my naughtiest gf ever

I was 39 and had applied for a job after not working for almost 7 years. Well I was hired, it was in the computer field and not to toot my own horn but I was good at running and maintaining mainframes and the attendant peripheral equipment. We will call her Cindy and she was the manager and my boss. The second Friday after starting she invited me out for dinner to talk about the job. She was 31 and as I worked the swing shift, the only employee on that shift, and had already solved some major problems that arose that it was a thank you gesture. At dinner we talked about the job and her appreciation of the job I had done. After dinner she asked if I wanted to go for a few drinks as she was supposed to meet a girlfriend of hers. Having nothing better to do I accepted what led to what was the hottest 2 years sexually I had ever experienced. It did not take me long to realize that she was interested in more then my work skills and as the night went on it became very apparent that I was going to get lucky. I dont drink much as for some weird reason alcohol does not affect me but I had a few and she had quite a few. We left my car and I drove her home. She asked me to wait as she ran her sitter home in the back room of her garage as it would only take a few minutes. Well she returned within 5 minutes and we entered her house. She had a nice 2-story house and we went to her f****y room as she did not want to wake her sons, she had two - 6 and 8 years old. She was not shy and turned one of the couches into a bed and we had a great night of sex. Early the next morning she ran me to the transit station and said she would see me Monday.

I was not looking for a relationship, but a fuck buddy was always a good thing and I thought about our tryst over the next two days. She did not have a models looks but naked she was awesome. Always having been attracted to thinner women and smaller breasts she was perfect. She was about 5'6", 120 lbs, just slightly more then an a cup. She was one of those women that just oozed sexuality. Not ever having done a female that was a boss I wondered what Monday would bring.

Monday when I got to work she asked me into her office and asked that I not let on what we had done and added that she would like to meet me when i got off that evening. Told her no problem and we set up a place for me to meet her at 11:00 PM. When I got to the bar she was a bit tipsy and asked if we could go for a drive and talk. We did and she revealed a bit about her life and we ended up parking an a secluded street and having sex in the front passenger seat. She was so hot and wet that the sex was great. When she whispered in my ear asking if I could see anyone watching us it became apparent that the thought of it turned her on. When I said that the lights just went on in a house about 100 feet away she came so hard --- she was a squirt er!!!

After i had cum we drove around and as we talked about her fetish I had her leave her dress up around her waist so anyone in a larger vehicle could see her. Before going back to my car we had parked twice more after having her expose her tits as well to a few guys in pick-up trucks. We set up another outing for the coming Wednesday.

Wednesday night I again met her at our bar and we left to go have fun. I took her to a park in the city taht was a small mountain with lots of trees, fields and, trails. Grabbing a blanket I led her along a trail till I found a good spot to spread it out where we might be discovered or spotted but without being to blatant about it. I had her remove her dress and lay back so she could suck me. It did not take long before we heard others on the trail close by where we were. It was a couple and Cindy went to town on me as I told her they were watching. They only stayed a few minutes and when they left I stopped her and had her remove her panties - I had found out she rarely wore a bra. She mounted me and though she wasn't a screamer she was not totally quiet and as she rode me we could hear others walking the trail. It was dark and I do not know how many if any actually saw us and she tended to quiet down when they got near but hearing them she had numerous climaxes before we finished.

This is the first time I have attempted to put down an experience for others to read. If commented on I will continue and tell about our first weekend together.
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2 years ago
more details on the actual act please!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Good story. Thx for sharing, and I'm looking forward to more.
2 years ago
Nice story. Looking forward to reading more!!