Marathon Man

Sweat went into Mabadi's mouth while he ran the track trying to grasp as many meters as he could for every second that he lost. Forcing himself to push harder and faster for every new drop of sweat that fell down unto the running field.

It had been 6 months of hard training since he came to the states, having been spotted by an American sports agent, after he showed prominence in a running match down in Cape Town.

Mabadi had been thrilled to leave Africa, thrilled to get closer to his dream, thrilled to show the world how fast he could run and thrilled of how easy the sports agent recognized his skills in running.

Yes in fact he thought everything would be easy and like a dream, that he would run like a stallion, that he would be able to fly to America with everyone praising him, and that he would be free forever, but every dream has its flaws.

''Run you god damn monkey!'' the shouts of encouragement from his agent were never appealing during exercise, ''What do you think we're running for? Oh right, the freaking Olympics!'' he yelled sarcastically, ''So get a move on you!''

Barry Hansen was Mabadi's only flaw of his perfect dream; never had he thought that sports agents were so arrogant. Barry was rude, racist and disrespectful towards Mabadi, believing that Mabadi was nothing more than a tool for his own gain.

''Fat little bald headed prick,'' Mabadi thought, ''One day I will find a better agent then you,'' kept he thinking. But until this day Mabadi had no other choice than to grind his teeth and keep up with Barry's racist remarks.

Barry always looked down on the runners that he had picked up from Africa, always believing them to be nothing more than street k**s and thieves with lesser brain then a piece of rotten fruit. ''Uneducated,'' was his remarks about Africa, ''Only good at one thing,'' he thought, ''Chasing for food.'' Yet he saw potential in them for running, and had exploited many scared runners for his own gain in the Olympics, all poor and hungry. That was how he operated, but Mabadi was different.

Mabadi was no poor k**, neither was he uneducated, no in fact he was very well educated. Having learned both French and English at a private school, and grown up in a decent f****y.

His father was a lawyer, and his mother a teacher, and he himself had been encouraged many times by his parents to go to medical school, but all he really wanted was to run.

Running the field Mabadi sealed his thoughts of Barry away and kept sprinting and jogging, thinking of more pleasant thoughts then his agent. Thoughts like winning the race, or perhaps prove to his father that running is his true calling, or maybe the thought of Barry's nice and young daughter Lisa in a one night sex-drive with Mabadi sweating and gasping while she professes her eternal loyalty to him. Oh yes good thoughts indeed.

After running the last half of the track and relaxing in a chair sipping his water, Mabadi catches a glimpse of Barry's wife Susan, having a heated discussion with Barry.

''They're at it again,'' said a soft and clear voice. Turning around Mabadi sees Lisa standing beside him, dressed in her usual over the top fashion red sweater and blue jeans.

''Gee, ma is always so pushy with dad,'' she said.

''Why would you say that?'' Mabadi asked.

''She always gives my dad a hard time, whining with this and that,'' she remarked.

Mabadi looked towards the couple, seeing Barry yelling and waving his hands in the air, while Susan looked sad and depressed.

''Are you sure she is pushy? She looks fairly calm and almost sad then pushy,'' Mabadi inquired.

''What the hell would you know about it anyway!'' she said angry, ''It's not like you know about these things, being a street k** and all,'' Mabadi felt a faint anger rising up when she said those words, but restrained himself, ''Why don't you keep running, that is all you're ever good at anyway,'' she said while walking away.

''Fucking bitch,'' he thought, ''All I need is one night with you and you'd find out what other things I am good at,'' he said in a low voice.

Barry stormed past Mabadi angry and stressful, saying to himself various profanities about his wife Susan, then disappearing into the stadium's exit, ''At least now I can exercise in peace,'' Mabadi thought.

Looking towards the starting line, he saw Susan still standing there sighing sadly and talking to herself.

Mabadi walked over to her and asked, ''Is everything alright Mrs Hansen,''

Turning towards him a bit surprised and producing a fake smile she said, ''Oh yes, everything is fine dear,'' trying to divert her issues she asks Mabadi how his training is coming along, ''So, how's the progression going?''

