Her Sweet Pet 2

Chapter 2 in a (for now) 5 chapter series. this one deviates a bit from the sex you all want to read about but is essential to the series.

Warm, soothing water surrounded him. His legs were bent comfortably at the knee as he sat inside a old style wooden tub. Dustin relaxed letting the water come up over his knees and exhaled comfortably.

His arms rested along the round lip of the wooden sauna. His breath came out slow but even as he languished in the comfort of the moment. His eyes closed as he laid back.

A soft plop in the water made him stir slightly but he disregarded it, slipping more into relaxation. Something wet, hot and very soft pressed against his shoulders and he felt it slide across his flesh. A soft low moan escaped his lips and his muscles melted from the sensation.

"I need to keep you clean. Can't have my pet dirty." she said in a soft voice.

Dustin's eyes shot open wide as he turned his head to see her behind him, washing him with a wet sponge. He froze, suddenly rigid with fear. Her eyes burned with that deep, fiery red-orange glow.

Her supple, tender lips were stained with crimson. She smiled devilishly, Her bright, white fangs showed. bl**d dripped from he mouth all the way down her chin.

Her body was of luscious caramel skin and curves. He felt sharp prickling stinging aches where her fingers touched. he looked at her hands and saw they were lithe, slender digits but ended in long sharp claws already stained in bl**d. Aksana let out deep husky laugh as she looked into his terrified eyes.

"What's wrong my pet?" She asked sweetly.

His eyes followed her hand as she dipped the sponge into the water. He tensed in shock and his voice caught in his throat as he realized what he was sitting in was a pool of fresh bl**d.

Aksana slowly brought the sponge back to his flesh, guiding it up the exposed section of his chest towards his neck. Rivulets of bl**d ran down his skin as she squeezed the sponge. Her leathery wings brushed against the back of his shoulders, sending shivers down his neck to his toes.

"W-why is this h-happening?" he stammered.

His dream now a nightmare. Aksana tilted her head so that she was looking directly in his eyes. His skin tore open suddenly in fresh gashes along his chest and shoulders. Dustin howled in agony as his body spasm in pain. Aksana began drinking hungrily from his wounds oblivious to his torment.

bl**d flowed freely from fresh raw wounds and was slowly filling the tub. The bl**d was gaining a darker, ruddy color.

"Because I want it to pet". You will learn to crave, to lust, to want to give me every drop of your bl**d," She answered softly between licks. Her tongue swirled over his bl**dy right shoulder before leaning her head up and continuing, "Your mind, body, and your soul will belong to me. Don't worry, you will learn to love what I do to you," she reassured him as an a hand reached down and caressed his manhood under the red water, " Just as I will enjoy tasting every part of you."

She let out a cacophony of wicked, laughter that echoed all around him. Her head snapped down and her fangs pierced his flesh. His mouth opened wide to scream but no sound came out.

Dustin awoke with a sudden jolt that sent fresh agony through his arms. The chains grew taut and reminded him he was still bound. Cold sweat covered his naked body as he gasped in a silent scream. His skin burned with phantom pain from his nightmare. It took him several moments to regain his breath and relax. Only when the pain dulled and his heart slowed, did he feel the heat from the still blazing fire behind him.

"sl**p well?" Aksana asked in an amusement.

Dustin jerked slightly again at the sound of her voice. He winced feeling another pull on his arms. Aksana came forth from the shadows wearing a long, midnight blue silk dress that came down to barely cover her bare feet. The sides were slit open along the length of her leg showing smooth, caramel thighs and hip. The dress covered up to the base of her neck and the tops of her shoulders. Her hands were clad in perfect fitting black elbow length skin tight latex gloves.

Dustin let out a soft moan from the ache in his tired muscles. His legs were already cramping and going numb from being in the chair for so long and his feet were beginning to feel the same way. He kept his gaze down to the floor though did not answer her.

She walked over to face him and leaned down to him so her face was mere inches from his. Her right hand reached up and mussed through his hair. A pout formed on her lips as she stepped closer regarding him with a concerned voice.

