A hot summers night with Mum pt 2

This story is fictional and is based on videos of Wendy Taylor, available on xhamster.

The morning after my Mum and I had sex for the first time, I awoke and left the house before she knew I was gone. I had so much going on in my head; was it the heat and humidity last night that brought us together? Was it something which had been 'lurking' there for years and one brief moment together in the right circumstances had brought it out?

This was a Saturday and I was doing the morning-only cover where I worked. I drove there almost on auto-pilot and was like that for most of the day. I decided not to go home - I didn't know what to say to my Mum or where we went from here. So, instead, I went straight round to Felicity's house (my fiance) and spent the afternoon there. At one point not long after dinner, she turned to me, looked me straight in the eye and asked "What's wrong....?"
"Nothing babes. Why?"
"You seem . . . different tonight" Felicity said, almost suggesting the answer. Well now, I couldn't exactly tell her I had had fantastic sex with MY MUM last night while she was in Brighton on a Hen Night, could I????? Well, I 'could', but I think I would have been roadkill very soon after.....!

We just spent a quiet evening watching the telly, not even having sex, until about 10pm 'Fliss' (my name for her) said she was really tired after last night at the hen night and would I mind if she went to bed early? I said I didn't and I left about 10 minutes later. I sat in the car at the end of her road deciding what to do next. Eventually I knew I had to drive home and face the music.

I crept in the front door as quietly as I could. All the lights were off and it looked like my Mum had already gone to bed. I crept upstairs and slipped across the landing to my room. My Mums door was on the jar as always and I could hear 'something' coming from inside. I carried on past, and went into my room. I undressed and got into bed naked, covered myself with the duvet and settled down for the night...... or so I thought.

I lay there for a few moments and then heard a gentle padding of footsteps from the other side of the hall. My door opened slowly and as I peeked over the duvet I could see the silhouette of my Mum coming towards the bed. She seemed to also be as naked as they day she was born. I shut my eyes waiting for the worst to happen...... Instead, I felt the duvet turn back and she slipped into my bed behind me, spooning with my body. "So you've come home then darling?" she whispered in my ear as I felt her hand round around my waist and make its way toward my rapidly hardening cock. "You didnt think I was going to shout at you this morning, did you??" she whispered.. "Silly boy.... How could I be angry with such a wonderful lover as you were last night...."

I lay there, with my Mums hand gently wanking my cock and thinking "Oh my GOD!!!! I am now my Mums LOVER!!!!!"
"Well I didnt know what to do Mum..." I stuttered. She sat up quickly, turned to her left, leaned across my bedside table and switched on the lamp. I sat up too, and gazed in the lamplight at her boobs - which were bl**dy fantastic for a 59 yr old!!
"Look Simon, before you were born, me and your Dad had a good sex life. Then we just 'lost it'. I dont know what happened - it just did. I never looked for it anywhere else, but I LOVED sex and I have missed it for almost 15 years - not just since Dad died" She was pouring her heart out to me in a way she never had before. I struggled to concentrate on what she was saying as her boobs bounced beautifully as she became animated.
"You like these Simon?" she asked, as she held her boobs up making her nipples pop up, all erect. I nodded.
"Well, they're yours whenever you want them.... so long as this is mine whenever I want it..." Her hand stroked my cock. "And Fliss doesnt need to know darling,...... DOES SHE???" I stared at her almost disbelieving what she was suggesting - She wanted her and I to be 'friends with benefits'!!!!!

I nodded my agreement. I couldn't do otherwise - she was as horny as hell and I wanted to fuck her right then and there!

"Good....." she whispered, and with that she bent down, took the head of my cock in her mouth and started sucking for all she was worth. After a few moments of ecstasy, I stopped her. I had not gone down on my Mum the previous night and knew I wanted to. So, I gestured to her to straddle me, with her bum at my face and her mouth at my cock. Within seconds, I was doing 69 with my Mum!!!

As I explored her pussy with my lips, I found that her pussy juice tasted so sweet - amazing! As I licked and flicked my tongue around her clit hood, I could feel her writhing with pleasure, and I was trying to control my ejaculation as she sucked my cock to perfection..... We stayed like this for what seemed like ages, just enjoying each others 'bedroom equipment' (!!), but then she broke off, turned round to face me and asked "Do you like doggie???"

Do I like doggie??? Is the Pope CATHOLIC?????????? "Fuck me - do I!" I panted.

