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Hot Limo Threesome

One of my encounters as told by a very special friend who participated:
I’m watching you and your girlfriend with her undoing your top and licking your nipples. Me sitting across from you in the limo, watching in sheer amazement and lust as your eyes start rolling back in your head as she takes your nipple between her lips. I’m encouraging you with my eyes to let her have her way with you....

My cock has grown hard in my pants so you see I am pleased as I start to rub the head thru my tux slacks. You want to rub your pussy but you just hike your dress up and spread your legs for me to see your wearing a tiny black thong that is pulled up tight between your pussy lips. The site of your half naked pussy is making me crazy…oh my god.

Your friend is getting hot as she licks one breast and then the other. She starts pulling your dress further down as she cradles and caresses one tit while she sucks the nipple of the other. Your lips part and you let out a groan when she takes your nipple between her teeth. She then moves her lips up the side of you neck as she exposes your belly and tugs your belly chain between her fingers as she makes her way down to your pussy. Her fingers reach your clit as she pulls your thong to the side and slides her fingers up and down your now wet slit. You’re watching me as I am getting hotter and agitated with this site.
She spreads your pussy lips with her fingers and shows me your pussy in all its glory as your breathing comes faster. She looks at you and then at me and slides a finger deep into your pussy. You gasp as you watch me and my hips buck to this site and I slowly unzip my pants and pull my cock out. She opens your legs further then moves to the side and lowers her head to your pussy. You’re hot and need her tongue as you move your hips up to meet her mouth. I’m stroking myself as your let out a loud “AHHHHHH” as her tongue touches your clit and you take her by the back of the head and push her face into your pussy....."yes, eat my pussy....lick my clit" as your stare at me.

You take your other hand and move it up under her and pull her dress up. As she probes your pussy with two fingers and her tongue you slide your fingers up to her naked pussy, she is wet and you let you fingers explore her. The sight is driving me crazy as I unbuckle my pants and slide them down, my cock is fully out as I stroke it to the sight you getting your cunt eaten by this woman.
Our eyes are locked as you squirm under her tongue as you’re close to cumming on her....your hips are moving up and down off the backseat as she pushes her tongue in deeper. "That's it baby...cum on her face for me....."
You’re moaning is getting louder....”yes,,,ughn...ughn...ughn....oh fuck yes” as you push your own fingers deep into her pussy as she is wet and wanting more of you. She starts licking harder, her soft lips sucking on your clit. She pushes another finger into you and you almost cum immediately. Then she presses a finger on your ass and your start fucking her face harder. The sight of this has me over the edge as I pump my cock furiously.

You whole body is writhing around as she has you on the brink, her licking and finger fucking has you on the edge. You’re ready to cum hard on her face. I want you to cum...I want to cum. I can see you’re almost there and I can’t take it anymore. You’re now holding her head with both hands and bucking your pussy into her face forcing her to tongue fuck you hard. You’re moaning....”ohhh....fuck yes....ugnnnn....oh god fuck my pussy....lick me....lick me”. Just then she presses a finger into your ass with her tongue shoved up your pussy and you explode “AHHHHHH.....FUUUCCKKKKK....YYYESSSSSS....UUUUGGGNNNNNN......IM CUMMMIINNNNNG”!!!

You keep watching me as I’m pumping my cock and you keep bucking your hips until her face is covered in your cum. I erupt into a loud orgasm “FUCK JESUS FUCKING CHRIST....OH GOD YES......FUCKKKKKKK”…hot jets of cum fly across the seat, down my leg and onto the back of her head as she continues to lick you…”UGGGHHHHHNNNNN FUCKKKKKK MMMMEEEEE”!!!! I keep pumping my cock with cum all over my hands while you watch in lust. You push her from your lap and move across the limo and take my cock in your mouth and start sucking up the cum. I hold my hands up and you lick my fingers and hand and then lick the cum as it is running down my balls getting everything you can.