"Aw, did you have bad dreams?" she asked

Gently, she lifted three fingers under his chin and raised his head so he looked directly at her. The latex gloves tickled his skin and caught his attention but he did his best not to show reaction though he could't help feel arousal mixed with fear and helplessness inside. She giggled then smiled at his attempts to resist her.

The fear was intoxicating as it oozed from his pores like a potent fragrance. She reveled in its exuberance as she stood close to him. Her chest rose as she inhaled and closed her eyes. Her body shuddered in ecstasy for a few moments then she opened her eyes and looked back to him. "I hope you remember what I told you last night my sweet," She reminded him in a soft, sultry tone, "I am here to give you a choice."

Dustin trembled and his stomach became a cold tight knot. He winced expecting her fangs to come down plunging into him that instant.

Instead Aksana laid a gentle hand on to his shoulder. He slowly opened his eyes and gave her a puzzled look.

"You're..not gonna eat me first?" he asked, suspicious of her behavior.

She smiled, shook her head then answered, "You have no need to fear. I have already gone out and fed, so to speak. I will not need to feed from you in that way ." Then with a thought she added, "Not tonight at least."

He calmed down some but he still felt a lingering dread from the choice of her words and anxiety of what choice she would lay before him. He knew whatever it was, it would not entail letting him go.

"What's the choice?" he asked.

Her tongue flicked out over her lips then disappeared back into her mouth. Her smoldering eyes stared into his. Lowering her gaze to his cock, she moved her hand to lift it in her hand. gripping it softly, she lowered her head to take just the head of it into her wet mouth.

wincing in mock pain Dustin gasped at the new sensation. Her mouth though wet was not what he would call warm but almost cool adding a new sensation. bl**d rushed to his manhood and inflated it quickly.

Aksana, loved how his hardening shaft grew in his mouth. swirling her tongue around the head, she slowly worked his impressive length to the back of her throat taking great care not to sc**** her teeth against his flesh. The urge was almost to great to resist teasing him this way but she wanted, no "needed" him to make the right choice

In no time at all Dustin's cock was has hard as he could ever remember, pulsing and throbbing in the sultry vampires wet mouth. The pain in his shoulders from the restraints pulling against them paled in comparison to the feeling he was feeling in his loins. "My God" was all he could mutter as he realized he was getting the best blow job of his life.

Only moments passed as the feeling of the need to cum gradually but quickly built in his balls. Aksana worked is cock over with her skilled mouth like no one ever had. Suddenly, between the painful strain on his arms and Aksana's mouth, Dustin's release was powerful and strong.

Feeling Dustin's cock flex in her mouth, Aksana buried her face in his lap swallowing him completely at the onset of his orgasm. Skillfully swallowing his hot cum it was almost scalding to her, but she took every drop of his nectar.

Sucking him until he was completely spent, and his cock beginning to soften in her mouth she released him from her mouth, only to say, " Your choices I will now tell you, now that I am completely finished "feeding" for the night".

"You can stay chained in that chair while I drain you night after night until you expire," she began, her face flushing with blissful thoughts before she suppressed them back down and continued, "Or..."

She let the word "or" hang in the air for a long moment teasing him with it then gave him the second option.

"You pledge yourself to me and be mine. You would live here and serve my needs," She paused then continued again, "In return I would let you out of the chains and chair and you would be given free reign of my home, hospitality and other benefits."

"What other benefits?" he asked curiously considering her words.

She shook her head lightly, "We would discuss those only when you have chosen." "and besides, you've just sampled some of the benefits".

He sighed. She was toying with him. Anger rose in him making him tense, This in turn tugged on the chains holding him there. pain overrode anger as his bonds refused him any slack. His head slumped down in defeat and his body relaxed, giving out from exhaustion.

She shook her head, "Poor boy. You need not struggle needlessly."

Gently, she cupped his face in her hands and lifted it so that she could look at him. He gave a weary whimper as he looked to her. his eyes looked down trying to avoid eye contact with her smoldering orbs. She frowned seeing his reluctance to meet her eyes and gently let his face drop back down. Turning away, Aksana began walking back into the shadows. From over her shoulder she said," I Will go get you something to eat boy. I will return shortly." With that, she disappeared leaving him alone.

