Halloween Tale

* This story is a work of fiction. All characters are of legal age (over 18). *


"Just two more days until Halloween. I just love it! It's my favorite holiday."

"Yeah, why is that?"

"The best parties are always on Halloween. What are your plans?"

Jason didn't answer his s****r's question right away. Halloween was this Sunday and Jason wasn't invited to any parties. He didn't really know what to say to avoid seeming uncool in front of his older s****r. He let the silence linger.

"No plans then, eh? Well, I'm going to a frat party. They are only letting in people with good costumes. I heard that last year it was insanely hard to get in. But I know one of the guys in the fraternity. He said that as long as I bring a few of my girlfriends he'd get us in."

"Sounds great, Mindy," said Jason dramatically.

"I know! Anyway, Mom and dad are going over to the Wilsons' house. You can go with them. I'm sure the Wilsons will be happy to have you over. You can watch all the old people drink and give out candy," Mindy let out a small snort failing to contain her laughter. Her car screeched to a stop on a corner of Jason's school.

"Okay, little b*o, get out. Oh, don't forget to pick up a costume this year, before it's too late."

As soon as Jason closed the passenger side door, Mindy stepped on the accelerator.

"Have a good day yourself, s****r," mumbled Jason, watching his s****r's blue VW beetle disappear around the corner. His s****r was always a brat, but since she was now in college she was even worse. Her reputation matched her attitude as well. Jason heard rumors how his s****r would lead a guy on and then dump him in the end. Those same rumors talked about the fact that his s****r was still a virgin, since nobody was ever good enough for her. Jason felt relieved to know that, it meant he wasn't the only virgin in the f****y. Boys at his school would always ask him to "hook them up" with his s****r. Jason never understood why guys lined up after his s****r -- sure she had the looks, but she also had a terrible attitude.

Jason heard the bell ring and hurried to class.

At school Jason was hoping to receive a late invitation to someone's party. He even showed up to basketball practice, even though it was Friday of the Halloween weekend. Sadly enough, nobody else showed up. Not even the coach. Jason figured he must have missed the memo about a cancellation. Disappointed, Jason decided to walk home.

Jason didn't have a lot of friends amongst his teammates. Maybe it was because he was the backup forward, even though it was his last year of high school. They called him the "bench warmer". It wasn't Jason's fault, however. He would have been a starter, if he didn't hit a crazy growth spurt and grew a whole six inches. The newly attained height, made Jason very clumsy and he couldn't handle the ball well anymore.

"Jason, honey, don't worry. Before you know it you will get used to being tall. Then you'll be the number one scoring forward in the league," Jason's mother would try to cheer him up.

"Son, it's just the effects of puberty," his dad would say. His dad was right in the way. His body was growing fast everywhere and Jason was somewhat happy that his penis was no longer the little "wee-wee" he used to have.

"Too bad nobody will ever see how big it is," thought Jason to himself. He didn't hope to lose his virginity anytime soon. He wasn't handsome, or popular, in fact he was the opposite. He didn't know how to be cool, like his s****r; and he certainly didn't inherit the good looks. Mindy received all of the best from their mother -- petite body, large breasts, shiny black hair and olive skin. Yet Jason inherited all of the bad traits from his dad -- lanky body, large nose, messy hair and ghost-white skin.

Because Jason grew so fast, he wasn't quite used to his arms and legs being longer. He struggled with the shift in balance that the new added weight of his limbs provided. He tripped and stumbled often, ran funny and walked uncertainly. Thus, he received such nicknames as "dufus" or "ogre" around school.

Another thing Jason didn't understand was Mindy's fascination for Halloween. In fact, his whole f****y seemed to be infatuated by the holiday. To him, it seemed just an excuse to dress up and pretend to be someone else. When Jason was a k**, he enjoyed going out trick or treating and getting a bag full of candy. But now that he was older, it seemed Halloween was about parties and drinking. And he was a stranger to those activities. The only things Jason enjoyed during Halloween were the sweets, and his mom made the best pies.

On Saturday, Jason woke up to a wonderful smell of baked goods about the house. As he stumbled out of his room, he noticed that their house had been turned into a creepy cavern.

Jason almost ran into his dad, Steve, who was hanging up plastic skeletons and fake spider webs on the walls.

"What do you think?" his dad asked proudly.

"Looks good, dad," said Jason, rubbing the sl**p out of his eyes.

"It does, doesn't it? Wait until dark. I'll turn the lights on, it'll be even better."

"Need any help?"

"Oh no. No, I have to get it all just right. You'll only slow me down. Thanks for asking, though."

"No problem, dad."

On the way to the bathroom, Jason's nose led him though the kitchen where his mother was busy baking pies and cookies.

"There's my little guy!" chirped his mom, smiling ear to ear.

"Mom, I'm as tall as dad now."

"But you are still my little guy." Jason's mom pouted her lips at him. "Do you want to try some of the pie? Fresh from the oven!"

Jason's mom was about five foot four and Jason found it strange that he was now towering over her. He had to bend down to give her hugs and he hated it whenever she would tuck him in at night. His mom looked so small to him now, that it seemed absurd for her to call him "her little guy".

"No thanks, mom." Jason shook his head. "Too early for sweets."

"Oh Jason, what is the matter? It's never too early for pumpkin pie for you." His mother fixed him with a stern eye. She was wearing a white apron with pumpkins on the front. She looked like a proper Italian cook.

"It's nothing mom. I'm fine."

"I know what's bothering you," his mother said. "Mindy told me that you're worried that you won't have anything to do on Halloween. Well, your dad and I are going to the Wilsons' house and you should come with us."

"I don't think it's such a good idea."

"You know... Jill will be there," Jason's mom looked straight at him and raised one eyebrow.

Jason involuntarily stiffened at the mentioning of that name. He knew Jill Wilson since they both were little k**s. She was in the same grade as him, but went to a different school. They always seemed to connect whenever their families got together. Jason has had a crush on Jill for the longest time, but he never had the guts to do anything about it. However, the school dance was coming up soon, and Jason was hoping...

"Mrs. Wilson has been telling me that Jill helped her prepare for their party. Jill is going to be Tinkerbelle this year," carried on Jason's mother, interrupting his thoughts. "Do you have a costume yet? Well, I don't know why I'm even asking you that. Of course you don't have a costume -- always waiting until the last moment."

Jason's mother sighed and added: "You'll need a costume if you want to come to the party. I'm going to the store later tonight; I'll see what I can find for you."

"Thanks mom," said Jason leaving her to her baking.

For the rest of the day Jason was in a good mood. He had something to do this Halloween and his costume was being taken care of. It didn't even bother him that he was going to a party with his parents. As long as Jill was going to be there, it was good enough for him.

After dinner, Jason was finishing up his third slice of pie. The whole f****y was still at the dinner table talking about past Halloween memories. Mindy was recalling the time, when the parents made her take Jason trick or treating and how embarrassed she was walking around with a k** dressed up as a chicken. Everyone shared a hearty laugh and even Jason smiled.

"Oh darn it! I still have to get to the store. Don't worry Jason, I haven't forgotten about your costume. I'll find you something. Mindy, sweetheart, would you clean up?" With those words Jason's mom got up and left for the store.

Jason and his father began watching a Halloween movie, but Jason found himself barely able to stay awake. He wanted to wait until mom got back from the store, to see which costume she'd picked for him, but he decided that it could wait till the morning.

It was Sunday and it was Halloween. Jason felt strangely excited for the day. After all, he'd get to hang out with Jill Wilson. His dad was still putting finishing touches on the decorations. It was amazing what he did to the house with a few tools and some old junk from the attic. Jason's mother was baking even more cookies.

