Marathon Man Ch. 02

Chapter 2

There and back

Mabadi was particularly happy today. His training was going well and he felt that his laps were improving, but most of all he was happy today because Barry was not here. Barry had gone to advertise Mabadi's upcoming run for a week, leaving plenty of time for Mabadi to enjoy Barry's wife.

Mabadi was psyched up to see Susan again, but Susan had insisted that they not draw any suspicions to both her husband and her c***dren, thus it had almost been two weeks since Susan and Mabadi were together. But now that Barry had left his haven unattended Mabadi felt it was time to pay a visit again to Barry's beautiful wife.

While running the track for the tenth time Mabadi could feel his pulse beating faster as he could not wait to see Susan and fuck her furiously again, "Just have to finish this lap, and then I am coming to you Susan."

Mabadi put his soul into finishing the last lap as fast as possible, definitely breaking his record as he finished it. But he had no time to check how he faired, as he was eagerly looking forward to get to the shower and meet Susan.

The hot water hit his muscular body as he soaked himself in shampoo and washed it off, cleaning every part of his body. He particularly cleaned his member, making sure it was nice and shiny for Susan. But as he washed it with soap it began to stiffen up and he started to remember the day he had been with Susan.

He kept stroking his massive joint, while he pictured her tits pouncing back and forth. Her shocked face of when she saw for the first time his dick, the tight feeling he had felt when he penetrated her, and the wonderful big round ass she had. The stroking went from slow delicate, to hard fast.

He grunted and huffed as his elephant dick grew bigger, larger and fatter the more he stroked. Until he couldn't help himself and began yelling Susan's name over and over again, "Susan! Susan!! Susan!!!" with the third yell making him blow semen all over the wall of the shower.

He stopped to catch his breath as he unloaded the remaining squirt of sperm unto the floor. Though the amount of sperm he had shot was not even close to the amount he had emptied inside of Susan, it still made him breath heavier than an asthma ridden c***d.

His cock lost the hugeness it had gained, and turned flaccid. Mabadi then peeled his foreskin back just so he could press the remaining drop of semen out. But as he did the hot water from the shower hit his exposed penis head, and the sudden shock of having such a sensitive spot hit by streaming warm water made him pee.

The strange and curious satisfaction of peeing after having unloaded, startled Mabadi and he just could not stop pissing the remainder of his liquid down the drainer, until he was empty.


Susan read a book, while she lay on her sofa, trying to not think of Mabadi. It was already four o'clock, and she had a strong feeling that Mabadi would show up today, especially since Barry had gone away for a week. Ever since the day he and him copulated, Susan had been feeling guilt for what she had done, and had therefore tried to distance herself from Mabadi.

She would use the excuse that her husband might get suspicions, or that her c***dren would find out. But she knew well that her husband, Barry, had no suspicions and never would have, since he basically ignored her every day. Still her guilt kept her from seeing Mabadi, she had even stopped coming over to see him training, as she felt it would fuel his and her desire.

Desire was in fact Susan's biggest enemy right now, she was trying so hard to not think of Mabadi, but somehow he would always be there when she closed her eyes. Even now when she was reading her book, the memories of her and him kept squeezing itself into her mind.

She felt somewhat stressed over this, almost as if she was being punished for her debauchery. She closed the book and placed it unto the table, taking off her reading glasses in the process. Her mind was being pounded with indecent thoughts of her and Mabadi, but somehow she just wanted to ignore them.

She decided to do so by turning the TV on, watching the news. But even in the midst of soccer teams winning, scandals and a rich business man found dead at his apartment, she would still go back to Mabadi. It frustrated her a great deal, specifically because she started to feel her nipple stiffen up from the thoughts.

Her hand was now itching to pinch her throbbing nipple, but she resisted by paying attention to the news, "The body of Theodore Crawford has been found dead in his apartment, the son of business magnate Baxter Crawford, at age-" But somehow the news of rich business men just wasn't enough for Susan to stop thinking about Mabadi.