"Good" she said, "Cos so do I." and with that she turned round, got on all fours, her hands went to her bum cheeks and she pulled them apart. I took my cue and got into position. I put a finger inside her and found she was VERY wet already, so I positioned the tip of my cock against her pussy lips. I heard a tiny gasp as I pushed my tip into her hole, slowly at first, then a little faster and harder until, eventually, I was inside my Mum right up to the hilt. "Oh God that's good simon!!!" she gasped, and she held her head in her hands. "That cock of yours is so much bigger than your Dads...." I was shocked! First time my cock had ever been compared to my Dads!!!

I started to thrust in and out of her pussy, and it felt GREAT.. She was moaning and writhing as my shaft slid in and out, and I could feel with my tip every detail of the inside if her vagina - I had never felt so much with any of my previous partners and this was turning me on sooo much.

I reached under her and cupped her boobs in my hands, massaging them while I kept thrusting away. Then I felt the tell-tale warm flood cascading over my cock and I knew my Mum had cum. "Ohhhhh darling - that is SOOOOO nice..." she panted. We kept at it for a while longer and she came AGAIN!!! Soon after that we broke off and lay in each other arms in the light of my bedside lamp, and I took the chance to look at her body in more detail. I had never looked at my Mum as a sexual being before, and now I saw her literally in a new light (Lol!) I could see she must have been a very attractive woman when she was in her 20's.

"Simon......" she said, leading towards the rest of the sentence... "have you ever done anal?" I must have looked stunned as she grinned and sniggered at my reaction.
"Well, er, yes. I have"
"Really.....? I LOVE anal........ Does that surprise you, Simon...?" she asked all coyly.
"Well to be honest......" I tailed off
"To be honest, its not something you expect your 'Mummy' to do, is it darling...?" she looked at me all self-satisfied. "Well, I have news for you..... " and with that she got off the bed, slipped through the door and disappeared for a few moments. When she reappeared, she was holding a bottle of ...... LUBE! My MUM had a bottle of LUBE hidden in her bedroom????????? bl**dY HELL!!!!!

"Got this for my vibrator darling..." She said as she pumped some into her hand. "Now, I am going to lube YOU up, and you can do me in a moment" and her hands went straight to my cock and started to rub it all over my shaft - I struggled to stop myself cumming as she was getting me sooo aroused. I grabbed the bottle and squeezed a good palmful into my hand. She turned round onto all fours again and stuck her bum right up in the air. I got my fingers well-lubed, and touched her sphincter. She shivered slightly as I did so, but I carried out and slid first one, then two fingers into her bum hole. I could tell that she had done PLENTY of anal before as she didnt 'clamp up' on my fingers and she felt quite relaxed. I made sure she had plenty of lube inside her, and then put some more on 'for good luck!'.

I crouched in position over her and she pulled her bum cheeks apart and presented my with her gorgeous arsehole. I touched the tip of my cock against it and pushed gently. "You can ram it in a bit harder than that darling.." She said. I did as I was told and f***ed my cock in as hard as I thought was safe. She groaned sooo deeply as it sunk further and further into her arse. It felt WONDERFUL! She certainly knew what she could do with her body and, even after 15 years of no sex, she was still going for this like a much younger woman.

I started to thrust hard, in & out of her bum, as she groaned and moaned "Oh baby, Oh baby!" she moaned as I sunk my meat as deep as I could into her with every stroke. Then after about five minutes, I felt her sudder in a way I hadn't before, and she let out a loud yell.... My Mum had just ORGASMED from me fucking her up her arse!!!! Within seconds, I felt myself building to an explosion of cum which I shot hard and deep into her arsehole. "Oh baby!" she exclaimed as she felt my cum shoot inside her arse "That feels sooo good...." I carried on thrusting until my cock started to slacken and I could do it no longer.

We fell back onto the bed and gazed at each other for a while. Then my mum winked at me, bent down and took my cock in her mouth again - My Mum was sucking my cock clean - SHE WAS AN ATM ADDICT!!!!!!!!! bl**dY HELL!!!!!!!

We lay together and eventually fell asl**p. In the morning, when the sun came up we fucked again, and I came inside my Mums bum yet again!

Well, those two nights set me and my Mum up for the next few years until I left home. Although Fliss and I never got married, I carried on sl**ping with Mum both while I had other girlfriends and in between. Me and my Mum had some very memorable nights - some of which I may tell you about soon...... ;-)

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2 years ago
Fantastic, keep it up please.
2 years ago
Both of these episodes describe beautifully the joy and pleasure to be obtained from sex with a mature woman. As my name suggests I've only ever had sex with a mature woman over sixty in my own case. In the the final part of this series it was just a shame more was not made of the preparation and participation of all the joys to be obtained from anal sex with a willing and joyous partner. Thank You from a long time lover of mature anal sex.
3 years ago
excellent like the previous one continue