''It's good, it's fine. I feel I am getting faster every day to be honest,'' Mabadi said, ''Your husband has been very kind to give me this opportunity,''

''Ah well, my husband has his reason's,'' she said in a low voice with her head tilted down. ''I hope he hasn't been too rough with you?''

''No, he's been great,'' said he, not telling her how racist and stupid her husband really was.

''You're not a good liar,'' she smiled. Touching his arm and stroking it she says, ''Hang in there champion,'' and then gradually walked away.

Susan had always been good to Mabadi, ever since he arrived to the states. She had always encouraged him and cheered him up during the first few months. Barry was lucky to have such a wife Mabadi thought, but she was unlucky to have Barry.


Susan was combing her hair and dressed in a gown, ready to go to bed, while starring at her mirror with a sad face. She tried to remember her past, the time when she met Barry, the time when they were both in love and young, ''What went wrong?'' she asked herself.

Time had changed everything. It first started with bitter discussions, then disagreements, and finally anger. It had come to a point where not a day went by without them both fighting over some idiotic issue. Whether it being money or vacation, or just something as simple as sex, ''Sex, how long has it been?'' she thought.

She could not remember the last time Barry and her had sex, the last time he kissed her, or even gave her a hug. At first it did not really bother her, as she always took care of the c***dren, but now that Lisa was 18 and Charlie nearing the age of 13, she felt some desire for her husband again.

She had tried to encourage him in bed, but he would always reject her, or pass an excuse that he was tired. She did not blame him for it, he was always working hard. Coming home late and travelling almost every weekend, and yet she wished that just for one minute he would use some of his time to be with her.

She stopped combing her hair, which was now falling down strait across her neck. She's always been complimented for her fluffy hair, and how beautiful it was in the sunlight. But now at the age of 43 she had begun to get some grey lines in the middle of the scalp, and though no one had taken notice to it, she had.

Moving her finger under her eyes she could feel the wrinkles that she had procured over the years, having some on the sides as well. Her overlarge breasts were not as firm as they once were, having become a little saggy after her two c***d births, and her stomach had begun to loosen up a bit. But what bothered her the most, was her ass.

It had enlarged and become bigger in size, and though she stayed away from any kind of junk food, it still grew a tad bigger every year. She was not fat, only non-fit. She smiled a little when she thought of that, ''The wife of a sports agent is not fit, ironic.'' She drew a last sigh and placed her comb onto the table by the mirror, and went to bed.

Laying down and pulling her sheets over her, she looked towards the empty spot to her right where her husband was supposed to be, and sulked. Barry had gone to an advertisement conference in the weekend for Mabadi's first run.

She kept thinking of Mabadi, and how difficult it must be for him in the states. Susan had always felt sorry for the runners that her husband found, thinking of how strange it must be for them to leave home and live in a foreign country. She had always tried to encourage those runners, telling them to hold on and fight for their dreams, but for Mabadi it was different.

She felt closer to him than with the others, and more relaxed. She'd have long conversations with him about Africa and his f****y, and he would tell her of how weird it was to leave his home, but also of how great it felt at the same time.

She felt she was more of a second mother to him than a simple friend; she'd always cheer him up and keep pushing him to aim for his dream. Sometimes she would wake early up in the morning to see him exercise, just so he would know she was there for him.

Watching him train always made her feel somewhat happy, she did not know why. Every once a week she'd see him exercise, and every week his muscles would have grown larger and thicker.

She was thinking of those muscles, thinking of how amazing they were and thinking of how beautiful he was when he ran that field.

Her left hand began to creep up towards her chest when she continued thinking about him, ''He is so focused,'' she thought.

Her excitement began to heat up, and her hand came closer to her breasts. She closed her eyes and saw his body running and sweating, jiggling whenever one of his foots would hit the ground.

Her hand was now unbuttoning her cleavage, and pushed itself into the open space. She kept focusing on him running that long track, and his beautiful dark skin shinning to his sweat.

