A lad Called Horse

Part 4 of many more to cum! Enjoy!

Ethan took the drill downstairs to the garage, feeling a bit dazed. The image of his s****r, naked, with the drill jammed between her legs, was burned into his mind. His erection strained against the front of his jeans and hurt like hell. He tried to f***e the image of Pam out of his mind, but his desire for her was far too strong. He wished she hadn't told him to go away like that. He desperately wanted to lay on top of her and put his dick inside her, in place of that stupid drill.

In the garage he found an old, greasy rag and wiped the handle of the drill. It still smelled like Pam's pussy and the musky odor made his head spin. He closed his eyes, savoring the smell, and his dick throbbed. The image of Pam with the fat drill in her tiny body was still vivid in his mind. He rubbed the hard lump in the front of his jeans and moaned softly.

In his mind, Ethan saw Pam, naked on her bed, just as he saw her a minute ago, with her legs spread and her breasts covered by that tight bra, except that she was looking up to his eyes, holding his dick instead of the drill, begging him to put it inside her. He was more than happy to do anything she asked. He saw himself laying on top of her, between those spread legs. Her hands touched his dick, guiding it to her pussy. She was so warm and so wet and so tight.

He heard a noise, but ignored it, rubbing his erection harder. The image in his mind was too interesting.

"Dude, why don't you just take it out?" someone said.

Ethan jerked his hands away from his jeans. Darien stood in the garage doorway, grinning. Ethan's face grew warm.

"It's easier to jerk off if you take it out of your jeans first, you know," Darien said.

"Yeah, I know."

Darien crossed his arms. "So? Are you gonna do it? I wanna watch."

"No way. What, are you crazy?" Ethan said.

Darien laughed. "Dude, you're something, you know that?"

"Yeah, shut up."

"Ok. Come on, we gotta pick up Maria."

"What for?" Ethan said.

"'Cause she needs a ride home, you dumbshit. Now come on."

They jumped in Darien's car and drove up to the gym. Ethan kept his hands folded over his lap, hiding the bulge. It didn't start to go down until they were almost to the gym. Darien parked in the student lot with a view of the lawn in front of the gym. The cheerleaders were still there, practicing their routines in their uniforms.

"Dude, look at all that pussy," Darien said. He leaned against the door with his arm out the window. "How's a guy like me supposed to keep his hands off all of that?"

He turned to Ethan and grinned. The girls jumped and spun and kicked their legs. Their skirts flew up, baring their legs and their underwear. Ethan's hands moved over his lap again. His dick stiffened.

"I tell ya, I gotta get me some of that, or I'm gonna go nuts," Darien said.

Ethan felt the same way, but didn't say it. He knew the incredible feel of being in a woman's body once, and he desperately wanted it again. He would never forget the warm, wet sensations of Mrs. Thorn's body around him. He sighed.

Maria was not difficult to spot in the group all dressed in the same uniform. She stood out like a woman among girls. She was a bit taller, with a more shapely figure, and her long, dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She moved like a cat, churning her hips and rolling her shoulders. He wanted to put his hands on her body, feel her soft, warm parts. How could anyone resist her?

"We gotta get you laid," Darien said.

Ethan snapped out of his daydream. "What?"

"We gotta get you laid. You're gonna be on the team now. We gotta find a girl for you to fuck."

"You do?" Ethan said, choking on the words.

"Hell yeah. We can't have any damn virgins on the team. Shit, you'd be the only one. Besides, you wanna know something?"


"Guys skate better when they get fucked the night before a game," Darien said. "I mean, it's true. Look at our team. Most of the guys fuck a girl before every game. Look at our record. We only lose when we don't get fucked. I know it works for me. I get laid before every game, no matter what. It loosens you up, makes you skate faster, hit harder, you know, shit like that."

Ethan looked past Darien at Maria. The girls had their hands on their hips, bending at the waist. His erection pushed at the front of his jeans.

Darien followed his gaze and sneered.

"I know what you're gonna say, you son-of-a-bitch, and don't even think it," Darien said. "No guy gets his hands on my girl. She's a virgin and she's gonna stay that way until the day we get married." He glared at Ethan and pointed with his finger. "You so much as touch her, I'll kick your ass, got that?"

"Yeah, relax, I wasn't thinking anything," Ethan said, and wiped from his mind the vision of Maria's naked, sweaty body wrapped around his own.

"Good. Keep it that way."

The cheerleader squad broke up into small groups. Each girl collected her stuff. Maria joined another girl, and they started toward Darien's car.

"Aw shit, what the hell is she bringing that cow for?" Darien said.


"Her, Iris, Maria's dumb friend. She's always hanging around Maria 'cause she's so popular."

"She doesn't look so bad," Ethan said.

