Help from s****r in Law Ch 4

"I really am sorry about before," Tim says running his hand lightly across her neatly trimmed bush as he lowers his mouth to her moist lips.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Rhonda sighs as Tim sucks her labia into his mouth and rubs the tip of his tongue against it. With his hand resting on her pubic triangle, he slides his thumb down to the top of her slit and finds her swollen love button.

"Ohhhhhhyeeaaaahhhh!" Rhonda arches her back and pushes her pussy against him. Tim presses his hand down to hold her still while he gently massages her clit with his thumb and pushes his tongue inside her hungry pussy.

"Oh! Fuck!!" Rhonda is bucking her ass off the bed and squeezing her own nipples as her orgasm builds. Tim slides his mouth up to her clit while slipping two fingers into her drenched pussy, rapidly finger fucking her to an explosive release.

"OooohhhhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhHHHH!" Rhonda screams as her orgasm rips through her body. She releases her tits as her pussy floods with love juice. Tim pulls out his fingers and hungrily devours her sweet flowing nectar while she pants for breath.

"Oh God!" Rhonda breathes. "I felt that all the way to my toes."

"You mean these toes?" Tim asks as he lightly runs his fingers up the bottom of her left foot and tickles her toes. Rhonda reacts instantly, giggling and squirming away from him.

"You didn't have to break the mood," she says, with a playful pout while pushing against his shoulder with her foot. Tim lightly swats her foot away and drops down next to her.

"We'll get it back," Tim says, gently squeezing her breast and sucking her nipple into his mouth. As he nibbles on Rhonda's fleshy tit, Tim realizes that it's just this kind of playfulness that is missing with Sharon. He hopes they'll get there as their love making progresses.

"Wasn't the first card a sixty-nine?" Rhonda asks.

"Yeah, but I wanted to get you warmed up first," Tim smiles, releasing her tit and pecking her lightly on the lips. "Do you want to be on top?"

"I think that works best," Rhonda agrees. "I don't relish the idea of my head being trapped against the bed if you get carried away," she smiles.

"I didn't think of that," Tim smiles, "maybe I should be on top." Rhonda pushes him onto his back and flips around so she's facing his feet.

"Let me know if I'm smothering you," Rhonda teases as she positions her pussy over Tim's face.

"Or drowning me," he laughs as he pulls Rhonda's dripping pussy down to his mouth. Snaking his tongue into the center of her succulent pussy, Tim feels Rhonda's hand close around his hard cock. "Don't make me cum," Tim warns her. "I need to be at full hardness to slide into your ass."

"Oh, Tim," Rhonda mocks, "you just think of everything." She sucks his cock head into her mouth as Tim licks and sucks her insatiable pussy. After a few mouth filling sucks, Rhonda relaxes her throat and slides her lips to the base of Tim's hard cock.

"Oh yeah!" Tim moans, his words muffled inside Rhonda's syrupy pussy. Tim isn't even conscious of the competitive spark he ignited when he told Rhonda that Sharon had given him a blowjob. Rhonda's confident that she can out perform whatever her s****r-in-law dishes up and she's determined to keep Tim interested regardless of the sex he's getting at home.

Tim is trying to focus on eating Rhonda's pussy but the way she keeps deep throating his cock is distracting the hell out of him. When he feels his cock head enter her tight throat he can't even think straight.

"Oh God, that's enough," Tim pleads. "If you keep that up, I'm going to cum." He playfully bites her ass cheek and rolls her off of him. "Time for our doggy style anal card," he says. Rhonda excitedly complies, pushing herself up on all fours and wiggling her ass at him. Tim kneels behind her and plunges his throbbing cock into her soggy pussy.

"I assume you want me to use your natural lubricant again, right?" Tim asks as he pumps his hard rod in and out of Rhonda's pussy.

"Mmmmm, feels good," Rhonda breathes just before Tim pulls his cock all the way out and aligns it with her crinkled opening. She takes a deep breath and tries to relax as Tim gently nudges his cock into her ass. Rhonda smiles knowingly, trying to imagine Sharon ever permitting her husband to fuck her in the ass. Lowering her head to the mattress, she reaches between her legs to rub her wet pussy while bracing herself against Tim's intrusively thick cock.

Rhonda's ass is so fucking tight it feels like a second skin stretching around his swollen cock. Tim struggles, inch-by-inch to make his steel rod disappear inside his s****r-in-law's ass. When he finally has it buried completely, all the way to his balls, he runs his hands over Rhonda's hips and caresses her firm ass cheeks while gently rocking against her.

