Just a little private sex show

I suppose it shouldn't have come as much of a surprise that Jan and her husband Carl were into swinging and various kinds of sexual adventures. There had always been a certain wild and sexy air about the two of them that was hard to miss. Even when Jan and I were chatting over morning coffee, as we often did, and our chat was usually pretty ordinary, sex was always in the background, and now and then our conversations turned pretty bawdy.

It was during one of those morning chats that she disclosed, a bit cautiously, that now and then she and Carl would host a little party for their non-swinging friends who were nonetheless intrigued by a little private sex show. I say cautiously because such a description amounted to an invitation and she didn't want to appear to be suggesting something offensive. I assured her that her invitation was appreciated, though I wasn't quite sure about the idea of actually attending. Even though it was nothing but a show to watch it was quite a way from anything I'd ever done before, and furthermore, I wasn't at all sure how the idea would go over with my husband, Larry. In particular, I wasn't sure how the suggestion might be received coming from his wife.

I essentially dismissed the idea from my thoughts, though apparently not altogether, because after a matter of several days it began to surface, occasionally, but more and more often as time passed. For the most part it was mere curiosity and not any real sexual draw behind it, but the thoughts nonetheless grew more and more insistent, so much so that I felt more and more like I wanted to probe Larry for his take on such a thing. I certainly didn't want to come across as suggesting that we go, only to get a general idea of how he thought about the general idea.


"Yeah, Love?"

"I saw something on TV a few days ago. It was about couples who share sex with others in various ways. I..." I fought for some way to say it without seeming to promote it. "I was wondering, why would anyone want to do such a thing?"

He looked up from the magazine he was reading with a look of considerable interest.

"I suppose there are lots of reasons, some good, some bad," he replied. "If we forget about the bad ones, well, maybe it's variety for some, but for others, it might be a way of living out a sexual thrill though their partner." He paused and thought for a while. "I can easily imagine a husband in a solid marriage finding it exciting to see his hot, sexy wife getting wild with some other guy, or even in the middle of some crazy group thing, knowing it's strictly pleasure and not a negative reflection on him or their marriage--sort of like making love with her through a proxy, where he gets to observe her showing her sexuality in a way he can't when it's the two of them doing it."

That was a pretty intriguing picture all by itself; but it was even more so from the way he said it, as if he were speaking, not really about just other, random husbands out there, but about himself. I f***ed myself to ignore that; if I were wrong and said the wrong thing, it could go very badly for us. Still, I felt I had to say something.

"Gee, the way you say that, I'd almost swear you were talking about us! Whee!" I said in my most offhand, teasing, not-one-bit-serious voice.

"Well, I don't see anything wrong with it. Do you?" he asked.

"You know, it may surprise you, but there are some people we know that are into it."

His eyebrows rose and he looked at me a bit more intently.

"Really? Who?"

I suddenly realized that Jan had told me about herself and Carl in confidence.

"Forgive me, I'm not at liberty to disclose that right now. I'll check with...her...and find out."

Larry looked disappointed, but tacitly agreed.

The next morning I gave Jan the story of our conversation. She thanked me for my discretion but assured me that there was no problem letting Larry know about hers and Carl's lifestyle, and about those little parties she had told me about.

Throughout the rest of the day I found myself strangely eager to give Larry the story and get his reaction. Still, I made up my mind to keep the whole discussion light and breezy. That might not be easy, I realized, surprised at the realization of that.

That evening I waited until a relaxed moment to bring it up.

"I got the go-ahead to tell you about it," I said.

"About what?" he asked. "Oh...yeah...who our wild and crazy friends are." He was grinning widely. This might not be so bad, I thought.

"It's Jan and Carl," I replied. "She told me today that it was OK to let you know."

Larry smiled and nodded at that.

"You know, there are several times today when that came to mind, and I was pretty sure that it would turn out that they were the ones. They seem to have that wild streak to them."

Larry's manner was very positive, even a tinge excited. I decided it would be OK to bring up the other subject.