Iris wasn't as pretty as Maria, but most girls weren't. Iris was a bit heavier, and had bigger boobs, but still a nice curvy shape. Her face was a bit square, her sandy blonde hair was cut short, and she had a small mole on her upper lip by the corner of her mouth.

"Bullshit, she's a cow," Darien said. "Her tits are way too big, not perfect, like Maria's. Iris is a fucking slut. She'll fuck anybody. She sucked my dick once, a couple of years ago. Damn, she's one horny bitch, not like my Maria. Maria is pure. Hell, she doesn't even know what sex is." Darien laughed and stopped abruptly. "Hey, maybe I should get Iris to fuck you. I bet she'd do anything I asked."

"Really?" Ethan said, suddenly shaking with nervousness.

"Sure, Eth, leave it to me. You won't have to worry about being a virgin any longer."

Ethan opened his mouth to protest, but closed it. How could he explain to Darien he already lost his virginity? He would have to tell him about Mrs. Thorn, and there was no way he'd ever believe that.

The girls walked up to the car and leaned in Darien's window. The V necks of their sweaters fell open, and Ethan could see right down into their bras. His eyes opened wide.

"Hi," Maria said, smiling at Darien.

"Hey Darien. Who's your buddy?" Iris said. She smiled at Ethan and rocked her hips side to side. Her large breasts moved in and out of view under the sweater.

"That's Ethan. He's hot for your bod," Darien said.

"Shut up," Ethan said.

The girls giggled, leaning close to each other like they shared a secret. Darien laughed, too. Ethan wanted to hit him on the shoulder, but he dared not remove his hands from his lap, especially with the girls looking.

"What are you guys doing?" Maria said.

"We're here to pick you up, dummy, what do you think?" Darien said.

"Hey, don't call her dummy," Iris said.

Darien shoved her away from his window. "Shut the fuck up," he snapped.

Both girls were suddenly quiet. Maria's eyes looked down. Iris looked frightened, but he thought he saw something else on Maria's face.

"We're going to A&W's. You two wanna go, right?" Darien said.

"Sure," Maria said. She gazed into Darien's eyes.

"Yeah, I love hot dogs," Iris said.

"I bet you do. Get in." Darien turned to Ethan. "Get in the back," he said with a wink and a sneer.

Ethan got out and held the door open. Iris climbed in the back behind Darien. She glanced at his jeans and he was sure he saw her smile. He sat in the cramped backseat with her, and Maria sat in the front with Darien. He squealed the tires and raced off as soon as she closed the door. Iris squealed with laughter when the car tore around a corner. She fell against Ethan. Her bare thigh pressed against his leg and her soft breast pressed on his arm.

Darien parked the car at one of the menu boards at A&W and punched the order button with his thumb.

"What does everybody want? I know what you want," he said, pointing at Maria.

"I want a hot dog with mustard," Iris said.

Maria looked away from Darien and watched the cars coming from the park. Ethan tried to read what she was thinking from her expression, but her face showed nothing.

"Why don't you get chili on it?" Darien said, looking at Iris in the rearview mirror.

"I don't want chili. It'll make me fat."

"You're already fat."

"I'm not fat. I'm big boned," Iris said. She turned to Ethan and grinned. "Besides, I like big bones."

"Yeah, right. What do you want, Eth?"

"I want a footlong with everything, and onion rings."

"You got money?" Darien said.

"Yeah, I got five bucks."

Ethan unbuckled the seat belt and stuck his hand in his pocket. He arched his back from the seat to stretch his legs, and his erection strained against the front of his jeans. Iris stared right at it.

Darien looked at her in the mirror again. "Why don't you get a footlong?"

"I can't handle twelve inches. My throat's not that big," she said. She looked at Ethan and laughed.

"You can try mine," Ethan said. "I'll let you have a bite."

Iris leaned closer and lowered her voice. Her hand touched his leg.

"I might take more than a bite," she said.

Darien ordered the food, talking into the speaker box. The voice on the other end repeated the order.

"This fucking bra is pinching me," Iris said. She put her hands on her large boobs, pulling at the seams of the bra.

"Is it new?" Maria said.

"Yeah. I hate fucking new bras. They always pinch my tits."

"Maybe they wouldn't pinch if your tits weren't so big," Darien said.

"Very funny." Iris looked at Ethan. "You mind if I take it off?"

He looked at Darien and Maria. "You mean right here?"

"Yeah, just don't look, all right?"

She turned sideways in the cramped seat and pulled up her sweater. Ethan's eyes grew wide. He turned his head, but saw Iris' reflection in the side window. Darien was grinning like he knew something.

"Iris, are you crazy?" Maria said.

"She's crazy, all right," Darien said.

Iris pulled the sweater off over her head. She laid it on the seat, but it slid to the floor between them. She unfastened the bra, pulled the cups away from her breasts, and slipped the straps from her shoulders. In the reflection, Ethan saw the sides of her large, fleshy white globes.

