My Pregnant s****r

My 23 year-old s****r Chrissie was five months pregnant with her first c***d. She had a nice sexy little baby bulge which I just loved to touch and feel. I’ll freely admit that I find pregnant women deeply sexually attractive even if they are my s****r, although I tried not to let her know.

I had no problem with feeling attracted to my s****r. I had been ever since we first played ‘you show me and I’ll show you’ games when I was 12 and she was 13. She’d wanted to know what my penis looked like so I showed her my little cock and she showed me her little pussy with its downy hair.

Later, she’d have been around 14 or 15 then; she’d wanted to see what cum looked like so I masturbated in my bedroom and then showed her it on my hand. She’d look at it closely and then touched it with her fingers. I found that really sexy. It helped that I she was in her bedroom in her knickers and bra and I was in my underpants with the remains of an erection.

Then I’d asked her what happened when she did it and she’d said nothing happens like to a boy but it just feels good. I asked her how she did it and she’d showed me how she rubbed herself with her hand outside her panties. It obviously felt good for her because she was happy to pull her knickers aside a bit and show me her clitoris and how she rubbed it with her fingers. She now had more hair and I felt my cock jump. I asked if I could touch her and she said slightly breathlessly that I could. I put my finger on her warm wetness and was startled to find how good it felt. It made my cock tingle but I had no idea what that really meant. After a few moments she suddenly looked all awkward and embarrassed pulled her knickers back over her pussy. That was the last time we played that game.

But I found her wet little pussy was often in my dreams, especially my wet dreams and although I never said anything to her I’d have loved another look and to touch her again.

Those thoughts were still with me when, 10 year’s later, my s****r was sitting in my lounge discussing pregnancy, her husband Simon and life in general. I was sitting on the sofa next to her with my hand resting on her baby bump when she complained of feeling ‘fat’.

“You’re not fat, you’re pregnant.” I told her.

“No, I’m fat like a cow.”

“Well I think you’re even more attractive when you’re pregnant.”

“Do you mean that?”

“Yes. Actually I think pregnant women are kind of sexy in a way. It’s what it’s all about isn’t it? You know sex, babies, reproduction. It’s what we’re for. I think it’s great.”

“Huh! She exclaimed, “You’re the only one who does.”

“What do you mean?”

“Simon doesn’t want to know. He won’t come near me.”

“What, at all?”

“No, I mean in bed. He doesn’t like my belly and it isn’t even big yet. I think it freaks him out to think of a baby growing in there, like it was an alien or something. He hasn’t, you know, touched me since we knew. And the problem is I feel more randy then before I was pregnant.” The she added “That feels nice though,” as my hand gently circled her belly.

“Well I’m happy to rub your bump whenever you want even when you get as big as an elephant.” Little did she know I’d have been happy to rub a lot more of her than her belly.

“You’re sweet. You know Mike, I’m glad I have a little b*****r I can talk to about anything and who wants to look after me.”

“Would you like me to do it properly, you know rub some cream on for you?”

“I’d love you to! Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“Well lay down and I’ll do it.” She handed me the bottle of stretch-mark cream and settled full length on the sofa cushions pulling her loose smock up to below breasts and putting her hands above her head. I couldn’t help noticing that the large waist of her pregnancy trousers gaped open as the baby settled higher leaving me a brief view of her white knickers.

I poured a little of the cream into my palm to warm it up and then gently smoothed it into her bump with a circular motion, stopping to add more as it felt dry until the whole of her belly was smooth and creamy. My hand was sliding in long circles round and round. I spent ages rubbing her and suddenly realised that it wasn’t the cream any more but the rubbing that we both liked. She smiled at me.

“That’s lovely. It feels really good.” I have to say that being this close to my pregnant s****r was quite exciting and my cock was getting harder in my pants. She seemed to like it so I decided to take a chance. I widened the circle a little so my hand moved in a sweep just under her breasts and down to just above her knickers under her waist band. She didn’t stop me! A few more lazy circles and she shifted position with a little wriggle to get more comfortable. Now I took another chance. I let my fingers brush the underside of her breasts.

“Mike what are you doing?” she said with her eyes still closed.

“Touching you.” I said. “Is that all right?”

“I’m not sure… it’s – ooh!” she exclaimed as my finger completed their circle and brushed her breast more firmly. “My tits are so sensitive and that’s ummm nice.”

“Does it turn you on?” I asked. She nodded. “Do you want me to do it again?”

Mike, you’re my b*****r. We shouldn’t, you know, be touching like this.”