"It's better this time," Rhonda murmurs into the sheets while her hand rapidly strokes her pussy. Tim takes this as a cue to gradually start pumping his cock in and out of her snug rear hole. Rhonda presses her middle finger to her clit and applies rhythmic pressure synchronized with Tim's cock sliding in and out of her ass.

Rhonda's pussy is on fire and Tim's hard cock feels wonderful filling up her sensitive ass. Smiling to herself, Rhonda never thought she'd be using this corporate apartment for sex, let along getting ass fucked by her b*****r-in-law. She's happy that things are improving for Tim and Sharon but she's also glad that she can offer Tim something that he'll never get at home. Even if she is giving him blowjobs she can't imagine her uptight s****r-in-law ever letting him fuck her ass.

"Ohhhh yeah!" Rhonda moans as Tim picks up the pace, his balls slapping out the rhythm while his hands tightly grip her hips. All thoughts of Sharon disappear from her brain as her fingers fly over her pussy and Tim pounds her to a magnificent orgasm.

It isn't until later while lathering each other in the shower that Rhonda asks Tim about Sharon. He explains how invigorating their sex life has become; eating her pussy and making love every night but when he gets to the part about Sharon's period and the blowjob, Rhonda cuts him off.

"Whoa, too much information, cowboy," she laughs while lathering his hard cock. "Seriously, I'm very glad it's working out for you two," Rhonda says, looking directly in his eyes.

"I owe it all to you," Tim answers, his hands soaping her luscious tits and tweaking her taut nipples. "I just wish there was something I could do to help you with Paul. We men just don't generally have those kinds of conversations. Maybe I'll think of something before we go to the beach. That's only two weeks away." Rhonda breaks eye contact and looks down at his enticing hard-on before continuing the conversation.

"I guess you won't be needing your Wednesday afternoons anymore," Rhonda says quietly, while cupping his balls and stroking his hard cock.

"Wait a minute!" Tim admonishes her as he tips her chin up face him. "I have no intention of giving this up, Rhonda. What we have... what we have together... I can't imagine ever having with Sharon. You know what it is?" Rhonda shakes her head, anxious to hear what he thinks they have together. Tim searches his mind for the right words to describe sex with his s****r-in-law.

"An uninhibited playfulness," he announces, "yeah, that's it. An uninhibited playfulness that is beyond anything I have ever imagined or could ever dream of having with Sharon. Hell, Rhonda, I couldn't stop this if I wanted to."

Their smiles compete for worlds most lustful grin as they attack each other's bodies. Tim squeezes Rhonda's ass cheek with one hand and strokes her pussy with the other. Rhonda jacks him off while teasing his balls and biting his nipples. Eventually she turns around and braces herself against the tile wall and Tim plunges into her smoldering pussy from behind. They engage in the most a****listic fuck they've ever experienced, driving each other to new heights of orgasmic pleasure.

"Do you mind if we don't draw cards for next week?" Rhonda asks while they're getting dressed.

"Whatever you want to do," Tim says, raising an eyebrow as he buttons his shirt.

"I love the cards, but if you don't mind, I'd like a little spontaneity once in a while," Rhonda says, winking as she helps him with his buttons.

"Spontaneity with a little uninhibited playfulness?" Tim asks as he lowers his lips to hers.

"Absolutely," Rhonda answers just before their lips meet.

Sharon is oblivious to the tepid temperature of her bathwater. The empty Popsicle stick is on the floor next to the tub, her eyes are closed and her body is completely relaxed. After settling into her hot bath, she immediately started practicing with the Popsicle, sliding it in and out of her mouth and trying to curb her gag reflex. It was too cold for her to think of it as a real penis, but the size and shape was perfect for what she wanted.

Although she never quite got it down her throat she was bursting with pride when she worked most of it into her mouth without gagging. The Popsicle melted quickly as she worked her tongue all the way around it, slurping her surrogate penis like she'd seen in the videos. With her other hand casually combing her fingers through her pubic hair, she sucked the Popsicle like she thought it would cum.

Without consciously realizing it, her fingers had moved down to the top of her slit, lightly stroking her sensitive clit hood. Having never masturbated before Sharon was shocked at the pleasurable tremor her fingers sent through her body. Still pistoning the Popsicle into her mouth, she spread her legs and rubbed her burgeoning clit more rapidly. Having abandoned her deep seated inhibitions against oral sex she guesses masturbation is a small sin in comparison.

When the Popsicle is completely sucked off the stick, she lets it slip through her fingers over the edge of the tub and uses her free hand to massage her breasts and tease her increasingly responsive nipples.