"Would you hold this for me, Ethan?" Iris said, holding out the bra.

He took it in his trembling hand. In the front seat, Darien and Maria leaned close together, whispering to each other. The fabric of the bra was warm and soft and Ethan held it like a delicate piece of china he was afraid might break.

"Would you hand me my sweater, please?" Iris said.

She turned forward on the seat. Her hands covered her breasts, and her fingers sunk into their soft flesh. Ethan picked up the sweater.

"Thanks," Iris said with a smile.

She removed her right hand from her right breast to take the sweater. Ethan looked away quickly and she giggled. She pulled it down over her head.

"That's much better," she said. She cupped her large breasts in both hands and adjusted them. "Except this sweater itches. Look, it makes my nipples hard."

She stuck her chest way out. Her loose breasts swayed under the sweater, and a pair of hard points poked through at the tips. Darien laughed.

"Iris, what are you doing?" Maria said.

"What? He doesn't mind," Iris said, pointing at Ethan.

"I don't, really," Ethan said, and smiled. Darien laughed again.

"You shouldn't tease him like that," Maria said.

"Why not? What is he, a puppy dog? Is he gonna bite me?"

"I don't bite," Ethan said.

"That's too bad. I do." Iris looked down at his lap before his hands could cover it. "Besides, Maria, this poor boy was turned on when we got in the car."

Ethan looked away. Iris laughed and slapped his shoulder.

One of the carhop girls brought the food out on a tray. Darien passed out the food and the mugs of rootbeer. Ethan set the cold mug on the floor between his feet and the onion rings on the seat between him and Iris, where she put her french fries. The backseat was too cramped for him to move his elbows without hitting Iris or the side of the car. He wasn't sure he could eat it, at least not without making a mess.

In the front seat, Darien stuffed a bacon double cheeseburger in his mouth. Maria had a plain k**'s size chicken sandwich, no cheese, no sauce. She removed the only piece of lettuce and took a tiny bite.

Ethan opened the footlong box and lifted the end. It sagged in the middle and the chili and mustard and onions sagged over the sides of the bun. His mouth watered. He pulled it toward the open end of the box. An inch or two hung over the end and he took a bite.

"Aw shit," Iris said.

"What?" Maria said, looking back from the front seat.

Iris pulled at the wide V neck of her sweater, baring her breasts to her nipples.

"I just got mustard on my tit."

Maria made an ugly face. Darien laughed out loud, spitting tiny bits of food on the dashboard. Iris looked at Ethan and smirked. His eyes locked on the yellow glob running down between her large breasts. She scooped it up with her finger, licked it off, and laughed.

"You look so funny. Did you like that?" she said.

"Yeah, I did," Ethan said, choking on his own voice. His jeans were uncomfortably tight.

Iris stuck her tongue way out and ran it the entire length of the hot dog, licking off all the mustard.

"Iris, that's so gross," Maria said.

"Give me a break. That's not gross. This is gross." Iris lifted the hot dog out of the bun, put the end between her lips and slid it all the way into her mouth. She pulled it out again and smiled at Ethan. "I didn't like the bun anyway," she said, and licked the last bit of mustard off the end, swirling her tongue in circles.

Maria groaned and shook her head. Darien laughed. He looked at Ethan and laughed even harder. Iris plopped the hot dog back on the bun and dropped it on the seat between them.

"You want a bite of mine?" Ethan said, and turned the open end of the box toward her.

"Sure," she said.

She brushed her hands together, leaned toward him, and put one hand on his leg. She opened her mouth wide, looking into his eyes, stuck her tongue out past her lips, and sunk her teeth into the coney dog. She moaned softly, too, and Ethan swallowed. His mouth was watering.

Iris wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "Is that all I get?" she said.

"What else do you want?"

She glanced at his lap and smiled. "I could think of something."

"Stop it, Iris. Leave the poor boy alone," Maria said.

"Yeah, don't tease him unless you're gonna get his rocks off," Darien said.

Iris crossed her arms and looked at Ethan with a smug smile. "I never said I wouldn't."

Ethan finished his coney dog in silence, intensely aware of Iris watching him. She ate her french fries one by one, like a treasured delicacy. Darien finished his burger, and Maria took only a few tiny bites of her chicken sandwich.

Ethan wiped his mouth with a napkin. Darien collected all the trash, dumped it on the tray hanging from his window, and punched the pickup button.

"Anyone want a Tic-Tac?" Maria said.

"Yeah, I'll have one," Iris said, and held out her hand. She looked at Ethan. "Why don't you have one, too?"

He started to say no, but Maria held the Tic-Tac box out for him and he stuck his hand out. She tapped a pair of wintergreen candies into his palm. He popped them in his mouth and smiled at Iris.

A different carhop girl came out to pick up the tray. She was tall and skinny and had long red hair, and her A&W shirt was a little tight, showing the points of her nipples at the tips of her bouncing breasts.

