An online friend i made from my home town of Telford requested i take some saucy photos of her in a public area as a naughty suprise for her boyfriend after hearing of my love for real amateur photography.

There was no sex involved as we are both happily engaged, and the thrill of being able to photograph this woman and be visually creative in giving her the material she wanted was more than enough for me.By the way the 3 photos in my profile of the event were submitted with her concent and i will NOT post anymore unless she gives me permission to do so (which has already been denied) so please stop asking me to.

I am now wondering if this is something that other singles/couples would consider doing?

Have you ever wanted a third party to photograph you?
Ever wanted your own amateur porn style movie without annoying statix camera work?

Would love to know your thoughts on this my fellow Xhamster lovers, so please drop me a message and let me know.

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3 months ago
Hello. Nice experience. Thanks for sharing. But I can't find the 3 pics on your profile? Need to be friend? :-)
1 year ago
i have done lots of this type of work
2 years ago
u can take pics of me any time ;D
3 years ago
I'm sure there are othere who would like to find someone to do camre work for them. My wife and I have done homemade movies and she's done it with two other boyfriends as well as an ex-husband.She doesn't know that io found their tape.it was awesome seeing my wife take that big dick on camera.I have also shot pictures of her nude that she was more than willing to take and pose.I would love to be in some pics with her as well.I wouldn't mind having yourself take pics or videos of us either.I would only ask that the models would have right to consent for you to show your work. Good luck on your work!!
4 years ago
i want her email addy
4 years ago
Horny idea! Wish you good luck! ;-)P
Although I actually prefer pretty steady cameras!
4 years ago
Yes I think other couples would love that. As my husband and I are always looking for a third person to get good angles and better videos, since we are busy!! I think if your interested in doing this it would be a great idea. Good luck