Turning off the TV, Susan walked over to the kitchen to get a sip of water, when suddenly the door bell rang. The unexpected call froze her, and she feared it was Mabadi, who had come to pay her visit. Susan's heart began to beat faster, as she walked slowly towards the front door. The bell was ringing slowly at first, but the closer she came the more insistent the bell sounded. It was almost as if someone couldn't wait to come in, "Oh god it must be Mabadi," she thought.

As much as she was reluctant to open the door, something inside of her kept screaming, "Do it! Open the door and let him ravage you!" she tried to keep the thoughts at bay, but the closer she came to the door, the more her nipples began to harden themselves. She was now just beside the door, and she could feel a tremendous desire stirring up inside of her.

Her hand reached the door knob, and her pulse kept beating faster. She unlocked the door and opened it slowly, feeling overwhelming warmth coming from within her as she did.

"Gee ma, what took you so long?" the sound of the young boy clamped Susan's desire to a halt, and the moment her eyes saw the figure by the door a huge relief came over her. It was her son Charlie.

"Charlie!" she said relieved and surprised.

"Yeah ma, who were you expecting? Dad?" he jokingly smiled.

"Oh, no I just didn't expect you to ring the bell."

"Yeah sorry about that ma, I forgot my keys at home," Charlie walked passed his mother and took his shoes off by the door, and hanged his jacket on the knob. Susan felt relieved that it was Charlie, but she somewhat felt a bit disappointed too.

Charlie was the youngest in the f****y; he was now 13 of age and was growing fast. He had dark black hair just like his father, but the same facial structure as his mother. Charlie was a very educated c***d, knowing more things then someone of his age should know, specifically about history.

He was both curious and persistent, in fact there were times that his curiosity would damage him at school, mostly because he wouldn't finish his homework. Charlie just had no interest in other subjects then history, he'd always ace it at history, but unfortunately his other subjects were lacking a bit behind.

Ever since he was born, Charlie had been in the constant care of his mother, since his father kept working day and night. So Charlie never really bonded as well with his father as he did with his mother.

"Is everything all right?" Charlie asked while he unpacked his school stuff unto the table in the living room.

"Yes, why?"

"Nothing I just thought you looked a bit down."

"No, why would I be down I got my sweet little angel to cheer me up," Susan said while she hugged Charlie.

"C'mon ma, I have to do my homework," said he.

"Ok honey, I'll make you some snacks," she caressed his arm and gave him a small peck on the chin, then walked towards the kitchen.

As she opened the cupboard a frightening thought came over her, "What if Mabadi came over when Charlie was still here? What would happen then? More importantly, what would I do?"

"Mom! Do we have any jellybeans?" her son's voice snapped Susan out of her thoughts.

"Ehm, I think so let me see."

The phone began to ring the moment she took the jellybeans out of the cupboard. She ran over to the detachable kitchen's phone, "Hello?"

"Hey it's me," it was Barry.

"Oh hey honey, how was your flight?"

"Even in first class it is shit!"

"Oh dear, I-I am sorry."

"Fucking airplanes, I hate does death machines."

"Please don't get too mad about it honey, watch your bl**d pressure."

"Yeah yeah, listen I forgot a file on my desk you mind check something for me?"

"Yes of course let me just go upstairs," Susan held the horn to her chest and walked passed Charlie, who was sitting in the living room doing his homework, " Sweetie there are some jellybeans in the kitchen cupboard," said she while passing.

She then went upstairs and into her husband's home office, "Ok I am here, what am I looking for?"

"There should be a yellow folder on top of my desk, do you see it?"

Susan searched Barry's desk for the yellow folder through the ton of paper that was s**ttered all over it, passing notes, documents, letters and brown folders. Until she finally caught a glimpse of something yellow beneath it all, "Yes here it is," she said.

"Great, open it up and go to page four, can you tell me what the name of the promoter is?" While opening the folder and looking through the page, she noticed the name Mabadi sticking out from under the pile of papers on the desk – which distracted her, "Hello? Did you find the name?"

"Yes yes, one sec, ehm. It's Daniel Sullivan."

"Thank you honey."

