Aunt Courtney’s Final Lesson

Aunt Courtney’s Final Lesson

I thought I was an experienced 18 year old ,but my aunt had taken me places and taught me lessons I will never forget or regret. It was my impression that the lessons were finished, but Aunt Courtney took the lessons to a whole new level one fantastic evening.

Aunt Courtney was scheduled to leave after the weekend. Thankfully my parents were once again out of town which left me alone (or so I thought) with my aunt for one more glorious weekend. I wasn’t aware that she had invited a couple of her friends over for an evening. Janet and John were old friends of hers ,and she invited them over for dinner. We all enjoyed the meal which was served with wine. After two glasses, I was a bit light headed. While sitting around the table after the meal, Aunt Courtney suggested we play cards. After a short discussion, it was decided that we would play poker and to make it more interesting, it would be a game of strip poker. Well, it was one thing seeing and being with my aunt when we were both naked, but I wasn’t sure how I would take another man in the mix. Already a bit apprehensive, I also thought of being the “loser” standing there naked while everyone else remained clothed. But yielding to the group, I consented and we cleared the table, grabbed the deck of cards, and set the ground rules.
The ground rules included making certain each player began with the same number of articles of clothing. This sounded fair. In addition, the rules agreed upon included that once one or all were naked, hands would be played and the loser would be made to do something sexually to one of the other players. I liked where this was heading, but if I only realized where this would end up.

The game moved along. I lost the first hand and lost my shirt, but luck was on my side and I watched while both ladies lost their shirts ,and John was down to his boxers. Then luck changed. I lost the next three hands, and I too was sitting there in my boxers. The ladies each lost the next two hands and they too were naked except for their panties. My cock was semi hard by this time soaking the front of my boxers with precum. John lost the next hand, so he had to stand and remove his shorts. When he pulled his boxers down, his cock sprang up. It too was glistening on the tip. I stared at his dick. It was longer than mine but not as thick. He shaved so there was little or no pubic hair. The ladies obviously loved the show. Janet lost the next hand and she too had to stand and remove her black panties. Surprisingly, she was trimmed but had a nice tuft of hair around her pussy. I noticed a stain on the gusset of her panties when she removed them ,and wanted to take them, sniff, and lick them. But the game wasn’t over. I lost the next hand and so slowly stood and removed my shorts. My cock popped into view ,and I could feel the eyes of each staring at my semi rigid prick.

