Trying to turn a gay guy straight...

Long ago, when me and 'Mr' Pornman didn't know each other existed.....! I was going through a period with my first husband when we hadn't been having sex for well over a year, we had become more like b*****r and s****r, and I was getting my 'fun' elsewhere. We are talking about the late 80's.

Anyway, I knew a friend of mine was well into swinging. I wasn't at the time, but I did LOVE to get my hands on - or rather my mouth around - a good hard, and preferably LARGE cock! She and I had had a few drinks in the bar of the restaurant I ran with my husband one night, when the chat got round (as it usually did) to sex. I told her about a guy I had slept with a few nights before and she was 'all ears', then she told me about a guy she knew who was gay, but had no long-term partner. She said he was a very good looking guy who worked at a pub about 10 miles away, and who only the women knew was gay - all the men thought he was just a bit 'quiet' (Ha ha!)

She said she had chatted to him 2 or 3 times about trying to get him to fuck her as she thought she could 'change him' but he always made the joke that, as gay guys were usually real stallions, it would take at least TWO women to get him to succomb..... Then she asked if I would be up for it... I was REALLY shocked! I thought I had an open mind when it came to sex, but the idea of a 3-some with a GAY guy was something I had never contemplated. Actually, it was getting me rather aroused and I could feel my panties getting a little damp even at the thought of it. So . . . I agreed!

A couple of nights later she rang me to tell me to make sure I could get away from the restaurant about 10pm on Sunday. She told me to come to her place, which was an upstairs flat in a very old 17th century house which used to be miles from anywhere, but now had a main road built right past it. Sunday came, and I made my excuses and left home just before 10pm.

I knocked on her door, and after a few moments it was opened by a GORGEOUS guy who looked in his early 30's. He was wearing the 'regulation' gay mans outfit - very tight black jeans with a skin-tight, white capped-sleeve T-shirt (didn't bother looking at his shoes!!!!! Lol!) I looked at his torso and it was RIPPED!!!!!!!!! 'Fucking hell!' I thought, as I gazed at his fine frame.
"Hi. You must be Laura?" He said in a wonderfully velvety voice which made my juices start running immediately.
"Er, ... yyyyes. And you are....?" I couldn't remember his name by now.
"Gary" he replied, with a little grin which let me know he knew the effect the vision of him in that doorway was having.. I walked in and up the stairs to find my friend sitting on her sofa wearing a tight black PVC dress which stopped just above her knees, and stiletto 'come-fuck-me' shoes.
"You've met 'Gary' then...?" she grinned. "Now did I lie????"
"Oh no. You did not....." I answered, while grinning at Gary and letting my eyes scroll down to his crotch which was, surprisingly for a gay man, already bulging. I sat down next to my friend and Gary got me a glass of wine.
"So Laura, we're gonna try and fuck Gary straight then..? Hmmm..?" said my friend as she looked at Gary. He just grinned. "Do you think me and Laura can do it?" she asked.
"We'll see" he said. "Gina has told me you give a better blow-job than a gay man, Laura. Is that right?" he asked. Before I could even answer, he stood up in front of me, unzipped his fly, reached inside his jeans and flopped his semi-erect - and rather large & THICK - cock right in front of my nose. "Well, there it is darlin' - get sucking!" and with that he pulled my head forward until his cock was pressed up against my nose. The only thing I could do was to open my mouth and put his cock inside - it had nowhere else to go! It tasted GREAT! He had obviously put something on it, but I couldn't work out what (maybe cocoa butter) as it was quite 'lubricated' already and smelt great too. I started sucking hard as I felt Gina's hands descend on my top, undo the buttons and slip it off my shoulders to reveal my bra-less boobs (well, I was younger then and they still had 'shape'!). Out of the corner of my eye I could see her unzipping her PVC dress to reveal she had just a thong on underneath. Gina embraced Gary from the side and started to French kiss him for all she was worth, as her hand came down and wanked his cock into my mouth, as I carried on sucking him hard. We continued like this for a little while and I could taste the sweet pre-cum oozing from the tip of Gary's now rock-hard cock. For a gay guy, he was getting VERY turned on by all this!
Gina knelt down alongside me, smiled and took over 'oral duties' from me. I stood up, unzipped my jeans and took them and my panties off as quick as I could. I grabbed Gary's hand and thrust it into between my legs and started to lick at his left nipple (he was a good 9-10 inches taller than me, so snogging him standing up would have been a bit 'ponderous'...), my hand found its way down to his cock and I took over where Gina had left off. Gary managed to get his jeans and pants off and I carried on sucking his nipple, wanking the base of his cock and crept my hand round to his bum and found his arsehole. I pressed gently on it first to see his reaction. He looked at me and smiled, so I pressed harder until my index finger slipped effortlessly in up to the knuckle.

