Walter the Plumber

My husband is often away on business and that leaves me with plenty of lonely nights on my hands to fantasize about sex. …and boy do I have a vivid imagination.
I’ve needed some plumbing work done on my kitchen sink. My kitchen is large with granite countertops and a sizeable island. Walter, the plumber, is a tall, well-built man in his late-40s with graying hair and blue eyes – a total looker. I’ve thought about him since his first visit to give me a work estimate.
When Walter arrived on the first work day, I was sure to wear a short silky robe to greet him at the door. My hard nipples under the robe didn’t go unnoticed and Walter sized me up appreciatively from head to toe. Soon after Walter laid on his back under the sink, he asked me to turn the water on, that’s when I took the opportunity to stand over him to give him a full view of my naked, cleanly-shaven pussy. After that, it was game on why my gorgeous plumber who reached up under my robe to rub my clit and wet pussy. I couldn’t believe I was doing this in my kitchen with a perfect stranger, but it was so hot and I was so horny that I quickly got into it.
Walter got up from under the sink and roughly pushed me down on my knees and unzipped his work pants to expose one of the largest cocks I’d ever seen. Its head was huge and I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth for a good sucking. I looked up at Walter and asked him what he wanted and he replied by grabbing me by my hair and pushing his swollen cock in my mouth and down my throat. I nearly gaged on it at first, but then managed to take most of it in mouth. I sucked his dick like a maniac and moved on to his balls and taint. He then told me to play with my pussy so he could watch, so I spread my legs further apart in my squatting position and did as I was told. Having his growing cock in my mouth with pre-cum dripping it out of with while I was getting myself off by fingering my throbbing clit and finger-fucking myself was one of the biggest turn ons of my life…until…Walter grabbed me, got me up, turned me roughly and stuck his massive cock in my pulsing pussy. I was bent over the kitchen island getting one of the best fucking of my life and couldn’t stop cumming the whole time with my tight pussy being stretched like never before. When Walter got close to cumming, he pulled out of me, turned me around once again, and shoved his cock in my mouth. That’s when he started squirting hot cum down my throat. Walter, seeing me about to cum again, sat me on the edge of the counter and licked my pussy to an amazing orgasm.
After that day, I get regular visits from Walter and never complain about my high plumbing bills.


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2 years ago
HOT. He's charging you???
2 years ago
mmmmm love it
2 years ago
Pretty hot.....looking for an electrician!