Tonight I gave his beloved to read my new erotica. I saw that they read them with undisguised excitement to tell after reading that he had to take a shower and goes to bed.
As soon as my beloved slammed the bathroom door and could hear the sound of flying water, jumped into them and I looked through the keyhole. Directed hole was covered with tiles the shower. But it is not pottery caught my attention, just my naked beauty standing in the shower. My heart almost stood when I saw that taking a shower while jacking their skillful fingers. Her eyes were closed, lips parted, one hand massaging her breast teasing nipples, while the fingers of the other fast jacking his freshly shaven pussy.
I was right in thinking that you just read my story aroused her so much that I just had to unload. Her pussy was wonderful - juicy and fleshy, responsive to my caresses. Now she massaged her full length quickly once it once again slowly. Every now and then also disappeared in the interior of one of her fingers, or even two or three, causing the muffled moans of pleasure.
It lasted several minutes, until finally I saw the body as an orgasm rocked spasms, and she, still holding his hand between her legs, fell helplessly to the bottom of the shower tray.
In an instant, my sperm was in the pants ... there were only escape in the seclusion room.

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