The Last Train to Semenville

Fiction. Degradation. Humiliation. Non-violent abuse. Oral sex. Public sex.
Authored by poster. Inspired by an xHamster member.

Sabrina sat in the window seat, reading. Mike sat in the isle seat as the train chugged through yet another mountain pass. There were still three hours left in the trip, and while many of the passengers had made their way to the bar car for drinks to pass the time, about a quarter of the seats in this car still had passengers.

"Sabrina, I need your purse for a second."

Only two paragraphs from the bottom of the page, she handed him her oversized bag without taking her eyes from the text, and turned her page.

By the time she turned her next page, she'd become aware that Mike's breathing had changed. She looked up to see what was going on. Mike had positioned her bag so that it partially blocked the view of his crotch from other passengers. "What the hell!" she thought, "He's jerking off in HERE?" Mike paused long enough to point the head of his cock at her. "Now I need your mouth.", he whispered.

Sabrina looked nervously around the car, quickly noting how many people were still there. "I don't think so.", she whispered back.

Mike's eyes grew narrower. "That was not a question."

In one fluid motion, Mike flipped up the armrest between them and took firm hold of the hair at the back of Sabrina's head.

He didn't need to f***e her. She knew it. He knew it. It had become an expected part of this dance. She reached her hand out to take hold of Mike's penis and steady herself from the rocking of the train. "No hands." Mike batted her hand away. "Fucking amateur.", he hissed. Sabrina opted for keeping her hand on his thigh to steady herself.

She could feel his heat as she grew near. Mike was a swimmer, with a swimmer's build. In addition to frequent showers, he was meticulous about shaving. Everywhere. He had the classic handsome features that women were drawn to, and he knew it.

Sabrina was quite good at reading Mike's body language and could keep him right on the edge for as long as she liked which was normally until her jaw got tired. This time, though, she wanted to get him off as quickly as possible to avoid detection by other passengers. She used everything she knew about what he loved, and it was working. When she felt his leg muscles tighten, she knew it wouldn't be long.

Suddenly, Mike pulled on Sabrina's hair, and his cock slipped from her mouth with a surprisingly loud POP. Several streams of hot semen flew before Sabrina was able to engulf him again and claim the rest of her prize.

As she cleaned Mike up, his breathing returned to normal. "Good enough.", he said, as he returned his cock to his pants.

Sabrina smiled to herself, knowing that's as much praise as she would get from Mike. She settled herself for the remainder of the ride, closed her eyes and relaxed. As her heart rate and breathing returned to normal, she suddenly became very aware of the warmth on her face.

Opening her eyes to check her reflection in the window, she saw a surprising amount of semen in her hair, some of which had started to drip down onto her glasses, and on to her cheek. "Baby?", she said, turning to Mike.

Mike was standing in the isle now, holding her purse out of reach.

"I need my purse and tissues.", she said, holding out her hand.

"No, you don't. I'll keep it safe for you.", Mike said, taking her hand and pulling her to her feet.

"We're going to the bar car now.", Mike said as he tugged her toward the exit.

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