Me and the Porn 'Star' 3 - My 1st DP!

If you have been following this little 'saga', you will know that in the mid-80's I was involved in glamour photography and, as a result, met a girl called Nikki who turned out to have done around 10-12 scenes in porn films a couple of years before I met her. By that time, she had 'retired', but sometimes... old habits die hard..... ;-)

We'd been together about 6 weeks by this time, and our sex life as great. No, correct that - it was FUCKIN' FAN-TAS-TIC!!!!! I was 24 yrs old then and, I thought, as experienced sexually as most 'real' guys my age. Over the previous six weeks however, Nikki had changed all that.

One afternoon, I was over at her house. Her Mum & Dad were away for a few days and, when her b*****r was out of the way, I was getting sooooo much sex, it felt like I was in heaven! Then one day when we were very much 'post-coital', out of the blue Nikkie asked "You ever done a DP babes?". A 'what'? I thought... I must have looked blank.
"You don't know what one is do ya babes....?" she had a little 'all-knowing' grin on her face. I had to admit that I didn't. Then she explained and, of course, the penny dropped - seen it loads of times on porn videos and mags, but for some reason I didn't know what a 'DP' was! Seems stupid now, but remember - there was no internet to learn from in those days..
"Think it's time to educate you babes....." said Nikki as she got out her little 'black book' of phone numbers and flicked through to the 'D's. She went to the phone and dialled the number. When the person at the other end answered I heard her say "Hiya babes - s'Nikki. Whatcha doin right now?". The other person clearly said 'nothing' as they next thing she said was "only got me boyfriend here and he's never done a DP - you up for it?"

I was STAGGERED!!!!!!!!!!! She was soooo up front and matter of fact about anything to do with sex - there was not the slightest bit of 'beating around the bush' with her at all - and I LOVED it . . . . talk about liberating! Anyway, she got off the phone and said "He'll be round in about half an hour. You ARE up for it? Right?" she nodded her head, prompting the answer.
"Up for what babes?" I asked, all innocently.
"Doin a DP? I've worked with Dave when I was doin' porn, babes. He's really professional - there's nothing between us, honest. You'll see"
My mind started racing - I had never done a 3-some then, let alone have another guys cock up MY girlfriend at the same time as MINE!! Strangely enough though. I didn't feel threatened by it at all, so I just said "Yeah, why not!"
Nikki looked at me and could see something was worrying me.
"You worried how you'll do up against him, Babes?" I shrugged my shoulders, but she knew it meant yes. "Don't be babes. You've got a great cock and you're good in bed - you've got nothing to worry about...." Coming from Nikki, I took that as a considerable compliment...

So we sat there watching the telly for about 25 mins, and then there was a tap on the door. Nikki went to answer it and I could hear her doing her usual 'luvvie' type welcome (Ha ha!) and in she walked holding Dave's hand. He was older than I expected - about 35-40 - and nothing special to look at. Pretty fit body though (turned out he was a former Parachute Regiment trooper!!!)
"This is Dave" said Nikki, all excitedly. "He's got a big cock just like you!"
"Really....?" I replied somewhat sheepishly.
"Hello mate" said Dave as he pushed his hand forward to shake mine. "So you're the lucky bloke who's fucking, er, I mean going out with out Nik are you?"
"Er, yes....." I was starting to feel very uneasy at this point about the whole thing. Nikki went out into the kitchen to get Dave a drink. He and I sat down on one of the sofas.
"So Nikki tells me you're a photographer?" Dave said, making small talk.
"Yes, well, part-time. That's how I met her"
"Yeah, she can't stand blokes who try to chat her up in pubs n' clubs, our Nik. Sooner meet a guy when he's being himself and not someone who's putting on an act." I was a little surprised... "So... " he continued..."You've never done anything like porn yourself then?"
"No. Not been that lucky..." I said.
"Believe me mate, there's nothing 'lucky' to being in porn. Bet you think it would be great to fuck a load of horny women for money, eh?" I nodded in a agreement. Just as I felt Dave was about to reel off a sermon about the porn industry, Nikki reappeared with his drink (and one for me :-) and sat down.

