Fucking My Ex and Loving it.

I will admit here and now. I did something bad, very bad. But, it felt sooo damn good. I guess that makes it all worth it in the end!!

You see my ex lover and I had the best rotten role playing sex ever. I had been in the mood for such a rough fuck fest I had to contact him and set up a mega booty call. I paid for a the cheap hotel in his area, we both had came up with a solid alibis for the evening. The theme was just a dirty rotten cheap whore fucking!

I was dressed up and ready to go when he knocked on the hotel room door.. My make up was done how he always enjoyed it. False eye lashes, loaded with eye liner and heavy mascara. I had opted to apply some pale liquid make up in-order to make eye's and lips pop out even more. My lips lined with a deep red and filled with vivid red lip stick a shinny layer of gloss to top them off. My hair I had teased and puffed up, my out fit looked liked like I belonged on street corner. On the bed I had placed some newly purchased sex toys, and strips of fabric for bondage f***ed play. I was in the mood for some hard core fun! My body was his to violate, to fuck me so hard and long..

When he entered the room he took note of all the objects placed on the bed before him. He turned to me and asked if I was ready to be fucked like the damn dirty whore I have always longed to be. I nodded my head and said yes.

He had me to get all on fours on the floor. Pulling my skirt up rubbing his hands along the lace and my bare ass flesh. He spanked me once “Tonight you are to call me Master, any time I tell you to do anything you will answer with 'Yes Master' you do as I say without any buts or no's do we have an understanding?” I agreed to his terms. “Now pull down your pretty panties, and spread those ass cheeks open” he commanded “Yes Master” I replied as I pulled my panties down over my ass.

I could feel pressure against my ass hole, as he shoved the plug into it. His hand made contact against my bare ass. “I can't wait to shove my fucking cock into that asshole of yours until you beg me to stop fucking it. I am going fuck you in the ass like I always dreamed of doing.” He pulled my panties up over my stinging flesh.

He had me to sit up, while he stripped his off his clothes and stood before me. His semi hard cock hung so perfectly before my eyes.

“Do you know what time it is whore?”
“Yes Master, its face fucking time right.”
“Good whore, you know your place, now open our mouth and let me see that tongue”
“Yes Master”

I sat there while he smacked and slide his cock up and down my tongue. “How long has it been since you've had a big thick black cock shoved down your fucking throat?” He asked me..
“Master, you was the last one too” I hated to confess such a thing but, it was true.
“Well my whore, I will grant you one minute of freely sucking my cock. In that minute I you will want to swallow as much cock as you can. Because once I take over, it will be down your throat more times then you can count”
“Yes Master, I will do my best.”

I took his cock between my lips slowly milking it with my mouth. Gaining inch by inch till I could feel it pop down and into my throat. Shoving him all the way until my red lips touched the flesh of his pelvic area. Leaving behind a red upper lip print before I with drew his cock from my mouth. I had gagged a little bit, I let the saliva just roll out of my mouth and down to my chin. Not bothering to wipe it off.

His hand was placed firmly on the top of my head, while his other hand held his cock. My mouth was open again, while he slid the head up and down my tongue. I knew it was coming, the moment when he would just f***efully shove it down my throat. I tried to stay ready keeping my throat open and relaxed. But, as soon has he shoved it down my throat without any mercy I was a gagging fool. He shoved it down deep into my throat, holding my face against him. “That's the throat I remember. Oh yeah keep gagging. I love the feeling of your throat squeezing around my cock” Master pulled my head back just an inch and then shoved him self back down again. When he with drew his cock the thick gag reflex saliva cling to his shaft. He wrapped a hand around his shaft and started to milk it before me. “Are you enjoying this as much as I am? My face fucking whore?” I looked up at him as I cleared the burning make up out of my eyes and down my face. “Yes Master I am enjoying the way your face fucking your dirty cock sucking whore right now.”

He shoved his cock back into my mouth, his hips rocking and ramming his cock down my throat. I was having a gag fest, I couldn't take much more when I placed my hands on his hips and pushed myself away. He looked down at me, “Does the whore's throat need a break?”
He gave me the break but only long enough for me to go re do my lips and add more liner to smeared make up.

When I had returned he was sitting on the bed. I had to pull my panties down to my knee's and bend over before him on the floor. He reached down and removed the plug from my ass. Handing me the vibe, to fuck myself in the ass with it. There I was my ass up in the air to him, looking back at him fucking myself in the ass. He had to me to stop and turn around, kneel before him in front of of the bed. Then only then did I confess to him what I had been doing on and off all day, and even while I was just in the bath room re doing my face. While I sat down pushing the vibe up my asshole. To keep it spread and ready for when his cock entered it. I looked up at him and said “Master you know how I always have a tight pussy? Well I wanted to surprise you and give you even tighter pussy. I have been applying this tightening cream I had bought. I have done it a few times today. I've always loved how you had to fight your way into my cunt, no matter how wet I was. So to night your really going to have to fight like your taking my cherry.”
His face lite up.. He had me to stand up and turn around and sit back wards on his lap holding the toy still in my ass with one hand. While his hands wrapped around my hips and pulled me down over his cock. I was drippy wet from being face fucked, I could understand why getting face fucked made me cunt to fucking wet. But, still I was tighter then I could ever remember being with him. Once both my holes where filled, and I was resting there. His hand wrapped around my neck “I am going to tease and tighten that cunt of yours, so I can hear you scream in pleasurable pain as I ram my cock into you. I have always wanted to fuck the shit out of a virgin tight pussy and you have giving me that gift.”

I was back sitting on the floor, licking my pussy juices from his cock. And being face fucked

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very good