Dustin sat in a long silence as he mentally digested the two choices she laid before him.They did not seem like choices at all. Either way he was at her mercy. Only difference was one ended some way in death.

He concluded his only way to escape would be to play along and pledge himself to her now and try to find a way out when she slept. After all She had said she had left to feed earlier so there had to be some way out right? Aksana returned with a bowl full of steaming, hot vegetable stew before he could give it more thought.

Pressing the spoon past his lips into his mouth. He felt too weak and too hungry to resist her feeding him. With loving care, she spoon fed him until she set the bowl down to the floor empty. Seeing a bit of stew caked on the corner of his mouth, she wiped a leather finger to collect it and gently pushed her finger into his mouth letting him suck the morsel from it.

Dustin moaned around her finger, tasting a hint of potato on his tongue as he worked it over her digit. Aksana smiled seeing the apparent pleasure show on his face before removing her finger slowly. His cheeks flushed pink.

His member twitched from the sensation that coursed through him. He blushed a deeper red, lowering his head quickly to hide his face and his feelings. He could hear her giggle then felt her soft , gloved fingers caressing his hair. A soft moan escaped his lips as his body quivered. His muscles tensed and this brought a sharp tug from his chains which brought him back to reality. "Please just let me go." he pleaded.

His skin tingled from beads of sweat that now covered his body from the heat of the fire. Aksana shook her head slowly and leaned her head forward until her lips were a mere inch from his forehead.

"I cannot. You taste and smell too good," she admitted in a hushed tone as she rested her hands on his shoulders, "I don't know why you do but I want to find out. Besides you have been given a choice."

Dustin's heart and hopes sank and he once again had to consider her offer. He sighed feeling it was hopeless. His body ached all over and he was miserable chained down like this.

"Would you please let me out of this chair?" He asked weakly hoping she would show mercy. "My arms hurt so much. Please?" His whimpers of pain were genuine and sincere.

Raising a leather finger to her pursed lips, she considered his words for several moments. Wheels turned in her mind and it showed on her face that she too did not take his offer lightly.

Her piercing eyes glared at him sending chills down his spine and rattled his insides, "I will allow you out of this chair ....But only until I awaken tomorrow," she added harshly

"Do you understand?" she asked quickly.

"Yes I understand." he said eager to be out of the chair and the way she was acting now terrified him. He shivered.

Without so much as a word she glided behind him and began unfastening the locks on the cuffs that held him. Tension eased from his left arm then his right as chains clattered to the wood floor. Cold metal slid away from his wrists and he gratefully rubbed each in turn, flexing his arms and fingers to get the soreness from them.

Forgetting about his numb legs, Dustin rose to his feet to stand but quickly lost his balance as the bl**d had not returned to his limbs. He began to fall forward but then he felt latex covered hands grasp under his arms and gently lower his naked body to the ground.

Pressing his palms against the floor, he lifted his upper body up enough to look up to her. She was smiling calmly again. this unsettled him much more than the sudden harshness. She had turned that on and off like a switch. That thought frightened him and made him shudder once more.

"I go now to rest. If you get hungry again there is food in the kitchen." She said softly.

With that she turned from him and walked away into the shadows. He watched her feet as she went, her bare feet eerily not making any sound before she disappeared from sight and out of the room.

Dustin lay there on his stomach for several breathes waiting for her to be out of sight and earshot before he slowly began to push himself back onto wobbly legs. Keeping his hands out in front of him to catch himself if he fell, he took slow stumbling step after step, eyes searching for a door or way out of the room.

His left leg regained feeling first as he carefully made his way through the darker parts of the room. Dragging his still numb right foot as he stepped, his foot touched what he perceived as a wall and started to feel along it blindly with his hands for a door knob or latch of some kind. In the shadows he could see the outline of a large portrait higher up on the wall to his right.

He could barely make it out in the darkness.The figure wore a red riding jacket and white pants which ran down shapely legs until they disappeared into a pair of knee high black leather equestrian style boots. His eyes lingered on the portrait trying to make out more of the person but then his thoughts returned to escape.

