That lonely, distant violin
Which plays my little tears
Will not atone for my small sin
Nor will it ease my fears

Nor will it take the pain away
Which I feel for my love
Nor will it give me much to say
To the skies above

I have lusted, I admit
And it was truly wrong
And my soul will now not sit
As I compose this song

My love you must forgive me
Though you must never know
How I near- betrayed thee
And yet, this I forego

I sin therefore I am
My body is my enemy
I prevent all that I can
Yet so much still evades me

The violin bow sc****s my soul
As the tune still plays
And puts me fully in my role
To live again these days
91% (6/1)
Categories: Masturbation
Posted by poetrygoddess
4 years ago    Views: 409
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2 years ago
the power of words
4 years ago
You have a sweet sadness to your are talented beyond your years.
4 years ago
laid down my voilin, S.F. Opera house 1954. left it on the seat,as the soprano warmed up. like that line, it rings, but also has an added meanig for me. That orchestra pit, was.
4 years ago
the violin bow crapes my soul. congrats, on publish.
4 years ago
moving hun. do you play?
4 years ago
4 years ago
May the sound of the violin soon play a different tune...
4 years ago
Powerful, and passionate