"Mom, which costume did you buy for me?" asked Jason after breakfast.

"Oh honey, they didn't have much to choose from. I guess that's what you get when you wait till the last moment. They didn't have much in your size. But I think I found you something that will fit."

"What is it?"

"It's a clown's costume, honey."

Mindy spilled her juice in a sudden burst of laughter.

"Oh stop it, Mindy," said her mother.

"Sorry mom, but I just pictured Jason as a clown," said Mindy.

"Oh yeah, well what are you going to be?" Jason sounded offended.

"I'm going to be a sexy devil."

"What is that supposed to be?"

"It's a devil, that's sexy, you dufus."

"Don't call your b*****r that, Mindy. I'm going to be a French maid this year," said mom. "How about you Steve?"

"I can't tell you. What's the fun in telling if everyone knows who you are on Halloween?" replied Jason's dad.

"Ooh, so mysterious," said the mother with a wink at her husband. "Okay. I have to head over to the Wilsons' house and help them prepare for the party. Jason, I'll leave your costume on the couch. Don't be late to the party, and Mindy, don't stay out all night."

"Yeah, okay mom," said Mindy rolling her eyes. "I'm going to go get ready at Kate's house."

About fifteen minutes later Jason's mother walked out into the living room, where Jason and his dad were watching a TV show.

"What do you think?" the mom asked.

"Oh Kelly, you look great!" announced the dad.

Jason shot a quick glance. His mom was wearing a black French maid's outfit that looked too tight on her. There was a small, white apron attached at the front. A black and white headband held her hair back. Jason didn't think much of her costume and found it unoriginal. The red lipstick that his mother apparently just put on seemed too bright for the rest of the colors. Jason shook his head in sign of disapproval and turned back to the television set. He was a little annoyed that his own costume was even worse.

"I'll see you people later!" yelled Mindy, walking by the living room. "Wow mom! Nice outfit."

"You like it? Is it too tight or too short?" asked mom and did a quick twirl for Mindy.

"Not at all. You look hot, mom. I like the lipstick," answered Mindy.

"The lipstick came with the costume. Should I wear a bra? I feel like my tits sag too much?"

"Hey! Your tits don't sag!" exclaimed dad overhearing his wife.

"Well, they certainly aren't as perky as they used to be," retorted mom. Making sure only Mindy could see her she pushed up her heavy breasts with both hands inside the costume.

Mindy nodded in approval and whispered: "Go with a bra."

Jason stood in front of the mirror and looked at his reflection. He looked ridiculous. The multi-colored costume barely fit. It made him look even more goofy and awkward than ever. Jason was happy that Mindy had already left -- she would have ridiculed him to no end. He tried to turn his torso this way and that, and felt the seams straining with each movement.

Stumbling into a room that served as his father's office, Jason said: "Dad, I can't wear this. Jill will be there."

Jason's father was on the phone, but he smiled when he looked up at Jason. He lifted a finger to indicate that he'll be free in just a moment. Jason waited patiently, feeling like an idiot that was wearing a gay clown's outfit. He tried to blow the hair of the wig away from his eyes.

"What's wrong with your costume? You look hilarious. A proper clown," said Jason's father, hanging up the phone.

"Jill will be there, dad. I'll be the laughing stock of the party."

"Okay, okay. You're right. I'll tell you what; you can wear my last year's costume."

"The giant teddy bear?"

"That's right. It's still in the garage."

Jason thought for a moment. He would have preferred something more elegant. However, the teddy bear costume was leagues better than the clown one.

"Thanks dad!" exclaimed Jason and turned to leave.

"Listen, Jason. I just got off the phone with my boss. I've got some last minute's work that I need to finish up. We're supposed to be at the party in thirty minutes. If I know the Wilsons, they are probably already partying so they won't even notice if I don't show up for a while."

"Do you want me to wait for you?"

"No, go ahead. I'll be right behind you. This shouldn't take more than an hour."

"Okay, dad. Thanks again."

"By the way, it gets really hot in that costume, so make sure you don't wear extra clothes under it or you'll sweat like a pig," added Jason's dad as Jason walked out of the room.

Jason practically tore the clown outfit off of himself. The teddy bear costume that he was about to put on looked much better. It consisted of a full body zip-up suit that was made out of brown, fur-like material and a big, teddy bear headpiece. Taking his father's advice, Jason stripped down just to his boxers, put on the suit and zipped himself up. The suit was a loose fit, but the length was right. There was a small flap around the crotch area for easy bathroom business. Next, Jason placed the large teddy bear mask over his own head. It was like a helmet -- dark and stuffy inside. It had two slits for the eyes that were covered with mesh material, which made it difficult to look around. There were also small holes for breathing and a larger one for the mouth.

"Perfect fit! Looks good on you," said Jason's father walking into his room.

"Mfff humpf gah," said Jason.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Can't hear anything you say," chuckled dad. "That mask is pretty dense and muffles the words. You'll just have to communicate with your hands. Anyway, you'd better get going. You'll be late."

"Gahf puffm bah hah?"

Jason's dad just shook his head and shrugged.

Jason pulled his new head off and said: "I'll see you there shortly?"

"I'm right behind you."

The Wilsons house was only a few blocks away and Jason walked there holding the teddy bear mask under his arm. Once he arrived at the front door he took a deep breath and put on his new head. He knocked on the door and it opened by itself. There were a lot of people inside and, like his father said, the party had already started. As Jason walked around the house he recognized a lot of faces.

"Steve is that you? Couldn't find a new costume? Anyway, about time you showed up. Want a beer?" said Mr. Wilson, slapping Jason on the shoulder. He handed him a cold bottle of beer and disappeared.

"Cool," thought Jason, "he thought I was dad." He looked at the bottle in his hand, but didn't know how he was going to drink from it.

Jason walked around trying to see if he could find Jill. Instead he saw his mother, standing by the refrigerator, giggling with Mrs. Wilson. They both were wearing matching French maid costumes. They saw the giant teddy bear and waved at him.

"Steve! Nice to see that you made it," said Mrs. Wilson as Jason approached. "What's with the same costume?"

Jason just shrugged.

"That's why you didn't want to tell me. You must really like that costume," said Jason's mother with a wink and a look that Jason didn't understand.

Jason was about to try and explain himself, but his mother handed him a glass and said: "Here, try this, Steve. We made the best margaritas."

"Kelly, get him a straw. Remember the mess he made last year, trying to drink in that costume?" added Mrs. Wilson, grabbing a straw off the counter.

Jason couldn't believe that his mother was giving him an alcoholic beverage. Of course, she thought that she was giving it to her husband, but Jason wasn't about to protest. He fed the straw through the mouth hole and took a sip. The drink was cold and delicious. Jason didn't even taste any alcohol, but he's never tried a margarita before, thus had no idea what he was supposed to taste.

"Good, isn't it?" asked Jason's mother. She was talking loudly over the noise in the house.

"Kelly, your boobs are about to spill out again," giggled Mrs. Wilson pointing at her friend's cleavage.

"Oops! This bra has a mind of its own. It keeps pushing my tits too far up."

Jason's mom used Jason's bulk to shield herself from the rest of the party as she tugged on her low-cut top. Jason tilted his head down, not quite sure what his mother was trying to do. Suddenly, his breath caught in his throat when he realized that his mother was adjusting her breasts. One of her large nipples suddenly came fully into his view. Jason's eyes grew large as it hovered there for a moment and disappeared into the bra.

Jason felt a rush of hot bl**d on his face and was suddenly glad for the teddy bear mask.

"Maybe it's your tits that have a mind of their own," laughed Mrs. Wilson. "They just want to come out and say hello."