Her fingers had now reached her nipple and she began to pinch it, while her right hand slowly made its course downwards. She was hardly thinking of anything else then Mabadi's body, and how strong his arm was when she stroked it this morning.

Her hand slipped into her underwear and she could feel how warm and wet her pussy was, as she pressed her finger and began caressing the opening. The sensation made her moan, while she kept on pinching her enlarging nipple with her left hand.

The thoughts of Mabadi's hot and wet body enchanted her, making her masturbate faster, than furiously. Her legs parted under the sheets, letting her reach her opening more deeply.

Finally she pushed her finger into the love-hole; making her moan in such an intense way that she began to push her hips upwards from the pleasure.

Her legs were now shaking and her toes were squeezing down unto the sheets, as she kept sweating and moaning at the sensations of it all. Her nipple grew bigger and harder as her fingers kept pressing it, at the same time as she was caressing the breast.

She was now furiously masturbating at the simple thought of Mabadi, she wanted him to grab her, she wanted to know the taste of his sweat, she wanted to be ravaged by him. She was in such an ecstasy that she pressed a second finger into her hole, which was now flowing.

Her body became warmer and her hole gripped her fingers almost instantly after her middle finger entered. She was not used to two fingers; in fact she was not used to masturbate at all.

Her fingers kept entering and exiting her as she began to bite her own lips, and then as a time bomb, she exploded.

Her hole juiced with liquid, her head tilted backwards and her hips were pressing further up, as she screamed a deep sound of joy. Her left hand ran up towards her mouth and she began to bite her fingers leaving her breast and nipple alone, while she f***ed herself to enjoy every last second of that orgasm.

She could feel the orgasm make its way through her body and finally fade away silently, while one of her legs fell from the side of her bed dangling and touching the cold freezing floor.

It was over, her mind started to recover and her body became colder. She kept breathing hard as she felt the once dry sheets touching her body. She wanted to sl**p, to just close her eyes and sink into darkness, but all she could think of was shame.

''What have I done,'' she thought. All of those lustful thoughts about Mabadi had now changed into guilt. All that was coming into her mind now were thoughts of how indecent she had been, and how sickening it was that she had masturbated to a man that was so much younger than her.

But soon her eyes faded and she crept into silence, feeling sl**p arriving. Soon she slept, soon her mind went dark, and all was peaceful. No shame, nothing but her warm pillow was in her mind now, and she fell asl**p. Good Night.


Morning was Mabadi's favourite time of the day. He would always wake up early, so that he could try to break all of his former records, again and again.

A faint wind breeze in the morning and the noise of his running shoes hitting the ground, was the best of sounds. A small but sharp flash of sun peeking into the stadium, was the best of sight. And the feeling of his sweat running down his face as he ran the kilometres, was the best of sensations.

He would exercise for long hours with no intrusions and no distractions, feeling nothing but the wind hitting his face. This is what he wanted, this is what he craved. Yet he felt something was missing the closer time reached 10, some noise or something similar, he thought.

When it finally did reach 10 am, his mind began to wonder more of what that missing detail was. Every time he completed a round, he'd look over at the seated chairs by the entrance, feeling that something or someone was supposed to be there.

''Susan,'' he finally thought. ''Where is she?'' he asked himself.

Susan had always come every Wednesday at 10 am to watch Mabadi train, but today she was not here. And though he did not pester much on the matter, he felt a void within him growing the more time went by, as he gradually looked towards the empty seats.

At about half past eleven, Mabadi could not stop but wonder where she was. It was not the idea of her safety that bothered him, but rather the comfort he felt while she sat on the side of the track observing and cheering at him, that was now gone.

This comfort had been a key factor for him to beat his old score, and in fact his scores at the end of his exercise today, were not the best he had done.

After finishing half of his exercise, Mabadi decided to seek out Susan, going first to her house. Believing the distance between the stadium and Susan's house, being a perfect opportunity for him to see how his long distance running was coming along.

He changed his shoes and sipped some water from his bottle, and began to easily jog towards the exit, mesmerising on what excuse he would use for wanting to see her.

