Andrea Corr And the Corrs s****rs orgy 2 by ace 31

The press was always a hassle thought Robbie Williams as he waded
through a hoard of screaming fans, and what seemed like an even
bigger staff of paparazzi... Oh sure... They have been after him for
ages... But ever since the story broke that he was seeing the
beautiful Andrea Corr they had just gone bezerk over his every

The funny thing is... At the time the story broke he wasn't seeing
anybody, Andrea Corr, or anyone else for that matter (sure, he was
sl**ping with as many women as he could, but he wasn't "seeing"
anyone special).

He first met Andrea at an awards after party in london about 3 days
after the story came out and they shared a good laugh about it, that
is until he actually realized that she was probably the most
beautiful woman he had ever laid his baby blue eyes on, at which
point the fish in the fish tank next to him was making louder noises
than he was...

He was awestruck by her beauty...

She wasn't very tall he thought (she barely grazed his chin with her
hair), but she had the most beautiful light skin, dark hair and eyes
he could stare at for hours... )...

Oh and her body... She looked like a paler kind of Catherine zeta-
jones, her small yet perky breasts slightly peering through the
evening gown she was wearing, and he thought he could just make out
the trace of her nipples through the fabric, he felt himself start to
stiffen so he turned to grab another drink while calming himself

They spent the entire evening talking and laughing, and all the while
he thought "wouldn't it be great if the stories were true, and I was
seeing her???"...

Finally as the night was drawing to an end he worked up the courage
to ask for her number, so that they may get together when they would
return to London (as they were both due on tour in Europe), she
smiled, ever so slightly, giggled for a second, than turned and
walked away from him toward her table... his hart sank, he saw her
talking to a couple of other women, who started laughing as well...

She than grabbed her coat and started for the door, than she stopped,
turned, and started walking in his direction, Robbie didn't see her
coming as he was busy downing his whiskey, but just as he put the
glass down, she was there...

He looked at her, not understanding what she wanted, and she looked
back at him with such a look that he could feel his heart melt(while
other places were doing the opposite), Andrea than touched her lips
to his and kissed him, at first, he was stunned, but recovered
quickly and proceeded to send his tongue to her mouth, stopping to
moisten her lips ever so slightly, he grabbed her by the small of the
back and pulled her closer, she began responding to his tongue, and
soon her tongue was exploring his mouth...

The kiss seemed to last forever, but when their lips finally parted
he was spent, she touched a finger to her lips, than his, shoved a
note in his hand, waved goodbye and walked away...

As she left the hall, robbie opened the note...

"3 weeks from tonight, the royal suite at the Carlton, 11 at night,
bring nothing but yourself... Andrea"

3 weeks later...

Finally, the big night had come, Robbie was nervous all day long, he
wasn't sure what to expect, he sure hoped for a few things to happen,
but didn't know for sure if that was the case...

He got in the shower around 8 and left it an hour and a half later
groomed from head to toe, normally it only took him an hour to get
ready, but tonight he took some extra time to get himself off, he
spent 3 weeks just picturing Andrea in every situation he could, he
couldn't help himself, today was extra tough, he had to sit through a
ton of tv interviews about his new cd, and all he could do was think
about Andrea, he tried to imagine what it would feel like to fuck, he
actually had to stop a couple of interviews short because he had to
relief the tension in his pants.

When it was time to go, robbie went down the elevator to the basement
floor of the hotel and to the underground parking-lot, there he had a
double and a driver waiting and a second car which he would be
driving, shortly after 10:30 pm the decoy car screamed away taking a
right from the parking-lot exit and right to the middle of a street
full of screaming fans and media personnel, robbie quietly drove off
to the left and was out of sight in 30 seconds.

when he got to the carlton hotel it was 10:50 pm, He didn't want to
be late for his first night with Andrea, he speeded into their
underground parking-lot and made his way to the elevator, he had
stayed at the Carlton before so he knew that the royal suite was on
the 15th and last floor, He took a hanky out and wiped his forehead,
got out the elevator, walked down the short hallway, swallowed hard,
checked his breath and hair one last time, and knocked on the door at
precisely 11:00.

Robbie heard a soft voice saying:"just a minute please", and then
Andrea opened the door...

he had to hold his lower jaw tightly to prevent it from falling to
the floor, she was even more drop-dead gorgeous tonight than she was
3 weeks ago.