"There. That's better," said Jason's mother when she finished fumbling with the cleavage of her costume.

Jason stood still like a tree, afraid that his identity may be suddenly revealed.

"Let's go meet the new f****y that moved in across the street from us. They are out on the deck," proposed Mrs. Wilson. Jason's mom latched on to Jason's arm and prodded him after Mrs. Wilson.

Meeting the new neighbors was quite boring, since Jason couldn't even talk. He quietly sipped on the margarita through the straw and slowly began feeling its effect. He also noticed that his mother was acting unusual. She was talking loudly, laughing at everything to the point that her smile lines looked like creases, and drinking one margarita after another. Her breasts were beginning to work their way to the top again.

"Too many drinks," Jason decided.

Jason's eye caught a pair of wings approaching him from the side. He swung his head to look and saw Jill.

"Hi Jill!" yelled out Jason's mother.

"Hello, how are you?" greeted Jill. "Nice costume! I like the high heels and the stockings. Nice touch, Mrs. P."

"Thanks. You look great too."

"Where's Jason?" asked Jill.

"Oh my, I completely forgot about him," said Jason's mother; her perma-grin disappearing for a second. She looked up.

The teddy bear next to her shrugged.

"He must have been embarrassed by the costume I got him and decided to stay home. All I could find was a clown's costume."

Jill giggled.

"So, how is school?" asked Jason's mother, her smile returning to her lips.

"It's still there -- same old and boring. But there's a big dance coming up. I'm really hoping that Michael Sterling will ask me to go with him."

"He's a nice boy, that Sterling. But how about you and Jason go together?"

"Oh. Eh... yeah, I'm pretty sure Michael is going to ask me very soon."

"Well, I'm sure he will. But if he doesn't there's always Jason."

Jason felt weird being discussed like that. He also didn't like the kind of reaction Jill showed when his name was mentioned. His heart sank a little and he really had to go to the bathroom. Not wanting to hear more of this conversation he quietly sneaked off and headed for the nearest urinal.
There was a line at the bathroom downstairs, but Jason knew that there was a master bathroom upstairs. He was sure that the Wilsons wouldn't mind if he used it. He stumbled up the stairs, almost falling several times because the mask was obstructing his vision. He finally found the bathroom and walked in. Jason fished out his penis through the flap in the front and started to relieve himself. He looked at the full body mirror in front of him and inspected his costume. There was no way anyone could tell who he was.

Jason swayed a little as he peed and decided that he should have another margarita. He finished up in the bathroom and opened the door to walk out.

"There you are," said his mom and gently pushed him back in. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Jason looked at her confused. Why did his mother push him back into the bathroom? And why was she in here now?

"You naughty boy. I know why you wore that costume," she said, advancing on him with a strange twinkle in her eyes.

Jason panicked and began to think that maybe his mother knew that he borrowed his dad's costume. Maybe she was mad at him for fooling her into letting him drink tonight. Yet, she didn't look mad... she looked playful -- her lips twisting into a strange smile, accentuated by the red lipstick.

She approached him and leaned in closer to his face. "Just like last year," she whispered.

Jason was still trying to figure out what all of this meant, when he suddenly felt a hand touch him below the waist. Before he could even gasp, the hand expertly dove into the front flap and grabbed his penis. Quick realization sent a shiver down his spine. Any dizziness he felt from the margaritas was gone.

"Mom no!" he exclaimed, but only incoherent sounds came from behind his mask.

"What's that? Oh, you like this?" asked Jason's mother seductively.

Jason was so shocked that he couldn't think of anything to do. His arms felt paralyzed as they hung limp at his sides. His mom's hand was now rapidly stroking his cock back and forth. It only took but a moment, before he was fully hard. With a firm shove, his mother pressed him against the wall and dropped to her knees. Jason's mind was in paralysis as he dumbly stared at the reflection in the mirror. In the mirror he saw the back of a French maid's head as she knelt before him. Was this really happening?

Jason felt something he'd always imagined and couldn't wait to experience. He felt his penis slip into a warm, slippery mouth. He watched in the mirror as the head of the French maid began bobbing back and forth. In the quietness of the bathroom, he heard distinct slurping noises emanating from below.

"Oh, no! Oh, this can't be happening," thought Jason as his breath quickened. He felt terrified at the fact that he was enjoying this. Everything seemed to be happening so fast that he felt absolutely helpless. He knew that it was too late to try and stop his mom -- she would kill him if she found out he didn't say something right away. What other options were there? Maybe his mother will never find out that she was giving her own son head.

Jason couldn't think -- her mouth felt so good, so tight around his cock. The soft sucking sounds filled the air around him. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the moment. Receiving a blowjob was the best feeling he could imagine and, at this moment, it didn't bother him who was giving it.

Seconds later, Jason felt his balls tighten and his cock flex to the max. He was so dazed and horny that he didn't realize that he was about to blow. He leaned against the wall and thrust his hips forward.

A quiet groan emanated from behind the mask and the teddy bear jerked several times. Big loads of semen began erupting from the tip of his cock. There was so much semen... too much... it overfilled the mouth and spilled out past the lips.

When Jason came to it, he looked in the mirror. He saw the French maid still kneeling before him. He could feel her warm mouth still wrapped around his cock. Her head wasn't moving anymore, but she seemed to be sucking gently on his tip. With a loud slurping sound, her mouth released his cock.

"Whoa!" someone said from down below. "So much cum, honey!" It sounded like someone was speaking with a full mouth. "I don't know if I can swallow all of this." Then suddenly, Jason's mom was standing before him. She looked straight at him and Jason was scared shitless that she would recognize him. Instead, she swallowed and then swallowed again.

"Whew. That was, what I call, a mouthful," said Jason's mom and drew a deep breath. "It tastes good today too. Probably your new diet." She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, smearing the lipstick, then turned around and walked to the sink, slightly stumbling.

Jason didn't dare to move as he watched his mom turn on the faucet and wash her hands. He saw himself in the mirror, still wearing the costume, pressed against the wall. His still stiff cock was sticking out of the flap and glistening with sperm. His eyes turned to his mom who was slightly bent over, wearing black high heels with nylon stockings. He legs were two smooth pillars that disappeared under the costume's skirt. The skirt was short and came right up to her butt cheeks.

Jason's post-orgasmic mind was still hazy and he found it difficult to concentrate on his thoughts. It all felt like a dream, but he knew this would not be good for him if his mom found out who this teddy bear really was. He glanced towards the door of the bathroom and calculated his chances of escaping if he bolted for it right now. He was about to go for it, but his mother turned back around, getting in the way of the door. She looked at him with that same wicked smile, as she wiped her hands on her little white apron.

"That was hot," she said. Her eyes were on his crotch. "Oh my! I see you are ready for more, naughty boy."

Jason bit down on his bottom lip, trying to decide what he should do. Any ideas he might have had s**ttered suddenly, when his mom grabbed the front of her shirt and pulled roughly down. Her heavy, olive colored tits spilled freely out.

"Are you ready for some of this?" she asked him with a slight slur in her speech. She brought her hands under the skirt and quickly pulled down her panties. Jason noticed that they were black and lacy. He pressed his back harder into the wall, like he was trying to go through it. He certainly did not expect his mom to whip out her breasts and take off her panties.

"What is she thinking?" thought Jason as his eyes were strangely drawn to her big tits.

His mom took a few steps towards him, throwing her hips side to side with each step. Her tits swayed along with her movements. When she got close, Jason tore his eyes away from her breasts and dared a look at her face. She seemed to be staring down at his cock.

"Oh god," whispered Jason when he finally realized what his own mother was thinking.