"You think she's hot?" Iris said.

"What?" Ethan said.

The girl took the tray off the car window and walked back to the building. Her slacks were tight, as well, showing the lines where her panties cut into her ass.

"I said do you think she's hot?"

"She's all right."

"She's a bitch," Darien said. "I know her. She's a real bitch."

"Darien, that's not nice," Maria said.

He snorted. "What do you know?"

Iris watched the girl with the red hair go through the door into the building and looked at Ethan.

"You want to fuck her, don't you?" she said.

Ethan shrugged. "I wouldn't mind."

"You like her ass?"

"She's got a nice ass."

Iris covered her breasts with her hands and squeezed. "Do you like her tits more than mine?"

Ethan studied her chest and shook his head.

"No, your's are nice."

"Nice, Jesus, what a gentleman," Iris said. "Come here, give me a kiss. I wanna see if you taste fresh."


"Kiss me, on the mouth. What's the matter, you never kissed a girl before?"

Ethan shrugged. "Sure. Lots of times."

"He's a virgin," Darien said.

"Shut up," Ethan said. He wished he would stop saying that.

"Darien, don't say stuff like that," Maria said.

"It's true."

Iris grinned. "A virgin? How sweet. Come on, kiss me."

Ethan puckered, closed his eyes, and gave her a quick peck on the lips. Her eyes popped open.

"What the hell was that?"

"A kiss."

Iris frowned. "That was no kiss. That's how you kiss your Mom. Open your mouth. I'll show you a kiss."

Ethan hesitated. Iris slid closer. Her right hand slipped around the back of his neck. She tilted his head to one side and touched her lips to his. He sucked in his breath. The bl**d surged in his ears, like the roar of the surf at the beach. Her lips parted. The moist tip of her tongue touched his lips and his mouth opened.

Their lips smacked. Her wet tongue slithered into his mouth. She moaned softly, and she groaned from deep within. Her tongue found his and teased it in his mouth. Her fingertips touched his knee and moved slowly up his thigh. Ethan tried to back himself away, but he was already pressed against the side of the car. Her hand found the hard bulge in the leg of his jeans and squeezed.

Iris broke away suddenly and gasped.

"That's what I meant by a kiss," she said. Her hand rested on the lump of his erection. "Wasn't that much better?"

"Yeah," Ethan said, choking on his own voice.

She chuckled. "I think you got my Tic-Tac."

"I think I swallowed it," Ethan said, and chuckled, too.

"Are you two finished?" Darien said.

Iris sat back on her side of the seat. Her hand stayed on his leg, and her fingertips moved lightly on his erection.

"No. Let's go someplace so I can teach this boy how to kiss right," Iris said, smiling at Ethan.

"Iris, are you crazy?" Maria said. "You have a boyfriend. You can't go make out with another guy."

"Jesus, Maria, relax. Bobby won't mind as long as he doesn't know."

"I think I know a place," Darien said. He started the car. "I got a bottle of vodka in the trunk, too. We can get ripped."

"A bottle of what?" Ethan said.

Iris snickered and leaned closer. "Get me d***k and you're halfway there, dude," she said.

Darien drove across town to Lathrup Park, a softball field by the railroad tracks. In the parking lot were only a couple of other cars. In one was a man and a woman. The other car was empty. Darien parked facing west, where the sun was turning a rich orange and touched the tops of the trees. He got out, opened the trunk and came back with a bottle in a brown paper bag. He twisted off the cap, took a quick sip and passed it back to Ethan.

"Enjoy, just don't drink it all," he said.

Ethan sniffed the open end. It smelled like the alcohol Mom kept in the medicine cabinet. He sipped and coughed. The stuff was awful.

"Give it here," Iris said with a laugh. She snatched the bottle from his hand and tilted it to her lips. She swallowed a couple of times, lowered the bottle and licked her lips. "That's good," she said and handed the bottle to Darien.

"My b*****r got it for me," he said. "He's pretty cool. He'll do anything for me."

He took another drink. Maria just watched, no expression on her face. Ethan wondered what she was thinking.

He took the bottle from Darien again, held his breath and took a sip. It was still awful and he coughed.

"Dude, you gotta learn how to drink. You can't be a part of the team if you can't hold your liquor," Darien said.

"I know," Ethan said, and wiped his mouth. His eyes teared up. He didn't want Darien to see that he didn't really know what he meant.

Iris drank as much as Darien every time the bottle came around. Maria drank none, and her expression never changed. Ethan tilted the bottle to his mouth and let a little more pour down his throat. It burned, but he swallowed and fought the urge to cough. He didn't want Darien to think he was a wimp.

Iris finished the bottle in a few big gulps. Her cheeks had a red glow and she was smiling like she had heard something very funny. She grabbed Ethan's hand.