"Oh God!" Sharon moans, bracing her feet against the tile over the end of the tub as she slides further into the water, vigorously attacking her clit and yanking on her aroused nipples. "Damn!"

she cries as her orgasm builds beyond her wildest expectations. Who knew you could do this to yourself?

"AaaaaaggggghhhhhHHHH!" Her orgasm rips through her body, splashing water out of the tub as she shakes and trembles through her intense release. Gripping the sides of the tub with both hands, she scoots herself up and leans her head against the cool porcelain edge of the tub. Completely relaxed, her mind is consumed with her desire to demonstrate her newly acquired blowjob techniques on Tim.

As she's imagining her lips stretched around her husband's thick shaft, her unbridled thoughts unexpectedly wander to Paul's penis and what it would have felt like in her mouth.

"NO!" Sharon sits up. "What is wrong with me?" she asks the empty bathroom, completely confused about why she can't keep her b*****r's penis out of her thoughts. Abruptly aware of how cool the water has become, Sharon climbs from the tub and towels off.

Neither Tim nor Sharon mention their desire for an early bedtime but by some unspoken mutual consent they are both in bed before nine. Tim is completely naked and Sharon has on a pair of light blue panties covering her Tampon filled pussy.

"I've been thinking about you all day," Sharon whispers, briefly pecking his lips before kissing a trail from his chin to his chest and sucking his nipples into her mouth. First the left one and then the right one, she nibbles on them until they harden into taut little bumps on his chest. Even after the workout he got from Rhonda, Tim's cock is responding quickly to his wife's machinations.

He smiles excitedly as she continues kissing down his stomach and plants a big kiss on the end of his erect cock. Holding it between her thumb and her index finger so that it is sticking straight up, her tongue bypasses it completely and starts licking his balls. Lightly stroking his hard cock with her thumb and finger, she licks under and around his balls, gently sucking each one into her mouth.

"Oh yeah!" Tim moans when Sharon finally takes one long lick, gliding her tongue from his balls to the tip of his hard cock. Slipping just the tip in her mouth, she runs her tongue over the end of it like she did with the Popsicle.

"Do you like that?" she asks nervously, lifting her lips from his cock. "Would you like some more?" Sharon is trying to mimic the playful teasing that was evident in every video she explored.

"God yes! Sharon, this is... you are...!" he pants as she keeps licking long strokes up the under side of his cock and nibbling on the swollen head. Stroking her hand up and down the length of his rod, she begins caressing his balls as she closes her mouth over the end of his saliva-coated cock and gently sucks on his cock head.

As Tim is wondering how his wife transformed into a blowjob fantasy come true, her tongue flicks the underside of his cock sending intense pleasure signals that all but eliminate any rational thought. Sharon is pleased with her success but nervous about the taste. This is the part she didn't practice... what if she gags again?

"Ohhhhh! Yeah! Mmmmmm!" Tim moans as she continues stroking and sucking his cock and playing with his balls. Sharon creates a steady rhythm with her mouth while her tongue is in constant motion along the underside of his cock. By the time she starts rolling his balls back and forth with her hand, Tim is jerking his ass off the bed trying to drive his cock deeper into her warm mouth. Okay... I can do this, Sharon mentally urges herself on as she speeds up the stroking of her husband's throbbing cock.

Thankfully, Sharon recognizes the signs and knows Tim is getting close. She squeezes her eyes shut and valiantly stays right with him, stroking and sucking and playing with his balls. She imagines the popsicle about to melt and begins a rhythm of swallowing, sucking, swallowing just seconds before Tim erupts inside her mouth. Oh my God! There is so much of it. It's going down my throat. I'm swallowing it!

"AaaahhhhhhhhHHHH!" Tim groans as his cum spews forth in staccato like bursts filling his wife's mouth as she struggles to swallow fast enough. Sharon keeps stroking, sucking and swallowing but some of it still runs out of her mouth and down his hard cock.

When he's fully spent, Tim falls back on the bed, panting. Un-fucking-believable! He wasn't sure what Sharon would do when he came, if she'd run from the room like she did last night. But there she is, still swallowing, taking every drop. When he stops spasming, she lets his cock slowly plop from her mouth and onto his stomach.

Sucking in a huge breath and smiling from ear to ear, Sharon glides her tongue down Tim's sensitive shaft, cleaning up the cum that overflowed out of her mouth. My god! I can't believe I just did that. It's just like the videos... except it was better than the videos!

"I'm learning," Sharon whispers demurely, releasing his spent cock and snuggling against her husband's warm body.

"You are unbelieveable!" Tim whispers, kissing the top of her head. I can do better, Sharon thinks as she drifts off to sl**p.