We stayed in that position for a while - Garys hand in my pussy was having a fantastic effect - and then Gina broke off and said "So when are you gonna fuck us, then Gary?"
Gary smiled "Who's first then?" Gina looked at me and giggled.
I said "Gina arranged it, so she can go first"
She laid back on the sofa, spread her legs and gripped them at her calves. Gary let go of me and got to his knees. He bent his head down and his face disappeared in Ginas pussy. I spotted on the floor a few feet away, a nice thick dildo and grabbed it. I got round behind Gary and pushed the tip against his arse hole. He didn't even flinch"! So, gently I pushed on the dildo, until it started to slide into his arse. It had gone in about 3 inches, when I thought I better pull it back a little. As I did, Gary came up for air and said "I'm fucking gay aren't I? Shove the thing right in luv!" Gina laughed out loud and added...
"What do you think we were doing before you got her, Laura??" I suddenly cottoned on... I RAMMED that dildo right up Gary's back passage until it came to a dead stop! He let out a squeal of delight, and I started to thrust it in and out as hard as I could - he was loving it! After a few minutes of this Gina said "Come on Gary - gimme your cock". Gary got into position, and touched his tip against Ginas pussy lips, then thrust in slowly at first. She put her head back and groaned, and the more she groaned, the harder, faster and deeper he plunged his cock into her. I was getting SOOO horny, I had to lay back on the floor, take the dildo out of his arse and stick it up my cunt FAST! Within seconds I felt the tell-tale feeling in the pit of my stomach and immediately felt my love juices gushing out of me all over the dildo and making a puddle on Gina's rug!

"Whoops..." I said, all sheepishly. Gary turned while still fucking Gina and said in a hissy voice.. "Did you like having my arse juice inside your cunt darlin?????" It sounded soooo filthy but I lOVED it! I got up and joined Gina on the sofa. I bent down and started sucking her left tit for all I was worth while her hand found my pussy and her fingers slid deep inside. "I think it's your turn for a fuck, Laura' she panted.

I lay back on the sofa and, as he grinned, Gary repositioned himself between my legs and went to bend down to give me oral. I grabbed his head, and pulled it up "I just want COCK!!!" I too panted. Gary obliged...
He put the tip of his member against my pussy lips and pressed a little. It felt really good. Then he pressed a little more and I felt him slide deep inside me with his first thrust 'Ooooooowhh' I moaned. "That's great - more please!". Gary looked at me as if he knew what was coming and I didn't, then he started to thrust like he had with Gina, HARD-DEEP-FAST. I could feel myself cumming already, and very soon the juices flowed like a river over his beautiful piece of man-meat..

I lay back as he withdrew and Gina bent down to take his cock in her mouth, juices and all. Then I decided I wanted that cock of his up my bum instead. I turned over and grabbed the back of the sofa with my hands and knelt on the edge of the seat. "Anal pounding if you please, Sir!" I said, cheekily. Even Gina stopped sucking him off in surprise.
"You want a cock this size up YOUR arse babes??" Gina asked. "You sure? Even I can't get it up mine"
"I said ....... I want an arse pounding - now get it up there and fuck my arse senseless or I'm going home!" I demanded. (I can be VERY demanding sometimes - just ask Mr Pornman.... ;-) Lol!
Gary disappeared for a second and returned from the kitchen holding a tube of something (it was lube, but I didn't recognise it immediately - not the brand I used), and started to put loads up and down his shaft. "NO! Not that!" I almost shouted "I want to feel it ALL......" He stopped applying any more and got into position.