"Do you want to say hi to –" before she was able to say, "Charlie," he had hung up. She gave a big sigh, and walked towards the door, but before she exited she recalled the letter sticking out from the desk. Out of curiosity she walked over to her husband's desk again to read the letter.

The letter had a picture of Mabadi with his name, and under the picture was the word, "Sold." Somehow Susan felt sad when she read it, as she had seen such a letter before. It was a letter that meant that the runner was to be sold to another sport's agency.

Her heart began to beat, and her spine got cold. She felt as if she had lost something, something dear to her, something she cared for. Somehow it felt inevitable, she knew that Mabadi would go, yet she wanted to deny it.

A loud door-bell noise snapped her from the shock she was in, "Who could that be? Oh no," she dropped the letter unto the floor and fast walked down to the first floor. She feared her son would open the door before her.

When she finally came down she saw Charlie by the open door, talking to Mabadi.

"Who're you?" Charlie asked to Mabadi who was standing by the door.

"You must be Charlie, right?" Mabadi retorted.


"I am a friend of your mother," Mabadi smiled.

Fear came over Susan when she saw her son conversing with the man she had slept with, "H-Honey why don't you go back to your homework while I talk to our new arrival," she said to Charlie.

"But ma!"

"No buts, you need to do your duties," Susan said to her son.

"Fine," he grunted back, while walking to the living room.

After Charlie had gone into the living room Susan stepped outside with Mabadi, closing the front door after her, "What are you doing here?" she asked him.

"I thought with Barry gone I'd come and visit you," Mabadi said while he caressed her cheek.

Susan pushed his hand back and said, "We can't do this, I can't do this now."

"Why not?"

"Beside the fact that my son is here, I just can't."

"Fine we'll go to my place," Mabadi insisted.

"No you don't understand, I don't think I can do this."

Mabadi smiled and held her hand, "Listen I can understand that you may feel some guilt, but I also know that you want this."

Mabadi was right, Susan wanted him, now more than ever, but something inside kept her from jumping all over him. She felt scared and confused, scared of losing Mabadi, scared of failing as a wife. It was an unbearable feeling, a confusing feeling. But when Mabadi touched her hand the only thought that came to her was that frightening letter, and what it said. She was going to lose him anyway, today or tomorrow he was going to leave, no matter what.

So was it odd that she wanted him again, one last time. Was it odd that she had feelings for him, or that she was not even thinking about Barry now? Is it so odd for Susan to feel this young man's hand on her own, and have no regret?

He caressed her, knowing what she knew. She could not deny him today, nor the day after. For the small time they had left, she knew it was worth it, so she decided that for now she was his.

He kissed her and the fire within them burnt, she needed him, she wanted him. His smell, his body, all of this she wanted. His tongue connected with his, and she felt as if they were dancing, no guilt just passion.


The room was clean and well preserved, the posters added a nice touch to the white wall. The bed was neat and big, covered with dark blue sheets, and to the left of the bed stood a small table with a book. "This was his room, this was Mabadi's room," Susan thought.

It took some time for her to take it in, that she was in another man's room. A younger man's room, the man she wanted. Mabadi closed the door and watched how perplexed Susan was, until he walked behind her and held her – squeezing her gently.

It helped, the guilt dissipated rapidly when she felt his hands caress her hips and moving slowly against her mid-centre. She could feel his breath on her neck, as he kissed and pecked it, making her moan. She loved it so much that she pressed her ass to his crotch, feeling the bulge he had. It exhilarated him; he could feel her behind calmly stroking him, as if she was begging to be entered.

He moved his hips up and down pressing his mid-section forward. She felt the top side of his member between her ass cheeks, as he gradually moved faster. It amazed her how easy it was for him to make his jeans and her skirt seem completely oblivious as an obstacle, as she could feel his largeness through the fabric.

With her husband it was different. Ever since they had been married she had never once felt nor seen his stiff penis form a bulge in the pants. It somehow made her feel strangely aroused when she thought of it.

"Ahh more," Susan asked as she grabbed his head while he was kissing her neck.