A blowjob becomes their new nightly ritual. As soon as she comes to bed, Sharon aggressively attacks Tim's cock, and true to her prediction, she improves her skill with each undertaking. Tim finds himself lasting longer and cumming harder with each night's blowjob. Sharon continues to seek instruction from the Internet, trying new techniques to pleasure her husband's cock.

Once her period subsides, Sharon doesn't abandon the nightly blowjob. She just continues sucking Tim after he cums until he's hard enough for her to mount him with her feverish pussy. She loves being on top and riding his cock to a screaming orgasm, enhanced by the lingering taste of his cum on her tongue.

Sharon's dreams have become lust-filled cock sucking fantasies. Mostly Tim's cock but sometimes she dreams of sucking Paul's cock and a few times she's even dreams of them together. She wakes up in a sweat with her pussy soaking wet after dreaming about her husband and her b*****r naked in her bed while she strokes their hard cocks and alternates feeding each one into her warm mouth.

She can't understand why her b*****r keeps intruding into her sexual fantasies or why she finds it so arousing when he does. As their beach trip gets closer, his presence in her fantasies increases significantly and she even wonders if there will be an opportunity for her and Paul to be alone. As soon as this thought enters her brain, Sharon banishes it. What am I thinking?

A few days before the beach house vacation, Sharon and Rhonda go shopping for new swimsuits. Sharon has always worn a conservative one-piece swimsuit but Rhonda convinces her to try something a little sexier. In the dressing room together, Rhonda raves about a pale yellow bikini that barely covers Sharon's perfect breasts and exposes a fair part of her ass cheeks.

"I could never wear this," Sharon laughs, turning to look at her exposed flesh in the mirror.

"Why not?" Rhonda asks. "You've got the body for it. Take advantage of it while you can."

"Would you wear this?" Sharon asks, cupping her breasts to emphasize how exposed they are.

"I will if you will," Rhonda answers, wondering what Tim will think when his wife and his lover show up in matching Brazilian-cut bikinis. The idea is too good to pass up and Rhonda leaves the dressing room to find the exact bikini for herself.

"Well..." Sharon keeps turning to look at the bikini from different angles, imagining what Paul might think when he sees so much flesh. Damn! Why did she think of her b*****r instead of her husband? And why does that make her pussy tingle?

When Rhonda returns, Sharon averts her eyes as her s****r-in-law slips into an identical bikini. Catching a glimpse of Rhonda's naked body in the mirror, Sharon stares at her ample breasts and neatly trimmed pubic area. When they stand next to each other in front of the mirror they could easily be mistaken for twins. Rhonda's breasts are larger and her hips are more pronounced but with the amount of bare flesh showing the differences are miniscule.

"Let's not say anything to Tim or Paul and surprise them at the beach," Rhonda whispers while they wait in the checkout line.

"That's a great idea. I can't wait to see their reaction," Sharon answers and the two women almost start giggling, each one oblivious to the other's thoughts. Rhonda is anxious to see how Tim reacts to the two women he's having sex with dressing identically while Sharon is wondering what Paul will think of her new swimsuit.

On the drive to the beach house, Tim and Sharon are both quieter than normal, lost in their own thoughts. Sharon is worried that spending a week at the beach with her b*****r will fuel more lustful thoughts and dreams, and at the same time, anxious to see his reaction to her revealing bikini. These conflicting emotions keep her occupied most of the drive, just gazing out the window.

Tim, on the other hand, is busy formulating a plan to help Rhonda improve her sex life with Paul. He figures that since Sharon became more amorous after Rhonda lied to her about Paul's sexual prowess, maybe the reverse will be true. If Paul thinks he and Sharon have an adventurous sex life it might help him shake off his parent's teachings.

If he remembers the beach house layout correctly, from viewing it on the website, the two master bedrooms are upstairs and next to each other. Although not a screamer, Sharon can be quite loud when she's in the throes of an intense orgasm. Tim's plan is to induce such powerful orgasms in his wife that there will be no doubt that she's no longer the prude their parents wanted.

Rhonda and Paul are already at the beach house when Tim and Sharon arrive. Tim excitedly verifies that the bedrooms are just as he expected, only better. The headboards of the king size beds butt up against the common wall. As they unpack, he wonders if he should let Rhonda in on his plan.

It's early evening by the time each couple is settled in and the four of them venture out for dinner. There is a locally famous eatery just down the beach within walking distance. They cut across the sand and up the boardwalk. Over dinner they discuss plans for the week.