"Come on, let's go over to that picnic table. I wanna show you how to make out," she said.

They all climbed out of the car and crossed the parking lot to the picnic table on the grass. Ethan walked behind everyone, hoping they wouldn't notice the bulge in his jeans. Iris kept trying to look at it, but he hid it with his hands.

She sat with him on one side of the table. Darien and Maria sat on the other side.

"You wanna kiss me?" Iris said.


She scooted close to him on the seat and turned herself sideways.

"First, you gotta go slow, right?" she said.

Ethan nodded. Her lips were puffy and moist. She licked them again as if to make sure. He couldn't wait to feel them pressing against his own lips. He closed his eyes and leaned toward her. Their lips touched, softly at first, and he pressed harder. He remembered her instructions to go slow, but he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do slowly, especially when he was ready to explode.

He stuck his tongue out and touched her lips. Iris pulled back.

"Not yet. Remember, go slow," she said. She touched the soft, fleshy area at the corner of her mouth. "Kiss me here."

Ethan touched his lips to the area where she pointed. Her finger moved down to her neck beneath her chin.

"Now kiss me here."

Ethan tilted his head to the side and kissed Iris' neck where her finger pointed. She gasped.

"Here," she whispered, pointing to her neck behind her ear.

Ethan brushed her hair aside, turned her head in both hands, and touched his lips to her neck, letting them linger on the warm, soft skin by her ear.

Iris sighed. Her trembling hands touched his chest.

"You're gonna do just fine," she said. "Now put your tongue in my mouth."

She turned her chin up slightly and her lips parted. Ethan glanced at Darien and Maria. They were watching intently, both with sly smiles. He leaned forward until his lips touched Iris'. He let them part and poked his tongue out, remembering to go slow. His tongue touched her lips. They parted wider. His tongue pushed deeper, touched her teeth, and found her tongue.

Iris moaned. Her fingers dug into the muscles of his chest. Ethan slipped his arm around her waist and her back arched. She was soft around the middle. He longed to put his hand on her chest to feel the softness of her large boobs, but he resisted out of fear. She might not want him to touch her there, and if he made her mad she might not let him kiss her anymore.

Their lips ground against each other's and his tongue twirled with her's in her mouth. She finally pulled away, panting. Ethan wiped the saliva from around his mouth. He was breathing hard, as well, and his heart was pounding.

"That's pretty good, yeah," Iris said between deep breaths.

"Dude, when you're making out, you gotta grab for her tits, like this," Darien said.

He leaned over to kiss Maria with his lips puckered. His hands grabbed the swollen mounds at the front of her sweater. Maria shrieked and slapped at his hands.

"Darien, stop it. Someone's going to see us," she said, squealing with laughter.

Darien looked around and pointed at the parked car. "Who, them? They're making out. What the hell do they care?"

"That's not the point."

"That is the point," Darien said. He locked his lips on Maria's, held her around the waist with one arm to keep her still, and molded her breasts in his other hand. Maria squirmed, but could not get away.

Ethan looked at Iris. Her fingers pinched his nipples through his shirt. She was looking up at him with wide eyes and a playful grin.

"You can touch mine, if you want," she said in a whisper, and stuck out her chest.

Ethan's nervous hands shook. He brought them up from around Iris' waist and they hovered over her large breasts. He touched her and squeezed. Her soft flesh yielded under his fingers. Iris moaned and closed her eyes. Ethan kissed her again.

Their lips smacked. Iris' hand drifted down his front to his lap and settled on the hard ridge in the leg of his jeans. Her fingers moved from the base to the head and squeezed. Ethan groaned in her mouth and kissed her deeper.

"Jesus, Ethan, don't swallow her," Darien said.

Ethan broke away quickly and blushed. He couldn't look Darien in the face.

"You don't have to eat a chick to prove what a man you are," Darien said.

"Well, he might," Iris said. She stared down at his lap, where her hand stroked his erection. "But probably not this one."

She motioned to Maria and they leaned over the table. Iris whispered something in her ear. Maria giggled.

"What?" Ethan said.

Maria's eyes looked at Ethan sideways, and she was grinning. She whispered something in Darien's ear. He laughed.

"What?" Ethan said.

"She said you got a big hard-on," Darien said, still laughing.

"I said this poor k**'s got a boner my b*****r would kill for," Iris said.

"Who's your b*****r?"

"Charlie. Charlie Garner. You know him, don't you?"

Ethan shook his head.

"He's the fag," Darien said.

Iris made a cross face and swiped at him, but he simply leaned away.

"He's not a fag, he's just gay," she said.

"What do you think fag means?"

"What does it mean?" Ethan said.

They all stared at him with blank faces. They looked at each other like they couldn't believe what he just said.

"Means he likes to fuck guys."

"Don't be so crude," Maria said, with a disgusted face.

