo because she was really horny. For weeks, she had been trying to get enough nerve to hit on the dude who worked in her apartment's office building. She had finally convinced herself to give it up and had worn her trashiest outfit when she went to pay her rent. Wouldn't you know, the target of her lust had called in sick. Dejected, and expecting a night without dick—like most nights—Felicia had shopped for groceries, then picked up some triple-X rated videos and gone home, planning to diddle herself silly. As she pumped the plastic cocks into her gooey pussyhole, she'd think of all the men who had lusted after her big fleshy tits that day—and there had been quite a few—but had been afraid to actually touch them, not realizing they were missing the ticket to sexual bliss with their timidity.

When the boys had arrived with the groceries, Felicia tried to ignore the initial wave of fucklust that swept through her body and done fuckydirty feeling things to her soft breastflesh, causing the fat, stubby nipples to stiffen as a constant reminder of her building fuckneed. The boys couldn’t take their eyes off her tits. They told her the amount of the bill, she mumbled something about a special tip, they agreed, one of them tripped and clutched a fleshy tit melon while trying to keep his balance. Although tiny, she threw him to the floor and almost ****d him.

They took turns dicking her, both fixated on her oversized boobies. Being aware of the syndrome, Felicia willingly let the youngsters tittiefuck her and spray their young semen all over her neck, chin and tits. They had returned on two occasions to fuck her again, then disappeared from her life. The sessions had remained her favorite masturbation fantasy for months.

Then she met Big Willie and became addicted to The Bar. Now she didn't need fantasy because she could have reality when she wanted it, and fantasy only if she wanted that. Their meeting had taken on mythic proportions in her mind, because she was like that, and it had been unorthodox.

Like Grace, she made a bad turn. Unlike Grace, it was a day that she didn't have fucking on her mind. Well, at least she hadn't thought about it for the previous two hours. She wore trashy black lace stockings and her favorite red strap sandals. She still wondered if they had been the clue. Because Big Willie had known. It still mystified her.

She had felt daring and decided to run out to buy a swinger's magazine. Although she didn't have the nerve to answer any of them, she enjoyed wanking off to them. After making the wrong turn, she spotted a liquor store and pulled in. The store was three doors down from The Bar.

She bumped into Big Willie on the way out, knocking the trashy swinger's magazine from her hand. She felt like crawling into the ground when he looked at the magazine, then at her. Unlike most men, his eyes didn't stop on her big tits. His eyes bored into her own, making her pussylips spasm. Somehow, she knew that he knew.
Big Willie had been amazingly direct, seemingly aware of her predilection for strangers.

"If you're not freaky, then walk on away, I ain't gonna mess with you," Big Willie had said without even telling her his name. "But you got a look in your eyes, you know? I own a place down the street called The Bar. If you're kinky like I think you are, I want you to come there in five minutes and a drink will be waiting for you. I don't want you to tell me your name, and I ain't gonna tell you mine 'til later. After I tittiefuck you with my f******n inches." He smiled and left.

Felicia had creamed her bikini panties as she listened in shock, her mind sending her all kinds of contradictory signals. This man was out of his mind. Besides, how could he know that several times a week she fantasized about a stranger walking up to her and crudely telling her what he wanted to do to her? But this was reality, not fantasy! she thought as she realized how wet the man's actions had made her pussy. And it wasn't like she was being f***ed.

Five minutes later Felicia was sipping on an ice-cold double vodka martini in The Bar, wondering what in the world she was getting into. Ten minutes after that she was smoking a joint with the stranger (Big Willie) with the large bulge in the front of his trousers as they relaxed in his office. Ten minutes after that she was sucking his cock and discovering that she liked being called dirty names.
"Yeah, suck it good . . . suck it like a good cocksucker, ahh, yeah, damn, baby . . . I knew you were a kinky bitch soon as I looked at you, you just looked like you constantly need cock and don't have nobody to give it to you . . . A fuckslut like you is gonna love The Bar . . . Oooo, baby, suck the muthafucka . . . You keep it up, I'm gonna spray your tonsils with dickjuice . . . Ohhhh, suck it, you fuckslut, suckkkkk!" Big fucked his immense cock back and forth between her wildly sucking lips.

Felicia had never seen or had a cock as big as the one stuffed in her mouth. She slobbered over it, trying unsuccessfully to cram the entire length between her lips. She was surprised to realize that she wanted to drink his greasy load. But she also wanted to get fucked, if she could only get his cock out of her mouth.

"Mmmmmmffff!" she gurgled, coating the fat fuckpole with saliva. A thread of spittle connected to his cockhead from her upper lip as he slipped his meat from her mouth and slapped her gently on one cheek with the enormous cockhead.