"She also said that they put on little parties now and then for friends who aren't into swinging themselves, but who might enjoy a little private sex show." I paused. "I think she meant that as an invitation."

Larry nodded his head.

"Well, I'm game if you are," he said. I was taken aback; I had not expected this.

"Well, I wasn't actually suggesting it, but...well...I suppose, well, maybe I am. I mean, we'll be there together..."

"OK, then, I'll leave it up to you. You decide, and if you want to give it a go, let her know."

I could see that now it was he who was struggling to appear casual, and that observation sent shocks of excitement through me.

"OK, I will," I replied. The conversation then drifted to other matters, and I know that it was because each of use wanted to make the other believe the subject was not of any great importance. To appear too eager might set off warning bells--at least, so we both seemed to fear, though I was growing more and more convinced that such a thing was nowhere near a matter of concern.

And now the night had come. It had all happened the way I, and as I was to learn, Larry, had hoped. I accepted the invitation, which seemed to please Jan a lot. She did caution me that what we would see would be very open and explicit and that we shouldn't go if we felt that would be disturbing. I assured her that was no problem.

Quite a few other couples were arriving at their home when we were, and I was somehow struck with how--ordinary, I suppose you would say--they looked. Well, what were you expecting, Maria, I asked myself. Like porn stars at a convention? I laughed inside. They were all Mr. and Mrs. Average Citizen, the neighbors and friends we all know--just plain folks. It was comforting, but also a little exciting, feeling like we were among them, not detached in some other sphere. I couldn't quite understand that part, but I didn't worry about it then.

Jan and Carl were at the door, greeting everyone arriving. She seemed to be especially effusive when she hugged me and welcomed us to the party. I liked that. We continued in to find a nice, pleasant social gathering underway, not unlike a hundred others most of us have been to from time to time.

Eventually Jan called the party to order. As couples broke up their conversations and sought places to sit, she quickly reminded everyone of what kind of show this would be and then, as lights in the room were dimmed or turned out, introduced the first act. She and Carl had placed a few simple lights on the floor, and the room's transformation into an intimate theatre was surprisingly effective.

The first act was simply a couple, a strikingly handsome couple, who introduced themselves with a touch of shyness, but there was nothing shy about what followed. To music with a Latin beat they swayed, chastely at first. Then the man turned the woman quickly and pulled the tie on her dress, causing it to fall away from her ample breasts. There was a distinct gasp through the group, and I didn't realize then that I had been among those contributing to it. Despite knowing that there were even wilder things to come, the sight of two ordinary people suddenly revealed this way was a first for most, I could see. Certainly it was for me.

Dancing with her back to his chest, he began gently tracing the outlines of her nipples with his fingers, delicately, teasingly at first, but more insistenly as time went on, gradually widening his caresses until his hands were flowing freely from her neck, over her breasts, and downward. Her dress was slowly drifting down, and I saw it pass over her hips and drop to the floor, revealing her nude body. With increasingly wanton moves, they swayed and undulated, her hands seeking out the bulge of his cock more and more.

Then, with a sudden movement, she tugged at the trousers he wore and they fell away, leaving him nude as well, and clearly excited, as indicated by his very impressively-sized cock. The woman teased his swelling cock with her breasts, brushing it with them and then her hands, and then kissing it, but stopping short of taking it into her mouth.

On they continued, repeatedly approaching, and then stopping short, of actual sex, each time increasing the pressure of anticipation inside us all. Then, just as it seemed they might break down and go for it, the music ended and they stopped, givng us a slightly self-conscious bow, and moved back into the shadows.

The anticipation, and subtle disappointment, in the group was palpable, but we knew that was a warm-up, to pump up the energy. Clearly Jan and Carl were well-skilled at something that most porn-makers are not: how to take the time to steadily build excitement and anticipation, to withhold and delay things in the right kind of way, thus to make the ultimate realization so much better. To have gone all the way in that first act would be to leave nothing further to offer afterward.

