The Letter

Like many of you, visiting this site, I've dreamed for a long, long time to be used like a piece of slave meat I am.

One day I finally told myself OK, you just live once, and decided to make a deal with my girlfriend: We will both write a letter to each other about our deepest sexual fantasy.
At first she was like "Nah, you already know all my fantasies". but after a little persuasion (and few more drinks), she said Yes.
So we had couple more drinks and then she said
" You know what? We should write it right now."
Of course I said "Yeah sure, let's do it." She was a bit d***k so hopefully she will be able to reveal some secrets.

She went to the bedroom and started writing. My letter for her was already done, so I just nervously watched TV...
After about 30 minutes she came back with an envelope in her hand and passed it to me.
We then decided we will open it the other day when we are both alone.
Her letter was quite surprising (actually a lot, but about that maybe some other time), but I didn't want to use it now and was waiting for the right occasion...

Few days passed by and she didn't mention anything about my letter and I was thinking she was repelled by what I wrote.

Oh my, how wrong I was!

We usually come home about the same time, but not that day.
I got home about 5 as usual, but it must have been at least another 2 hours before she arrived.
I saw her taking some shopping bags from the car so I was thinking she just forgot to tell me she was going shopping with her friends today.

She went straight to the bedroom to unpack, take a shower and change her clothes.

After a while she came, gave me a kiss and asked me if I can make her something small to bite. She was dressed in her night robe. It was a bit unusual as it was still quite early, but I was thinking she must be probably tired after a long day.

As I was finishing making her toasted sandwich she came quietly from behind and slipped her hand into my trousers and grabbed my balls and dick and squeezed them a little.
I wanted to say something and turn around but she grabbed my mouth with her other hand and squeezed my balls a bit harder.
I could feel she was wearing some kind of gloves but I couldn't turn my head. Every time I tried to have a look or move she just squeezed my balls hard.

"Stop Moving!" she said strictly.
"So, I was reading your letter you little slut. It seems to me you have been very dirty boy and you haven't told me a word. What a shame"
"You will have to pay for all that years now!"
"Get on all four and be a nice doggie."

My heart started to beat rapidly and I obeyed her orders. As I was on the ground she let off my balls and told me to get naked and don't turn around. Then she ordered me:

"Go to the living room and bend over the sofa with your ass up and legs slightly spread. Don't turn around!"

I was so nervous, I started shaking a bit. I went and did what she asked me to. Nothing happened for a good minute but then I heard her footsteps behind me.

"So you wrote you have been dreaming of this since we met, hmm? That must be 4 years now. That's 48 months! Let's say that's 50 then. Start counting!" And at that moment I felt sharp pain on my ass, I was shocked!

"Start counting!" another painful whip.
"two" I said quietly.
"No. Start counting from one and speak up. I can't hear you, slut!"

Wow. I didn't know her like that. I could feel fizzing in my cock as it was getting harder.

Another whip!
"One!" I said immediately.
"That's better. Keep it up and show me your ass so I can train it properly."

I put my ass a bit higher and Swoosh, another hit. More painful than the first ones, but I somehow enjoyed that.

After the first 25 my ass started to be too painful and almost as if she knew that, she stopped for a while.

"Ok. Let's try something different now. Spread you legs so I can see your balls."

I obeyed and she spanked my ass with her hand.
Her hand was not as painful as the whip but that was about to change.

"Spread your legs, I'm not gonna say it again!"

After I did just that, she slapped my balls hard. It felt like ... well, like somebody slapping your balls.
I forgot to count, but she immediately reminded me my duties.

"Do you want to start from number one darling?"
"No, please!"
"Please What?"
"No, please, my mistress"
"That's better, let's continue then."

Then she took turns in slapping my ass and my balls. When she wasn't slapping my ass she just squeezed my balls hard and pulled them more and more.
When we finally reached 50 I was ecstatic, my ass must have been red my balls hurt but my cock was hard as rock.

"I see you like that, slave. Do you?"
"Yes mistress."