“You didn’t mind when you were 14,” I said.

“We were k**s then and anyway,” she giggled “you had a cute little dick.”

“Can I ask you something?” I said as I continued to stroke her breasts more firmly now. “When I touched your pussy back then why did you suddenly stop me?”

“Oh God I can’t tell you that!” She laughed.

“Yes you can. You just told me we can talk about anything.”

“You promise not to laugh?” I promised. She took a deep breath.

“I liked it, liked it a lot. In fact I was about to come and I didn’t know how to deal with it back then. So I stopped.”

“Really! You nearly came?” I was amazed and excited. “Chrissie that’s fantastic. I’ve always wondered.” She smiled at me.

“What did you think?” She asked. Now it was my turn to feel awkward but this was also my chance.

“I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to have a closer look and see what you felt like inside. I wanted to put my whole hand in your knickers. It felt so good and it made my cock stiff.” While I was saying this my hand had moved up to cup my s****r’s breast and fondle her nipple. She groaned aloud.

“Mike, you shouldn’t do that I haven’t had sex for four months.”

“Chrissie I want to see yours and I’ll show you mine just like back then.” There. I’d said it.

“Christ Mike, that’s so horny.” I wasn’t sure if she meant what I’d said or the fact that my hand was now inside her bra smoothing her creamy breasts and pert little nipple.

“I want to put my hand in your knickers and make you come like I almost did before and I want you to see what my cum looks like again.” She looked up at me not saying anything. I slowly slid my other hand under the waist band of her trousers and massaged the very bottom of her belly just above her pubic hair. She grabbed my hand and said “Mike, I….” but she didn’t finish because my finger slid under the elastic waistband of her panties and was rubbing little circles round her pubic mound. She arched her back and groaned.

“Oh God! It’s been so long! I can’t… we shouldn’t… I want to stop, no don’t stop, oh Mike you bugger what are you doing to me?”

“Just starting where I left off 10 years ago.” I said. Her resistance collapsed under the weight of months without sex. She put her hand down on top of mine and pushed it further between her legs with a groan. My finger slid in between her pussy lips, just as wet and warm as I remembered them, only better. Better than her 14 year-old pussy, better than 10-year’s worth of horny dreams, fuller, sexier and full of baby.

My fingers found her clit and she groaned aloud as I started to masturbate her with little circles and playful rubs. She parted her legs and her hands went to her breasts. She rubbed and pinched her nipples as I worked her pussy to her first climax. It really didn’t take long before she was clamping her legs around my hand saying “Stop! No more. I can’t bear it!” as she had a blistering orgasm and her clit became too sensitive to touch.

“Mike! That was bl**dy amazing! I’ve been waiting 4 months for that.”

“I’ve been waiting 10 years.” I said as I lowered my lips to hers and kissed her in a most un-b*****rly way. To my delight she responded with a deep sexy kiss that reached way back to a horny school boy’s most erotic dreams.

“And now you have to show me your’s!” she giggled. I stood up and stripped naked in front of her. “Wow Mike. How you’ve grown. I’m sure it didn’t used to be that big!” I sat her up on the sofa and knelt over her legs so my cock was resting on her sexy bulge. She took my cock in both hands and started to rub it with a firm smooth motion sometimes cupping my balls with one hand while she stroked my shaft with the other. For a few minutes she put her hands flat of my cock so it was pressed against her sexy belly and masturbated me with her bump. That was so horny I had my orgasm right then, pouring my cum out onto her hands and her belly while pumping my cock against her smooth skin. It felt good to be unloading my cock over my s****r. She squeezed me and stroked my cock so the last drop of cum dribbled out onto her. There was so much of it! She’d really excited me.

“Sorry I’ve made a bit of a mess.”

“No, we made a mess and it’s OK. It’s good for my skin!” She was rubbing my semen into her belly and rolling my cock around at the same time. I was in heaven.

Afterwards I made her a drink and we sat touching and chatting. She asked me if I really had had wet dreams about her. I told her I still did and she squeezed my hand. My head rested on her lower belly, I kissed her bump and lovingly fondled her breasts while I told her in graphic detail what I dreamt about. She started to wriggle her bottom and squeeze her legs together.

“Stop it you’re turning me on again!” she said. I stood up and offered her my hands. In for a penny….

“Come to bed with me. I want to fuck you.” She hesitated a moment and my heart beat fast. Then she lifted her hands and let me pull her up. As she stood facing me she smiled then kissed me.