The second act was just beginning, and now Carl and Jan themselves were to be the stars. In retrospect, it seems odd that this should have seemed surprising, but to this group of non-swingers, even though to the conscious mind it should have seemed obvious, it still seemed, down deep, that this was something ordinary people, people you know, just don't do. That fact, that this was such a breach of the conventional walls of intimacy, made the atmosphere much hotter. We waited.

Jan wore a low-cut dress, one I actually recognized from some earlier social gathering, except now it was fastened up some way that left it more precariously positioned over her shapely breasts. Their dance was a bit more playful than the one before. Carl led Jan in a variety of moves that seemed a role-play of a man desperately trying to get a woman's breasts to fall out of her dress, and getting closer and closer, but never quite making it. He put on an exaggerated frown of disappointment and Jan returned a look of smug satisfaction at having thwarted his plan when suddenly he tilted her back, further this time, and out they fell. With comic, feigned open-mouthed shock, she crossed her arms over her exposed breasts, while Carl unzipped the dress and drew it to the floor. Jan now made a show of struggling to find a way to use two hands to cover two breasts and a pussy, and it was now Carl's turn to put on that comic grin. The group laughed and applauded.

Then, from the background, the couple who performed the first act reappeared. The woman came up behind Carl and tapped him on the shoulder, at which he acted startled. Jan's reaction to the man was also comic but less so, and then, gradually but rather quickly, the tone of the act shifted from comic to purely erotic, while the attention began to focus on Jan and the mysterious man.

He embraced her, danced with her and his hands were soon freely caressing her breasts. Now was another of those strange conflicts between though and instinct, as the knowledge that these were swingers doing what swingers do conflicted with the wisdom of long experience that says a wife does not dance nude with another man caressing her breasts while her husband looks on. That conflict bred more excitement, the way breaking through a barrier of inhibition so often does.

I had long lost track of the details of their movement, aware only that it was fluid, graceful and wonderfully sexy, when I saw Jan drop to her knees before the man's still half-rigid cock and take it in her hand, brushing it against her lips, tantalizing and delaying what we all felt would happen, and which would jack up the energy much more. There passed agony of moments, and then it happened: her lips opened and the man's cock slid deep inside. Like everyone else's, my eyes locked on the spectacle, transfixed by the sight. Only after quite some time did I find myself glancing over to Carl, there noticing that he himself looked upon it with rapt attention, and a growing cock, signaling that he was getting turned on by the sight of his wife fellating this man.

At about this time I became aware that some late-comers to the party had arrived and were seeking a place to alight. The most obvious one was just to our left, and Larry and I scooted over a little to make room. As we did, we glanced up to look at the arriving couple--and were struck by the shock of a lifetime. The couple were Dennis and Linda, our long-time friends, and two people we'd have considered the last people on earth to ever show up in a place like this!

They were quite obviously as shocked as we were. Instinctively, automatically, we all reacted with intense embarrassment. Even in the dim light we could see we were four red-faced people, afraid and ashamed at having been caught like this. Thus we were for a moment before the silliness of it all struck us and we all started laughing, struggling desperately to keep our laughter from disturbing the show and the others there watching. We had all acting as if we'd been caught in this compromising position by each other; it took a moment for the obvious point to sink in that none of us could very well think the worse of the others if we were all there as we were. I guess they had us figured the way we had them, as the last people on earth who would be found in a place like that.

We managed a few hushed greetings and exchanged a few whispered gee-whizzes, and then they took their places and began observing the show as well.

What little disturbance we may have caused by our mutual shock quickly passed, although I did see both Carl and Jan glance our way gleefully. They had known that the four of us would be there and had looked forward to our mutual reaction, and were now quite enjoying it.

But not for long; the show must go on, and it did. Jan returned to sucking the man's cock, more and more energetically. I heard a soft "whew" from Dennis at this. They had not had the benefit of the warm-up from what had gone before, so this was more of a shock to them.

The woman was now teasing Carl's cock, and in moments had taken it into her own mouth. His eyes grew dreamy as her lips expertly teased and stimulated his organ, raising it to full rigidity with her expert ministrations. The man's cock was now also full and hard, and nearly amazing in its dimensions. I wondered what it would be like to have that one in me. Oh, there's nothing lacking in Larry's equipment, but this was extraordinary.