"Let's hit the beach first thing in the morning," Rhonda says, while they're enjoying their salads.

"Sounds good to me," Sharon answers, smiling at Rhonda. Both women are anxious to show off their new swimwear.

Over their entrees, they discuss various other activities for the week, with Tim mentioning a used bookstore he'd like to visit. Paul says he'll go along with what everyone else wants to do. Tim is still looking for an opportunity talk to Rhonda when the check arrives. Oh well, she'll know soon enough.

After a nightcap on the balcony where they commit to an early morning on the beach, the couples retreat to their respective bedrooms.

Tim pulls back the covers invitingly. Already excited by the exhibitionist nature of what he has planned, Tim's cock stiffens even more at the sight of his shapely wife emerging from the bathroom. Her naked flesh, basked in moonlight from the open window, gives off a seductive glow as she makes her way across the room. No longer shy about her body, Sharon absorbs her husband's stare and she smiles while relishing the pleasure he gets from looking at her well-toned body.

"You are stunning," Tim says as Sharon crawls in next to him. "And you look delicious," he adds as his hand caresses her hip and his lips brush against her right nipple.

"Tim!" Sharon laughs, "Rhonda and Paul might hear us."

"We'll be quiet," Tim answers, knowing that he has just the opposite planned. His hand moves across her hip and between her legs while his teeth nibble on her quickly responding nipple.

"Mmmm," Sharon rolls onto her back and spreads her legs. "If you're sure," she sighs.

Tim lightly strokes her outer labia, which is already covered with a thin coating of natural lubricant. He marvels at how responsive his wife's body has become when just a few weeks ago he thought it would never thaw. Slipping one finger inside her, Tim moves his mouth to her other nipple, teasing it to it's full thickness.

"Ahhhhhh," Sharon moans, holding him tightly to her breast as his finger starts a steady rhythm inside her aroused pussy. Tim kisses his way down her stomach, replacing his finger with his tongue. Licking all around her puffy lips, he laps up the juice that's boiling over inside her inflamed pussy.

Sharon lifts her legs, spreading them wide apart and Tim slips his arms under her knees before running the tip of his tongue up and down the length of her slit.

"Oh! Yeah!" Sharon nearly bellows when he pushes his tongue all the way inside her and licks around the insides of her wet pussy. "Oh! God!" Sharon squirms on the bed, pushing her smoldering pussy against his tongue. He rapidly pistons it in and out, tongue-fucking her as she grabs his head and humps her pussy against his face.

Sharon's juices are flowing and Tim's face is soaked when he shifts his focus from her sweltering opening to her clit. Licking from inside her drenched pussy up to her exposed clit, he covers it with saliva and pussy juice before sucking it into his mouth. Gently sucking with his lips, he flicks his tongue against her clit several times eliciting loud moans from Sharon.

"Oh! Tim! Ohhhhhhhh! Yeah!" Sharon's moaning is getting louder as she entwines her fingers in his hair and yanks his head against her gyrating pussy. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Sharon realizes that she can probably be heard in the next room but her rapidly building orgasm shuts down any restraint she might have.

"Oh! That's it! Keep... doing... that!" She gasps out the last words while thrusting her hips off the bed, slamming her clit against his tongue. Tim keeps feverishly sucking her clit while pushing two fingers into her soggy pussy.

"Oh God! That's so good! Ohhhh! So good! OHHHHH YEAH" Sharon yells, squeezing her legs together while pushing Tim's face from her sensitive clit. As she falls back on the bed, panting, Tim shakes his head loose from her fingers and begins lapping up the thick cream oozing from her quivering pussy. And that's just round one, Tim thinks.

In the next room, Rhonda is smiling to herself as Paul tosses and turns next to her, putting the pillow over his head. At first she wasn't sure what she was hearing because the wall muffled the sound. But when the headboard started tapping the wall behind them and she heard her s****r-in-law moaning, it confirmed her suspicions. She wonders if Tim is doing this on purpose to get a reaction from Paul or if this is just their normal nightly routine. By the time Sharon yells her last oh yeah, Paul has jumped out of bed and walked out on the balcony in his pajamas.

"Are you okay?" Rhonda asks, wrapping her arms around him from behind, her thin nightgown offering little protection from the cool night air.

"Who can sl**p with that... that... noise? You'd think they'd have a little consideration!" Tim growls. Rhonda can't remember seeing him this angry in a long time. Does he feel his s****r is betraying a sacred f****y oath or is it something else? She tries to sooth him.

"I think they're done, if you want to come back to bed." She smiles as she rubs her body against his back, hoping the moaning might have stirred a positive reaction in her husband.