She came up to him within inches and traced a finger along the length of his slimy penis. He saw in the mirror that a long string of sperm was hanging off of the tip. Deftly, like a dancer, his mom turned around and scooted her hips right up to him. Bending slightly forward she prepared herself for his cock.

"I'll be quiet", she whispered.

Jason's knees were bent, when he buckled during the orgasm. He felt his mom's hand grab his cock and pull down at it. Jason had no choice but to obey, so he squatted down further. His mom was wearing high heel shoes and the positioning was perfect.

Jason held his breath and waited, somewhat oblivious to the fact that he was about to lose his virginity to his own mother. As he stared at this scene in the mirror, he saw his mom press herself back into him. The next moment, he felt something warm and wet engulf the tip of his member.

His cock slowly sank into the French maid's pussy. It felt tighter than her mouth, and seemed to be getting warmer. She moved her hips away then back into him; the soft, smooth walls of her vagina caressing his shaft.

Jason regretted having the mask on -- it didn't allow him to look down, to watch his cock penetrating its first victim. Certainly, he couldn't remove the mask, as that would be the end of him. He put aside such thoughts.

In the mirror, the French maid began rocking back and forth. She was bent over slightly and her hair fell to block her face. Jason was glad for that -- he didn't want to see his mom's sex grimace -- that would have made this more awkward. The maid's tits were drooping over the front of her shirt and they were jiggling rhythmically. He watched her hard nipples bounce around.

The French maid began rocking herself faster and he could hear her breathing quicken. She placed her hands on her thighs, for support, and bent down further at the waist. She was driving her hips hard back towards him, making a dull slapping sound every time her ass slammed into him.

She let out a loud moan, then raised her upper body slightly and lifted her head. Jason cringed when he saw his mother's face but continued looking, trying to concentrate on her tits. He couldn't help but notice his mom lick her lips. Her cheap, red lipstick was now smeared all around her mouth. She bit her lip and let out another moan.

"Oh, baby. This is amazing. I'm so hot," whispered his mother. "Oh yeah, faster, faster," she spoke as she worked herself on his cock. "Yes! That's it, baby. You're going to make me cum!" she squealed.

Her voice sounded all too familiar to Jason and he wished she stayed quiet. He wished that for two reasons. One was that it made it plain to him that he was having sex with no one other than his mom. Two was that it was strangely arousing to him.

"Yes! I'm cumming! Yes, there it is!" wailed his mom.

As if on cue, Jason felt that he was cumming too. His whole body felt so good that he couldn't think about anything else except spilling his seed into this pussy. His hands reached forward and grabbed his mother by the hips. For a split second, he wondered at how small she felt bending over like this in front of him. Then he shoved his hips forward meeting an oncoming thrust from her hips. His cock dove as deep as it could. He heard her give a sudden yelp but his hands held her firm. His cock spewed, what felt like, the largest load of jizz, deep into her.

He held her close until his cock finished pumping her full of cum. Slowly, his hands relaxed as his trembling body sank back against the wall. Nothing mattered to him at this moment and he simply enjoyed the aftereffect of his first sex.

"Wow! That was something," his mom said as a matter of fact. She was leaning against him -- with a flushed face and out of breath.

"What's going on in there? Is someone in there?" There was a sudden voice from outside the door. It sounded just like the voice of Mr. Wilson.

"Yes. Yes. It's me, Kelly. I'm just using the bathroom," replied Jason's mom. Her face twisted in panic and alarm for a moment. Her body tightened and Jason realized that his cock was still inside of her, as her pussy tensed around it.

"Oh, okay. Sorry, didn't mean to bother you Kelly," replied Mr. Wilson. "Don't rush. Take your time."

Relieved, Jason's mom exhaled and her face relaxed back into a d***ken smirk. She pitched forward and his cock sprang out of her pussy. Jason was surprised that he was still hard. His cock felt sensitive, but it didn't seem to have any intentions of softening.

"We better hurry up and get out of here," said his mom. "Thanks for that, babe." Without bothering to clean up, she walked over to her panties and bent down to pick them up. Jason turned his head and looked at her. She tried to put her feet through the right openings in her panties. Her ass wiggled his way and that. Jason finally saw what had just finished fucking him. He agreed right away that it was the most beautiful pussy he's ever seen; and he's seen quite a few in the porn videos. His mom's pussy was smooth, shaven, with dark red, almost brown, lips that spread apart. He watched his own spunk drain out of that pussy, slowly dripping to the floor. He was enchanted as he stared at his mother's flower.

Finally, she worked her panties back onto her hips and straightened out. She smoothed the front of her skirt and turned to the mirror. She adjusted her hair and half-heartedly attempted to fix her lipstick. Beads of sweat shined on her forehead. She looked down at her tits and seemed surprised that they were hanging out like that. Shrugging, she said: "Can't have these bad boys running around like this," and tucked them away one by one. She gave a final adjustment to her costume and seemed satisfied with her looks. She turned to look at the teddy bear.

His mom's eyes were half open and looked hazy. Her lipstick was still smeared on her top lip. Her hair looked tangled on one side of her head. One of her b**sts looked like it was about to pop back out. But she smiled happily and headed for the door.

"I'll see you out there," she said when she opened the bathroom door. She stumbled and almost fell, but managed to keep her footing. She threw one last glance back at teddy bear and frowned when she caught sight of his cock. It was still erect. Shrugging she opened the door and left.


Jason allowed himself to assess the situation for the first time. His mother just gave him a blowjob then had vigorous sex with him thinking that he was her husband. It was only a matter of time before she would find out that Jason's father hadn't even made it to the party yet. Now that he wasn't under the influence of the hormones, Jason felt a feeling of fear and disgust grip tight at his chest. He figured he was as good as dead.

The loud sounds of the party drifting through the open bathroom door, snapped Jason to action. He had to get out of here as fast and as discreet as possible. Forcing his stiff cock back into the flap, he ran out of the bathroom like a madman. Without stopping for a second, he bolted down the stairs and through the front door. He ran as fast as he could down the street. He almost tripped and fell several times, but still he kept his costume on.

Jason ran through crowds of laughing c***dren all dressed up in costumes. It seemed like they were all laughing at him; like they all knew what he just did.

"You fucked your own mom! You fucked your own mom!" rang imaginary shouts in his ears.

Jason needed to be alone and he knew just the place. He ran towards the creek that ran through a large park in his neighborhood. He knew that he wouldn't be bothered by anyone there at this time of night.

Once at the creek, Jason took off the teddy bear mask. Breathing heavily, he whipped the sweat from his face. He sat down on the nearest rock he could find and tried to think about his situation.

"What a disaster," he thought. "I can't believe mom would do such a thing, even if she thought I was dad. I should have told her it was me right away. I should have said something. What a stupid idea! Why did I pretend to be dad?"

As Jason sat next to the creek and thought fruitlessly about what he should do, he realized that it was getting cold. The teddy bear suit was indeed too hot for the party, but not warm enough to be outside for a prolonged time. He didn't want to go home. He thought about going to his only friend's house, but remembered that he was out of town.

Jason had no place to go other than home.

He stood up and felt his limps stiff from cold. Glancing around, he put the mask back on his head and headed towards his house. Maybe he could lock himself in his room and never come out again.

Back at the party, Jason's mom was feeling very d***k. Mrs. Wilson gave her another margarita, but she hardly touched it. Kelly felt tired, dizzy and nauseous.

"Well, hello there!" she heard someone say behind her. She turned around and saw a man in a knight's armor standing there. The armor seemed real and was very bright.

"Who are you?" she asked, frowning at the stranger.

"I'm your knight in shining armor," he relpied.

Kelly gave him an indifferent look and turned back around.

