Poppers Summer Camp #3

Day 3 - Tues Mid-afternoon

Dear Diary,

Wow!! What a Rush (literally) the last 24 hours has been. I don't think I've ever sniffed or enjoyed anything more than this. Last night after dinner, we had another campfire. Everyone brought their popper sniffing projects from yesterday's arts and crafts.

Those bottle lanyards are so great. I didn't have time to make a lanyard yesterday, but I sure want one as soon as possible. They are so handy. (If you remember, diary, I used my time yesterday making the two-bottle sniff harness.) So today, I'm still carrying around my bottles (ugh), but be sure, I’m going to make one of those lanyard bottle holsters pronto!

Actually, carrying around my bottles like a geek when everyone else has theirs hanging nicely from their neck is a little embarrassing. But I was sure happy last night that I had chosen the bottle harness. More on that later.

Those lanyards are so cool because the bottle just hangs there in its little convenient holster right in the middle of the guy’s chest. Fuck, that’s the way to do it, for sure. Exactly where you need it, whenever you need it.

Some guys were so clever and added two or three holsters to their lanyards so they can carry around multiple bottles. One guy had his all his opened bottles hanging on one lanyard. I think he had like 7 or 8 all lined up. Fuck it was hot, but I must weigh a ton. It was especially handy when he was playing in a group of about 6 or 7 because all were welcome to just reach out take a hit whenever the mood struck. Needless to say, he's become very popular.

The campfire starts pretty much right on time: 9:00 pm. I think it's because everybody shares the same excited anticipation: Massive Popper Sniffin with Other Totally Popper Obsessed Pigs. No one wants to be late for that session.

Things start off simple with guys each sniffin their bottles and strokin their cocks. Not much out of the ordinary as far as that goes. But soon things get interesting. It seems 'sniffin etiquette' is starting to take shape. First, a guy starts by sniffin his own bottle but shortly into the session it seems that sharing hits becomes more the norm. Even though we each have at least one fresh bottle just for the session, it seems like sharing bottles makes the sniffin that much more enjoyable.

One thing that is really nice with these guys is that all 24 of us seem to really 'click' as one. The group seems to really enjoy being a group. That's probably because I think each of us has "the more the merrier" approach to sniffing. The more guys sniffin, the hotter the scene. So even though they could, it doesn't seem like there are couples pairing up. Even in the thick of all the sniffin, suckin and fucking, I'll look around and everybody is right there in the midst of it all. Don't get me wrong, there might be small groups of like 6 or 8 all playing together but add them all up and everybody is right here. I think that is so great. That unity of purpose can almost be felt in the air... or at least, I think I sense it.

After the bottle sharing is in full swing, it seems like people just let go and do what they love to do. Some are edging stroking and watching all the action, some are down on their knees downing as many hot cocks as they can get in their mouths, others are fuckin', pissin, fistin, and every other combo you could imagine. The whole thing is completely awesome. And, of course, since acceptable risk was part of the application process everybody is doing exactly what he wants to do. Total freedom of personal choice. But just as I hoped, the main event is the deepest and hottest sniffin I've ever seen. It seems everybody thinks like me. No matter what you like or what you want to do, Poppers and Popper Sniffing are the always the primary focus.

Another thing that is incredible is how long all of us can play. No one is into the "lets sniff, cum and run" thing. Every one of these guys is in it for the gettin' high, bein' high and stayin' high...total immersion. I don't think any of us ever wants it to end. Most of us get so high that all we can do is feel that awesome rush. Most of us look like zombies, but I think every one of us is wrapped up in that incredible rush and flying like kites. And it seems like the only thing these guys want is MORE!

Anyway, I mentioned that I was so glad that I had my newly made bottle harness. It is so hot. Just slip a bottle (or two) in the holders and slip it over your head... the fit is perfect. Total hands-free sniffing. I love suckin cock but having to stop to sniff drives me nuts. I've wanted something like this for years. Now, I can go down and never have to come up for sniff. I'm not sure if I sucked every cock last night but I know I came awfully close to everyone... with the harness and the constant vapor I sort of lost track of time and wasn't worrying about whether I was missing anyone. Even though I looked like a geek most of yesterday for carrying my bottle(s) around with me, I now was reaping the rewards of my wisdom and you could see the envy of the guys who had to keep doing the cap-and-sniff. I could tell that this harness would be on most everyone's agenda for the next craft session.

So after about 2 hours the fire dies down low and we all make our way into the cabin. In addition to being a bit more comfortable in terms of heat, the layout is absolutely perfect. There is one huge room with a fireplace at one end and not much furniture. When we got here everybody agreed to move what little there was to the sides making for one huge open area. All 24 of us took our mattresses and threw them out onto the floor. Now, it’s a sea of white and it's great because it becomes a huge free-for-all. Sunday night the play only went to about 1 or 2 -- (probably because everyone was tired from travel and maybe still a little shy). Last night, I think we went till about 3 or 4. But with all the sniffin and playin, no one was watchin the time. I mean that's the whole reason we are here.

Well, have to leave you now. A group of about 8 are sitting here sniffin and they want me to join in. I write again soon.


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