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Man (poem tribute to men)

The creature that walks with rigid eyes askance
And raises eyebrow in intellectual glance

The creature that pursues prey with keen vigor
And applauds proudly when his spear is bigger

The creature that speaks slyly, with a secret goal
And trades courtly success for his own poor soul

The creature that makes me cringe and prance, all in a dainty trance
Such is his role

The creature that sulks in wounded brutish pride
Yet still sways broad shoulders side to side

And with bitter grin makes his remarks so snide
He tends to amuse and puzzle my mind

With imposing, muscled stance, this creature stands
Such is this majestic creature we call man.
Posted by poetrygoddess 4 years ago
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3 years ago
Why thank you. I'm glad we amuse and puzzle; a woman's mystery is no less enticing.
4 years ago
good job sweetie i like it
4 years ago
love it except ending, needs something ?? this thing once majestic as men, of kind, only in own mind a man. but well done, Ashamed to say, pretty accurate, Austin
4 years ago
Very nice poem about us knuckle draggers.

Note how all the critical responses came from men? Just observing...
4 years ago
Well done...more please!
4 years ago
I thought your poem discribes the manly presence us Alpha males project. ; )
4 years ago
i like it good job Gera :)