The man tapped her on the shoulder and lifted his helmet's visor. "It's me, honey. Steve! What's wrong with you?"

"Did you go change?" Kelly asked, looking confused.

"What? No. I just got here. What are you talking about?"

"The teddy bear," said Kelly slowly, too d***k to think clearly.

"Oh, that." Steve laughed. "I let Jason borrow that. Isn't he here?"

"Jason?" asked Kelly slowly. Before the thoughts could form in her head, she felt her stomach begin to heave. On instinct, she headed straight for the kitchen sink, shoving people out of her way. She got there just in time as she released all of the contents of her stomach back out though her mouth. Another spasm of her stomach and another heave, and Kelly retched again.

"Hun, are you okay?" Steve asked with concern in his voice.

She felt his armored hand on her shoulder.

"What's going on?" asked Mrs. Wilson who made her way through the crowd of guests.

"Kelly's sick," said the knight.

"Is that you, Steve? Did you go change your costume?" asked Mrs. Wilson.

"No. That was Jason wearing my last year's one."

"Oh, my!" laughed Mrs. Wilson. "He certainly had me fooled, that little rascal. Are you okay, Kelly?"

There was no reply. Mrs. Wilson glanced at Steve and added quietly: "Too many margaritas."

Kelly stood bent over the sink waiting for her stomach to settle. The nauseating feeling was slowly passing. Her head was spinning and she could barely keep her eyes open. She looked at what she just spewed into the sink and she was able to distinguish sperm amongst other stuff. Without thinking any further about it, she turned on the faucet and watched as it was all washed down the drain.

"It's a good thing the sink has a built-in food disposal," said Mrs. Wilson giggling. "Did you have some milk or something?" she asked glancing over Kelly's shoulder.

Kelly pushed herself away from the sink and tried to stand. She pitched to the side and felt someone catch her. She realized that she was being led to the couch and was glad to lie down. Within moments, she was asl**p.

"She can stay the night here," offered Mrs. Wilson.

"Thanks Mary, but I'll bring the car around and take her home. I think she would appreciate the feel of her own bed in the morning."

"Okay. I'll watch over her, while you go get the car."

The next morning Kelly woke up with a pounding headache. Her head felt like it was full of nails and twice its size. She felt a terrible urge to go to the bathroom. As she stumbled out of bed she noticed that she was still wearing her costume. In the bathroom, she struggled out of her panties and kicked them aside. She sat down to pee. All she could think about was Tylenol and a glass of water. She shifted her eyes and looked at her bunched up panties. As the pee poured out of her, she noticed the white, dried up stain on the black fabric. That's when the memories of the night before flooded her mind. She remained sitting on the toilet long after she was done and thought about the night before.

Strangely enough, Kelly didn't remember much of the night, except what happened in the bathroom. She remembered giving a blowjob to someone in the teddy bear costume. She remembered having sex with him. She remembered that the sex was good -- she even had an orgasm. She hardly ever had orgasms through intercourse. Then she remembered Steve, shining in his knight's costume. She remembered what he told her. About the teddy bear costume. Kelly felt nauseous again.

Jason sat on his bed and stared down at the floor. It was a school day and he was already dressed. He didn't want to walk out of his room, but he knew someone would come get him soon enough; someone to take him to school or someone to kill him. Either way, he hoped it would be his s*s.
"Good morning, son!" said Jason's dad as he walked into his room.

Horrified, Jason looked up at him, but noticed that his dad was in a cheerful mood.

"Your s****r isn't home yet," he laughed awkwardly. "I'll take you to school today."

Jason stood up and reached for his backpack, still studying his dad's face.

"Did you have fun at the party last night?" his dad asked. "I'm sorry I missed you. I had to take your mom home. She had a little too much to drink."

Jason relaxed a little. "So mom hasn't told him. Maybe she doesn't even remember," he thought.

"I wouldn't be surprised if she stays in bed all day," his dad continued.

Jason simply nodded and followed his dad out of his room.

On the way to school, Jason thought back to the costume that he hid far away in the attic. He felt much better now that it seemed that his dad didn't know anything yet. He hoped it would stay this way, but he couldn't just ask his mom not to say anything. What if she doesn't remember and he'll only remind her?

For the next couple of weeks Jason stayed late after practice and when he got home, he would head straight for his room. He actually managed to avoid seeing his mother all this time so far. It seemed she wasn't too keen on seeing him either. His dad and s****r, continued to treat him absolutely the same and his fears began to diminish.

However, Jason couldn't stop thinking about that strange Halloween night. The fact the he lost his virginity to his mom didn't make him feel as guilty as it should have. Instead, Jason felt proud that he got to bang someone with such big breasts. He agreed that he wouldn't mind seeing them again, though he realized that sex with his mom wasn't going to happen again. That saddened him. Who else would have sex with him?

It was just another Friday evening and Jason sat in his room. His history homework was giving him trouble. He hated remembering all of the useless dates. A sudden knock on the door startled him.

"Come in," he said automatically.

The door opened and Jason stiffened when he saw his mother walk in. He quickly looked away and pretended that his history textbook was the most interesting book in the world.

He heard his mom close the door behind her, take a few steps and sit down on his bed.

"Jason," she said calmly, "we have to talk."

Jason didn't speak or move.

"Come sit next to me," his mother said.

Slowly Jason's limps came to life. He put the book down and made his way towards his mom. He avoided looking at her and awkwardly sat down next to her.

"I'm just going to come out and say this," his mom began. "It's about the Halloween night..." She paused, struggling for words. Uncomfortable silence settled in.

"I'm... How do I say this? Well... There is something you should know," she said with difficulty and paused again. "I... I'm pregnant," she finally said quietly.

Jason's head snapped sideways to look at her. His eyebrows were drawn together. "What? Pregnant? Are you sure?"

"I'm quite sure. I've been taking home pregnancy tests all week. They are all positive."

"Really? What does this mean?"

"It can only mean one thing, Jason. It's yours."

"What? What are you talking about? That's crazy!" Jason tried to laugh, but sounded like he was crying.

"We both know what I mean," replied his mom.

Heavy silence followed.

"How do you know it's not from dad?" Jason asked after some time.

"Because... your dad and I tried to have another c***d a few years back. We tried and we tried, and finally found out that your father can't have c***dren anymore. We went to a specialist and he ran all sorts of tests."

Jason felt cold fear and panic spread all through his body. He was a k** himself, how could he be a father? A father of his own b*****r? His mind was reeling and he felt paralyzed. He sat quietly next to his mother like a statue.

When the initial shock wore off, Jason was aware of his mom breathing softly next to him. "What now?" he asked.

"I don't know, Jason."

"Did you tell dad?"

"Of course I didn't tell him!" his mother snapped. "What am I supposed to tell him? That I had sex with our son because I thought you were him?"

Jason nodded thoughtfully.

"I don't know what to do, Jason." She sounded like she was about to cry. "If he finds out about it... I don't know what he would do. You know your father's temper when he's angry. You know that above all he hates being lied to."

"I know," said Jason quietly. "We need to think of something."

"Think of something? Like what?" asked Kelly.

"What about an abortion?" He brightened and looked over at his mom.

She shook her head. "I thought about that. But it's not right. That would be killing a person. I... I just can't do it."

Jason understood. His body began trembling from all of the shock. "But we have to think of something," he said.

"Well, there is one thing that may work. It's a crazy idea, but it is actually your dad's idea."

"Huh? What do you mean?" asked Jason.