I became slowly aware of Larry's hand surreptitiously caressing my own nearer breast. It was sweet and comfortable except for the exposure; we were in a room full of stangers, and also some good friends. In the dark it would be hard for them to see, but still, I was feeling very self-conscious about it. I gently pushed his hand away, but my heart wasn't in it; I was enjoying it as well. I glanced around the room to see if anybody noticed, and was amazed to see that, not only were we not the only ones, but that several of the guests were well further along than we were. At least two of the husbands were clearly fondling their wives under their dresses, an now there was one who had loosened his wife's dress and revealed her breasts completely! The sight not only shot my self-consciousness to pieces; it was terribly stimulating, as if the erotic energy on the stage had broken through the fourth wall and begun charging everyone it hit. There was only Dennis and Linda to worry about, and that still held me in check. I carefully glanced their way and discovered that they were doing just what we were doing! Trying to keep it hidden, even from us, Dennis was toying with Linda's breasts, while she squirmed with what was clearly that same mixture of emotions I was feeling. My eyes met hers; she saw what was happening with Larry and me, and I saw her relax and relent.

Dennis looked up and the four of us exchanged glances, and then Larry took the initiative. In a movement that I could barely believe, I felt him drop the zipper of my dress, and before I could react, it fell away, leaving me nude to the waist. I gasped in surprise, but, inexplicably, I did nothing to try to hide myself. It seemed that Larry had actually intended this to be noticed, not so much by the crowsd, but by Dennis and Linda themselves. It must have been a calculated risk, being so forward with our straight-laced friends, but it was soon rewarded. With a subtle move Dennis loosened Linda's dress, and now she was exposed to the waist as well, all of us clearly visible to all present, even in the dim light.

I had almost forgotten the show. I was not surprised to discover that our own little show had not escaped the notice of Jan and Carl, and that they were pleased, and a little amazed; they could not have knows we'd go that far, much less that soon.

As if led by some unknown hand, Dennis, Linda, Larry and I moved closer together. Linda and I were positioned between the two men, and we scooted until were were very close together. Larry's hand was tracing and caressing my breast in the wonderful way he knew how to do, and then I felt him move his touch to the nearer breast, the one closer to our friends, and very close to Linda's. I felt his hand tracing the outer edge of it and then saw Dennis, who had been doing the same, withdraw his with what seemed a definite purpose.

Taking the cue, Larry shifted his hand until it was now placed on Linda's breast, and he began those same expert movements. I felt not the slightest concern or jealousy; this seemed so utterly natural, especially witnessing our friends Jan and Carl doing fellatio on the unnamed couple with them on the stage. In moments, what I had expected came to pass: I felt Dennis' hand seeking my breast, and I turned slightly to make it more accessible.

What a thrill that was! The wicked breach of former propriety carried an electric charge that consumed me. Here I was, lost in the pleasure of simply being free to enjoy this good friend caressing me this way, and actually enjoying the sight of my husband's hand on Dennis' wife's breasts.

I had to know just what Larry was feeling at this time. It was hard to turn to face him, but I did manage and placed a big, eager kiss upon his lips. As I did I saw a shine in his eyes that I knew was meant for me, and I remembered what he had said about a husband finding it exciting to see his wife engaged in sex, or something sexy, with other men. It was happening; Larry was such a husband, and he was being excited by the thought of my being just such a wife!

Turning my head back, I glanced at Dennis, and there was no mistaking the same feeling on his part. Linda was thorougly caught up in it herself, and the momentum was growing by the moment. We were now four people eager to explore our new-found discovery about each other and chafing at the circumstances that prevented us.

It was then that my attention to the action on the stage returned from its interrupion and I saw a smiling Jan nodding in our direction with a distinct come-on style. I made no sense of that; what could she possibly mean? The four of us were just settling back in our places, intending to watch the show again, and once again I saw Jan beckoning. What the hell was she trying to say?