Susan's and Mabadi's relationship, had always been a platonic one, and yet sometimes he could not but look at her in a more intimate way. Sure she was older than him, but he never felt it was a negative thing.

He would often look at the curves of her body in amazement, the beautiful hair she so much fluffed up, and also the tightening her breast made on her clothes. She was a beautiful woman, well above average in breast size and ass.

Yes, her ass was quite the jewel for Mabadi. He would often watch her try to hide it, by pulling her overcoat further down over that huge butt, or by dressing up in more loose clothes.

Mabadi smiled a little when he remembered her expressions when she tried to hide it, as well as not understanding why she would feel ashamed for such a wonderful booty, and wondering how she'd be in bed.

By the time he had reached more than half the distance to her house, Mabadi's mind had turned into a living porn dream.

Thinking and wondering her size, her taste and her smell. He was now fuelled with perverted thoughts about his agent's wife, and could not but run faster to reach the house.

Finally reaching the house, he jumped unto the porch and stopped to breath. He was here, he'd do it, he'd try it he thought. ''What is the worst that could happen?'' he said, while breathing hard.

Catching his breath, and slowly regaining its former rhythm, he stood straight up and pressed the door bell. He needed to remain cool, not to jump into it too soon, he thought.

He rang the bell again, waiting eagerly for the response, and just for a split second a sudden fear came over him, believing that she might not be home, but then the door opened.

Susan stood in the doorway, both surprised and shocked at seeing Mabadi almost soaked in what she could smell being his sweat,'' What are you doing here?,'' she asked.

''I did not see you today at the track, I just wanted to know if you were alright,'' Mabadi replied, hiding the real reason for his visit.

Susan stood still for a second, starring into his eyes'' I am sorry, I forgot today. I have been busy all morning, and it just slipped my mind,'' she was lying. She did not feel comfortable going to the stadium today, after last night's experience.

The awkward silence that occurred rendered both of them mute, until Mabadi said, ''You mind if I come in?''

Like waking up from a dream, Susan stuttered, ''Oh D-dear, of course. Come in, come in,'' As Mabadi entered and passed her, she could smell the strong scent of sweat pouring down from him, ''Why don't you make yourself at home, while I go and fetch you a towel you can use.''

Before he could say anything, Susan had already gone upstairs and Mabadi was left wondering and admiring the house, ''So this is where all the money goes,'' he murmured as he saw the over the top luxury that was in the house.

Gold statues and antique furniture filled the dining room, with a red eastern pattern carpet on the floor. The living room felt more modest, having a nice red sofa and a table made of glass, with an HDTV hanging on the wall from across the sofa.

He did not dare to move away from the living room, believing he'd lose himself in the big house, until Susan returned.

''Here you go,'' said Susan, handing him over a blue soft towel.

''Thank you,'' said Mabadi, while he began to dry himself up with the towel, ''Quite a lovely home you have,''

''Thank you, but it really is nothing more than old furniture and figureheads,'' she remarked.

''Still, I never seen something like this before,'' as he turned around looking over the room.

Susan was starting to feel some shivering going through her body, when she saw Mabadi cleaning himself up with the towel. His strong arms were pumping thick veins and his skin was shining due to his sweat, and she could not stop thinking of the thoughts she had yesterday about him.

''Do you have a pool in the garden?'' asked Mabadi, as he began noticing her starring him.

''What? Oh yes, we do. But it's being cleaned up for the summer,'' she tried to avoid starring at him, but every time she'd think he wouldn't see, her eyes would glimpse his muscles.

Mabadi smiled a bit as he was amused by how much she was trying to struggle from looking at him, and how she clenched her hands together almost like if she was trying to hold something back.

Mabadi moved closer, he could feel her mind screaming to take her. Susan did not realise how close Mabadi got to her until his chest was right by her face. She had tried to stop looking at him, but by the time he was right in front of her, her mind began to waver, and she could not stop but starring.

''Thank you for the towel,'' Mabadi said, as he handed her back the soaked towel.