"This is a bit awkward, but giving the circumstances..." She paused and thought for a moment. Her voice sounded dreamy as she continued: "Your dad has this thing -- he likes to watch. He's always wanted to see me with someone else. It was always a fantasy of his. Lately, we've been trying to put a spark into our sex life and your dad has been trying to convince me to have sex with another man, and he would watch. Of course I always refuse. It would be too weird and I could never cheat on him. So instead, we have been role playing. He pretends to be some stranger and I play along. It's almost as good as his fantasy and I feel good about it. In fact, he's been using Halloween to mask his identity and play our game. It has worked out pretty well... until now."

"I'm sorry, mom," said Jason.

"No. No, honey. I'm the one that's sorry. If I hadn't gotten so d***k, none of this would have happened," his mom defended.

Silence fell upon them again.

"Your father's birthday is coming up. He's been begging for me to have sex with one of his co-workers. As always, he'll expect me to refuse..." began Kelly again. "But what if I don't?"

"That's a good idea, mom," mused Jason. "You can blame it all on that other guy."

His mom looked at him and there was something hard in her stare. "No, Jason. I'm not going to cheat on your father twice!"

Jason frowned at her. "Then what are you getting at?"

Her face softened. "I already did something with you that I should only be doing with your dad. I couldn't do it again with someone else. I just couldn't." She took a deep breath.

Jason was confused now. What was his mother talking about?

Suddenly his mother explained it all: "If anything it should be you."

A most unexpected feeling of excitement arose within Jason's chest. He couldn't help but smile, ear to ear.

"You want us to have sex in front of dad?" he blurted out cheerfully.

His mom closed her eyes and frowned. "Don't say it like that. It sounds so bad."

Jason took a moment to think. He couldn't believe that such a chance has landed in his lap. He had to be careful, however, and not screw this up.

"Well, you do have a point," he said. "It won't really count as cheating twice if we have sex. We already did it once -- it shouldn't be that bad the second time."

Kelly looked Jason in the eye: "You are my son, Jason. How can I willingly have sex with you? How can I tell your father that I will let him watch me have sex with our own k**?"

Jason looked away and felt a flush of embarrassment. Yet, his mind couldn't let go of the thought that he could have sex again. The image of his mother's tits floated before him.

"I have an idea," Jason said. "How about you tell dad that if he wants to watch, he would have to hide? Tell him that you have someone in mind, but that he is shy. Dad can hide in the closet or in the bathroom. I'll wear something over my head and he'll never know who I am."

"Do you really think he won't recognize his own son?" asked Kelly.

"I'll wear a hoodie and pants. I'll never take them off and face away from where he's hiding. I mean, why would he ever suspect that it's me?"

"Well... I just... I just don't know," said Kelly uncertainly.

"You brought this idea up, mom!" Jason felt pretty confident, like he was winning the argument. "I'm just trying to help."

Kelly covered her face with her hands and shook her head. "I can't. This is wrong. You are my son. We can't have sex. It was a stupid idea. I shouldn't have said anything. I'll think of something else." She stood up and left the room.

Jason remained sitting on his bed staring at the floor. He felt disappointed. His mother was pregnant now and it was all because of him. However, he was also very aroused. He had a hard-on now and couldn't stop thinking about his mom's tits. He decided to take a shower and masturbate.

That night was the first time the whole f****y gathered for dinner since Halloween. Everyone talked cheerfully as always. It almost seemed like nothing has happened between him and his mom. Yet, every now and then, she would give him these distant, thoughtful glances.

The next couple of days passed by uneventful. Jason hoped to talk to his mom when they were alone and try to convince her that her idea, about them staging a sex scene in front of dad, was a good one. However, his mom seemed to avoid him and he could never catch her alone. He began worrying that she might tell dad the truth.

One morning, when Jason was waiting for someone to take him to school, his mother told him to get into her car.

As soon as they left their driveway, his mom said: "I told your dad."

"You did? Mom! Oh, no! He's going to kill me," whined Jason.

"Not that," his mother said. "I told him I let him watch as I have sex with someone else. I told him, it would be someone that I choose, someone that he doesn't know. I also told your dad that he would have to hide and watch the show from the hiding place. He was so happy, he agreed to everything."

Jason breathed a sigh of relief and his eyes lit up: "Does that mean we are going to do it?"

Kelly didn't answer.

"Your dad wants to video tape the whole thing. He said he'd hide the camera. I tried to protest, but I don't want him getting suspicious. As long as you don't turn your face to the camera, it should be fine. I'll buy you new clothes that you can wear during... I'll buy you a hoodie and some pants. Make sure you keep them on the whole time. Then afterwards, we'll throw the clothes away. We'll never talk about it either. Ever again. Understood?"

"Yes mom," Jason replied solemnly, but in fact he was too excited to hide it. He felt his cock stir in his pants and he took a glance at his mom. Her face was stern and she was looking straight ahead. Her tits were bulging in her white work shirt and the seatbelt was parting them in the middle.

"So, when are we doing this?" asked Jason after a while.

"On your dad's birthday. That's next Saturday in case you forgot. We plan to make sure you and your s****r are out of the house for the night."

The car approached Jason's school and Kelly parked it a few blocks away. She turned to her son and looked him in the eyes.

"One more thing, Jason. This is really important," she said. "You have to make sure that you finish inside of me. I'm three weeks pregnant now and soon I won't be able to hide it. This is the only way. We can't erase that Halloween night, thus we'll have to keep it a secret for the rest of our lives. Do you understand?"

"Of course, mom. Don't worry," said Jason casually as he steped out of the car. All he had to do now was wait until his dad's birthday.

This week was the longest week of Jason's life. He couldn't wait for Saturday to arrive. All he could think about was having sex again. He replayed that Halloween night in his head so often that he was almost getting obsessed. He remembered how great his mom's tits looked as they jiggled in the mirror. He remembered the way her gorgeous pussy danced before his eyes, when his mom was picking up her panties. He wished that he could have taken a picture of it. Every time he saw his mom, he couldn't help but check her out. If she wore a skirt or a low-cut shirt, he felt himself getting very aroused.

The hardest part during the week was to keep from masturbating. He wanted to save it all up for his mom. He wanted to dump as much as he could of his load into her. That thought drove him crazy, but he knew that he didn't have to wait much longer.

The day finally came and Jason suddenly felt nervous. What if something goes wrong? What if his dad recognizes him? Was he really going to have sex with his mom?

His s****r was sent away to visit her friends in a different city for the weekend. Jason staged a fake basketball camp that would last for a few days. So far everything was going smoothly and his parents prepared for their naughty event.

The plan was all laid out. Jason would wear the baggy outfit that his mom bought him. His mom would lead him into the room and he would keep his back to the closet where his dad would hide. His dad insisted that Kelly give the stranger a blowjob, so they would start off with that. Jason didn't mind that one bit. Then they would get on the bed and have sex. Jason was to keep the hoodie and the sweat pants on the whole time, only pulling the pants down enough to stick his cock out.

Jason had all afternoon to kill before he had to arrive at the house. He decided to go play basketball at the court on the other side of town, where nobody knew him. After playing for a few hours, he allowed himself plenty of time to change into the new clothes and head home. He realized that he was sweaty after playing basketball all day and he wouldn't be able to take a shower. However, that was the least of his worries.

"Okay, it's all set up," said Steve turning the camera on. He stepped back and made sure that the camera wasn't easily detectable. His wife walked out of the bathroom wearing a silk robe.

"Did you put on the garter belt and stockings that I bought you?" Steve asked.

Kelly simply opened her robe and let Steve see for himself. He saw his wife wearing a red, lacy garter belt with matching stockings and bra. She didn't have any panties on and her pussy was freshly shaven.

"You look beautiful, babe. I want to fuck you right now, but I'll leave that to someone else." Steve winked at her.

"The things I do for you," sighed Kelly dramatically.