Well, for those ladies reading, you know how we sometimes describe giving birth to a large baby as 'shitting a sofa' (Ha ha! Well we do in the UK!!!!), well this was like that, but IN REVERSE!!! Gary pushed his shaft into my arse slowly at first. I relaxed as much as I could, but I could feel my sphincter muscles trying to cope with his girth (he was about the same as Mr Pornman - my partner - is now, which is THICK!), but slowly and carefully, it slid it. In fact it was the most 'problem-free' anal penetration I had done up to then. Later when I asked Gary about that, his answer was that he was gay and did anal all the time, so he was just better at it than most straight guys - and MUCH more careful.

Gary started pumping my arse in a very strict 'rhythm', making sure he went to the same depth with every thrust. It was ECSTASY!!!!!!! I felt myself gushing at least three times more as I could feel his tip inside me pressing on the erogenous zone which lays between the anus and the back of the vagina - that's what gives us the huge orgasm anal sex creates - and I felt fantastic.

After a while I was exhausted. As I had managed it, Gina just 'had' to give it a go, but she couldn't relax enough and Gary wasn't able to get his cock inside her arse without her screaming.

"So when are you gonna cum then?" I asked.
"Now if you want ladies. I've been ready for ages..." He grinned. We both looked at each other.
"How come you can hold on to it?" Gina asked, seemingly let down by the fact she had not had him blow his load in her face already.
"Cos I can control it - plenty of gay men can" he said, slightly cockily.
That was the first time I had heard about 'ejaculation control' where a guy is able to 'back off' from cumming so it can be saved for the right moment. This is what the best male porn stars can do, or they would be shooting their load right at the start of the scene, not for the money-shot!

We both knelt down in front of him, and Gary started to wank himself in a very provocative way - not your usual 'five-knuckle-shuffle' most men do. Suddenly, his load - and here was LOADS of it too! - exploded over our faces and into our mouths. Gary carried on wanking to make sure we got every drop. I turned to Gina and started to lick the cum from her face, and she did the same for me. When we thought we had got all of it, Gary put his hands behind our heads and f***ed us into a French kiss and we exchanged mouthfuls of his cum with each other. He knelt down and joined us and we got into a 3-way kiss with his cum going in and out of all our mouths - LOVELY!!!! :-))

We laid there together getting our breath back - it had been one of the most exhausting sex sessions I had ever had - and Gary obliged by fucking us both doggie style once more before I had to leave and return to the restaurant before my husband suspected what I might have been up to.

I have never forgotten that night, and when me and Mr Pornman got together a while back, it was one of the first stories of my sexual past that I told him.

There is a very sad footnote to this however. I never saw Gary after that night, and after my 1st husband and I divorced I lost touch with Gina too for many years until we found each other again through Facebook. I met up with her about 2 years ago, right near to where that night happened all those years ago, but she had something sad to tell me.

Gary never did go 'straight'. That night he just obliged two horny women who wanted a good fucking (well, I knew that anyway, but it was really good fun). He met a long-term partner soon after and they emigrated to an island in the Mediterranean where the gay lifestyle is accepted. Unfortunately, Gary's new partner, who was about 20 years older than him, was diagnosed with cancer only a few months after they finished putting together the bar/bistro they had bought, and died soon after. Gary was heartbroken. A few months later, on what would have been his partners 60th birthday, Gary was found dead in the back room of the bistro. He had hanged himself in despair at losing the love his life.

Such a sad end to a wonderful and extremely good looking, sexy man. God Bless Gary - wherever you are x x x x and thank you for one of the best nights of my life ;-)

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2 years ago
Love it totally. What a powerful experience ~ awesome