Mabadi licked her neck and began grabbing her tit, caressing it. He could feel her nipples hardening as he kept pinching them, and soon Susan's first orgasm passed through her.

The flow of the orgasm pierced her so unexpectedly that she almost fell, but luckily for her Mabadi was holding her. It was a bewildering sensation, she grabbed him and held him tightly until it had passed.

After it had passed she fell on top of the bed tired, but unfortunately for her he had no intention to make her rest. Mabadi took his shirt and pants off, readying himself for the next part.

Susan was still on her stomach catching her breath from the orgasm, when she felt Mabadi's hands going over her ass cheeks. She looked down and saw him taking her skirt off, she did not know what he was about to do.

Mabadi took her skirt off and began to massage her behind, making Susan moan when his hands went all over her round bottom. Her underwear was already soaked by her essence, as well as being transparent.

Mabadi spread her ass-cheeks apart, while Susan willingly parted her legs for him. He then started to prick the soaked underwear, touching through the fabric her sensitive clit. She gasped at the touch of his finger, it was rubbing her gently, making her moan every time he passed her hole.

"You like it?" he said smiling.

Susan had no response but an incomprehensible moan. She could feel his finger rub her weakest spot, the share touch made her wish for more, and soon she would get more. Mabadi parted her underwear, revealing to him Susan's vagina. It was as if it was alive, throbbing and leaking fluid, as if sweating.

Her pubic hair felt wet and moist, and he could feel the warmth emerging from her. Mabadi kept caressing her sensitive spot, so much so that Susan tilted her behind away from him.

"Part them," he said.


"I want you to part your ass-cheeks."

Susan wasn't sure what he was about to do, but she had no intention to argue with him. She parted the cheeks with her hands, and held them firmly apart. Her most sensitive part was now fully exposed to Mabadi.

He could see her wet vagina flashing and quivering in front of him, as well as her anus hole, which was palpitating and twitching. He just stood there watching for almost an entire minute, as if stunned by beauty.

She felt embarrassed exposing herself in such a way, but most of all she felt embarrassed that he was just watching, "Ngh – please just – just, don't just stare."

He did not hesitate, he plunged his face into her most sensitive opening, and with his tongue he pierced her cunt. The suddenness and unexpected sensation surprised Susan, and so she moaned out of joy the loudest sound she had ever made.

Despite the loud moan Mabadi kept pushing forward. He wiggled his tongue deep down into her, and with his mouth he gently bit her walls. The feeling made Susan bite the sheet as she could not hold her moans back.

She bit hard on the sheet as she felt Mabadi's tongue performing the waltz inside of her. She could feel an orgasm arriving as Mabadi pushed his tongue deeper into her. Her toes fisted as the sensation was coming to a blow. She also slightly lifted herself up from the bed, with her knees supporting her. Her ass went up with Mabadi eagerly following behind, and out of joy and lust she pressed her butt against him, feeling an almost surreal passion.

The orgasm was much more chaotic then the last one, it came as a storm and began spreading through Susan's body. She clenched her toes and just pressed her buttocks more willingly against Mabadi to prolong the orgasm.

Mabadi tasted the very strongest of her essence as he kept toying with her opening. He went up down with his mouth, as if stroking the vagina, sending her into a state of lust. The movement was so sensitive to her that she lost grip of her parted ass-cheeks. They slammed Mabadi's face as he was draining her up, but he did not mind because he was now himself in a lust-full state.

He began stroking his penis while his face was still buried in her, feeling it enlarging and growing stronger. It soon began to drip with pre-cum, as he was stroking furiously for every moan he could hear coming from her.

Susan finally got a break when Mabadi stopped and retracted back from her, she felt relieved but also bit disappointed that he stopped – even if she was going crazy. He turned her around and took her shirt and underwear off, exposing her big melons to him. He then lay over her and began licking and pinching her tits, stopping the break that Susan had been given.

Though her tits were not as sensitive as her vagina, he was still able to make her go crazy with lust. She caressed and held him as she strongly moaned at the pleasure he was giving her. She could feel the top part of his sausage gently stroking with her flower as he kept sucking on her hardened tit knobs, which sent an array of pleasure through her body.

