Havoc - I was pissed yesterday

Wreaking havoc in my skin
Setting green veins red ablaze
Warping my warm thoughts to sin
And turning my kind eyes to glaze

This process is almost complete
The poison stings my very soul
Give me coffee with deceit
So that I too, my eyes, may roll

May I roll my eyes at all my friends!
Every kind soul in my lustrous path!
May I, like you, use you for ends!
Just to walk away and coldly laugh

Why must you mock my kindness?
Why must you be so cruel?
Almighty, tell me why I signed this
contract to be a friendly fool?
85% (6/1)
Categories: First Time
Posted by poetrygoddess
5 years ago    Views: 938
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4 years ago
Not sure the underlying context, but well written and thought provoking nonetheless.
4 years ago
just the hand you were dealt.
5 years ago
One orgasm and all that angst will melt away.
Two good orgasms and you will start to pray.
Three orgasms, time to replace the battery.
Four orgasms, and you forget all the flattery.
Five orgasms, and you better marry that bitch!
5 years ago
College student angst in poem form - very nice!
5 years ago
wow i love it very nice poem
5 years ago
NICE! i love it
i've had similar thoughs
xx joey