Pulling away a little she whispered in my ear, “And we won’t have to use any protection. I’m already pregnant.”

I took her hands and moved round so I was standing behind her with my hands on her belly and gently steered her towards the bedroom. Once there I lifted her smock off her arms and kissed her neck and shoulders as I released the small catch on her bra to let her beautiful breasts swing free. Cupping them, one in each hand I caressed her nipples with my finger while she leant back against me and relaxed under my touch.

Then I reached round and undid the fastening of her trousers and let them fall to the floor. She was standing in her knickers with my naked cock pressing against her cheeks and while I rubbed her belly and stroked her pussy.

I turned her round and knelt before her, kissing her belly and then sitting back I placed my hands on her hips and slowly easer her white knickers down revealing her soft pubic hair and then her pussy lips before her knickers fell to the floor. I gently kissed down her belly until I was able to separate her legs a little and just taste her aromatic wetness with the tip of my tongue.

Then I was easing her backwards onto the bed, lifting her legs up and apart, exposing her beautiful pussy with its soft furry mound, its slightly parted lips not quite concealing a wet smooth vagina. 10 years of dreams came true as I lowered my mouth to kiss my s****r’s cunt. Her pregnant musk filled my senses and my cock rose thicker and harder. She moaned a little and whispered “Yes.” Then I sat up and looked at her soft naked full-bellied body waiting with her closed eyes and an expectant smile on her face for me to penetrate her. I didn’t need to ask again. I lowered my self onto her. My cock found a soft warm wetness that yielded to my firm pressure. She lifted her hips in invitation and I slid the full length of my cock into her tight cunt pressing slowly until the head of my cock was lodged deep against her womb. She sighed with pleasure and I groaned with delight as yet another wet dream became reality.

I slowly fucked her feeling her respond with tightening and squeezes so my cock and balls were stroked by her pussy muscles. Her hands found my shoulders and she pulled me towards her telling me it was OK to put a little more weight on her. I felt her erect nipples brushing my chest and she whispered “Yes Mike, fuck me, deeper, yes that feels good.” Slowly I increased speed but not too fast as I didn’t want to hurt her or the baby. For long minutes we loved each other physically and mentally too. We combined our passion and our need with our care for each other. I was in heaven. I was fucking my s****r at long last and to cap it all her sexy belly was full of baby. I could feel her smooth bump brushing against my stomach as she writhed and fucked me back. Her legs were wide apart and her wet cunt wide open and hungry for her little b*****r’s cock. My cock swelled with excitement. “God Mike, you’re so big!” she gasped as I filled her tight pussy again and again with the width of my cock.

Then we were both climaxing. She held her breath for ages as it built and then screamed as her orgasm peaked and took her and shook her like a rag doll. My balls responded by spurting load after load deep into her eager cunt. I felt her sucking the very essence of my sperm-laden semen deep into her i****tuous vagina. I realised as I was coming that I wanted it to be my baby growing in there. I wanted to impregnate my own s****r and fill her sexy belly with my babies. I wanted to fuck my s****r for the rest of my life! I whispered all this in her ear and that set her off on another orgasm with my cock trapped inside her while she moaned and bucked and fucked us both to exhaustion

Afterwards we lay naked with each other quiet and a bit stunned at what had happened. Finally she said, “Well little b*****r, that was pretty fucking amazing!” I kissed her and told her I hoped that it wouldn’t be the last time and I’d be happy to rub cream into her belly whenever she wanted it.

It turned out she wanted it at least three times a week. I was in heaven as she grew larger and fuller and then in her seventh month she said to me one day that she’d been to the doctor with a ’problem’ that morning.

“What’s the matter?” I asked suddenly concerned.

“Well it’s a bit embarrassing actually.”

“Come on Chrissie, You can tell me anything, remember?”

“Well I’m constipated you see. It’s quite common at this stage of a pregnancy. But the Doctor said I wasn’t to take a laxatives and suggested I have an enema.”

“Oh I see.” I was a bit confused. Did she want me to give her an enema?”

“Well I though you see that you might like to give me one... err with your cock…?”

“Chrissie you want me to fuck your bottom?” She nodded.

“If you don’t mind, just gently you know and your semen will work better than any enema – there’s so much of it - and it’ll be more fun and much sexier!” What could I say? My beautiful sexy s****r wanted me to penetrate her anus and fill her back passage with my semen. Who was I to argue? Besides, my cock was already standing to attention with the thought of sliding into her tight backside.