"That's why I married you!"

"Okay, time to get in the closet. He should be here soon," reminded Kelly. She led Steve into the closet and closed the sliding doors, leaving only a tiny crack in between them. Steve would be able to watch through that crack.

"Can't see very much from here," he complained.

"You can see enough," replied Kelly sternly. "Plus there's the camera."

"Just make sure you blow him in front of the closet."

"Stay quiet and don't make a noise. I told you he's very shy," said Kelly tightening the belt around her robe.

The doorbell rang.

"Happy birthday!" said Kelly theatrically and took a deep breath.

When Kelly opened the door, she saw her son looking at her with uncertainty.

"Hi! How are you?" asked Kelly loudly.

"Good," answered Jason. He was wearing the hood over his head and was now more nervous than ever.

"We should keep up a conversation for a while. So it sounds realistic. Just don't talk once we get to the bedroom," Kelly whispered.

Jason nodded and tried to alter his voice as much as he could: "Wow, nice house. So, your husband is gone?"

"Yes, yes. He is. He won't be back for a few days," replied Kelly.

"Great. Let's get started then," Jason said and let his mom lead the way.

When they walked into the bedroom, Jason suddenly felt a chill run down his spine. His father was right there in the closet watching him. The closet was on the same side of the room as the door and Jason made sure to keep his back to it. His mom walked in front of him and turned to face him. Without any warning, she untied her robe and let it fall to the floor.

Jason held his breath as he looked on his almost nude mom. Indeed, the lacy belt she was wearing around her waist did nothing to cover her genitals and her he could clearly see her dark nipples through the thin fabric of her bra. He felt the chill grow stronger and realized that he was afraid. He couldn't even move -- his body felt frozen. He tried to swallow but his mouth was dry. He couldn't even anything below his waist.

All he could do was look at his mom. She was truly beautiful. Her black hair fell about her shoulders, framing her angular face. Her olive colored skin looked smooth and soft. Her body was slim and toned, with a slight curve in her hips. Her chest rose with every breath that she took. Her red lingerie seemed to accentuate her beauty. She almost didn't look real. She reminded him of some cartoon character -- a beautiful princess or a queen. Jason knew that most girls his age would kill to look as good as her. And yet, Jason couldn't help but stare directly at his mother's face. It was beautiful, but it was his mother's.

Jason waited the longest week of his life for this moment, but now he felt like he was about to cry. This whole time he only thought about sex and not for a moment did he consider that it would be with his loving, caring, wonderful mother. Like a pig, he was constantly picturing her pussy or tits, yet now he couldn't even bring himself to look at them. Here was his mom, the one that cared for him all his life; the one that put fear in him when he did something bad, or took away all his worries when he was upset. Here was a woman that knew Jason better than he knew himself. Any prior desires that he had about having sex with her were suddenly all gone. He felt a powerful urge to hug her and cry on her shoulder.

Kelly sensed that something was wrong with Jason. He stared at her with his big, sad looking eyes. He looked lost and confused -- the same way he looked on the first day of school.

"Poor thing," Kelly thought. "He's scared. Well, I got him into this. I have to get him through it. It's time to be a good mother."

She took a step towards him and took a hold of his hand. She gave it a firm squeeze and smiled a warm, caring smile.

Jason allowed himself be led forward. His mom stopped a few feet away from the closet and turned to face him. She let go of his hand and shot a quick glance at the closet doors.

"Very inconspicuous, mom," thought Jason, trying to lighten up.

His mother reached behind her and unhooked her bra. It fell between her and Jason. Jason looked down at her tits, completely unsupported. Gravity was pulling them down, but they still looked full.

"She may be my mom, but she sure has nice boobs," thought Jason. He lifted his eyes back to his mom's.

She smiled at him and he smiled back.

Kelly didn't want to drag this out any longer than she had to. She got down to one knee then the other, in front of her son. She hooked her fingers into his pants and pulled them down a little. Like they agreed, Jason wasn't wearing any underwear. Carefully, she reached in and pulled his penis out. It was soft and only about four inches. She already knew that it could easily double in size. She began tugging on it gently.

At first Jason's penis wasn't reacting. After about a minute it was still limp. Kelly didn't want to take any chances, so she leaned in closer and took the soft cock in her mouth. It tasted salty and she could smell the musky odor of sweaty balls.

"He could have showered at least," she thought as she began sucking on the tip. Within seconds, she felt Jason's penis began to stiffen and grow. It expanded fast in her mouth and began pulsating as if it had its own heartbeat.

Kelly pulled his cock out of her mouth to allow herself to catch her breath. She grabbed it with her hand and stroked it evenly. She began wondering how she didn't notice the difference between this cock and her husband's that other night. Steve was circumcised, while Jason was uncut. Kelly watched in amusement as the tip of Jason's cock disappeared and appeared from behind the foreskin. She also noticed that, while being a little shorter, Jason's cock was slightly thicker. His cock head was a deeper purplish color and it emanated a strong scent. She could definitely tell the difference now and she blamed the Halloween night on the alcohol once again.
Kelly didn't deny that she felt very uncomfortable doing this. What she was doing to her son made her feel perverse and immoral. She loved Jason very much, but she didn't find herself aroused at all. She looked up at him and f***ed her moth into a smile. At this point, her feelings didn't matter. She would do her best to make her son as comfortable as possible. With a firm resolve, she closed her eyes and took his shaft into her mouth.

Jason felt as if his cock was melting in his mom's mouth. It felt so incredibly good that he forgot his earlier fears. He closed his eyes and listened to the sucking sounds that his mom was making. It sounded quite soothing. His mom was being much gentler this time. On Halloween she tried to shove his cock into her mouth as far and as fast as she could. Now, her mouth moved slowly along his cock, caressing it lovingly.

It seemed so erotic and full of emotion that Jason felt incredibly turned on all of a sudden. He felt his climax build up so fast that he was afraid he'd blow his load too soon. He squeezed his mother's hand firmly -- a sign that he was close.

Kelly stopped immediately and pulled away. She looked up at her son and knew what he meant. She got back up to her feet.

For several long moments, they just stood there awkwardly looking at each other -- neither willing to lead the way to the bed. The pause was getting dangerously long and Kelly finally made the move, leading Jason by the hand.

She hopped up on the bed like a cat and lay down in the middle. She spread her legs invitingly and looked Jason in the eye. Her caring eyes were bright with love and smiled warmly.

Jason paused. His mom was sending such mixed signals. Her spread legs and exposed pussy said one thing, yet her eyes and smile said another. It was a good thing Jason wasn't making decision anymore -- his cock was.

Clumsily he climbed on the bed and positioned himself between his mom's legs. His cock hovered inches from her inviting pussy -- her flaps parted for his entry. He breathed in and could smell the sweet scent of her pussy. Unsure of exactly what to do, he leaned over his mom and lay down on top of her.

Their bodies pressed together. Kelly's boobs squished to the sides under Jason's heavy bulk. She could feel him jerking his hips, trying to penetrate her. She thought it was funny and cute, the way he poked around like a blind mouse. She decided to help him and slid her body down a little under him. Suddenly, he found his way and his tip sank into her. She tightened and drew a sharp breath from the sudden contact, but then relaxed and allowed her son to enter her.

Jason felt hot. His brain buzzed. His cock was only an inch or two inside of his mom's pussy. He wanted to slide it in further, but he was suddenly afraid. He felt on the verge of an orgasm and he knew that he is not supposed to cum this fast. He tried to buy some time and hoped the feeling would pass. It didn't help any that his mom was breathing loudly somewhere under him. He thought that he was gaining control when his mom suddenly scooped her legs behind him and pulled him closer in.