"Don't you start!" Paul snaps, moving away from her. "Isn't one inconsiderate couple in this beach house enough?" He stomps back into the bedroom and throws himself on the bed with a huge sigh.

Rhonda stays on the balcony, hugging herself and wishing she was in the next bedroom with Tim. Hell, she'd even share him with his wife if he'd make her moan like that. She shrugs and starts back into the bedroom when she hears the telltale squeak of the bed in the next room. Ohmygod, they're not done. She smiles and turns back to the balcony.

Tim never stopped lapping up his wife's succulent cream. He gently licked all around her sensitive pussy, occasionally flicking his tongue between her splayed open lips. By the time she caught her breath and was no longer panting, her arousal was on the rise and her pussy was anxious for more.

"God, Tim! What you do to me!" she cries, spreading her thighs wider and pulling on his hair again. Tim loves the taste of his wife's pussy. He could eat her all day and never get enough. Moving his mouth up to her clit again, he sucks it into his mouth while once again pushing two fingers into her wide-open pussy.

"Oh Tim! That's soo.... SOOO... GOOD!" Sharon cries as he sucks on her clit and pumps his fingers in and out. Sharon is jerking wildly and he's having trouble keeping her clit in his mouth.

"OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD!" Sharon is screaming and her whole body is spasming as she gushes a steady stream of creamy nectar over Tim's fingers and down his chin. Tim releases her clit to lap up her thick, syrupy juice. Her body is quaking and her pussy lips are quivering as he licks her inside and out.

Even before she catches her breath, Tim slides his body over hers and plunges his rock solid cock deep into her in one hard thrust. Her still quivering pussy engulfs his cock like a velvety glove and Sharon's hips instantly start keeping rhythm with his steady pounding.

"Oh! Oh! OHHHH! OHHHH!" Sharon's moans mirror Tim's jackhammering thrusts. Her thick, hot juices make his cock feel like it's gliding through hot gelatin as he pummels her inflamed pussy.

"Oh Tim! It's building again! Oh Tim! TIM! TIM!" Sharon is digging her fingernails into his back Her heals locked under his ass cheeks spurring him on. Tim knows what really gets his wife's bl**d boiling and he slips his arms under her, holding her against him as he rolls them over, placing her on top.

Sharon pushes herself up into a sitting position and starts riding his hard cock like a wild woman. Tim just smiles as she jounces on his cock and the headboard starts banging against the wall.

She's slamming her pussy down so hard he's afraid she'll pulverize his hard-on with the f***e of her attack. He grabs her taut nipples, twisting them and stretching them out from her bouncing tits. His cock is throbbing from her ferocious onslaught and he tenses his legs as his balls constrict, ready for the eruption that is seconds away.

"Ahh! Ahh! AHH! AHHHHHHHH!" Sharon's moans are synchronized with her bouncing and Tim can actually feel the pressure of her juices against his cock as waves pleasure flow through her body. Her pussy grips his cock and she slams down hard against him as he shoots his load deep inside her quivering pussy. Her whole body is trembling as she collapses on his chest, her soft tits cushioning her fall, while her pussy pulsates like a vibrator, milking the last bit of cum from his cock.

They're both breathing hard, but Sharon is gasping for breath. Her head is on Tim's shoulder and her blonde hair is wet and matted from her intense exertion. He strokes her hair and kisses her gently on her sweat-soaked forehead while wondering what Rhonda thought of their exhibition.

Rhonda can't figure out why her husband is so mad about the noises coming from the next room. She thinks it's kind of arousing and wishes Paul would do something about it.

Paul can't figure it out either. Why should his s****r breaking their vow making him so mad? As he lies on the bed listening to her moan he can vividly picture exactly what she's doing. He can visualize her naked body and her gorgeous bouncing breasts. He still dreams of how she straddled him and nearly drove him insane.

"Maybe we should make a little noise of our own," Rhonda says, noticing the tent in the sheet as she crawls in beside him.

"I don't think it's a contest!" Paul snaps and then is instantly ashamed that he's taking this out on Rhonda. It isn't her fault. She's the best wife anyone could ask for.

"I'm sorry," he says, turning towards her and noticing she's shed her nightgown.

"Show me you're sorry," Rhonda smiles, pressing her naked thigh against her husband's pajamacovered hard-on. Paul surprises Rhonda by rolling her onto her back and pulling off his pajamas.

As Paul positions himself over his Rhonda's body and aligns his cock with her moist pussy, he's hoping that making love to his wife will take his mind off of his s****r. He doesn't know why he keeps dreaming about that night with Sharon and he's still angry with her about breaking her vows but he gently slides his steel-like rod inside his wife's anxious pussy.