I tried to turn around and smile at her but she quickly catched my head and slapped my ass. I could get just a glimpse of her and I couldn't believe what I saw.
She wasn't wearing that old night robe any more. She was all in black, high heeled boots, black gloves and black corset which ended just below her beautiful breast.
But what made me shaking was that large black strap-on she was wearing!
It must have been at least 9 inches and it was pretty thick. Much bigger than my cock or any toy I've tried before.

"So you have seen my little surprise that I've got for you tonight, hmm? Do you think we should try and see if you can take it all?"
"Yes mistress, please!"
"Oh, you are keen, I like that."

I was still bent over the sofa and she started to oil my balls, cock and finally also my asshole. While she was doing that, she gave my cock good few strokes. I was so horny I almost came after few seconds, but then she stopped abruptly and slapped my balls and cock hard.

She positioned herself so I was facing her rubber cock. I finally had clear view of that monster, it was beautiful specimen with large veins all over it and it looked pretty real apart from the size of it. I was getting worried thinking if it will fit into my unprepared asshole.

"Do you like my cock?"
"Yes mistress, I do."
"Good, now, open your mouth!"

She grabbed my head with both her hands and as I opened my mouth she slowly started to push my head against her cock. It was so fat i nearly dislocated my jaw but I managed and let out a faint moan .
She pushed it inside few inches and then took it out, then she started to slowly fuck my mouth, deeper and deeper with every stroke. It was so huge I couldn't breathe properly.

"Suck it slave!"

She released her grip on my head and I started to suck the cock myself. I was trying to get it as deep as possible, it was an amazing feeling.
I had the cock in my mouth and she bend over me and started to slap my ass softly with both her hands. Then she suddenly stopped and started to massage my cock and slowly moved to my balls and then she started to drive small circles with her finger around my tiny scared hole. The circles were getting smaller and smaller and then she finally slipped one of her fingers inside me. I just mumbled quietly with her cock still in my mouth as she started to fuck me gently with her finger. Then she added another and moved them around inside my hole.
While doing all that she started to stroke my cock with her other hand. I was about to come fast, but she stopped and just grabbed my head again and started to fuck my mouth like a mad.

"You can come only when I tell you so. Understood? "
"Yes, mistress" I said as she stopped using my mouth.
"Now, lets see if you are ready."

"Turn around and show me your pretty ass."

I did as she told me, she oiled the dildo again and tried to slide it in.
At first she was having trouble to get the huge head inside, but then i relaxed my muscle a bit and the head slipped in.
In the beginning it was a bit painful. but she started slowly thrusting inside me and the feeling was unbelievable ...
She was slowly going deeper with every thrust, I never felt so filled before.
While fucking me faster and faster, she grabbed my balls and started to pull on them in the same rhythm.

"You like that? Say Thank you! "
"Thank you, mistress."
"Now, take in your mouth again, taste your asshole."

She quickly pulled her dick from my ass and stuffed it into my mouth.
I must admit I was a bit turned off by that at first but I didn't dare to protest.

"That's a good boy!"
"Turn around and start fucking my dick. Do it now!"

I turned and grabbed her monster dick and stuffed it back into my asshole.
I started to ride it slowly.

"That's not how you ride a cock! Ride it harder or I'll show you how to do it!"

I started to fuck it harder and in no time I was taking the whole length of it.
She obviously didn't thought it's hard enough so she started to push against me and then with each stroke, she took it out and back in full length.

I wanted to come so badly so I started touching my cock, but she slapped my hand and instead started to jerk it herself.

Just few seconds of stroking was enough for me to start coming all over the sofa.
As soon as she saw that she started to fuck me as hard as she could, until she got the last drop of cum from me. When I couldn't squirt out any more she pulled her dick out and asked:

"Did I say you can come bitch?"
"No, mistress you didn't, but I couldn't hold it any more."
"Stop your excuses and lick all that mess from the sofa you pig."

She put her dick in the middle of all that cum. I obediently licked all my juice from the sofa and her dick.
I sat exhausted on the floor next to her legs and looked at her, smiling.

"You think you are finished for tonight slave? "

(What do you think? Am I finished or do I deserve more? Let me know what you think)

(Excuse my English it's not my mother language)

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