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Hand Dance

Fingers jitter in inexistent wind
Trembling, with bl**d polish, pale
Tribute dance to brethren who sinned
Hold on and grasp that rusty rail

Listen to the shaky voice of truth
True redemption for all liars
Never again to feel the pain of youth
Yet their struggles are admired

So much regret rings in their ears
Frying their brains to exhaustion
Wishing to relive the past few years
Pray you, approach them with caution

Redemption echoes for bland miles
Its tongue tastes human bitterness
Swiftly wiping their phony smiles
And ripping their cinders to bits
Posted by poetrygoddess 4 years ago
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3 years ago
You have a very firm command of the English language. That is a refreshing thing to see.
4 years ago
Totally love this sweetie.