"Ooooooooo, shit, this is so nastyyy!" Felicia whimpered. "I-I don't even know your name and you're fucking my mouth with your big hard cock, treating me like a sleazy cocksucker, owww, oo, baby, you make me feel like a slut when you cockwhip me like that . . ." Felicia fingerfucked herself with three fingers, knowing she was going to bust her nuts again if he put all that manmeat back in her mouth.

He did her one better, giving her a bigger orgasm than she had thought possible. He placed her on her back, spread her lace-stockinged legs, then sluiced into her swampy pussyhole on one plunge.
"AWWWWWWWWWWWW, DADDDDDDDYYYYY! Oooooooooo! Oh, damn, baby, that's my bottom pussy, t-there ain't n-no more, b-baby, Ohhhh!" Felicia hollered, legs splayed and kicking helplessly. "Ooooooo, you hitting bottom, daddy, you
. . .arrre . . . hiittinggg . . . mu-uuthhaaa-f-fuucckinnbottom! Oh! Oh! Ooo, shit! Rightttttherrrrre! Right there! Right there, dick it right there, oh, please, right there, dick it, d-dick it - Ooooo! Uh-huh, uh huhhh, riighhhttheree! Pump me the meat, muthafucka, pump alll that meattt too meeee, ohh, baby, my pussy's soooooofullllllll! Oh, my pussy's juicingggg, I . . . Oh . . . Ooo. . . Ooooo! . . . Oh, shit, I'm . . . gonna . . . bust my nuts, honeyyyyyy, I'm -Ooooo! Shoot! Yeah! Oh, goddamn,shoooot! Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-ooooo, so fuckyy hott, your juice is hott, daddy, oooo, sperm meeee gooooddddd!"

A little later, after they had both smoked a cigarette, Big Willie told her his name She had said her name was Felicia as he stroked his thick, long, leaking fuckpole between her pillowy tittieflesh, pumping a second load all over her considerable cleavage.

The Bar completely changed her persona. She became more aggressive and adventurous sexually. She had always thought that, as a schoolteacher, she should dress conservatively. Now she changed her wardrobe, adding clinging, provocative dresses and blouses that exposed her cleavage, wicked high-heeled pumps and spiked sandals.

During the next month, she fucked three of her colleagues, even sucking one of them off in the school parking lot one night after she worked late. The muscled teenage studs in her class began to look different to her.

One day, on her way to work, Felicia had flashed a truck driver, exposing her creamy gash and wanking herself with two fingers. The sucker had almost driven off the road trying to turn around and catch her car. They pulled over two miles down the road, Felicia climbed in his trailer and let him plug her doggie-style without even asking his name. When it was over, she had left without either of them saying anything to each other except, "Thank you."

Knowing she could easily become a total addict of The Bar and its forest of cockmeat, Felicia restricted herself to two visits a week, unless they called her for a favor, which actually didn't happen that often because Big Willie respected her feelings.

Her last visit to The Bar had been the nastiest. Big had put it to her straight.
"Girl, you wanna have some real fun?" Willie asked.
"You know I do, all the time, Big," Felicia replied coquettishly.
"Well, dig, since you into strangers and shit, we thought we'd make you the official welcomin' committee tonight. We thought you could give all the b*****rs a little head when they come through the door, you know? Give 'em a whole lot of head, if you want," he grinned.

"You mean act like a sleazy cocksucking fuckslut, sucking strange cock so you can get off on it, don't you?" Felicia whispered as sweat formed on her upper lip and moisture formed on her soft pussylips.
Big grinned again. "You got it."

It had been memorable. Her fantasy of fucking strangers had been fulfilled in spades, no pun intended. Willie had placed pillows beside the door for her to kneel or sit on, wearing only red lace panties, red-tinted stockings and high-heeled slingback sandals.

She still remembered the first b*****r though the door that night. It was his first visit and he was stunned to see this fine s****r sitting on the floor, waiting to suck his cock. He had been surprisingly gentle, both when he had fed dick to her eager lips, then later, when he had fed his big fuckpole to her hungry snatch. Big had been impressed and told the b*****r to dick her, although he had planned to only let her do blow jobs. Boy, had he dicked her! Making her whine and whimper and holler and shit. When she had first slurped his swelling cockhead in her mouth, she had known it was going to be a superfuck. It had something to do with their rhythms finding each other instantly, making their lovemaking seem inspired.

He had hosed her face with cockcream and the evening had been a shower of sperm after that. She had never felt so whorish as she did that night, letting stud after stud fuck her hungry mouth. It became her new masturbation fantasy.

Felicia had seen the new white woman in The Bar. Grace, they had said her name was. Boy, she was pretty cock crazy, too. Felicia had a feeling that Grace was starting a whole new era at The Bar.

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Yeah, i want to hear more about the bar!!! i need to find a local spot like this near me!
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these two are amazing stories, i look forward to hearing more about "The Bar"
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