Janet lost the next hand and according to the rules, the dealer could make the loser do something sexual to another player. Since I dealt the hand, the choice was mine. I asked Janet to pull my aunt’s panties aside and lick her from her ass to her clit, sticking her tongue deep into her pussy. Although I thought the suggestion may cause an issue, Janet quickly knelt in front of Aunt Courtney, spread her legs, pulled the panties to the side, and began to lick her from ass to clit. Aunt Courtney threw her head back and moaned. Both women were loving every moment and after 10 minutes had to be made to stop so we could continue our game. Aunt Courtney lost the next hand ,and Janet suggested she take my cock into her mouth and give me a blow job to make me completely hard. Aunt Courtney knelt before me and took my dick into her warm wet mouth. She began to suck my dick licking the underside of the shaft while kneading my balls with her other hand. Then she let that hand drift down to my ass , and she began to rub my asshole. It didn’t take me long to get hard ,and had time not been called, I would have filled my aunt’s mouth with my hot cum.
My aunt dealt the next hand, and I lost. Knowing my lessons were drawing to a close, she suggested I suck John’s cock. I was shocked and excited. Tentatively I knelt before him, studied his cock, took it into my hand, and then into my mouth. I began to do to him what I would want someone to do for me. I licked and I sucked. I licked his balls and jerked his cock. I was really getting into it. I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that while I was sucking John’s cock, the two ladies were fingering each other. This just heightened the excitement.
The game now “finished”, we made our way to the living room. Janet got on all fours with her beautiful ass in the air and asked me to come and fuck her. I got behind her and licked her pussy and ass, sticking my tongue in her pussy, and for the first time in a woman’s asshole. It was amazing. Aunt Courtney and John had assumed a 69 on the floor next to us. I got on my knees, placed the head of my cock, at the entrance to Janet’s pussy, and slid in. The hot wet confines of her tight pussy stroked my cock beautifully. Janet was rubbing her clit while I thrust in and out of her pussy. She was moaning and shouting, “Fuck me hard.” This just kept me going. Then Janet told me to fuck her in the ass ,and I was more than willing to oblige. I put the head of my dick on her asshole and slowly pushed into her ass. It was incredibly tight ,and my excitement continued to build. I was lost in pure pleasure. Then I felt someone behind me licking my asshole and my balls which added to my sensory overload. I opened my eyes expecting to find my aunt servicing my ass but was surprised to see John kneeling behind me busily licking my asshole and balls. My aunt had assumed a kneeling position beside me. She rubbed my chest lightly and reassured me about what was happening and what would happen next.
“John is going to lubricate you with his tongue and then slide his beautiful dick into your ass. Don’t be alarmed. I asked him to fuck you. Nothing turns me on more than to watch two men sucking or fucking each other.” As great as I felt, I was still a bit apprehensive. My aunt continued, “He will take it slow, but I assure you, you will love it.” My aunt’s sexual tastes had never disappointed me before so I was willing to try.
As I continued to plow Janet’s ass, John knelt behind me, placed his cock on my asshole, told me to push as if I were taking a shit, and then he slid his dick in my ass. At first, the pain was intense, after all, I was an anal virgin, but soon the incredible feeling of his cock sliding in an out of my ass became further excited me. I was butt fucking Janet while being butt fucked by John. My aunt watched and masturbated, fisting herself with her hand. The moans, the smell, the sensations overcame us all. I grunted and shouted, “I’m cumming!!!” With that I blew a huge cum load in Janet’s ass. Less than a minute later while my dick was still encased in her ass, John moaned and I felt his dick swell and then shoot hot cum deep in my ass. Above all this, Aunt Courtney shouted, she too was cumming, and she squirted all over the three of us. What an amazing evening. After we came down from our cum high, we went to the hot tub to further relax. But my aunt is simply insatiable. It wasn’t long before she had Janet sitting on edge, licking her pussy, while fingering her ass. John and I sat in the hot tub rubbing our dicks while we watched the show. John asked me to sit on the edge of the tub and went down on me. Even though I had blown a huge load earlier that evening, I was rock hard and enjoying the blow job. His mouth was amazing, and he knew what a guy would like. He licked the underside, sucked on the head, licked my balls, and played with my ass. I leaned back, watched the show and enjoyed the blow job. John worked my dick with his hand and his mouth. I soon tensed, moaned, and shot my hot cum down his throat. He never took my cock from his mouth. He drank every drop and licked up every bit of cum. While the ladies traded places, I had John assume the position and was determined to get a man off with my mouth and taste his cum. Once again, I took his hard cock in my mouth while stroking him with my hand. I licked the head, bobbing my head up and down. I licked his asshole then stuck first one finger and then a second in his ass. While I fingered his ass, I continued to suck. I could feel his cock begin to swell and his legs begin to tense. I knew he was close, but I was committed to taking him in my mouth. While the ladies moaned through several orgasms, I sucked and licked John. His cock suddenly jerked inside my mouth and several spurts shot out. I kept my mouth on his cock continuing to bob my head. The taste was salty. I sucked and stroked through 6 or 7 strong cum shots and drank it all. I continued to clean and lick John’s cock until it began to soften.
The night ended, Janet and John returned home. Before bed, my aunt stopped in my room and gave me a gift. It was a pair of her sexy panties. These were well worn.
“Here’s a little gift for you, something to remind you of the time we spent together.”
I watched as she left the room keeping my eyes on her beautiful ass as she walked down the hall ,and then I drew the pair of panties up to my nose and took in the intoxicating odor of my aunt’s pussy. After she returned home, I had some delightful masturbation sessions while holding those panties to my face. She always was my favorite aunt.

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