Andrea wore a little black dress that was slightly see-through but
not too much, it had a very low V cut that showed a lot of her chest,
a little of her beautiful breasts, and left you wondering about the
rest of it, the lower half was cut just inches above the knee but had
a long V shaped chunk missing all the way up to the bottom of her
firm, round ass, she wore very little make-up and yet somehow managed
to look incredibly beautiful.

Once Robbie got over himself he presented her with a single red rose
and a bottle of fine wine, she thanked him with a little peck on the
cheek, and he got excited just by that little act, andrea then poured
the wine to a couple of glasses while saying " I wasn't sure you
would be here, I heard on the news that you had a problem with some
interviews today and had to cancel a couple because you were sick or
something", robbie smiled to himself and wondered if he should tell
her what actually happened...

As Andrea sat next to him he could feel himself getting hard, they
drank the wine quickly and put the glasses away, he moved closer and
put his arm around her thinking that if he was ever going to get to
graze on those lovely irish green fields he had to make his move now.

Andrea surprised him by taking her hands and bringing his face closer
to hers, she then kissed him with all that she had, her tongue
passionately darting in and out of his mouth stopping every few
seconds to moisten her lips and his with her tongue and quickly
returning deep inside his mouth tangling her tongue with his, Robbie
was stunned, this had to go on for several minutes before he finally
reacted, he rolled himself onto her, took one hand off her shoulder
and placed it on her breast left breast, she moaned slightly when he
pinched her nipple, but he kept fondling it with his hand he had
broken off their kiss and began working his way down her neck,
kissing and licking it softly as he went along, when he worked his
way to the bottom of the neck he began stripping off the left side of
her dress, he kept on rubbing the breast finally letting the dress
fall when his mouth was in position, the dress fell, and robbie had
to pause, because what he saw was the most perfect breast he had ever
seen, it was not small, but definitely not large, it had a perfect
round shape and was as firm as any he had ever seen, it was the
perfect breast, just large enough to cup with your hands and not
sagging in any direction, her nipple was already noticeably erect and
she was definitely aroused.

He plunged his tongue to her breast, licking and sucking, she was
moaning even harder now, breathing much faster, he could feel her
chest rising and falling in shorter intervals

then, a thought struck him, and he stopped, Andrea reacted by looking
down at him and moaned her displeasure, but robbie had no intent of
letting go of those beautiful breasts, he merely wanted to see if the
right was as perfect as the left, he stripped off the other side of
andrea's dress to find yet another perfect breast, soon after that,
Andrea was moaning again, as robbie was now licking and sucking on
her right breast while fondling the left, andrea was moaning very
loudly now, visibly aroused, she was on her way to her first climax
and he hadn't even taken her panties off (yet, she said to herself),
Andrea couldn't take much more so she pulled him of her breasts,
rolled him over to a seated position on the sofa and mounted him.

This was the first time their pelvic regions had met and she could
feel his cock pulsating, she wanted it, and wanted it soon, she was
getting wetter by the second with his cock touching the tip of her
pussy, but it wasn't time yet, even though she was counting the

Andrea kissed him again, while unbuttoning his shirt, she stopped for
a moment to nibble on his ear than worked her way down to his chest,
he had just a little hair and a stomach so flat and muscular that she
was sure that he had the stamina of 5 men, robbie ran his fingers
through her hair, bringing her closer to his nipples, she kissed them
at first, but soon began sucking them hungrily, she than bit one by
mistake, but when Robbie reacted with a pleasure filled moan she knew
he liked it, so she continued sucking and nibbling for several
minutes longer, all the while feeling his cook growing stiffer in her
groin, she finally couldn't take it any longer, so she broke off
another kiss, looked at his eyes with a look of pure lust and
whispered:"take me to the bedroom, NOW!!"

Robbie required no further incentive, he was about as hard as he
could get, so he simply grabbed her tight ass with both hands and
stood straight up while holding her, she moaned and kissed him again,
while grabbing hold of the back of Robbie's head, as he walked slowly
but surely towards the bedroom, Robbie found the zipper of Andrea's
dress and slid it down her back quickly.

he set Andrea down on the floor beside the bed and the dress simply
fell to the floor, leaving Andrea Corr with nothing but her small
black panties...