"There's nothing wrong with being gay," Iris said. She stuck her chin out like she was ready to fight.

Darien's face turned sour, like he had a bad taste in his mouth and was looking for a place to spit.

"Yeah there is. It's sick," he said.

The table became quiet. Ethan couldn't think of what to say. He tried to imagine how two guys could have sex with each other and could not see how it was possible. He wanted to ask Darien to explain, but not if he hated it so much. Besides, he didn't want to look more dumb than he already did.

"I don't think it's sick. I think it's kinky," Maria said. She and Iris giggled.

Darien looked at her with a disgusted face. "You're sick, too."

"No I'm not. I'd like to watch two guys doing it with each other."

"Oh God," Darien said.

"Not me. Watching two guys fuck does not turn me on," Iris said.

They all looked at Ethan.

"What?" he said, and they laughed.

"I bet you'd like to watch two girls get it on, wouldn't you?" Iris said.

"Most guys do," Maria said.

"Hell yeah, two hot chicks, nothing better," Darien said.

Ethan looked from one to the other, trying to figure out what they were talking about. No image formed in his mind except something with two girls sitting on a bed, naked, touching each other and kissing. His back straightened.

"What about me and Maria?" Iris said, and the girls giggled.

"No way. No girlfriend of mine is into that kind of shit," Darien said. He held his arm across the table, as if to shield Maria from an assault. "Why don't you pay attention to my boy over here?"

Iris looked at Ethan, from his face to his lap. "What do you want me to do?"

"Why don't you jerk him off?" Darien said.

"Right here?" Ethan said, looking around.

Maria gasped. "Darien, are you crazy?"

"Come on, I dare you," Darien said, grinning at Iris.

She smirked. "Why don't I just give him a blowjob?"

"A blowjob?" Ethan said. His penis twitched.

"Why don't you fuck him?" Darien said. "You're the one who got him hot."

"If I fuck him, that's my business." She grabbed Ethan's hand and jerked him to his feet. "Come on, let's go over there." She pointed to the baseball field.

"The dugout?"

"Yeah, whatever the hell you call it."

"What are we going to do?"

Iris stopped and looked straight into his eyes. "What do you think?"

She jerked his arm again and he had no choice but to follow. He looked back at the table. Darien was grinning and Maria had a shocked look on her face, her mouth and eyes wide open.

Iris dragged him through the narrow opening in the fence and around the green wall where the dugout faced the field. She stopped suddenly and Ethan bumped into her. Someone was already in the dugout, another couple, at the far end of the bench. The guy was sitting on the bench, and the girl, a skinny girl with long blonde hair, was on her knees between his spread legs. Her elbows were d****d over his legs, and his penis was in her mouth. They both looked up at the same time.

"Hi," Iris said with a quick wave.

The girl went back to sucking the guy's dick. He watched Iris and Ethan a moment longer and put his hand on top of the girl's head, ignoring them like they were alone.

"Sit down right here," Iris said, and pushed Ethan on the bench.

She sat down between him and the other couple. Ethan leaned out to look past her to the other end of the bench. He didn't recognize the guy, but something about the girl was familiar, like she was in one of his classes. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, while her head moved up and down on the guy's cock.

Iris rubbed her hand over the ridge of Ethan's erection.

"How old are you?" she said, barely whispering.

"Nineteen," he said. He kept his own voice to a whisper, but it still seemed like he was yelling. The wet smack of the blonde girl's lips and tongue was like firecrackers.

"Shit, you got a really big cock for such a young k**. Do you mind?" Iris said. Her hand opened the zipper, slid in against his warm, hairy leg, and squeezed his cock. "God, you're so hard. How long have you been hard?" She pulled it out and sighed. "It's beautiful."

Ethan groaned and leaned back against the cinder block wall. Her hand moved slowly up and down his shaft.

"I can't believe you're a virgin," Iris said. Her breath was warm on his neck. "I can't believe you never fucked a girl with this thing. I know three or four would love to find a cock as big as your's."


"Yeah, really."

Ethan lifted his head off the wall. "What about you?"

Iris grinned. "I get to do whatever I want 'cause I found you first. And you know what?"


"I think I wanna suck it."

Iris bent down as she spoke. Her hand moved down his chest. She squeezed the base of his cock. He felt her warm breath on the head. In the dim light, he could only see the top of her head.

Her soft, wet lips touched his cock and smacked. Ethan gasped. He looked at the guy at the other end of the bench to see if he heard. He was looking back with a smirk and nodded as if he understood something.

Iris opened his jeans. Her lips kissed around the rim of the head, down the side of his shaft, and his balls. She sucked one into her mouth. He gasped again.

"You got fat balls, too," she said, still whispering. "All that hot cum, and you been saving it for me."

She giggled. Her eyes sparkled. His cock brushed her chin. She opened her mouth wide and lowered it over the end.

