I used to live in a duplex & was very interested in my neighbor lady, we had drank together a few times before & she knew I was interested in her but just wouldn't go there with me or was playing hard to get I wasn't really sure just yet. I used get so horny when she came around, maybe because she was 12 years older than me & was so hot. one night I took her to dinner & she suggested we have Oysters for an appetizer & started telling me how they were an aphrodisiac & they made me horny & my cum tasted better. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I was getting so horny I just wanted to leave & taker home & fuck her so bad. when we finished eating she suggested we go home & have a glass of wine before she went to bed, we ended up getting a little d***k & she suggested I stay over but that nothing would happen. I went into her bedroom to pass out while she stayed up & listened to music on her head phones. after a while I could hear her singing (not a very good singer ) So I got up to go to the bathroom & when I walked out of the bedroom she was standing in the kitchen with looking really hot as usual. She asked me if I would give her a massage. I said no problem, where ? & she said why not here & she laid down on the kitchen floor & removed her shirt So I couldn't see anything. She told me no touching her tits. As I was giving her a massage working mt way down I noticed she didn't have any panties on, so I started massaging her ass. I couldn't believe it when she turned over & let me start licking her pussy, Just started eating her like it was my last meal, she got so aroused she started squeezing my head til she started cumming. I slid my cock in her & we fucked for what seemed like hours I couldn't hold back from hearing her screaming & just started cumming in her & we both just shook with best tremor I ever had. we ended up living together- & every time we had sex it was the best I ever had- True story

88% (9/1)
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Great story!