Robbie slipped his shirt to the floor, kicked off his shoes and
picked Andrea up once more, gently seating her on the edge of the
bed, he kissed her passionately caressed her breasts and began
kissing and licking his way down her stomach, andrea laid back as he
lifted her legs over each shoulder, leaving him directly in front of
her well aroused pussy, Robbie lightly kissed every inch of her inner
thighs slowly, than sent a single finger to slide away her panties,
Andrea was ready to explode, and when the finger that pried the
panties away from her moist cunt lingered for a second, caressing her
where she needed it most, Andrea Corr shivered, felt her whole body
shake violently, felt her hips pressing on Robbie's head, she was
coming fast & furious, than his tongue touched her, and andrea Corr
yelled so loudly she was sure security would break down the door, she
shivered once more, grabbed hold of a pillow and screamed into it
again just as the first wave of pleasure passed through her entire

Robbie heard Andrea cry in pleasure but didn't stop, he kept on using
his tongue where she needed it most, and while andrea didn't know it
(yet), there was a very good reason that Robbie wanted her as
lubricated as possible when he finally entered her, so he moved his
tongue slowly around her now watering love hole, stopping every few
seconds to dart his tongue inside and back out again, than he took a
couple of fingers and held them to Andrea's mouth, she got the clue
instantly and sucked on his fingers for a few seconds, Robbie than
pulled the fingers out and brought them to her opening, one finger
caressed her clitoris and the other dived straight in, by now Andrea
was over her previous orgasm, but she was well under way for another,
Robbie was touching her with such an expert touch that she couldn't
resist him, she was aching to feel other things inside her, not his

Soon, Robbie dropped the finger that was massaging andrea's clitoris
into her pussy and added another, he was finger fucking her insane,
she was tossing and turning all over the bed, when he added his mouth
to her clitoris, she went totally bezerk, groaning and moaning,
shouting her pleasure "oh god Robbie, yes, yes, finger me, harder,
can you fell me?can you feel me coming all over your fingers?".

Oh was she ever coming he thought, then Robbie heard her scream
again, indicating another orgasm had struck her, and just like that,
she broke away from him.

Andrea took Robbie's hand, soaked with her juices and licked it dry,
then pushed him onto the bed and whispered to his ear:"your turn"...
Robbie was sure he'd blow his load right there...

Andrea was laughing when faced with his underwear, for it was the
same pair of briefs that is shown in one of his videos (rock DJ),
black, with a picture of a tiger on the front, but now, the tiger was
stretched-out as his cock was growing with the sensation of her hand
on his crotch, soon, Andrea began licking his massive cock through
the underwear, this was the first time she could barely make out the
size of his tool, but her true shock came when she finally slipped
him out of his shorts...

He was huge, Andrea knew for sure she had never seen a man so hung,
he had to be 10 inches in length and almost half, or maybe even more
than that around his member, and while he was hard, she wasn't even
sure if that was as hard as he gets...

Andrea's pussy began watering again when she thought of than giant
member working it's way up and down her pussy, she decided to make
him as hard and as long as she could, so she began licking his balls
while running her hand up and down his shaft, pumping slow at first
and increasing the pace as she went on, finally, she started licking
up and down his huge penis, licking gently on each side, just like a
k** trying to soak up every last taste of a lolly-pop, Andrea was
licking and teasing robbie to the best of her abilities, after a few
minutes of this he couldn't take much more, so he half-shouted :"just
suck it already you slut... "

As soon as he spoke Robbie wished he hadn't, he was sure she would
stop and kick him out and he would miss-out on the night he has been
dreaming of for nearly a month, but Robbie was to be surprised...
Andrea half looked up at him, as if she was thinking for a second,
and then plunged her head straight down his rod, sucking it with such
strength that rivaled a vacuum cleaner...

Truth be told, she found it rather arousing to be spoken to like
that, so while sucking his cock for all she was worth she started
messaging her clit with intensity...

It wasn't long before Andrea was at another raging climax, but what
sent her over the edge this time was the feeling of robbie's juices
hitting her mouth, he came inside her mouth...

She couldn't believe how strangely good it felt, she struggled at
first, nearly gagging on the sheer amount of sperm he was sending
down her, a little slipped out her mouth, down her chin and smeared
her breasts, but then she had it under control and kept swallowing,
Robbie was stunned, here he was, with the most beautiful woman he had
ever seen, and she was acting like a little cum-swallowing slut...