I took her into the bedroom and undressed her. I piled pillows onto the bed with a gap for her big bump and laid her face down, legs spread with her beautiful bottom in the air. Kneeling behind her I spread massage oil all around her cheeks and liberally between them rubbing her bottom, vagina and clitoris with my oiled hand and fingers until she started to get excited. Then I stretched her anus open a little with a finger tip and my thumb and poured a few drops of oiled directly into her. She squirmed and moaned at the cold oil drops trickling into her.

I moved so the tip of my cock was level with her anus and pushed it into her tight opening. It slid out and along her pussy. I tried again and the same thing happened. Then I felt her hand take hold of my cock and position it in her entrance. She moved it about a little opening herself for me and suddenly the tip popped inside. God she was tight! She reached back and pulled her cheeks apart and asked me to push as she pushed back and slowly, slowly my greased cock slid full length into her anus. I carefully started to fuck her arse with long deep slow strokes, being careful not to press too hard. She gasped with pleasure and I moaned because I knew I couldn’t last long with my cock deep inside my s****r’s backside. It was breaking a double taboo but the feeling of her smooth slippery tightness was just incredible. I held on as long as I could while the feeling of pressure built and built in my balls and cock. I held on even longer to make sure I gave her my full load. Then I slid my full length carefully as deep as I could and let it happen. My s****r could always make me produce huge amounts of cum but this was better than ever. I must have spurted ten times deep into her already full arse loving the feeling that once I pulled out she wouldn’t be able to control herself. My cock pumped and she milked it with her firm cheeks as we both tried hard to fill her as full as we could.

When I’d finished administering her penis enema I lay with my cock still inside her and kissing her neck and shoulders and telling her how sexy it was to fuck her bottom. When we were ready I wrapped her up in a towel like a big nappy and she waddled to the bathroom. The little wet fart sounds coming from her backside let me know we’d been successful. Later after we’d shared a shower and dressed she kissed me and thanked me telling me she felt a lot better now.

As her term approached we still made love as often as she wanted to. A few days before she went into hospital we were laying in bed with my cock just gently penetrating an inch or two into her pussy while I played with her clit. After she came she sucked my cock as I knelt besides her. Then we talked about what would happen after the baby was born. We both knew that she would have her work cut out and that she wouldn’t be able to see me as often, but that she would come when she could.

The following day she surprised me by bringing a friend to visit. She explained that she was nearly ready to give berth and Jenny was driving her just in case she had to rush to hospital. We sat and chatted pleasantly. Her friend was maybe 22, quite slim and attractive with a nice personality and a cheeky laugh. She told me about her work and her husband and after an hour or so they got up to leave. Jenny went to get the car. While we waited Chrissie said to me.

“Do you like her?”

“Yes she seems like a nice person, quite sexy as well. Shame she’s married.”

“Well so am I and that didn’t stop us!”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” Chrissie smiled, kissed me and looked into my eyes, “You wouldn’t know it yet but she’s pregnant too and her husband won’t touch her either.”

“Jesus Chrissie! What’s wrong with these men? She’ll look fantastic when she’s got a bump like yours.”

“I’m glad you think that because she likes you too and I told her you’d be happy to rub cream on her belly whenever she wants. Did I do wrong?"

That’s the good thing about having a big s****r, especially one with a big belly full of baby. They get all maternal and like to look after their little b*****rs!

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1 year ago
I love your story thanks for sharing it ,I wish you were my sister !
1 year ago
Great story! Knowing women as I do, most of them would be seeking a quick divorce after the birth of their child, for the fact that her asshole husband couldn't stand to be near or around her during her pregnancy! Come on, Chrissie, get with it!! Your brother Michael has all but proposed to you, as life partners, and willing to "move mountains" for your happiness. Get rid of your ass-wipe husband and move on with the man, Michael your brother, who loves you more than life itself!!

The writing is great. The characters, Chrissie and Michael, played great roles. Their dialogue was crisp, understandable and coherent, offering good images and visuals.
1 year ago
This was a very hot peace of writing, I really enjoyed it.
1 year ago
2 years ago
have a pregnant sister of my own so i really enjoyed this story ;)
2 years ago
That was awesome!
2 years ago
nice story :)
2 years ago
Great Story
2 years ago
AWESOME story I loved it thanks for posting it for us
2 years ago
brilliant story,luv`d it
2 years ago
thats so fucking wrong, you should replace the word sister, i did whilst reading it and it was so much better
2 years ago
Fun story
2 years ago
sweet story