Our first encounter

OK, you have been tantalizing me for a couple of weeks here online. Pictures of your hard dick with a cock-ring, private messages about hooking up, de-friending me, re-friending me. So here’s how it’s going to go down:

Tomorrow night I will be sitting in my car at the Wal-Mart on your side of town. Not directly under any lights or so far away from other cars as to attract attention. Just out near where the employees park. Light green 4 door sedan, with the driver-side seat belt hanging out the bottom of the door slightly. That’s how you’ll know me.

I’ll be behind the wheel with my pants undone, wanking my cock to a couple of pictures on my smartphone, but with a towel over my lap. When you approach the car I’ll roll down the window, and I expect you to open your pants and show me that hard cock.

You lean against the side of the car, resting your elbows on the roof. I’ll take your cock into my mouth and have a good taste of it, tickling your pee slit with my tongue. Then I’ll nibble your balls a bit, give the shaft a good tongue bath before I start slowly bobbing my head on it. I’ve never sucked a cock before, but I’m going to try taking yours as deep as I possibly can. If you want to reach inside and hold my head that's fine, but no peeking.

I will stroke and suck until you have emptied your load into my mouth for me to swallow. Then I'll clean you up with my tongue. When I say "aaah!" that will be your cue to move away and zip up. I'll shut my tinted window immediately and drive away with the lights off. Don't try to follow me or catch my license number.

If this works out we can set up another meet, and it will be your turn to taste my jizz.

100% (3/0)
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3 years ago
No. A guy out here on the east coast. If he's as good in person as he is at teasing my cock online, umph! But apparently he's lost interest. I was hoping the story would draw a response from him.