You inhale my cock into your throat and turn to her and kiss her full on the mouth, passing my cum into her. She is fingering her pussy madly while she licks the cum from your lips. You then turn back to me and suck me again then turn back to her and tongue her mouth again letting her taste more of my cum. While you are kissing her I take you by the hips and pull your ass towards me. Holding your firmly I press my cock head to your wet freshly eaten pussy rubbing the head up and down your cummy slit....flicking it over the swollen clit head.
She opens her dress and pulls out her tits and moves your mouth to her nipple. Just as you start to lick the nipple being offered you, I PLUNGE my cock deep into your cunt and f***e your face into her tit. You groan loud into her breast and she whimpers in pleasure as I slowly start fucking my cock in and out of you as you pant and moan into her. She holds your head and looks you in the eyes as you are taking my cock all the way in and kisses you on the lips as I thrust in and you moan in her mouth. She then guides your head down her belly as you willingly kiss her flesh. I pull you back to give you room as she positions your mouth over her pussy....you smell her hot scent and you want to taste her....you’re excited with anticipation as you wiggle your ass and push more of my cock into you. You start to move your tongue and it makes contact with her engorged pussy lips...she is wet, she is sticky....she moans loudly as you open your mouth more and take more of her. You start to lap at her pussy the way you like your pussy to be eaten....she starts reacting as you wanted...you feel her moving in anticipation of the next stroke of your tongue. This excites you even more and the sight of you licking this woman’s pussy is making my cock swell inside you…my thrusts become more purposeful....deeper....more direct.

With each thrust I push your face into her pussy deeper and your own pussy is engorged with excitement and you are getting more and more wet. I pull out just to the head and tease your pussy....slowly raking the head ridge out of your pussy, down over your clit and then back up and pushing into you again. I slowly push in all the way and press my balls against your clit and grind, hitting your G spot. Holding you by the hips I grind hard into you as you continue to lap at her pussy...she is now pressing your face harder into her. I start the steady deep thrusts...your pussy is making squishing sounds from all the cum leaking out of you and I feel my balls building again....head swelling. Slow, steady deep thrusts as you groan into her pussy.

You turn to look at me and I tell you I’m going to fill your pussy with cum and you shudder on my cock and turn back to her. She bends down and licks her own pussy juice from your lips then f***es your head back to her pussy as you begin to lap at her wildly. I fuck your pussy, it’s tight and hot and I can’t take it anymore as I pick up my pace and start slamming into your cunt now. “Fuck...this....is ...so .....fucking...insane....ughhhnnnnnnn”…my cock starts the swelling....I’m cumming again......”ohhh FUCCCCKKKKK YESS….OH GOD FUCK YESSS......CUMMMING IN YOUR CUNT BABY.....FUCKK......YES YES YES”!!! “UGGGHHHNNNN FUCKING SO GOOD.....AHHHHH GOD”!!!

I keep dumping deep into your pussy as she bucks wildly on your face moaning and cumming…I’m panting hard...sweating....cock buried deep inside you…we all are trying to catch our breath. I pull out and sit back on the seat as cum starts oozing out of your pussy. She waste no time moving you up and spreading your legs and starts to clean you up and licking my cum from your pussy. This sends more shock waves thru you again as your start to feel the urge to cum again. I see your face and know you’re not done as I join her between your legs. My tongue starting moving into you as her tongue dances on your clit. All of your hot spots are being serviced and it’s making your pussy go nuts. I start to lick your asshole as she sucks your clit into your mouth as your pussy is pulsing…I know you’re going to cum again. I look up at you and you see me and say "yes...yes....lick me...going to cum again...." I push my tongue into your ass and your start to squeal.....”fuck yes....omg fuck yes”!! You start cumming again as she sucks and licks your pussy harder while I tongue fuck your ass…your head is trashing back and forth as you buck and cum again.....squirts of cum shoot out of your pussy….”OOHHHH FUUUCKKK YESS....EAT MY PUSSY....FUCK ME....FUCK ME....LICK MY ASS....OHHH GOD IM CUMMMMINGGGG”!!!!!

You can’t take anymore and push us both off you....panting, oozing...spent. We both sit at your sides and then take turns kissing your deeply, transferring my cum to your mouth with each kiss, caressing your breasts, belly and neck. I turn your face to me and say "baby that was incredible" and then kiss you deeply.

The limo slows and that is our clue to get dressed as have the red carpet event to attend. The driver opens the back door just as you are straightening your dress and she is applying new lipstick. I adjust my still hard cock and step out and offer my hand to you both....cameras flashing…if they only knew.
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