A hot summers night with Mum........ ;-)

This story is fictional, and is inspired by the video 'Wendy Taylor Role Play' which you can find on xhamster....

Back in 1984, we were having an unusually hot, humid couple of weeks at the tail-end of the summer. I was 23yrs old then, and still living at home with my Mum, who had been widowed about 5 years earlier, but at the age of 59, she looked at least ten years younger and - thanks to all the walking exercise she took - had a very well toned body despite having had three k**s.

I was engaged to a girl who I had been with for a couple of years then, and a couple of times when she stayed over, I had got the feeling that my Mum had either been 'hovering' outside my bedroom door when we were having sex during the night, or had actually been peeking through the door jamb! Naughty Mummy!!!! Lol!

Anyway . . . the hot, stick period was showing now sign of easing off, and it was starting to become almost as difficult to sl**p at night as it is in the tropics - which is pretty good going for the UK! The weekend in question, my girlfriend, Felicity (not her real name) was out for the night with some of her friends on a Hen Night, as one of them was getting married. They were staying over in a seaside town on the South Coast, so I was at a loose end. I didn;t fancy going to the pub and decided to stay in and have an evening with my Mum, a take-away and watch some Saturday night TV.

Me and Mum had a nice evening and talked like we hadn't done for some time. She admitted that she missed Dad and the 'closeness' (as she put it!) and that she had lost a lot of confidence and didn't feel up to starting a relationship with anyone at her age. I told her she was being silly and told her about all her good points. I ended it with... ".... and you've got great boobs too, Mum!" Now, why the FUCK I didn't stop myself saying this at that point, I will never know - but I did. I can only guess that it was that which sparked the events of that night which followed...

About 10.30-11pm, the humidity was climbing again and I said I was going to have a shower before trying to get to bed. After that, I laid on my bed in just my shower robe with the door on the jar as usual, watching a bit of late night telly. My Mum came upstairs soon after and I heard her go into the bathroom and the shower start running. But.... for the first time I could remember, I didn't hear the door get closed or the draw bolt lock... ???? Strange, I thought. I don't know what spurred me to do it, but after a minute or so, I got off the bed and silently crept onto the landing. The bathroom door was half-open and I could clearly see the shower cubicle. There was my Mum, sensually showering herself with a large bath sponge and loads of soapy foam all over her body. In all my 23 yrs, this was the first time I had seen my Mum naked. I thought I would be shocked, but - weirdly - I wasn't at all. I stood there, just out of sight and watched as she turned and bathed herself under the trickling water. She had an even better figure than I had imagined, a great bum and fantastic boobs which I guessed were about a 36D! What REALLY surprised me was that, as she turned full-on towards me, I could see that her pubes were neatly trimmed and either waxed or shaved into a tiny triangle which pointed down to her clit hood!

THIS was MY Mum!!!!!!! Oh - MY - GOD... I thought!!

I crept back into my bedroom and threw my face into my pillows. I couldn't believe what I had just seen - I had never seen my Mum as a sexual object or 'being' before and I had all kinds of thoughts and emotions running through my mind - some of which I REALLY didn't care for.

Sometime after I must have fallen asl**p, but I awoke to find myself sweating like crazy and my mouth feeling very dry. I lay there in the gloomy moonlight and could hear a rustling every now and then coming from my Mums bedroom (we always left our doors half-open 'in case'...) and I could tell she was awake too. After a few minutes, I got up and wandered to her door. "That you Simon?" she murmured. As if it was going to be anyone else...?
"Yeah Mum. Can't you sl**p either?"
"No, this heat is incredible. You can come in if you want". I know this seems odd, but in some respects my Mum was very 'old-school' - you didn't just wander into someone's bedroom unless you had been 'invited' (ho ho!). I went through the door to find my Mum sitting on the end of her bed looking towards the window. She had a damp flannel in her hand and was running across the back of her neck. I felt a slight wave of lust flow through me, and the first twinge of a 'semi' coming on, so I sat down next to her quickly to hide any 'embarrassment'....

In those days, I was quite fit. No, I was VERY fit! 5-8 miles running every day and about 12 hours Judo a week and I had a body to die for (darrrrling! Ha ha!) and I was sitting next to my Mum, on the end of her bed, with her in her silk PJ's and me in my shower robe VERY loosely wrapped around me...... Now I SHOULD have seen what was coming, shouldn't I???????? Well, I didn't.......

"Hmmmmm, you've got a great body son. All that exercise.... Bet Felicity loves it....?" she looked at me in the moonlight, waiting for an answer.
"Well, she ain't complained..." I said, a bit sheepishly.
"I should hope not!" said my Mum, all indignant that anyone should complain aout her little boys 'physique'!! "And is there anything else about your body that she loves........?" she let that tale-off all innocently....
"Well, maybe the odd thing or two" I answered, suddenly feeling rather uneasy and a bit stupid to let myself get into this position. I suddenly felt my Mums hand run inside my robe and land on my hairy chest.
"Does she like all this too..?" she said, indicating at my chest hair "Cos I love it..." she added sinking her fingernails into it in a playful way.
Instead of removing her hand, I let my Mum run her hands all over my chest and tug at my chest hair. I was beginning to get very turned on by this and was struggling to hide the rather obvious hard-on which was now starting to make a tent out of the folds of my robe!