"Oh God," Ethan groaned.

Her mouth was warm and wet and smothered his cock. Her head moved down, then up. Her tongue licked along the thick vein that ran up the bottom side and around the head when it was between her lips. She pushed it deep into her mouth until the head touched the back.

"Don't cum in my mouth, ok? I hate when guys do that," she said. "They always think just 'cause I like to suck cock I like the taste of cum, too. Well, I don't, ok?"


Iris smiled. "Good." She put her mouth around his cock again.

Ethan leaned back and closed his eyes. Her mouth was terrific. He couldn't move, even if he wanted. But why would he stop her from doing that?

He remembered the couple at the other end of the bench and looked to see what they were doing. The girl was still on her knees, still sucking the guy's dick. He had both hands on top of her head, like he was guiding her up and down. His fingers were tangled in her hair.

Ethan put his hand on top of Iris' head. He had a sudden urge to jam his dick into her as hard as he could. He placed his other hand on top of her head and she jerked herself up.

"Don't push down on my head. It doesn't help, ok?" she said, and went back to sucking.

Ethan lowered his hand to his side, afraid to move. Her warm, wet mouth moved up and down on him, but for some reason it didn't feel as good. It seemed like she was doing it as a chore. He didn't think he could come in her mouth even if she let him.

The other couple caught his attention. The girl stood up and glanced at Ethan. The guy's hands worked on the front of her jeans. For an instant, she looked familiar again, but he couldn't remember where he'd seen her.

The guy pulled her jeans down to her ankles. She put her hands on his shoulders and lifted her feet out one at a time. She spread her legs and lowered herself on the guy's lap. Her head tilted back, with a deep groan. The guy's hands reached under her shirt for her tits, and her body writhed.

Iris sat up with a gasp. "I can't stand it. I gotta have your cock inside me," she said, and wiped the saliva from her mouth with the back of her hand. She glanced at the other couple, where Ethan was looking, and giggled. "They had the same idea."

She stood up in front of him, reached under her cheerleader skirt, wiggled her generous hips, and pulled her panties down to her ankles. She lifted each foot out, picked them up, and dangled the panties in front of Ethan.

"Smell how wet you make me," she said.

Ethan took the tiny, delicate black panties between his thumb and forefinger. The heavy, musky odor drifted past his nose, and he jerked like he'd been smacked. His penis throbbed. The coating of Iris' saliva on his shaft dried in the cool evening air. She giggled.

"I won't make you wait any longer," she said. She leaned forward to kiss him and closed her hand around his dick. "Does it hurt?"


"Good. Now you can fuck me like an a****l."

She turned herself away, straddled his stretched legs, and lifted the skirt of her cheerleader outfit. Her ass was big and round and looked so soft in the low, pale light. She squatted over his lap. The head of his penis touched the back of her thigh. She wiggled her ass.

"Come on, Iris," Ethan said. He put his hands on her soft, fleshy hips and pulled her down.

"Easy boy. Remember, go slow."

She reached between her legs for his cock. He was panting. She was moaning. He had a perfect view. The head of his dick touched her wet opening and she lowered herself on it.

"Oh my God," Ethan whispered.

Iris groaned softly at first, then his dick split her open and she whimpered. Her pussy lips stretched wide around him. He watched the thick shaft sink slowly into the warmth of her body.

"Shit, you fill me up," she said. Her weight settled on his lap. She pulled her sweater up over her large tits and moved his hands up from her hips. He squeezed both at the same time. Iris moaned. Her body moved side to side and up and down on him.

"You can do your thing inside me if you like. It's all right. I'm on the pill."

"The pill?"

"Yeah. My Mom put me on it when she found out."

"Found out what?"

"How much I like to fuck."

"You like it?"

Iris giggled. "Oh yeah. I like to fuck. A lot."

Ethan's eyebrows arched. He thought only guys liked to fuck and girls did it because it was expected. But if Iris liked it, did that mean all girls liked it? Did that mean Pam liked it, too?

The blonde girl at the other end of the bench moaned out loud, again and again. Ethan and Iris looked at the same time. The girl's head was buried in the guy's neck. His hands squeezed her ass and she bounced up and down.

"Oh yes ... Oh yes," the girl cried.

Iris looked over her shoulder at Ethan and spoke in a soft whisper, "Do it to me, too, Ethan. Make me cum like that."

Ethan nodded. Iris smiled. He squeezed her hips and pulled her down on him, but he had no idea how to do that to a girl. Wasn't that just something that happened? What was he supposed to do? And if he did it wrong, would she be mad?

Ethan thrust his hips up, jamming his dick deep into her.

"Oh yeah," Iris moaned.

He did it again and she moaned again. Was that the trick to it? If so, all he had to do was keep it up before he got exhausted.

