Quick Fuck in a Biker Bar

Went to a biker bar with my husband a couple weekends ago to listen to a band playing dark bluesy tunes. My husband came with me reluctantly as this kind of bar and music aren’t his thing. Me, I love this whole scene, especially the tough-looking bikers. I’ve sat at this place many times fantasizing about what it’d be like to get fucked by one of these guys, and on my last visit, I played out my fantasy.

We were sitting at a table quite a bit away from the stage and my husband, predictably, was on his SmartPhone doing what he does while the band played the most perfect fuck-me song. I’d had a few drinks and was really getting into the music when this tall, handsome-in-a-bad-boy-way-guy caught my eye. He was checking out my deep cleavage and short skirt approvingly and after a few minutes of light flirting, I decided to give him a better look at my long legs and pantyless pussy. Our eyes locked and I knew I had to have him. I left our table and made my way to the bathroom and the hottie followed me into the one-person bathroom. Immediately upon entering, he turned me to face the wall, lifted my skirt, unzipped his jeans, grabbed my ass in his big hands and pushed his cock in my throbbing pussy in one hard thrust. It was so hot that I nearly came right then and there. He pulled my top down, grabbed my tits by the nipples and pinched them hard, exactly what I needed to get off and cum all over his girthy dick. He kept fucking me and soon I felt his cock grow even bigger and within moments, he came deep in me.

We cleaned up quickly since someone was knocking on the door and I made my way back to my table with a pussy full of hot cum. My husband didn’t even notice I was gone. That was one hell of a night.


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2 years ago
Very nice
2 years ago
I do believe I just fell in love.
2 years ago
Nice and dirty!
2 years ago
nice one
2 years ago
Welcome. That was HOT and NASTY!