Mabadi then moved upwards against Susan's face and kissed her on the mouth, before moving further up, until his elephant dick was right on top of her, "Kiss it," he said.

She did not hesitate for a moment, she grabbed his dick with both hands and began licking and sucking the head. Mabadi moaned while he was over her face, holding himself up with both arms. His muscles made it easy for him to keep himself up, but the feeling of Susan's mouth sucking him made it a bit difficult for him to keep balance.

She kept vigorously stroking and sucking his dick, peeling his foreskin back and licking the underside of the head occasionally, but it was always when she engorged the dick into her mouth that he began to lose balance.

The first time he almost slipped his hold, and his cock entered Susan all the way down to her tonsils, which made him moan and Susan gag. The second time he did it on purpose to see how far she was willing to go. He lowered down carefully and felt his dick passing her tonsils until he had to exit again as she began to gag again.

"Let's see how much you can take, ok?"Mabadi said to Susan.

She was not really aware of what he was talking about since she was filled with lust, so she just nodded yes. Mabadi lowered down and Susan opened her mouth to take the dick, sucking on it as it kept entering her mouth. This time it passed her tonsils, and though she gagged a bit he kept lowering down.

Susan did not realise how far it had gone until she could not breathe, she looked up and realised that half of his dick was now inside of her mouth. She tried to breath from her nose to no avail, and her eyes began to roll back at the lack of oxygen. Yet somehow she felt pleasure, the feeling of Mabadi's dick throbbing down her throat and the lack of oxygen excited her.

She began masturbating herself with one hand, while caressing Mabadi's giant balls with the other. She could feel his balls enlarge as she held and jiggled them, he was about to come.

"Fuck are you ready? Are you ready to swallow a huge load?" Mabadi yelled, "Here – here it goes!!"

The large thick amount of cum filled her throat and she found it hard to swallow it down, but she still kept swallowing as much as she could. Unfortunately she soon realised that there was no way that she could swallow as fast as it was coming out from him, so it soon began to overfill her mouth and burst out.

Yet Mabadi was still pouring his liquid out of his giant, and she kept drinking and spewing as much as she could, while still having half of his dick lodged in her mouth. It soon burst out of her nose as well and it was in this moment that she realised that she really needed to breathe.

She tapped Mabadi with her hand and for one second she feared he would not understand, but luckily for her Mabadi raised himself up, while moaning, and dragged his horse dick out of her mouth. He was still shooting semen when he exited and a large part of it hit her breast, but he tried to avoid hitting her by aiming it against the bed sheets.

Even though his dick was out Susan still had a huge mouthful of spunk left in her, she was desperate for air, so with her last energy she swallowed the huge load. She gasped for air the moment the hot cum had gone down, but somehow her overfilled stomach denied her from relaxing just yet. She felt an oozing feeling coming up from within her, and she quickly turned over the edge of the bed and threw up a large portion of what she had swallowed.

Mabadi was still unloading himself but caught a glimpse of Susan throwing up, "Heh, you're not used to so much cum are you?" he smiled.

She was not used to swallow at all, even with her husband she never swallowed. The words Mabadi said made her remember how she and her husband usually did it. With Barry, Susan would usually just give him a blow job and then be penetrated while laid down on the bed. It was never really anything more. Barry would never give her any foreplay, so she was stuck at sucking him off and being penetrated. It was strange even if she was thinking of her husband now, all she could feel was disappointment not guilt.

"I-I am not used to it."


"I said I-I am not used to it," Susan felt ashamed at admitting that she was not used to such an act, more so then the shame of actually having done such an act.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it, " Mabadi said smiling, "Now let's continue."

She could not believe her ears, she anticipated that after such a load out Mabadi would have had enough for today, but he was not done. He grabbed her legs and turned her over so facing him, he then said, "Get ready for the real deal," Susan looked down and realised that his cock had not turned flaccid, but rather was more erect than ever.

She held around him preparing herself for his entrance, she asked him to, "Be gentle please," which he did. He grabbed his dick and aimed it directly over her opening; Susan by reflex parted her legs to make it easier for him to enter. He then slowly began to penetrate her, making her grind her teeth at the enormous size that was entering.

