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Cloud of Fire

Wandering in my cloud of fire
Wishing for ultimate closure
Starting to quietly perspire
Walking in desperate exposure

Kissing nothing but humid air
Touching leaves in hope of texture
Wishing for a succulent pear
Instead floating in this mixture

Mission done as clouds pass away
And lift me up with my arms raised
My body becomes like soft clay
And I vanish, peacefully dazed

I float unseen in quiet peace
Feeling a final, exposed peace
For once my heart flutters do cease
Feeling like a feline, as I please

Purring in my small, cozy bed
Taking a fluffy nap on clouds
No longer trapped in troubling head
Yet then a siren calls so loud

Not troubled but slightly alarmed
For I know not this thin signal
Hoping this cloud keeps me unharmed
Yet I fear I cannot mingle

My body emerges from bed
As fire takes my precious clouds
I know not where this road has led
But I must flee ‘fore they surround

Trudging forth in cloudy desert
Reeking of a shameful heart
No more sl**p, I must be alert
For days I trudge and push this cart

These butterflies deceive my eyes
Surround my being with illusion
If this world consists of cruel lies
Then there are no truthful conclusions

Life’s pleasure takes me for a stroll
Just before cruelly dropping me
Feeling like a small, helpless foal
Now pleasure asks “what’s stopping thee?”

“Naught stops me but instinct” I say
Pleasure frowns and counts to seven
“Do you wish to cease?” “Of Course, nay!”
“Then I give you ‘til eleven”

“Wish you to deal with the downs?
Endure them and live for the ups?
Will you no longer cringe at frowns?
And drink from life’s ceramic cups?”

“I will” I say “but spare me, please”
“Fine, for I’ve reached eleven”
And may you cherish the Earth’s keys
“….But, I thought this was heaven…”

“Ah but they all think that, my dear
But paradise eludes its seekers
Now listen and open your ears
The restless winds are your teachers

The ground steadily sticks to Earth
Contrary to the fleeting clouds
You can always rely on dirt
Stop chasing fickle air around!”
Posted by poetrygoddess 4 years ago
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4 years ago

That last stanza rings all sorts of true.