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I want to jack off as I watch that huge black man began to withdraw his throbbing cock from your body. I want to hear you moan loudly in protest to the empty feeling it leaves behind. Watch your pussy lips sticking to his cock, stretched tight around in not wanting to let go. Then see him with a grunt roughly shoved the full length back inside you. His balls slamming against your ass as he drills you. Let me stroke my white cock as I watch him began to fuck you slowly and f***efully. I want him to own your pussy.

Does it feel good to have your pussy stuck to the smooth shaft of black meat every time he withdraws? It gets me hot listening to you moaning loudly with every thrust, loving the ecstatic feeling of the massive black dick sliding in and out of your throbbing hole. He began to fuck you faster as he is getting ready to cum. You want to be his white clut don't you?


And he did, those words did him in. With a loud groan the huge man buries his massive black dick as deep as it would go in your pussy. He withdraws it quickly and slams it into you again. You moan loudly as you feel the huge dick spasm and twitch inside you. He slams it into you again and it erupts. You scream as you feel the intensely hot cum shoot into the deepest parts of your hole. The black man continues to pound you; every time the monstrous cock buries itself in her it released a hot jet of cum. You begin to cum in silent ecstasy. All you can do is spread your legs like a whore while the black man fills your pussy with load after load of cum.

5:04 am, January 25 guyinlville85

I want to sit there and watch you moan, hear the black man grunt, and touch myself to the rhythmical sound of bodies slapping together. My dick would grow rock hard as I watch you being fucked, legs spread wide, completely submissive to your black lover. He pounds the full 12" of his monstrous black cock into your cum filled pussy with a fury. You just lay there like the whore, enjoying every second of the onslaught, just getting fucked and bred like an a****l. Your white hands griping his black ass, pushing his dick as deep as it would go with every thrust. He pulls his swollen veiny cock, covered in the white mess of yourr previous sex, all the way out of your hole every time he withdraws. Your stretched out pussy is coated with the same mess, it hangs wide open when the big black dick leaves it. Its length then plunges completely inside you, both of you grunting with pleasure. He is destroying your pussy as I jack off my white cock and enjoy the show. The enormous black cock plows its way inside you, leaving your cunt a stretched out mess of loose skin and cum. All you care about is the huge black cock that is satisfying you like never before. You are being such a nasty slut. As I watch, his dick seems to get even larger, his thrusts even quicker.

"YES! YES! Do it, Cum in me again!" you scream.

"Here it comes, you dirty slut!" he grunts back, "I'm gonna fill you're little white hole up!"

"YES! Please! Shove that huge black cock in my pussy and fill it with cum!" you whisper huskily, "Hurry, please I want it in me soooo baaaaad!"

The black man roughly grabs you and f***es himself into the deepest parts of your body. You look so helpless and so hot in his embrace. He groans loudly as his body shakes. He spasms harshly and shoots his load inside you for a second time. You scream when you felt the hot liquid filling your insides. You start to cum, spasming every time the black man does. Your ruined pussy squeezes the huge black cock, milking the cum out of it. The insides of your pussy contracts every time he shoots a fresh burst of stringy white cum in you. Your pussy pulls each fresh wave of jizz deeper inside your body. Even the hugely thick dick can't plug your stretched out hole and the cum begins to ooze out of you, coating your ass and the black man's balls. Every time he clenches his ass and f***es another load into you, more squeezes out. You have been completely filled with his cum.

The huge black man gets up and slowly withdraws his softening cock from your pussy. You whimper a little in protest as it slides out. I watch in amazement as the lips of your pussy cling to his black dick, holding onto the huge piece of meat that had just roughly used it. His cock is covered in cum and the liquid lust that your pussy had produced.

I stare at your pussy in lusty fascination. The skin that had previously held onto the black man's dick now hangs in loose folds on the sides of your hole. They are covered in cum. The white sticky mess of your sex was all over your thighs, the sides of your vagina, all over your ass. You lay in a puddle of it on the bed. You see me staring and give me a mischievous, lusty look as you spread your legs to give me a better view of your ruined hole. The skin around the entrance to your kitty is stretched and wrinkled, slick with sex. Between it, your destroyed fuck hole gaps wide open. The inside, reamed out by the black man's monstrous dick, is cavernous. The puddle of cum that filled it went deep into your body and it drips out of you continuously. You stare at me with a sultry, satisfied expression and undulated your hips seductively. You want me to fuck you, to make dirty love to your just fucked, destroyed pussy.

I stared at you laying on the bed, you look so dirty, so used, abused and filled with cum by the huge black man! I don't know why, but I want to enter you, to hold you in my arms, kiss you passionately, slide my dick into your wonderfully pre-fucked pussy.

I climb slowly on top of you, relishing the anticipation. My dick is throbbing with desire to be inside your cum filled hole. Your thighs and crotch are slick and sickly warm from the fucking you'd just received. I reach my arms around you as I slowly lean down to kiss you.

You stare at me smugly, sexily. "Did you like watching my cunt getting bred by that BBC? Do you like fucking my sloppy, cum filled black bred pussy? Your little white cock can't please me like that big black stud that just fucked me but I'll let you inside my cum soaked pussy just to let you feel how hard he owned me". I shift my hips and my dick easily slides in you. Your insides are so hot, so wet and slippery. I can barely feel the outsides of your stretched pussy around my cock. I relish the felling of your destroyed cum filled pussy. We kiss deeply as I fuck you. I can feel your sex with the huge black man running out of you, all over my dick, balls and thighs as you tell me how much you love getting dicked by your black lovers. We cum together even though you can barely feel me inside you. The thought of my hard white dick ready to explode in you black bred pussy after you made me watch you get bred is all you needed. Your pussy tries vainly to squeeze my cock as I cum, but didn't even come close. Spasm after spasm I shoot into your body, my cum mixing in the mess of cum your pussy already contained.
Posted by plumprumpbrat 2 years ago
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1 year ago
luv your writing
1 year ago
wow...this really inspires me :)
2 years ago
thoroughly enjoyed every word...made me hard...lovely stuff