A flash to his left startled him. It was a lighter flame. The guy lit the end of a cigarette in the girl's mouth, then lit his own. The small flame went out and the dugout was dark again, except for the glowing orange coals at the end of each cigarette. The guy and the girl spoke to each other, but only in low murmurs drowned away by Iris' moans.

Her hands were on his knees. She rocked her hips back and forth. Ethan could see only the silhouette of her shape, a black figure against the baseball field illuminated by the light from the moon. Her body was soft and warm in his hands, and she was tight around his dick.

"Oh yeah baby make me cum make me cum," she said in a steady monotone. She rocked faster, grinding herself on him like she couldn't get enough of his cock inside her.

The other guy and girl were doing something. Ethan could see their movement out of the corner of his eye. His own hips rocked faster. He squeezed Iris' hips, pulling her body down as hard as he could. The guy and the girl walked past and left the dugout, but he hardly noticed.

The pitch of Iris' moans rose. Her back arched in and her head hung way back, swishing her hair in his face.

"Oh God. Oh yeah. Oh God," she cried.

Her body jerked and twitched. Her hands clenched his knees and her legs squeezed his thighs. Her cunt tightened, pulling on his cock, and Ethan couldn't hold himself back. He groaned and his stuff shot into her body.

"Oh Ethan, I feel it, I feel you cumming," Iris said with a squeal like a little girl getting her first birthday present.

His own body jerked with each spasm between his legs. His dick seemed to swell inside her as it throbbed. His hips lifted off the bench, like he was trying to bury himself in her cunt.

Iris' gasping and squealing stopped and her breath came out in one long, low moan. She settled on him like a calmness had come over her, moving her hips slowly back and forth. She shook her head and brushed her fingers through her hair.

"That was so good," she said, looking over her shoulder. "What'd you think?"

"Yeah, it was real good."

Iris giggled. "You're still hard. You're some kind of stud, you know that?"

"Am I?" Ethan said. He moved his hands up to her tits.

"You are. I bet I could make you cum again."


She laughed. "Not tonight, silly. Maybe another time." She stood up. His cock slipped from her hole and slapped against his thigh. Iris groaned. "God, I feel so empty now. Your cum is dripping all down my legs. It's like, all warm and sticky. I knew you had a lot."

"Is it too much?"

Iris touched his cheek. "You're so sweet. You got so much to learn. Don't you know you can never give a girl too much of your stuff? Especially not a girl like me." She kissed his lips. "Come on, let's get back. I wanna see if Darien's got any cigarettes."

Ethan stood up to pull up his jeans and felt something tangled in them. It stretched when he pulled. He held it up and smelled the musky odor again.

"Uh, these are your's," he said, holding out her panties.

Iris stepped out from under the dugout, into the pale moonlight, and straightened her sweater over her boobs. They swayed and shook under the sweater when she turned.

"Keep them," she said with a smile. "Maybe next time I'll give you another pair."

She held out her hand. Ethan didn't know what to do with the panties and stuffed them in his pocket. His dick no longer ached and was finally getting soft, but it was sticky with their come. He put his hand in her's and she led him back to the picnic table.

Darien and Maria were making out. High over their heads was a street lamp that gave off an eerie orange glow. They broke apart when Ethan and Iris sat down.

"Look at the grin on your face," Darien said, pointing at Iris. "You fucked him good, didn't you?"

Iris looked at Ethan, still grinning. "Yeah. He's not a virgin anymore."

"What about you? Was she hot?" Darien said, looking at Ethan.

He nodded, unable to wipe the grin from his own face. "Yeah. I liked it."

"He liked it," Darien said and laughed. "I bet you did."

Iris lay her head on Ethan's shoulder. "Let me tell you something, this boy is hung like a horse."

"Really?" Maria said, and stared at Ethan with wide eyes.

His heart skipped. He looked at Darien, waiting for him to lash out across the table. Instead, he turned to Maria.

"What the hell? Don't be getting any weird ideas," he said.

Maria shrunk back, and her voice was weaker. "How come you never fuck me?"

"Jesus, Maria, I thought I told you never to talk like that."

"Like what?"

"Like swearing and shit."

"You do it."

"Yeah, but you're a girl." Darien looked at Ethan like he expected support. "Besides, we'll fuck, one day."

"When?" Maria said in a tiny but insistent voice.

Darien made a helpless shrug. "I don't know. Not 'til we get married."

Maria frowned and crossed her arms. Darien looked relieved that she was finally quiet. He folded his arms on the table, leering at Ethan.

"So he's hung like a horse?"

"Yeah, seriously hung. And he cums like a horse, too," Iris said.

Darien's grin widened. "Yeah? Then that's what we'll call you. Horse. What do you think of that?"

"Fine, I guess," Ethan said, but he didn't care what they called him. Iris' head was on his shoulder and her hand stroked his thigh. His heart swelled and he felt like he could walk on air. That was he best feeling in the world.
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