Truck stop encounter

Driving through St. Louis I decided to make a pit stop at a convenience store, because I had to pee. The place didn’t look any different from the hundreds of similar stops, but it changed my life.

Walking inside, I rushed past the front counter to the men’s room, which was unlocked. Despite my urgency I didn’t bang open the door, but pushed it slowly, and as it opened I saw the back of a man who appeared to be just cleaning up. His shirt tail was out and his pants were partly down. But as I looked at the reflection in the mirror I saw something else altogether. His striped sports shirt was unbuttoned all the way, revealing a bare chest, not super-athletic but nicely muscled. And OMG…he had a camera in his right hand, pointed at his reflection, while with the left hand he was massaging his hard cock. My own dick leapt to attention in my pants as I saw this, and I quietly stepped inside and latched the door behind me.

The guy’s cock was not huge, but reminded me a lot of my own, which for some reason has always been a turn-on. He jumped a little as he heard the latch click, but I whispered huskily, “S’OK partner.” Crossing to his front, I clamped my teeth on to his rather meaty left nipple. That got his attention, and he dropped the camera into the sink. Everything moved as though it was a dream after that. I vaguely remember dropping my own pants and rubbing my cock shaft against the length of his, plastering our crotches together so our scrotums were rubbing each other. The next thing I realized, I was sitting on the toilet with my prick standing straight up against my belly, as I licked and stroked his cock, now conveniently at eye level. He reached over to the sink, retrieved his camera (still running) and set it on the edge to capture the action. With both hands free, he now grabbed the back of my head and slapped that cock playfully over my face. “Suck it, boy. Take my cum,” he rasped as he guided his dripping cock-head into my mouth.

He seemed to have a great sense of where my gag reflex started, as he’d push his cock into my mouth until it was just beginning to be uncomfortable, then slowly pull back before doing it again, pushing a little deeper each time. Time stood still, and before I realized it I was taking the length of this stranger’s cock all the way to the root, his nut-sack bumping against my chin. I don’t know how long he face-fucked me that way as I fondled his balls with one hand and pinched a nipple with the other. Holding my head gently but firmly he continued, muttering encouragingly. “That’s it, b*o. Suck it all in. Nice treat comin’ for you any second now…” I’d been tasting a steady stream of salty pre-cum and now he stiffened, arching his back a little and holding tight to my head as he blasted a load into my mouth. I choked and my eyes watered as I worked at swallowing every last drop of that hot jizz.

Then he pulled out, leaving just a dribble of spooge on my lower lip. He gently leaned down and kissed me, lapping up that drop in the process. As quickly as it started, it was all over. He’d got his shirt and pants straightened out, patted me gently on the top of my head and said, “Name’s Pete. Let’s do this again some time.” With that he unlatched the door, opened it and walked out. I jumped to re-latch it, dragging my pants across the rest room floor. It was only then I realized that I had cum a huge load, without touching myself. I got myself settled and cleaned up, and gingerly opened the door. God knows how long we’d been in there, or if anyone knew we had been together.

No sign of him anywhere. Nobody around except a clerk stocking packs of cigarettes behind the counter. “You OK?” he asked innocently. “Seems like you were in there a little while. You didn’t leave me a mess to clean up, did ya?” I nodded my head no, picked up something trivial in the bins in front of the counter and paid for it without looking the guy in the face. Wobbling, I walked out to my truck, which was the only one in the parking lot. “My God,” I’m thinking to myself. “I just sucked a strange man’s cock. First time I have even thought about doing such a thing.” As I opened the truck door, I found a little piece of paper stuck in the window with a local phone number. “I’ll be doing this again,” I thought as I started the truck and drove away.

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8 days ago
3 months ago
If I'm ever in STL I intend to find Pete3 and suck his cock.
3 months ago
that was so erotic made me cum all over my panties
3 years ago
Hot story!
3 years ago
This story was inspired by a video here on xhamster, a guy known as Pete3 jacking in a public restroom.
3 years ago
Wow its what i would havedone and than some thanks
3 years ago
You slut, great story!
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
Hey,y nothing like this can ever happen to me? Thats so fuckin hour I wish I was there, I live by two truck stops in baltimore,i just might do this one day