Just at that point my Mum's hand let go of my chest and took my hand, pulled it towards her and took it up under her pyjama top, and pressed it firmly against her left tit. She looked at me in the moonlight and held her hand over mine for a moment without saying anything else... I took the hint, and leaned forward. As my kips touched hers, she took her hand away from under her top, and I felt it find it's way down into my robe and took hold of my now VERY erect and throbbing cock! As our tongues played tonsil hockey for a while, she ran her hand lightly at first up and down my shaft, then took hold more certainly and began to wank me in a nice, steady rhythm. I took firmer hold of her left boob, massaging it while she moaned quietly. She was getting soooo turned on herself and I was LOVING IT!

I took my hand out from under her top, and started to undo her buttons. She let me slip her top off her shoulders and fall to her elbows letting me see the full glory of her breasts. They were even better than I had thought after seeing them in the shower earlier. I bent down the touched one of her nipples with my the tip of my tongue. She let out a tiny gasp, but I felt her hand come round the back of my head and press me onto her more firmly. I sucked on her tit for a few moments and it felt fantastic - nice and surprisingly firm for a woman of 59! My Mum went back to wanking me again, as we lay down on her bed. She played with a little pre-cum that was by now oozing out of the tip of my cock, and took hold of it with both her hands as she did so. I started to kiss her tummy and worked my way down to the waistband of her pyjama bottoms. I undid the cord and looked at her as I took hold, ready to pull them down. My Mum smiled at me approvingly and nodded slightly, wanting me to undress her completely. I tugged at her waistband as she lifted her legs slightly. Her pyjama bottoms slid easily down her legs and off over her feet.

She lay there bathed in moonlight as I looked up and down her body. I lightly ran my fingers all the way down her body, beginning at her neck, down her chest, over her boobs, her tummy and down to her crotch. As my hand got there, she opened her legs and closed her eyes waiting for the pleasure that was to come. I ran my fingers down the full depth of her pussy. Her pussy lips were already wet, and my finger slid inside her soooo easily, quickly followed by a second. As we lay there kissing, my fingers took up a steady motion in and around her vagina as she writhed more and more on the bed. I moved my mouth back to her breasts and licked them all over - not just the nipples this time and pretty soon I felt a warm wetness running over my fingers inside her pussy. I had made my Mum cum...!!!!!!!!!!!

Soon after, she took my hand away from her pussy and got me to lay on my back. Then she moved down, took my cock in one hand and her tongue touched the tip of my shaft. She licked my bell end, flicking it with her tongue which was getting me VERY aroused that I had to tell her to stop and suck my cock properly or I would be cumming far too soon! She swallowed my cock almost whole and I could see in the shine from the moonlight, that with every suck my cock was glistening more and more. My Mum was bl**dY GOOD at giving a blow-job!!! What a revelation for a boy!!!!! She only carried on for a few more moments, and she must have knw that much more of that and she would have had a mouthful of my cum. She moved pressed her hands against my body, letting me know to stay on my back, and she climbed over me, straddling my cock. When she was in position, she got hold of my shaft again placing it in position carefully as she could tell I had quite a thick one and she had not sex in a few years.

With my cock in position, my Mum lowered herself onto me. She looked a bit surprised at how big I felt inside her, but she got into her stride without another sound - up and down gently at first, and then more purposefully panting more as she got faster. She was REALLY getting in to it - I had no idea MY MOTHER was such a horny, lustful woman - but she WAS. And, more to the point. I was loving every second of it.... Her pussy felt so good inside and she was really appreciating having a man - albeit if her son! - enjoying her body and what she could do with it. AT just about the right time, she climbed off and laid back on the bed. She opened her arms and I knew what she wanted me to do. I got between her legs, into position and pressed my cock to her pussy lips. She smiled in the moonlight and I thrust inside her.

I plunged my cock deeper and deeper inside my Mum with each thrust, my cock getting ever harder as she responded by writhing on the bed. All the while we had been fucking she had not uttered a single word until now.... "Oh yes, my baby... cum inside me. I want to feel you fill me up...." At this, I couldn't hold off any longer. With a massive surge from my bollocks,I blew my load inside my Mum with all my energy! It felt like my bollocks were about to explode as I pumped my hot, sticky cum again into my Mum... I flopped down on top of her and she held me in her arms. I didn't feel like when your Mum hugs you as a k** - this was like she would hold a lover - and I was IT!

Then it occurred to me I hadn't even given her oral, or fucked her doggie-style - let alone anally.

"Let's go to sl**p now" said my Mum as we lay there holding each other. That was the night. And we still had the morning......... ;-)
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1 year ago
Your story has a nice pace to it, slow, steady and effectively "getting the job done". Both you guys seemed to have made the right moves; the caring and unspoken love shines through. The writing is well done.

You made no mention beyond"...and still had the morning..." as to further tatics or actions. Being a competent writer that would not have been an oversight. That being said, your story does beg the question...when should we expect additional sagas, parts, chapters, etc.??
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
Very hot, love it!
2 years ago
Wonderful story, can't wait for part 2!
2 years ago
wow i have to here more pllzzzzzzzzzz god i thank i need to jack off now
2 years ago
Great story.
2 years ago
very nice, looking forward to pt2