"I think she wants us to join the show," Larry whispered. Dennis shook his head.

"I don't think...I mean, why would she..." He stopped short. It did seem just that way. Still we remained incredulous.

"Do you really think...?" Linda asked. "I mean, could they really want us to...to...go up there?"

As if in reply, Jan nodded again, more insistently, and unmistakably. Unbelievably, I saw the four of us glancing at each other, reading each others' thoughts, trying to determine if there was actually the chance we would want to do that. Here we were, two ordinary couples who had never so much as gotten naked in the company of others, considering joining our friends' sex show! And yet, the sexual priming of all that had just transpired was leading us to just that.

Larry moved first, starting to stand up, watching Jan for any sign that we had mistaken her purpose. He rose, followed by Dennis, and then our eyes fixed on our husbands, Linda and I took to our feet. Jan smiled widely, and there was a thoroughly unexpected wave of applause from the group. They knew what was happening, and it was turning them on to see more "ordinary people," non-swingers they knew by virtue of the fact that we had been invited there, suddenly taking this huge step.

We shyly entered the makeshift stage, Linda and I still topless, and Jan and Carl broke from the routine they had been performing to make room for us. They then moved together and began some simple, affectionate moves, touching and caressing. Clearly they were moving back to a cautious mode for our benefit, lapsing into motions between husband and wife that were gentle and safe, making it easy for us to merge into the action ourselves. It did not surprise me that the simple step of moving our touches to the next level, that of our husbands touching our breasts, was led by one of us, Larry as it happens, rather than our hosts. Jan and Carl picked up the pace and urged us on by their accelerations, and we eagerly fell into step. Larry turned me toward Linda and Dennis so they could watch as he removed the rest of my clothes. With measured pace he slid down by dress, while I gleefully swayed my hips as seductively as I could. Our friends, and soon the audience, clapped in delight at the sight, and in moments, Dennis repeated Larry's actions, sliding Linda's dress over her hips while she threw herself into moves that I'd have never imagined possible for our proper friends but minutes before.

It was getting very difficult to restrain our eagerness now. I turned to my husband and found he was already shirtless, helped by Jan. I went for his pants, unzipping the trousers and pulling them and his shorts down unceremoniously. I would have gone down on him then, but he was as hard and straight as I'd ever seen him; he was too far along for that. Dennis was now nude--and hard--as well. I threw my arms around my husband's neck and pressed my body against his, swaying sweetly for a moment, and I knew what would happen next. I reveled, excited, amazed, disbelieving in the state I was in, nude before a room of strangers, and our good friends as well, aroused, out of control. Larry's eyes and mine met, and exchanged a clear message. We knew what would happen next. We couldn't have been sure if it was OK with our hosts, but nothing could stop us now.

The first penetration, the first fuck, of the night's show would not be by our hosts, or their co-performers. It would be by us!

Larry lowered himself to the floor and lay on his back, his head to the audience, and I descended to him. My knees met the floor and I straddled his hips with my own. Our eyes met again and a love I'd never known before flowed between us. I felt my hand touch his cock, lifting it; I felt my body descending further--and it happened. There, in that room, before all these people, my husband penetrated me.

There, in that place, in front of everybody, friend and stranger alike, I was fucking my husband!

I was barely aware of the roar of applause that greeted our joining. The crowd was inching its way in our direction, eager to get a better look. Over and over my body rode his rigid cock, gluttonously devouring it, being one with it, until he lifted me and moved behind me to do me doggy style. I became aware that Dennis was already doing Linda that way; we would be like dancers in a duet. Deep into me, deeper as it happens in that position, my husband, now free to take the lead, thrust his eager cock all the way, almost frantic in his energy, struggling to keep from finishing too fast. A gutteral moan, then another, escaped me, echoed by Linda.

Then to the side I saw Jan and Carl make our duet a trio, which spurred us further. Shortly, though, a change occurred: Carl withdrew, stood up, and moved aside as the unnamed man took his place behind Jan and thrust his magnificent cock into her. Even in my delirious state, this was yet another moment of disbelief: Carl had just stepped aside to let this man start screwing his wife! It took only a few moments for that to pass, and then I felt Larry withdraw. I was expecting him to move me to a different position; but instead, I felt a man, a different man, take his place.