Responding to the noises from the next room, Rhonda is wet and ready. Closing her eyes, she can imagine from Sharon's moaning exactly what Tim is doing to her. She knows from experience how Tim uses his tongue and then slams in with his hearty cock. As Paul continues his mechanically rhythmic fucking, Rhonda bucks her hips, trying to push him to a more adventurous level of lust.

When Paul momentarily speeds up just before he cums, Rhonda is close to her own orgasm. Close... but not close enough. She drops her head on her pillow with a sigh, wondering how she's going to get Tim alone to satisfy her needs.


"Good morning," Rhonda says, joining Tim and Sharon on the terrace.

"I found a donut place," Tim says, biting into a chocolate raised donut and pointing to the box.

"And there's coffee," Sharon adds, smiling meekly at her s****r-in-law, obviously embarrassed by what Rhonda and Paul must have heard the previous night.

"It's easy to work up an appetite at the beach," Rhonda smiles, grabbing a cream-filled Ž-clair and biting one end off. As Tim takes a drink of his coffee, Rhonda sucks the cream from the end of the Ž-clair and raises her eyebrow at him. Sharon is behind Rhonda and doesn't see the suggestive maneuver but Tim nearly chokes on his coffee before he smiles at his s****r-in-law.

"Hey, sl**py head," Rhonda says when Paul steps out on the terrace dressed in his swimsuit and a Hawaiian print shirt. Paul nods as he pours some coffee.

"I thought we were going to the beach this morning," he says although there is little enthusiasm in his statement.

"We are!" Rhonda jumps up and nudges Sharon to follow her. "Wait here while we get ready."

"Be right back," Sharon gives Tim a kiss on the cheek and follows her s****r-in-law into the house. After Tim makes a couple of attempts at small talk without much response from Paul, the two men fall into an awkward silence, watching the waves crash against the sand.

"Are you sure about this?" Sharon whispers even though there is no way she can be heard from the terrace. "The amount of cleavage is bad enough, but the bottom only covers half of my ass cheeks."

"That's the point!" Rhonda says, tying the string behind her back and adjusting the triangles across her ample breasts. "Come on, you'll see." Rhonda says, grabbing Sharon's hand and leading her out of the bedroom.

"Okay, boys!" Sharon calls just before they reach the door to the terrace. "We're ready!" Tim and Paul stare dumbfounded at the exotic site of the two women entering the terrace.

"Ohmygod!" Tim nearly chokes on his coffee again as his eyes feast on the two scantily clad women.

"Where did you get those swimsuits?"

"Why did you get them is more the question," Paul asks, incredulous that his wife and his s****r would be willing to display so much flesh. "Sharon, my god! You can't wear that!"

"Oh, but your wife can?" Rhonda asks, strutting over to where her husband is standing. While Paul's eyes shift to his wife's bouncing breasts, Tim follows the rippling flesh of her half exposed ass cheeks.

"No! I didn't mean that!" Paul tries to recover from his focus on his s****r. "Neither one of you can! Don't you agree, Tim?" Paul asks, looking to his b*****r-in-law for support.

"I think they look sexy as hell and we'll be the envy of every guy on the beach," Tim answers, smiling from ear to ear as he shifts his gaze from his wife to his lover, mistakenly believing that he's the only one who's fucked both of these gorgeous women.

"Then let's go before we change our mind," Sharon says, grabbing her beach bag with one hand and her husband's arm with the other she pulls him down the steps to the beach. Rhonda tries to grab Paul's arm but he pulls away, scowling.

"Fine. Be Mr. Grumpy," she smiles, running to catch up with Tim and taking his other arm. Several male heads lift from their towels as they watch Rhonda run across the sand, her barely covered breasts bouncing against her chest and her ass cheeks dimpling in and out with each stride. Paul shakes his head and runs to catch up with the group.

"I think you're going to need some sun screen so you don't burn," Tim tells his wife as he pulls the tube from the beach bag. They've settled on a blanket in a secluded little alcove near the water line and both women are lying on their stomachs. Tim admires the view of their nearly identical asses only half covered by their bikini bottoms. While certainly not thongs, their swimsuit bottoms are cut high enough to leave a lot of flesh exposed.

"Maybe you should do me and let Paul put sunscreen on Sharon," Rhonda says. "I don't want to lose you two for the afternoon if you get carried away," she smiles.

"Rhonda!" Sharon admonishes but her heart is beating rapidly at the thought of her b*****r touching her naked skin. She squeezes her thighs together and tries not to show her excitement.