His penis head popped in and she emitted a slight yelp, he then gradually kept pushing the rest in slowly. Susan could feel it expanding into her, spreading her vagina because of his girth and piercing her unexplored parts because of its length. Mabadi himself began to grind his teeth as he kept going in, feeling a tightness surrounding his member.

Susan held firmly around him, but soon her legs began to hold around him as well. And as the last bit of Mabadi's meat was about to enter, both Mabadi and Susan pushed themselves towards each others in a f***eful way, penetrating the last part of his cock into her.

The sensation of expansion and tightness made them both moan out of their minds, Susan's orgasms went everywhere and Mabadi could not restrain himself from grunting and huffing like an a****l. She tightened her grip to him and soon he too held her firmly, as they both felt an immense passion.

They kissed and licked each other's mouths, even if she had recently swallowed Mabadi's semen, it did not matter to him, he just could not refrain himself from passionately kissing her. As they were kissing, he began to move slowly backwards, extracting a portion of his dick from her. The movement made her tremble, as the sensation was amazing. His dick was being tightly held by her, but the moment his penis moved out it tightened even more. Mabadi then easily but quickly thrust forward, re-entering her.

The movement made her moan even more as she kept kissing Mabadi. He then did it again and again, each time faster and more f***eful. By the fifth time, Susan used her legs, which were around him, to help him thrust harder. This made Mabadi moan, as he could feel the top of his dick reach an even warmer part of her inside.

They kept going like this for hours, and every time they connected they both entered into a state of passion. Kissing and caressing each other, they were one.

Susan could feel Mabadi's member transcending into the depth of her most unexplored of parts, piercing her into oblivion. And as he entered deeper into her Mabadi felt the tightness of her wanting, squeezing his dick so hard and ferociously that he wondered if she'd even allow him to leave.

She felt his throbbing bl**d veins marking her walls. He felt her hole sucking his most sensitive of part. They both fell into an abyss of pleasure and lust. None of them stopped, they both went mad with passion and kept moving closer and closer to each other.

A strong grunting noise came out of Mabadi, and she knew then that he was ready to empty his sacks again. She could feel his giant enlarging as it began to shake violently inside of her, which sent her into another orgasm. She held him tightly, and he moaned. Her insides tightened and he could feel his balls pumping.

"Come inside of me," she said.

He had no intention to reject her. He grinded his teeth holding off the inevitable burst until the last second, knowing it would fuel his load.

"I-I, get ready!" and in an instant he released.

The bursting cannon shot its load deep down within her, and they both screamed with pleasure as he filled her with his passion. She could feel his warmth filling her, moving itself up towards the only exit that was left, and soon it sprouted out from her hole. It did not matter that his member acted as a cork, his fluid found its way out from the tightest of spot.

She screamed with pleasure as her body drowned in his orgasm, her thoughts were gone, replaced only by a feeling. He yelled and grunted as the remainder of his sperm pierced out of him and into her, and the only thing he could feel was a massive orgasm.

Then he turned flaccid, and she relaxed her grip around him. Her legs fell off his body and unto the bed, his grip loosened up and he fell on top of her. They both wanted to sl**p, they both needed to rest. His penis slimed out of her hole, covered in semen. Her hole leaked of his semen, onto the sheets, and she felt exhausted.

But now that her mind was clear of the feeling she had been given, the thoughts of guilt and responsibilities remerged. She wanted to cry, but she did not know why. She was unsure to what she was sad for.


"Mom, wow you were gone for quite some time."

"I am sorry dear, mommy had some errands she needed to do."

"Geez, I've never seen you take this long."

"Well I am back now."

"Yeah, hey did you buy me some cookies?"

"Yes dear, they're in the bag."

As she looked at Charlie opening the bag of groceries, searching for his cookie, her mind went elsewhere. Somehow somewhere deep inside of her she felt happy, yet also sad and guilty. She looked at the most important person in her life, and felt happy to be back.

Back to the life she was running away from.

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