"So you got to know each other a bit better then?" Dave and I looked at each other and both nodded. At that point I suddenly felt much more comfortable with him, and I think what he had been about to say to me had made the difference.
"Dave and I have done a couple of scenes together when we both worked in the business babes, so he knows what to do and I know he's professional about it - that's why I asked him round to help us..." she was stroking her fingers up and down my thigh in her usual sensual way, and giving me a 'semi' in the process.
"This is only straight DP you want, Nik? Yes?" asked Dave. I was puzzled.
"Oh yeah babes, Simon don't do gay-for-pay" she answered. I thought.. 'Yikes!' and it must have shown on my face as Nikki came straight back with.. "Don't worry babes - he ain't gonna be sucking your cock, and you ain't going to be suckin his.... unless you suddenly find you want to!!!" Nikki's head went back and she laughed loud and deep. I sat there looking sheepish . . again. Dave grinned.
"Don't worry mate - I've only ever let a bloke shove his cock up my arse when the moneys right!" I felt my jaw hitting the floor as he said it! I had NO idea then that guys in porn often do both straight AND gay porn. Let's just say that Dave opened my eyes right then and there...

We chatted for a few more minutes, until Nikki stood up and said "Right - I want a good fucking. Who wants my bum first?"
I looked at Dave and he looked at me. "She's your bird..." he said.
"You lead, I'll follow.... I think.." I said, and with that Nikki took me by one hand and Dave by the other and dragged us off the sofa and towards the stairs.

When we got to the bedroom, she planted a big slobby kiss on my lips, and immediately pulled her top over her head letting her boobs ripple free. Dave followed her cue and undid his zip and belt, and let his jeans drop to the floor. Nikki dropped to her knees, took his rising cock in her hand and started to wank it hard. She looked round at me and said "Come on babes - get yer kit off"

I did as I was told. I just took everything off and was standing there 'in the buff' with my cock up and twitching. "Fuck me, Simon! That's some tool you got there" said Dave, with a tone in his voice that made me feel he was genuinely impressed.
"Told you he had a biggun, didn't I" said Nikki all coyly as she ran her tongue up and down Dave's well-proportioned cock. She beckoned me to join them. I trotted across the bedroom and stood next to Dave. Nikki took my cock in her other hand and proceeded to share out her blow-job between the two of us. I looked down and did the 'male thing' of comparing my cock to Dave's. I was reassured when, from this angle, I seemed to be just as big as him - he was a little longer but slightly thinner than me. So I thought - hey ho! Ha ha!

Dave reached down and started groping Nikki's boobs. I ran my hand down her back and around the back of her head, pushing her onto to Daves cock a bit harder. She took the hint and started to suck him off intensely. Dave didn't let her carry on too long, as he got her to stand, and then we all went as one over to the bed and climbed on. Dave gestured to me to pull Nikki's leggings down, which I did while he got into position on his knees so she could carry on sucking his cock. Once her leggings and knickers were off, Nikki spread her legs and I took the hint that she wanted her pussy licked. Down I went and sank my tongue straight into her hole, followed by my first and index fingers. I felt Nikki's hand on the back of my head, pushing me harder into her pussy. I licked her clit as hard as I could and pretty soon I had a mouthful of her cum-juice. I looked up her body to see she was still sucking Dave's cock and his hand was on the back of her head making her take it right in, all the way to the hilt.

After a few more moments of double oral, Nikki changed position and guided me to get my cock into her pussy. I happily obliged, while Dave got his cock back (!) and moved down to make do with kissing her instead. I had been fucking her pussy for a couple of minutes, when Nikki murmured "Let's do a swapsies" and she guided me again so that instead of me fucking her, I ended up standing on the bed so that she could take my cock in her mouth and Dave guided his cock into her pussy. He gave her a REALLY hard fucking, which she enjoyed so much she suddenly gushed all over the bed! She had never done that with me and I felt a little 'hard done by'... "Now you know what to do to me babes" she gasped.

Dave smiled and said "Wait till you fuck her up the arse like that mate"... I was boggle-eyed!
Then Nikki said "Come on babes I want that fat cock of yours up my bum" and with that she broke off from both of us, flipped herself over and crouched on all fours. "Go on then mate. Plunge it in!" Said Dave, trying to be encouraging.
I crouched over Nikki's bum and positioned my cock. Her hand came round and grabbed my shaft and made sure it was in the right spot, then suddenly she added "Go for it babes! And do it as hard as you like!!!" I f***ed my cock inside her arse and pushed right up to the hilt in one move - Nikki squealed and grabbed at Dave to get him round in front of her. He moved into position and in a second we were spit roasting her - Me up her arse and Dave in her mouth. We carried on like this for a few minutes, until I was surprised that Dave withdrew his cock and laid back on the bed.
"Gimme a break Nik - you're like an a****l today!"
"See" she said to me as I continued to stretch her sphincter "you can last longer than a porn actor..." I thought 'Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!' (ha ha!)