His spirits rose as his hand grasped at the round knob of a door and turned it. The door opened ad with renewed hope, Dustin quickly pulled the door open and stepped out of the room. His legs had regained some feeling as he peered around the long hallway he now stood in.

His eyes scanned the hall discovering many doors identical to the one he'd walked through along both sides of the hall. Though not as dark as the room he had been in, the hall was still dim. There were no lights lit anywhere along the walls though moon light streamed though a tall window at the far end of the hallway.

"This place must be a huge mansion," He thought out loud, "but it feels like a prison. Who the hell locks all the doors?".

Carefully and quietly, Dustin went door to door turning each knob to see if he could find a way out. But to his dismay, each door was locked and would not budge. He kept going down the hall determined not to give up. By the time he had reached the last set of doors before the window, he had grown frustrated and was beginning to lose hope.

"Come on. Come on," he pleaded as he tried the knob of the first of the last two doors, "Please open."

But to his despair it did not. Desperation grew into anger and he lashed out at the door, punching it hard with a closed fist. He had assumed it made of wood but it felt as hard as steel. The door made a thud noise but stood undamaged. His hand however was a different matter.

Explosions went off in his head as pain shot through his hand and arm. His knuckles stung and fingers throbbed. He had to bite down on his lip to keep from cursing out loud as he cradled his hand in the other.

After a long couple of moments the pain subsided and his thoughts cleared. Turning around , he stepped over to the door on the other side of the hall that was left. In the pale light that came through the glass window, he could see the door was actually made of dark wood and had Golden trim and ornate carvings in the middle. The knob itself was polished metal of some kind.

In gold lettering the words " To Waste Room" were written upon the door. Waste room? That's odd, he thought. Slowly turning the knob the door opened. It was no room but a flight of stone steps that led down somewhere. Half a dozen steps were visible but after that there was nothing but inky, darkness the rest of the way down.

Dustin hesitated a moment and considered where it might lead. It could lead to a way out, he thought. maybe. He hoped it did. But then what was the waste room for? In his mind he pictured a giant room full of trash that slowly compacted in on itself like the one from Star Wars. Dustin shuddered. He definitely wanted no part of that. On the other hand, this seemed to be his only option. He was not about to go try more locked doors in the opposite direction.

Raising his head out of the chute , he stood there silently a moment and considered things. Despite her hospitality and somewhat gentle manner and the fact she had rescued him, Dustin was terrified of Aksana and the thought of her feeding on him again was something he desperately wanted to avoid. If he stayed there was no doubt he would be stuck here forever doing whatever twisted things his "rescuer" came up with.

He shuddered at that thought , let out a breath and slowly took the first few steps down. He could feel the smooth, cool stone steps under his feet as he kept going. The air around him too was getting cooler as he descended. A breath of cool air tickled his naked flesh as he kept one hand on the wall as he went so as to have something to keep steady.

After ten steps down, it too changed from smooth interior walls to moist, slabs of uneven stones piled together. His bare feet made a gentle, slapping noise upon the stone with each step. How far down does it go, he wondered?

The steps seemed to keep going down deeper into the darkness. Save for the light at the top, he could hardly see anything. Suddenly the stairs curved around and changed direction. Keeping his hand on the wall and feeling with his feet he slowly made the turn and followed the steps until he could see dim yellow light coming out of a doorway. His hopes rose and he hurriedly stepped down the remaining to reach the bottom.

Light! Finally! He thought.

His heart began beat ecstatically as his legs moved as fast as they could toward the doorway. He had reached the last three steps when his right foot crossed behind his left in his haste and became entangled.

His momentum took over and he tripped falling forward in a roll. Stone sc****d and tore his skin as he barreled down the last steps and through the door way. Screams of pain filled the air as he continued to roll past the door.

He stopped rolling as the floor abruptly ended and dropped off another at least thirty feet. Eyes wide, Dustin clawed and grabbed on to the edge of the floor as he now dangled precariously from the lip of a pit of some kind.