Her hand took a second before trying to grip the wet towel, but before she could grab it, Mabadi let it go and it fell down onto the floor. He then held her hand firmly, looking into her eyes with a deep smile.

''Wh-what are you doing?'' she said, not even trying to struggle to let him go of her.

He leant closer to her ear, so close that she could now smell the intense sweat coming from his chest, ''You know,'' he whispered. Her legs were now shivering as she felt Goosebumps sticking out from all over her body, and strong warmth coming from between her legs.

''Please don't, I-I am married,'' she stuttered.

''Yet you don't seem to struggle. I am barely holding you, and all I can see you do is nothing,'' he teased, as he began to slowly caress her arm, feeling her skin grow cold with more Goosebumps.

She exclaimed a small moan as Mabadi caressed her, ''How long has it been since someone touched me like this?'' she thought, as her vagina began to get warmer and her body more relaxed. ''You can't, you don't want me,'' she said, looking down.

Mabadi put his finger under her chin and tilted her head up towards his eyes, ''Just because your husband has given up on you, does not make you unwanted,'' her eyes met his, and she could not but feel a hard passion grow within her when he said does words.

Yet she was married, and she still loved her husband, but these feelings she felt made her maddening. ''What am I suppose to do? Is this the right thing to do?'' her mind was shooting questions without answers, until Mabadi answered by placing his lips unto hers.

The warm big lips she felt, were tender and soft. His mouth kissed hers, and her questioning stopped; his answer was good enough for her.

He kept caressing here arm, then her hip. Making her moan so that her mouth opened, giving Mabadi the opportunity to connect his tongue to hers.

The sensations she felt, the feelings and thoughts, whispered to her, ''Go with it,'' as she sucked and danced with his tongue.

He held her firm and tight, pressing his body closer to hers as he kept on French kissing. His hands softly lowered downwards to her hips, and he caressed and stroked her behind. Her mind was now possessed by his touching and kissing, she had no doubt, she wanted him.

The kissing stopped, and he slid his tongue down her neck, pecking and sucking it gently. Her moans grew bigger for every peck he gave her, making her grasp him around, cuddling him as he continued on.

Soon she could feel something striking and hinting between her legs, looking down she saw a giant bulge coming from Mabadi's trousers.

The size of the bulge shocked her so much that she thought it was only her mind playing tricks on her, little did she know, that she was wrong.

Mabadi could not wait any longer, he could feel his dick enlarge and his balls pump. He stopped licking her neck and went on his knees, lifting her skirt up and pulling her underwear down.

She felt a little uncomfortable when he did so, not wanting him to see her vagina. Susan never had good self esteem, even less when she was naked in front of a man, especially if it was not her husband.

''Get on the sofa, I want to see your flower,'' said he. Before she was able to protest, he pushed her down unto the sofa.

She was now sitting on the sofa with Mabadi between her legs. He grabbed her legs and lifted them up on his shoulders, and then pulled her skirt up revealing to him her wet pussy, ''Pl-please wait, I don't think you should,'' she stuttered.

Mabadi did not listen, he just stared at her untrimmed wet flower, as if being hypnotised. He could smell the strong scent it emitted, turning him on, ''You smell so nice,'' he said, while moving closer.

''D-don't say such things,'' she said ashamed, while trying to avoid eye contact with him.

''But it's true, you smell so ripe and great. It's just like you're itching to be tasted,'' he teased her.

''P-please I...Ahh,'' a sudden moan spurred out of her when he passed his finger over her pussy, making her tilt back from the pleasure, ''Please please don't, I can't.''

His finger slid over her pubic hair as he caressed her gently until he reached the tip of her opening, feeling her liquid stick on his finger. Susan moaned and gasped, from the touching and sensation he was giving her. His finger toyed her, until he slowly pressed it into her wet opening.

Susan bit her lips when his finger went inside of her, her pussy oozing with essence and her heart beating faster from the sensations.