I was going to be fucked by someone else now, and I wasn't even sure who it was!

As if in slow-motion, I felt the first contact of a strange cock with the lips of my pussy. He moved slowly, allowing me to taste each delicious moment of his penetration, until he was buried in me to the hilt. In moments his thrusts began, smooth and strong strokes, reaching deep into me, and I surrendered completely. Larry knelt beside me, caressing my back, my hips, my breasts, soothing and encouraging me, clearing any traces of doubt about what I might fear at the thought of him seeing another man fuck his wife. Through a haze of pleasure I looked from one side to the other and saw Carl, his cock buried deep in the unnamed woman's pussy, and realized that it was Dennis, our prim-and-proper friend, whose cock was thrusting into me. There was a moment of alarm as that automatic reaction led me to seek out Linda, to make sure she was OK, but I needn't have worried. Her eyes met mine and she smiled, gave a little thumbs-up, and then took her place to allow my eager husband to get to her. I shifted my attention totally now, watching Larry's sweet cock touch her, probe her and then disappear within her. Our own eyes met, reassuring each other. I then allowed my thoughts to return to my own experience, and the pleasure of Dennis fucking me.

Then, once again, I felt my fuck-mate withdraw and another man take his position. I couldn't be Larry; he was fully involved with Linda. Then I felt a cock probe me, one bigger, longer, wider than any I'd ever experienced before. Where others had ended their entry before, this one seemed to keep going, on and on, it seemed forever, and I knew it was that wonderfully-endowed mystery man that was fucking me. I closed my eyes and surrendered to this entirely new experience as he began thrusting into me in a way I had never imagined.

All time and space had ceased to exist by now. I don't know how much time had passed, or when it was that Carl had mated with me, before I felt Larry by my side again.

"You know the old song," he whispered. "Save the last fuck for me."

"I don't recall it going exactly that way," I breathlessly replied. "But I like the idea."

Larry then gently turned me onto my back and placed himself between my legs. In moments I felt the touch of his cock and its penetration, and I realized the best of all worlds: as special and exciting as it was to have all of these men in all of these ways, the mating of me and my loving, wonderful husband would always be unequalled. His eyes spoke the same message from his own heart, and his moves accelerated.

"I'm coming!" he shouted, forcing his body into mine with pile-driver f***e, and I felt him explode in me. For a dreamy forever he shot his load into my eager body, until he, spent, slowed and stopped, settling his body on mine in a tender embrace.

Slowly, very slowly, my senses returned, and I saw that at least half the audience had gotten into some kind of sex, not as far as we had, but open and plain nonetheless.

"I've seen some wild things at these parties," Jan said as we prepared to return home. "But never anything like this. Are you sure you're OK with all this?" There was just a trace of concern in her voice.

"Fear not, my dear Jan," Larry said, as I nodded in agreement. "I suspect this has been simmering under the surface for a long time, and you and Carl have done us a great service in liberating it."

"I'm glad to hear that," Carl said. "Good night. I hope we'll see you again."

"Count on it," Larry and I said in unison, then laughing at the coincidence.

And so it has been. We've since learned that Dennis and Linda have long had swinging fantasies about us; sometimes they've even role-played them in their own lovemaking. Even now, it's sometimes a bit hard to believe. It just seems so unlike them. Hidden fires, indeed.

We've gone on to discover myriad new sexual adventures. Perhaps we'll share them with you someday.
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2 months ago
that was outstanding!!! hard to believe so few comments
3 years ago
My wife and I have role-played fantasies about fucking in front of other people. Maybe we should take it along the lines of this great story. Very erotic.
4 years ago
Great story. Someone should make a movie from it. Thanks
4 years ago
thank you very much for sharing this story
4 years ago
my wife and i are looking to play & get into swing of things anyone can help us ? xo joe & darleen