His arms ached and screamed as he struggled to hold on. breath came through clenched teeth as he turned his head to look down.His heart thumping rapidly in his chest as fresh terror spread through him at the thought of landing on some stone floor with a splat filed his mind.

"Oh come on! Who the hell keeps a pit under a house anymore?" he exclaimed at the ridiculousness of his predicament.

His feet dangled back and forth over empty air. Groaning, he tried his best to pull himself up on the edge of where he hung but his tired, weary muscles only allowed him to rise up enough to peek up over the floor he now clung to. The stones under his hands began to crumble and break away from his weight.

"That's not good" He muttered to himself.

The stones pulled free and plummeted down along with him into the pit. He screamed, eyes clenched shut as he fell all the way down. That is until his body landed hard on a bunch of something. He smelled a foul, acrid stench all around him

Slowly he opened his eyes and looked around for the source of the awful smell. His eyes widened further as he realized what he landed on. His mouth opened to scream but a lump formed in his throat.

Bodies. Dead bodies. He was laying on a pile of dead people!

Instinctively he curled up into a ball trying to get away form them but they were everywhere! his eyes scanned up and around the pit he was in. torches lined the walls every few feet above him. He could see the walkway also that he'd fallen from. His eyes lowered, frantically looking for a way out. His eyes met the gaze of a balding man's head that stared at him from atop a lifeless female torso.

Legs, arms, heads and several whole bodies lay under him. Bile threatened to crawl up his throat at the stench alone. His skin crawled with revulsion as his body touched the discolored corpses. He could see several tears in various places among some of them. Those that had necks were punctured in several places by little neat holes.

Dustin shuddered and tried to keep from throwing up. His eyes shifting rapidly around looking for an escape. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a metal rung on the other side of the pit. His eyes followed the rung finding another and another and another.

A ladder! It was the most beautiful thing in the world to him at that moment. Unfortunately, in order to get to it, he would have to crawl across the pit of bodies over to the wall. Dustin gulped and tried to keep his lunch and his focus. Taking a few slow breaths, he began to crawl over the corpses a little at a time.

"Gross! Fucking Gross! Why did it have to be corpses?" He wailed as he made his way towards the ladder.

He gagged but f***ed his nausea away as his hand curled around the forth rung of the ladder and began a slow climb back up. Rung after rung, he climbed until he was out of the pit and away from the corpses. The ladder kept going up even after several feet. His ascent took him past the warm glow of torch light and back into darkness as Dustin's climb continued.

He stopped after awhile and rested against the metal rungs. He felt tired and his body ached all over from both the fall and the climb. his lungs cried out for fresh air. Tilting his head up, he could see far above him bits of Grey light coming down through a grate of some kind. Taking a deep breath and bolstering his resolve, he began to climb again.

When his hand rested on the last rung, he could go no further. He didn't't know how much time had passed but he was certain he had been climbing for hours. His feet hurt where the rungs had dug into the bottoms of his feet. His arms ached from pulling himself up every rung. He felt dizzy and tired from lack of food. His mouth and throat was dry with thirst.

The grate loomed over him. It taunted him. He did not have anything left on his weary, sore body and it knew it. Still he could not just lay on the ladder. If he lingered, he might pass out and risk falling back down to most likely his death.

"I don't want to die here," he whispered with a hoarse voice.

He kept repeating that in his mind over and over until it became a loud, deafening voice in his head. Slowly, his hands reached up and curled his fingers through the holes in the metal grate.

The metal screeched as it was pushed up out of its hole and pushed over onto the floor above. First a hand rested on the floor. Then an arm. Then Dustin's head peeked up through the hole followed by his other arm.

Carefully balancing his feet on the rungs, he pushed up with his arms and what little chest that hung over the onto the floor. Slowly the rest of his body slid out of the hole until he lay naked upon the cold tile floor.

He took in deep breaths of air as he lay on his back. The hum of mechanical motors filled his ears. He opened one eye and tilted his head to the side. There inches from his head was a pair of freezers. turning his head to look the other way, he saw an old fridge. He was in the kitchen, Dustin realized.

Then exhaustion took him and he passed out on the floor.
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