SSBBW Encounter, part 2

To do this story and the author justice,
please read part 1, “SSBBW Encounter” first.

Part 2

She sipped her wine, still breathing hard, a grin on her face stretching from ear to ear. She gave a heavy sigh, placed the wine glass down and threw herself back on the bed, exclaiming, Oh my God! I need a breather!” I smiled and curled my arm around her soft chest and patiently waited for her. As she continued to chatter about how good she felt, I casually let my hand rest on one breast, gently tugging at the protruding nipple. Her breathing became normal as I continued the soft caress of her nipple. I smiled and answered politely to all her questions, keeping the conversation going, never moving my hand from her breast, never stopping the rhythmic pull at her nipple. Finally, her chattering slowed down and I felt a little squirm against my body as her nipple hardened. The sign I had been waiting for. I leaned over and kissed her softly, my hand starting to pull and milk at her enormous breast. She kissed back, slower this time then the first, exploring my mouth with her tongue, lapping at my lips while holding my head in her soft plump hands. I felt her flesh engulf me as she wrapped her arms around me , pulling me tightly to her. Her soft flesh gave way as my hard body was pulled in closer and closer. I released my grip on her milky mound and rolled back onto the bed, pulling her on top of me and letting her continue to explore my body. She kissed my face all over, her soft lips pulling at my cheeks, my neck and my chest. Even to my underarms, she continued to kiss and nip until she rounded the top of my chest. She took a few hesitant laps at one nipple, then looked up to my face for approval. I smiled at her through half closed eyes and softly hissed “yesss.” Her lips locked down on my nipple as her hand reached for my other nipple, working them both, pulling and tugging them, sucking on them almost to the point of pain, then lightly flicking the swollen nubs with the tip of her tongue. As she expertly worked over my nipples with her mouth, her other hand slowly wandered south towards my half hard cock. She delicately touched my thighs, tracing around my balls with smooth strokes of her hands. I could feel the warmth of her touch as she gingerly cupped my balls, carefully avoiding all contact with my growing cock. She tenderly probed every crease of my crotch and my cock was now bouncing for attention. Her passionate assault on my nipples was lessening and my attention was now focused on my cock, rigid and dripping with precum. Her lips loosened from my tender nipples and she rested her head on my chest, her soft curly hair flowing out across me. She watched her own hand as she lightly touched a fingertip to the clear drop of nectar erupting from my cock. She pulled back, watching the precum string from my cock to her finger. She watched it as if hypnotized, until the thread of precum dropped onto my stomach, then she slowly began licking her way along the shiney trail until almost to my cock. She looked up at me from under her eyelashes, gave me a wicked grin and then grabbed my leg and threw it over her body so she was positioned between my legs. “Comfy?” she asked. I answered by grabbing a pillow and stuffing it behind my head and picking up my wine glass, took a big swig and said, “Yep!” Her tongue started tracing the same trails that her fingers had layed out, probing in the creases of my thigh and lapping at my balls like a puppy. She gently sucked and licked my balls into her hot mouth, one at a time and I put my wine glass down and propped my arms behind my head to watch her expert mouth work me over. She licked and slurped, pushing her face hard into my crotch, her tongue almost to my asshole, then back up again, but still not touching my cock. As she went deep into my crack again, I lifted my legs slightly to help. It was all the encouragement she needed. She looked at me and said, “I’m going to eat your ass like you ate my pussy!” Her tongue slid down my crack as her hands pushed my legs up. Holy Shit! I felt her hot wet tongue slide over my asshole and back again, back and forth, pressing in the tip and tongue fucking my ass for all she was worth. I could feel it swirl over my ass, then back up to my balls, then back to my ass, powerfully pushing her tongue in as far as she could. It went on for what seemed an eternity and felt so fucking good! It was so hot and wet, soft and hard at the same time, swirling and twisting in my ass. And then, without warning, she stopped. I looked up from my daze, to see her propped up between my legs, her lips were swollen, her face was slobbery wet and her hair was wild and straggly. Her huge tits were hanging and falling over my thighs as she pulled herself forward towards her new target. I saw her pause for a moment, her fat swollen lips hovering over my now raging, rock hard cock. She pressed her lips tightly together and pressed them onto the head of my cock. My cock pushed pass her tight fat lips, the heat of her mouth engulfing the head, and then slowly straining down the shaft until she reached my balls. She gave a slight gag then began pulling back as slow and as tight as she had gone down. She gave a wicked grin and said, “That’s what it feels like to fuck my ass!” My cock felt like it was being pulled to point of exploding and as she reached the head, she slid down my shaft again. This time, as she reached my ball sack, she opened her mouth and let her tongue slide out, lapping at my balls while my cock slid up and down the back of her throat. I groaned, “It feels so fucking good. Suck my cock, baby. Suck it good!” She didn’t need the encouragement and started bobbing up and down vigorously on my rigid shaft. Her hands were busy too as she pulled at my ball sack and squeezed the inside of my thighs. I could feel her hand slide up my shaft, and twist back down as she concentrated on the head. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her head back down and she readily obliged by assaulting my pole again and again, over and over, as I felt myself building to a huge climax. She slowed her pace a little, then looked up and asked, “You wanna fuck my tits?” She pulled her big body up into my crotch even more and I grabbed handfuls of her huge udders. She moved to position those milkers around my cock and then lowered her face and lapped at the head of my cock as I fucked those mounds of flesh. The feeling was indescribable as my cock slid between her massive mammaries and into her hot waiting mouth. The sight of the purplish head of my rock hard cock pushing through those milkers and into her mouth was just too much. “I’m almost there,” I warned. She paused and growled at me, “I want you to come all over my tits and my face” and with that, I jerked with a spasm and shot my wad up onto her face, my cum dripping off of her mouth and nose, coating those huge tits. Her udders squeezed the last drops into her open mouth as I shuddered and collapsed. “Oh FUCK! Now I need a break!” I exclaimed. She smiled at me, and said with a cum covered grin, “For now…..”
I hope you liked my story. If you did, please let me know, and I will continue with part 3.

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2 years ago
Brilliant writing
3 years ago
Outstanding cant wait for 3.
3 years ago
Hmm got me hard!
3 years ago
Hello - if your anything like your stories - The guys should be lining up to make this one and more cum true - All I can add is I want to be in front of the line or at the end - I so cant wait to find out what your like in PERSON - HOT - XOX Earl XOX
3 years ago
GREAT!!!!! I like this!!
3 years ago
oh my god you are such a tease
3 years ago
more excitement please
3 years ago
Great stories!! keep writing them !!