Robbie was spent... He felt totally empty from the wave of pleasure
that swept him, but, with andrea rubbing and licking him, he was hard
again in no time...

Andrea was stunned, she had never seen that much come out of one man
(let alone down the back of her mouth), and here he was no more than
3 minutes later and growing hard all over again, she was aroused and
began licking and sucking harder and faster, she had to have him in
her, now...

When Robbie was once more hard Andrea shouted to him:"fuck me, fuck
me, fuck me now!!"

well, Robbie thought, since she was asking so politely (and since he
was aching for her pussy too), he decided to grant her wish...

He lifted Andrea off his cock and laid her onto the bed, she was wet
with anticipation as he spread her legs apart and laid his cock at
the entrance of her hole, he teased for what seemed like eternity,
and than began easing his way into her...

Andrea was moaning very loudly now, the sensation was bordering on
pain, robbie's cock was stretching her pussy as far and as wide as it
had ever been stretched, and it wasn't even all the way in!!

Than Robbie was in her, his ten inches making her squirm for better
position to take all of him, Robbie backed out half of his cock,
rubbing it gently along the walls of her pussy, he did this for a
couple of minutes, and than, with no warning, slammed all of his ten-
inch giant in her...

Andrea screamed loudly, this wasn't pleasure, but it wasn't pain
either, it was a mix of both, she new for sure that she was now
having the best fuck of her life, with the biggest cock ever placed
inside her, and with the greatest of expert knowledge...

As any trace of pain faded slowly as Robbie began pumping away at
her, slowly at first, than increasing the pace, bringing her to the
edge of another shattering climax, and taking it down a notch, and
again, pumping furiously, bringing her close and slowing down, all
the while licking her neck, breasts and nipples, the forth time
Robbie had her close to an orgasm and pulled back, Andrea had enough,
she crossed one of her legs with his and rolled him over to his back
while not completely letting go of him, andrea than rolled onto him,
sitting herself in front of his giant pulsating cock, she lifted
slightly of his legs and worked his penis to the entrance of her
pussy, Andrea than used her hand to guide the cock into her entrance,
slowly sitting back down, while using her body to assume a position
that would allow her to take as much of him as possible, finally, she
felt the base of his cock touching her, she stopped for a moment, and
slowly began grinding his cock...

Andrea moved slowly and deliberately at first, trying to maintain
control, but once again, the feeling of the huge organ inside her was
driving her mad so she ground him like there was no tomorrow, Robbie,
needing something to do, and feeling close to the edge again, moved
his hands of Andrea's breasts where he was rubbing and pinching her
nipples, causing her even more pleasure to her tight firm butt and
began squeezing it tightly, andrea responded by altering her move
from a grind to a simple (yet effective) up and down motion.

Both Robbie and Andrea were close to the edge now, screaming and
moaning in passion, Andrea leaned back and resumed her grinding
motion bringing both of them to ecstasy, Robbie was now working all
he could out of his cock, pumping so hard Andrea thought he would
tear her in two, Robbie felt Andrea slow down, ever so slightly, he
knew she must have worked herself to the bone(literally) grinding him
so he rolled her over once more, without leaving her pussy, and as
soon as she was on her back, Robbie resumed pumping, knowing they
were both just seconds away from a climax andrea cried out to
robbie:"i want to see you come, I want you to come on my stomach...
pour all of your cream on me... "

That was all it took, Andrea came once more, a wave of shattering
pleasure came all over her, and so did Robbie, he took his cock out
of her steaming wet pussy, pumped it with his hand a couple of times
and streams of sperm shot out his "cannon" shooting his cream all
over her stomach, some even as far as her breasts...

Robbie was spent once more, as Andrea used her hand to extract the
last drops of cream from him, than she simply used her hand to pick
up as much of his sperm as she could and licked it of her fingers
until both fingers and stomach were dry...

finally, both Robbie and Andrea collapsed onto the bed... satisfied
and spent...

they did a lot more that night, coming in various ways they never
thought possible and in the following weeks they gave the press a lot
to talk about...

but they didn't care, they were growing more fond of each other (and
each other's privates) by the day...

Robbie was happy beyond belief, he got to fuck the most beautiful
woman he had seen, and on a regular basis, no less...
73% (4/2)
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well andrea is the main event out of the 3:)
1 year ago
good but no sisters
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Where do the sisters cum in? lol