"Fine. Whatever," Tim tries to act nonchalant but is very willing to rub sunscreen all over Rhonda's bare ass cheeks.

"That's okay," Paul says. "I can do Rhonda and you can do Sharon." Sharon turns her head to hide her disappointment.

"No, do your s****r, silly." Rhonda says playfully while scooting over next to Tim. "Come on, Tim. I don't want to burn." Paul shrugs and acquiesces to his wife's choice. Not wanting to make a scene, he slowly turns his attention to his s****r.

Rubbing sunscreen on his hands, Paul begins rubbing the back of Sharon's legs, methodically covering her with the creamy lotion. Sharon spreads her legs as he works his way up her shapely thighs. Paul is trying to think about anything besides his s****r's nearly naked body as he spreads the sunscreen evenly across her thighs. His heart is pounding and he's sweating while his brain is filled with the vision of Sharon astride his hard cock when they were in college.

Tim, on the other hand, has turned Rhonda's sunscreen application into an erotic massage. Taking advantage of Paul's back to him and Sharon's head turned the other way, he caresses up her inner thigh and brushes his fingers across her bikini covered pussy lips. Rhonda stifles a moan as Tim gets bolder and, without taking his eyes off of Paul or Sharon, slips one finger inside Rhonda's swimsuit bottom, feeling the moist heat emanating from her aroused pussy.

Rhonda puts a fist to her mouth as her b*****r-in-law's finger glides between her slick pussy lips. With his other hand applying sunscreen to her exposed ass cheek, he makes it look like he's rubbing sunscreen with both hands.

"Don't forget those dimpled cheeks, Paul," Tim says as he watches his b*****r-in-law skip over Sharon's bottom. "We don't want them burned."

"Yes, please, Paul," Sharon murmurs. "Make sure I don't burn." Sharon's pussy is on fire as her b*****r's soft, gentle hands caress her warm skin. She holds her breath, waiting anxiously for him to get to her ass cheeks. She's u*********sly clenching her pussy muscles in an attempt to appease the arousal building between her legs. Paul's cock is responding to his s****r's bare flesh and he shifts sideways to conceal his growing erection.

All pretense of applying lotion is gone and Tim is outright finger-fucking Rhonda while her husband and his wife are only a few feet away. Rhonda is biting down on her fist as she rocks against his hand and her orgasm builds inside of her. Turning her head towards the others to watch for signs of discovery, she lifts her ass up giving Tim greater access. Tim withdraws his finger from her pussy, replacing it with his thumb while his middle finger teases circles around her aroused clit.

Tim's machinations coupled with the risk of discovery drives Rhonda over the top. She clamps her hand over her mouth as a tremor flows through her body, coating Tim's hand in hot pussy juice. While catching her breath, Rhonda notices her husband is still caressing his s****r's ass cheeks. His touch is light and gentle, but Sharon has her legs spread and seems to be rocking with his slow caress.

But the real shocker is that her husband's swimsuit trunks appear tented in the front. My God!

He's got a hard-on over his s****r's ass. Well, Rhonda muses, what man wouldn't react to touching an ass like that, s****r or not. But, still it's his s****r! She closes her eyes and her lips form a knowing smile as she basks in the afterglow of her much need orgasm. Sharon turns her head towards them as Tim applies sunscreen to Rhonda's back.

Sharon's pussy is on fire from her b*****r's lingering caress of her warm ass cheeks. She turns her head to check whether Tim or Rhonda have noticed how long he's taking with that part of his sunscreen application but neither are paying any attention. Rhonda has her eyes closed, almost like she's sl**ping and Tim is concentrating on rubbing sunscreen on her back. Sharon sighs and closes her eyes, undulating her hips to her b*****r's massage.

Paul knows this isn't right but he can't seem to move his hands form his s****r's nearly bare bottom. His vivid memory of her naked body writhing on top of him is fogging his brain and making him uncomfortable. He knows he should stop but his hands aren't listening to his brain. He glances behind him to see if he's being watched while wondering why Sharon hasn't said anything. She seems to be rocking her hips in encouragement. God! This is wrong!
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this just keeps on getting better
2 years ago
Jeeeesz, can't you just feel the intensity grow, climbing by leaps and bounds?? The drama is now getting so fucking exciting that hardons need immediate jerking!!!

Whoooooooooweeeeeee! So, damn sexy, so sensual, so thoroughly satisfying in that the two couple's sex lives are beginning to show signs of enjoying their own spouses. Very, very good, Mr. Watson!
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It's getting hotter now!
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the cat's about to come outta the bag.....