Jason's cock slid further into his mom's warm pussy. That sent him over the edge and he was powerless to do anything about it. With one last thought, Jason shoved his cock even further and surrendered to his orgasm.

Kelly felt Jason's cock pump several loads of sperm into her. She just closed her eyes and felt as his penis pulsated deep in her vagina.

"It's all too soon," Kelly thought. "Steve needs to see more. Otherwise, he'll make me do this again."

Kelly lay quietly under her son, listening to his heavy breathing. She was thankful that his cock was still hard and knew that this wasn't over yet. She began working her hips underneath him, putting extra effort into massaging his cock with her pussy. His fresh spunk provided extra lubrication, and Kelly felt as if she was really wet.

Jason didn't react for quite some time.

"He's probably embarrassed," Kelly thought. She wanted to make him feel like it was okay. She wanted him to feel good about this. She f***ed herself to begin moaning slightly.

It worked, and little by little Jason began meeting her movements. Within a minute they were fucking actively.

Jason set a faster pace than she would have liked, but his strokes were gentle and even. His cock glided easily inside of her, thanks to all his semen. Kelly realized that she was feeling better about this whole situation. She didn't even deny that Jason was doing a good job. His cock seemed to be the perfect size for her -- it filled her out nicely and was touched her in all the right spots.

"That is probably why I had an orgasm on Halloween," Kelly mused. "It's been a while since I had one with Steve."

The thought of an orgasm sent slight shivers down her arms. She could tell she was getting aroused and her sex was heating up. She didn't have to f***e the moans; they poured freely out.

Sex sounds filled the room. The bed was creaking, Kelly was moaning and Jason's pelvis was slapping loudly against her skin. They were both breathing heavily, as if in union.

"We should change positions," whispered Kelly into his ear. "I'm getting a little squished."

"How about doggy-style?" whispered Jason back with exhilaration. He didn't wait for an answer and pulled back away from her, slipping his cock out. He picked her up gently by the hips and flipped her around. Kelly got to her knees and buried face in the pillow, sticking her ass up.

Jason took a moment to enjoy the view. His mom's tight ass glistened in the light. He could see her small asshole, puckered up neatly between the cheeks. He saw her pussy -- her lips enlarged and dark red, her hole spread open with a glob of sperm drooling out of it. It looked messy and it turned him on even more. He decided not to waste another moment and scooted closer to her, guiding his dick inside.

This was just like the Halloween night. Only this time there were no costumes, no mirrors and no masks. Jason grabbed his mom by the hips and began fucking her from behind. He watched her ass, the way it jiggled every time he slammed into it. He could see her pussy stretching and pulling at his cock every time he pulled out. He could hear the way his balls slapped against his mom's skin whenever he drove inside of her. Jason knew he wouldn't last much longer.

Kelly burrowed her head in the pillow and moaned like a ghost. She completely surrendered to her son and allowed him to have his with her. She almost forgot that her husband was watching them -- she was so engulfed by the act. She didn't feel a drop of guilt about what they were doing now. Quite the opposite, she felt wonderful. She could never imagine that sex with her own son could be this good. She felt herself nearing orgasm.

First, her pussy began tingling. Then the sensation spread to the rest of her body. Even her mind was tingling. Her son seemed to her like a young, mighty stud that was hammering away at her like as slut. Kelly needed that hammering, she needed it so bad.

"Oh! Yes! Oh, I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Ah! Oh my god!" Kelly screamed out at the top of her lungs. She lost all control of herself. Her whole body was convulsing, her pussy and asshole were contracting. She pulled at the bed sheets to try and grasp at reality, but reality was slipping.

When Jason heard his mom scream out like that, it filled him with such lust that he began fucking her even faster. The whole bed was rocking and the headboard was banging loudly against the wall. He let go of his mom's hips and reached around to her breasts. He caught them in his palms and squeezed them hard. He bent over her when he felt his balls tighten up. He didn't slow down for moment as his cock began shooting out whatever sperm was still left in him. When he was finally done, he collapsed on top of her, exhausted.

The fog began to clear from Kelly's mind as her orgasm settled. She never even imagined that an orgasm could be so powerful. The walls of her pussy were still vibrating with orgasmic after effect. Nothing mattered to her at this moment; it didn't matter that her son gave her the orgasm of her life or that her husband watched the whole thing. She felt relaxed and ecstatic. She smiled at feel of her son laying on top of her, his cock still inside and still hard.

Steve watched the whole show quietly from the closet. At first he was a bit annoyed by the fact that he couldn't see as good as he wanted too, but he dared not spoil this. He found that if he put one eye to the crack, he could see pretty well.

When he saw the man that his wife was about to fuck, he immediately became curious who that guy was. In a way, he liked his mysteriousness, but his curiosity was greater. The man appeared young, but Steve couldn't be sure. The stranger kept a hooded sweatshirt on the entire time, with a hood over his head. Did the stranger suspect something? Why would he wear a sweatshirt during sex? Did Kelly tell him I'd be watching? Why does this guy look somehow familiar? The questions wouldn't leave Steve alone.

Steve watched as his wife gave the stranger a blowjob. She didn't seem to be too enthusiastic and Steve knew she could do better than that. When they began fucking, Steve took his own cock out and started stroking it slowly.

"Did he already cum? Inside of her?" wondered Steve incredulously, when he saw the man stop suddenly as soon as he stuck his cock in. He smiled when the fucking resumed.

When his wife was getting brutally pounded from behind Steve felt that he was about to cum himself. But he decided that he wanted to fuck his wife right after the stranger was done with her. Steve's curiosity about the identity of this stranger returned.

Steve waited for the right moment. As soon as this stranger finished cumming inside of his wife, Steve opened the closet doors and came out.

They didn't seem to notice him at first.

"That was great!" exclaimed Steve announcing his presence and approached the bed. "I want to meet this man."

"Steve! No! What are you doing!?" screamed out Kelly in alarm.

Steve stopped within several feet of the bed and said: "I just want to meet him. That's all."

"No! Go away!" yelled Kelly again. Her face was sweaty and flushed, and she looked furious. However, she seemed to be pinned under the bulk of the stranger, who didn't move at all.

"Why? Who is this guy?" asked Steve, somewhat hurt.

"We had an agreement!" violently screamed out Kelly. "Get out! Get out right now and let us finish!"

Kelly was really pissed, but Steve failed to understand why. The stranger wasn't saying anything at all. He was just lying there like a rock. What was he hiding?

"Okay. Okay," said Steve putting up his arms. "Calm down, honey. Relax." Steve backed away and made it look like he was walking for the door. Just as he was passing behind the hooded man, he made a quick leap and jerked his hood off.

"Jason!?" exclaimed Steve.

At the sudden unfolding of events, Jason sprang to action. In a blurry flash he pushed away from his mom, jumped off the bed and bolted out of the room.

For long minutes, Steve stood staring after his son. His eyebrows were drawn up in disbelief and his mouth hung open. Finally, he turned to face his wife who was still lying on the bed. He saw wet stains all over the sheets and he saw her pussy and thighs slick with sex juices. Slowly, his lips spread into a wide smile.

"Wow, Kelly!" he said. "I can't believe you got Jason to do it!"

by fictitious

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2 months ago
good last line
6 months ago
Hope the ending indicated there is to be more of this story. Very good
8 months ago
Ok the fact that he asamused was the best ending.
1 year ago
IM not generally into mother/son but i loved the story lined and loved that I was totally fooled, originally thinking that it was going to be son/daughter, then after mom/son son was going to run home to see father/daughter...
2 years ago
2 years ago
lovely story, enjoyed it thoroughly, and the last bit well...

Keep up the good humour!