Neighbour fucked my s****r - but it was me

When I was 16 I stayed home alone for a week when my parents were on holiday. My s****r Jenny had just left home - she was 18. I'd been crossdressing for several years already, and I loved nothing better than to turn myself into a pretty teen girl in private. Fortunately for me, Jenny had left some of her clothes behind.

One night that week, I decided to play some dress up. I went into Jenny's bedroom and opened her drawers and closet door. I knew her clothes so well. What would I put on?

First I chose one of her bras. It was pink and heavily padded as Jenny had small tits. I put it on me and did it up behind. I thought one of her thongs would go nicely with it and chose a black one. Then some black stockings.

I felt so turned on already, but I wanted some stylish outerwear. Eventually I chose a soft knee-length skirt and a plunging halterneck top which showed off my lovely curves to perfection.

I added some makeup - some bright red lipstick (I noticed its smell) - and some face cream. Also a pair of earrings and a necklace, and even some of Jenny's perfume. I wanted to be totally feminine. In her closet I found some high heels of hers - we're a similar size so they fitted snugly.

Suddenly there was a knocking on the front door. I froze.

The knocking came again. I decided to ignore it. If anyone saw me as a tranny, I'd never live it down.

A voice: "I know you're in there. I saw you! I saw you getting dressed!"

It was our neightbour, Bob. He was in his 30s and lived in the apartment next door to us. He'd seen me! What could I do?

"Open up!" he called. "Or I'll make it worse for you!"

I stood there in the hall - a teenage boy dressed to the nines as a hot teenage girl. My cock was throbbing with the excitement of wearing my s****r's clothes, and I felt confused for a moment.

I turned all the lights out.

"You can't fool me!" I heard him call. "I know you're in there. I saw you. And I'll make it worse for you if you don't open this door."

Taking a deep breath, I opened the front door.

I saw Bob standing there on the landing. He stared at me.

"Jenny!" he whispered.

As I said, my s****r and I are a similar size. He could see I had a skirt on, and maybe the curve of my padded chest. He thought I was my s****r!

But it was better than him knowing the truth! So I nodded.

He must have seen my head go up and down. Because suddenly he came forward and grabbed me roughly. His head came down on me, and his lips were on mine. He must have tasted and smelled my fresh lipstick.

"Jenny!" he murmured as he tore his mouth away.

Behind him he closed our front door. We were in our darkened hall. He kissed me again, his tongue forcing itself down my throat, while his hand sought my young breasts. They squeezed my padded bra cups, and he caressed them eagerly. I could hear his breathing quicken. Jenny's tits weren't very big, Bob knew this, and he thought he had his hands on a teenage girl's soft firm boobs.

I was so turned on, I let out a sigh. I still hadn't spoken. Suddenly Bob pushed me down on to my knees in front of him. I felt his hard cock against my face and without thinking I started to lick it. I ran my tongue over his rigid prick and then slowly took it inside my mouth.

"Oh Jenny!" he moaned with pleasure as I slowly started to suck him off. He was still kneading my breasts. My own cock was also rigid in my panties, but I was terrified of him finding out the truth.

I spent several minutes sucking and licking Bob's hard cock. It was my first time but I did my best. He kept moaning with pleasure, so it must have been good.

Again suddenly he grabbed me and turned me round. I was on all fours away from him, and my legs in their stockings rubbed along the hall floor. He lifted my skirt and ran his hands over my ass. He must have found my thong, and he sighed with happiness. He pulled it to one side.

I knew what was going to happen. He thought he was about to penetrate Jenny's young pussy - to ram his cock up a teenage girl's lovely cunt. He must have dreamed about this moment every time he saw her in our building. And instead...

I couldn't stop him. If I'd tried, I don't know what he would have done to me. And afterwards, everyone would have known I was a little crossdresser. Also, I was turned on by it. I'd dressed as a sexy young woman and here I was, getting what sexy young women get. My cock was so hard in my thong I was afraid it would slide out.

How could he not have realised? I thought this as I felt his huge penis slide up inside me. But I had Jenny's shape and build and height, I was in Jenny's clothes, I smelled of lipstick and girl's perfume...

He fucked me hard for several minutes. I made no sound, scared of being found out, and the only noise was his moaning and groaning as he banged back and forth, his dick ripping into my asshole.

Finally he let out a roar of pleasure. He shouted: "Jenny, you WHORE!" and I felt his cock buck as he let out a rush of cum up inside me. I was still fully dressed, kneeling there on the floor - his mad lust for Jenny had been too much even for us to go into a bedroom. He'd wanted her - and he'd had her. He'd shot his hot sperm up inside her young body.

Quickly he got off me, after one final squeeze of my tits and ass, and went out the front door without another word. I heard his own front door open and close. He was gone. It was over.

I went back into Jenny's bedroom. Like a girl, I'd been well and truly fucked. I looked at myself in the mirror, at my smudged lipstick and disarranged earring. My bra straps were showing through my top where he'd grabbed me. When I sat down, I knew I'd had a cock up me. I WAS just like Jenny - I'd been fucked by a man.

I suddenly realised my face in the mirror was smiling...
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29 days ago
wow thats so hot
1 month ago
Oh MY !
So HOT & very exciting :o
I loved reading your story,
Cant wait to read the next chapter
1 year ago
Mmmmmm great story!!
1 year ago
nice story ;-)
1 year ago
that was so fantastic made me cum all over myself
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I love the story more plizzz
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Sound hot wish I was being fucked
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