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Cloud of Fire

Wandering in my cloud of fire
Wishing for ultimate closure
Starting to quietly perspire
Walking in desperate exposure

Kissing nothing but humid air
Touching leaves in hope of texture
Wishing for a succulent pear
Instead floating in this mixture

Mission done as clouds pass away
And lift me up with my arms raised
My body becomes like soft clay
And I vanish, peacefully dazed

I float unseen in quiet peace
Feeling a final, exposed peace
For once my heart flutters do cease
Feeling like a feline, as I please

Purring in my small, cozy bed
Taking a fluffy nap on clouds
No lon... Continue»
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Hungry Rain

The merciless rain pours in hungry rivers
Eager to hit the ground and disperse
My sinful solitude provides me quivers
As I contemplate my Earthly curse

The Lustful body versus guilty mind
In a battle of nerve endings and nerve
Even if the girl is not the guilty kind
Social rejection, she does not deserve

Everyone longs to feel the pouring rain
Upon their fingertips, taking them over
But with this rain comes price and pain
The indoctrinated run for cover

Yet what of those who choose to stay?
And shamelessly stand, getting soaked
Strong as they are and try as they may
Indoo... Continue»
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Hand Dance

Fingers jitter in inexistent wind
Trembling, with bl**d polish, pale
Tribute dance to brethren who sinned
Hold on and grasp that rusty rail

Listen to the shaky voice of truth
True redemption for all liars
Never again to feel the pain of youth
Yet their struggles are admired

So much regret rings in their ears
Frying their brains to exhaustion
Wishing to relive the past few years
Pray you, approach them with caution

Redemption echoes for bland miles
Its tongue tastes human bitterness
Swiftly wiping their phony smiles
And ripping their cinders to bits
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Man (poem tribute to men)

The creature that walks with rigid eyes askance
And raises eyebrow in intellectual glance

The creature that pursues prey with keen vigor
And applauds proudly when his spear is bigger

The creature that speaks slyly, with a secret goal
And trades courtly success for his own poor soul

The creature that makes me cringe and prance, all in a dainty trance
Such is his role

The creature that sulks in wounded brutish pride
Yet still sways broad shoulders side to side

And with bitter grin makes his remarks so snide
He tends to amuse and puzzle my mind

With imposing, muscled stan... Continue»
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angry rap

If I could stand on a mountain and scream my grief I would unleash of my throbbing anger, a heap and then I’d leap into the sky and maybe I’d die…you wish, motherfuckers but I’d really just fly. I remember clearly all the times I got let down and in my self-pity nowadays, I drown but I get up when I get knocked down so I’ll win with a grin, happy like a motherfuckin’ clown. You can prance your prudish ass down the hall all you wish but I, the sinner watch with observant eyes and I pray someday will be your downfall, when everyone sees me with my greatness... Continue»
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My favorite eminem lines!

"Have you ever been hated or discriminated against? I have. I've been protested and demonstrated against"

"Who ever thought, standing in this mirror, bleachin my hair, with some peroxide, reaching for a t-shirt to wear, that I would catapult to the forefront of rap like this? how could I predict my words would have an impact like this?"

"And every single person is a slim shady lurkin and could be workin at burger king, spittin on your onion rings, pull in the parking lot, circling, screaming 'I don't give a fuck' with his windows down and his ... Continue»
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[Story] Violin

That lonely, distant violin
Which plays my little tears
Will not atone for my small sin
Nor will it ease my fears

Nor will it take the pain away
Which I feel for my love
Nor will it give me much to say
To the skies above

I have lusted, I admit
And it was truly wrong
And my soul will now not sit
As I compose this song

My love you must forgive me
Though you must never know
How I near- betrayed thee
And yet, this I forego

I sin therefore I am
My body is my enemy
I prevent all that I can
Yet so much still evades me

The violin bow sc****s my soul
As the tune still pla... Continue»
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[Story] Why?? - a new poem

Why must you entice me with those large hands
Which trail along me, screaming lusty betrayal?
Why must have you, your skillful finger ran
Near the warm ocean where you wish to sail?

Why must you, after I told you of my status
Send musky shivers down my aching spine?
This joy in your eyes withered quite fast
As I walked home with tremors in my mind

Why must you place my body and mind
In a vicious duel, as I throw my head back
And sigh, and you stand closely behind
In a moral trial, as my head spins out of whack

Do not plant those plump lips on my neck
And grasp my hips, emana... Continue»
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[Story] Havoc - I was pissed yesterday

Wreaking havoc in my skin
Setting green veins red ablaze
Warping my warm thoughts to sin
And turning my kind eyes to glaze

This process is almost complete
The poison stings my very soul
Give me coffee with deceit
So that I too, my eyes, may roll

May I roll my eyes at all my friends!
Every kind soul in my lustrous path!
May I, like you, use you for ends!
Just to walk away and coldly laugh

Why must you mock my kindness?
Why must you be so cruel?
Almighty, tell me why I signed this
contract to be a friendly fool?... Continue»
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[Story] Me and my bf - a poem

Tender fingers traveling slowly
in the direction of my burning core
with each inch a fever controls me
I cannot help but beg for more

Sweet love turns into a filthy game
Letting the inner b**st swiftly out
To be relaxed or to feel ashamed?
Oh, forget the bl**dy questions for now!

I turn my head and see your eyes burning
An innate man's thirst for my petite curves
Next thing I know, I find myself swerving
To face you backwards, a little treat I've learned

You are my one and only, my gentle prince
And I forever your delicate princess
Will you respect me after acts l... Continue»
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