yummy-my 1st Cock

I have always been curious about being with another man- well my wish came true mmm
I just moved in with a guy after moving to a new town, I had just filled my waterbed & realized it would be a day or so before I could sl**p on it, so I let Tom know I would have to sl**p on the sofa that night. That evening we just had supper & were watching tv when he mentioned that I could sl**p in his bed, his bed was a king size waterbed & he told me there is enough room for both of us, I told him that was alright I don't mind the sofa. well as the night progressed & was getting late he asked me if I would like a back-rub before bed & I replied yes, besides who doesn't like a back-rub. I have a hard time sl**ping at night so he also gave something to relax( I have no Idea what it was but I'm sure I could guess now) as I was laying on the sofa I started getting very relaxed & he mentioned that it would be easier to give me a really good massage if we were on the bed so I agreed, when we went to the bedroom he told me he does like to sl**p naked but would keep a shirt on that night & I told him to make sure he stayed on his side also. I was very tired by now & when I woke up the next morning I felt very "loose" down below, I tried to remember what happened the night before & all I remember before falling asl**p is him at the foot of my bed massaging my feet & legs & then laying on my stomach at one point & looking at the alarm clock. Tom is very attractive & has a very feminine side to him but our friends & myself did not think he was gay so if something were to happen it would have been with him. that night we decided to have lobster & wine for dinner candles included per Tom, when we were done I decide to take a shower to refresh myself from the wine, when I was finished, Tom took a shower, while he was in there he called me & wanted me to wash his back so I went in the shower & noticed all his pubic hair ( I hate hair) I told him he should shave, he asked me if I could since it would be easier for me to see. as I was shaving his hair I noticed how nice his cock looked & asked him if I could touch it. I touched it- with my tongue, I slid my tongue around the head of his cock & slowly slid it in my mouth-mmm,lobster makes good tasting cum I swallowed every drop . after that 1st time I made sure I was there when he came out of the shower- nothing tastes better than a clean showered cock & the cum is even better
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