A few minutes more and Nikki wanted to stop. "Right babes, we're going to do the DP now - you okay with that?" she looked at me and I understood that if I had said 'No' at that point, she would have sent Dave packing.
"Yes, I'm okay - let's do it" As soon as I said it, I felt a bit of a prat as it came out like an over excited k** from a US teen movie...
"Okay babes - you're going up my arse first, and Dave's going to fuck my pussy, then we'll swap around. Lay on the floor like I showed you before" (read part two of this little saga, dear reader if you missed that part)
I laid on the floor and started to wank myself to a full, hard erection. Nikki stood over me and positioned my cock, then sat down on it. It went straight up her arse and it felt great. "Now as I lean back I want you to support my back babes, cos Daves got to get in position" She leant back and I folded my arms so she was laying on my forearms. Then Dave clambered over the two of us, ending up on his knees as his positioned his cock ready to get it into Nikkis pussy. "You okay babes?" she asked. I told her I was, and she nodded to Dave.

He pushed his cock deep inside her and as he did so, I was suddenly aware that I could feel 'something' brushing against the underside of cock. I must have 'communicated' this to Nikki, as she gasped "It's okay - thats just Daves ball-bag!" Underneath all this, I thought - OH MY GOD!!!!! I had never had a guys bollocks touching mine!!! In fact, I had never let a guy touch ANY of my genitalia, and I had certainly NEVER touched another guys 'meat and two veg' either!!!
"It's okay babes - it's just his bollocks- it ain't going to make you gay!" she panted as Dave carried on fucking her hole. "You can fuck me too babes - you don't have to just lay there..."
So, I started to raise my hips and thrust my cock upwards and in and out of her arsehole. Nikki was getting so turned on by all of this - she writhed and bucked on both our cocks while she had orgasm after orgasm. We carried on like this for a few more minutes, until Nikki brought it to an end. "Right, stay there babes - lets have a bit of a sort out - I want you up up my cunt now.." Dave got off, and Nikki hauled herself up to her feet. She spun round, squatted straight down, took my cock in her hand and positioned it against her pussy lips. She sat down on my cock, looked into my eyes and smiled with her whole face. I felt so goo d right at that point. "How you liking it so far babes?" she asked, smiling.
"Loving it babes" I replied. Dave got into position over her from behind, and I could see Nikki biting her lip as he pushed his cock into her arse. She wriggled and writhed on my cock while Dave fucked her from behind. She clearly loved every minute of it and kept dropping to down to kiss me all the while the two of us brought her to climax after climax. After a few more minutes, she asked both of us to stop as she was totally drained.

We all lay on the bed for a while just chatting. Dave said to me "Are you thinking of trying to get into porn yourself mate?"
"Well, wouldn't mind" I replied. I could see Nikki was not happy about that.
"You think about it really carefully first mate. I wouldn't go back to it. Puts you off sex with your partner, and you'll have trouble keeping a relationship going with anyone. I haven't had a proper girlfriend in three years." I was surprised.
"I thought girls would jump at the chance to sl**p with a porn star?" I said.
"Yeah - sl**p with. Not have a RELATIONSHIP with...." He left it there.
I thought about it afterwards and realised he was right. It was one thing enjoying sex and having loads of it, but that's when you are doing what YOU want to do - not what someone is PAYING you to do.

After we had all got our stamina back, we had another session, this time in Nikki's Mum & Dad's very large shower, which was VERY nice and she took both of us shooting out loads into her mouth at the same time. Very enjoyable.

I have heard some horror stories from people in the years since about how they have tried to do a DP and either got physically hurt, or it they just couldn't do it as they couldn't get it all to work together. I now look back on that day as being a lucky guy who got to do it for the first time with two porn actors who 'walked me through it' with quite a lot of patience and understanding.

And it was a load of fun while it lasted.... ;-)

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3 years ago

i did dp with 1st wife was fun
3 years ago
Awesome : many thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
great story.. loved it.