Pleasure controlling my young emo mistress

The meet
It was Friday and I was getting on the train, on my way home from work. I found a seat across from a young girl with bright red hair and several face piercings. She was a good looking girl with a sensual full figured female body.

She dressed like a rocker, emo, goth girl, wearing a tight black dress that only just covered her butt and pussy and black see-through leggings. As I sat down I could just make out her white panties under the leggings. Turned-on by the sight I kept staring as she deliberately spread her legs a little more to let me get a better view.

I was so taken by the sexy view that it took me a few minutes to realize that the girl sitting in front of me was my friends’ stepdaughter. Last time I had seen her, was a couple of years back and at that time she had much shorter blond hair. The situation felt a little awkward in the beginning but we soon started talking with same ease, as we had always done in the past.

She was on her way to spend a weekend in her parents’ house, but as they were away she wasn’t too keen on being home alone. As a good 'Samaritan' I invited her for dinner so she wouldn’t have to eat all by herself.

During dinner we had a couple of bottles of good wine and the atmosphere got very relaxed. Out of nowhere she told me that she, some years back, had many a wet dream about her being my young mistress. I asked her if she still where having the same wet dreams about me and she answered with a smile; "yes it still happens". "That sounds very promising" I commented and told her that I wouldn’t mind trying out some of her wet dreams for real.

It was getting late and we decided that she was going to sl**p over. Being a gentleman by nature I decided not to make a move, but let her make the next step. Leading her to my guest room was really hard. I’d much rather take her on the dining table right then and there, but my inner gentleman got the best of me, and of to separate beds we went.

In bed I couldn’t get my mind of how much I wanted to fuck her. I’m close to fifty (50) and the thought of giving this beautiful twenty (20) year old emo girl a ride for her money kept playing in my horny mind. I finally had a good wank and fell asl**p.

The lesson
Next morning as I was setting the table for breakfast, I could hear subdued moaning and whining from the guest room. She finally came out with red cheeks and small pearls of sweat on her upper lip, only wearing one of my shirts and her panties. Although the shirt was too big, I could clearly see her perky nipples press against the shirt fabric.

"I have been a very very naughty girl" she said.

"Have you?" I replied.

"Yes... I was thinking on how it would feel to be your young mistress. The thought got me very wet so I touched myself till I came" she teasingly explained.

Initially I was a little surprised by her direct and unfiltered outburst, but I soon got my wind back and decided that it was time to a move.

"Come over here and stand next to me" I commanded "I know how to teach a naughty girl".

"Yes Sir" she whispered surprised by the direct command.

I sat down on a chair and had her stand in front of me. She stood so close that I could smell her young horny body and my cock instantly reacted. I let her stand in front of me for a long time without saying anything, just enjoying her sensual body in silence. For her it must have felt like an eternity. The air was thick with tension and suddenly her body began to shake in small repetitive twitches from the excitement.

Without saying a word I stuck my fingers between her legs, feeling the wetness from her young pussy soaking through her panties. The sudden touch made her moan and squeeze her legs together. Her hands went on my shoulders, in order to support herself through the involuntary spasms my touch caused.

"Oh yes" she said softly.

"Fold your hands behind your back, relax your legs and shut up" I commanded, while I gently kept on rubbing her wet pussy trough the panties.

"If you are my young mistress, to whom does this pussy belong?" I asked.

"It belongs to you" she replied.

"What belongs to me?" I barked firmly.

"My young mistress pussy belongs to you - Sir" she answered.

"If your young mistress pussy belongs to me, are you then allowed to touch it without my permission?" I asked still rubbing her wet vagina trough the panties.

"No Sir. I am not allowed to touch my pussy without your permission – Sir" she answered with her hands still firmly folded behind her back.

"And what did you do this morning" I asked.

"I touched my pussy. I masturbated and I had an orgasm. I’m so sorry... I didn’t know Sir" she answered with remorse in her voice.

Her body trembled as I removed my hand from her pussy.

"Remove your panties and lick them clean from your misdeed" I commanded.

She took off her panties and standing in front of me, she began to lick and suck the pussy juice out of them. I interrupted her, now and then, to check if she was doing a good job, pointing out spots that needed extra attention. When the job was finally done, I commanded her to fold the panties neatly and give them to me.

Now standing in front of me, only wearing my shirt, I noticed that her nipples where so hard that they could cut right trough the fabric. The sight of her hard young breasts and her body odor, made me want to fuck her right there, but there was still a lesson to be taught, so I commanded:

"Show me how you touched your pussy this morning. Do it exactly the same way, standing here in front of me, but this time you are not allowed to come. Also you are not allowed to stop or slow down, unless I tell you to do so. If you come, stop or even just slow down a little bit, I will bent you over my knees and give you a spanking. Only when I feel that you have learned that your pussy belongs to me and that you must not touch it without my permission will I stop this lesson. Have you understood the instructions young mistress" I asked.

"Yes Sir" she answered with a trembling voice and began her task.

Standing only 30 centimeters from me she started rubbing her pussy. First with one hand and a little later with two hands, using one to pleasure her clitoris and labia, and with the other hand finger-fucking her dripping wet pussy. She was so excited that it only took her a short while till she stood trembling and begged me to let her come. I ordered her to stop and f***ed her hands away from her pussy at the same time.

"Shut up and stand to attention" I commanded loudly.

She tried to stand upright but her body kept shaking and her legs almost couldn’t hold her weight.

"Please let me come... please fuck me... I will do anything you want, but please fuck your young mistress. I want to come so badly – Please Sir" she begged.

"I like obedient girls not begging bitches! Your pussy and your orgasms are mine and you will be allowed come only when you have proven that you can be an obedient young mistress. Now lay down over my knees so you can receive a good spanking for your misbehavior" I commanded my desperate young mistress.

With fear in her eyes she slowly moved herself into position, over my knees and her butt exposed to my punishing hand. I spanked her young butt till both butt-cheeks turned bright red from the consistent punishment. In between the blows my young mistress was trying to assure me that she had understood and would behave better in the future. Every time her uttering’s sounded like begging, next stroke would be even harder than the previous. And so the punishment kept going till she finally got it and stopped begging.

"My pussy is yours and I must only touch it when you allow me to. My orgasm is yours and I will only come when you allow me to – Sir" she said with a sobbing voice and tears running down her cheeks.

I sat her gently on my lap, making sure her sore butt was comfortable, and then kissed the tears on her cheeks away - one by one. Her body leaned against mine and she whispered over and over, how thankful she was for me teaching her to be a good young mistress. We kissed with love and eager. Between caresses and kisses she would cry a little and I would comfort her again.

When the crying was all over, we had sex – AMAZING SEX – again and again the rest of the day.

Do I need to add that my beautiful young mistress made sure to ask permission before touching her pussy or enjoy one of her many orgasms that day.

This lesson took place two weeks ago and due to her studies we haven’t been able to meet. Since then she has made sure to call or text for permission to pleasure herself.

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1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
Whata wonderfull story, is it Fiction or non-fiction? Nor knowing makes it even better. Hope you write more, I got turned on reading this xx
1 year ago
wonderful, just liked you said, I whish I could take her place ;) xx
2 years ago
Sexy, I like being put over a knee and spanked
2 years ago
Good story, write more :D
2 years ago
2 years ago
Wish she was my student
2 years ago