Her moaning was like music to Mabadi, as he gradually began to feel his member screaming to let him out, ''Do you like that? Do you like it when I stick my finger into your hole?'' he teased.

She tried to answer him, but all she was able to say were inaudible moaning noise.

''You like it don't you?'' he fingered her faster every time she tried to open her mouth, making her moan even higher.

''W-why are you d-doing this?'' she finally was able to say.

''Because you like it, and you know what I think you'd like even more?'' he responded.

Lustfully taken, Susan asked, ''What?''

''Two fingers,'' a loud moan came from Susan when Mabadi penetrated his second finger into her hole, making her orgasm and tilt her head further back.

The orgasm passed through her much faster than the one she had yesterday, but the sudden shock of it was something she had never experienced before.

His fingers were pushing upwards, making her gasp from the pleasure, ''My fingers are getting sucked in, you like it that much?'' he teased her.

''T-that's not true,'' Susan tried to negate herself, but she really loved every second of it.

''Why are you lying?'' Mabadi pulled his fingers out from her, giving Susan a slight feeling of relief, but then he spread her vagina with both his hands, ''Look at you,'' said he, while he stared into her open vagina. ''You're oozing like a waterfall, how can you not be enjoying yourself?''

''Don't look, please!'' the feeling of his thumbs spreading her vagina and his remarks made her feel ashamed, but at the same time she became more excited than ever.

Susan trembled as Mabadi kept closing and spreading her hole with two of his fingers, ''It's a shame to waste all of this love juice,'' Mabadi said.

He came closer to her opening, and then inadvertently plunged his tongue into her gaping hole.

Susan gasped and felt her legs tremble more as Mabadi's tongue made its way deep inside her; so much did her legs tremble from excitement that one of her shoes fell off.

Susan moaned and breathed heavily as Mabadi kept on sliding his tongue in and out from her hole, and dancing inside of her.

Her taste was strong and ripe, Mabadi passed her barriers with his tongue and licked her inner walls, feeling them tremble and sucking his tongue. Her juice kept flowing onto his lips and into his mouth; he would not pass the chance to spit it out, but rather swallow it all down.

He was literally drinking her up, hearing her moan and gasping while she tried to deviate him from licking her, only to be stopped by his hands.

He pressed her clitoris with his fingers, which sent Susan into another state of orgasm as she grabbed a pillow holding it hard, ''Oh God, yes!'' she yelled, letting the orgasm pass through her body once again.

The sensation was soft and fierce, almost as if the orgasm was ripping her up slowly. Another feeling she had never felt, feelings she had never experienced with her husband before, or even thought possible.

The orgasm passed, her breathing got more controlled, and she thought it was over. But Mabadi stood up and said, ''Your turn now,'' as he unbuttoned his trousers and pulled down his underwear, revealing to her his oversized dark black dick ready for action.

She looked at the size of his dick in amazement, it was darker then his skin except for his penis-head being almost dark purple. Believing her mind was still playing tricks on her, she instantly grabbed it to see if it was truly this big.

Mabadi moaned a bit when she grabbed his dick, as she tried to hold around it with her hand, barely able to. The girth was equally frightening as the length, and his balls were as big as a pair of tennis balls.

Susan kept feeling his dick and touching it, still not believing it to be as big as it was, ''I am guessing that you have never seen one this big?'' Mabadi asked.

Surprised at having her hands around his penis, she let go of it and said, ''I-I never thought so big existed.''

Her eyes could not stop but look at his penis dangling in front of her, she felt both shame and excitement crawling up on her as she kept starring, ''Go on,'' he said, ''Touch it again.''

Nervously, Susan grabbed his dick again. Feeling the warm member in her hand, gave her such excitement that she could feel her hole juicing all over the floor, ''Stroke it,'' Mabadi said

Slowly she began to stroke the large penis, holding it first with one hand then two. She stroked all the way down to his crotch, until his foreskin pulled back and revealed to her his entire penis-head.

The scent that it emitted was so strong that she tried to hold her hand to her nose, only to forget that the scent was even stronger on her hand after touching his shaft.

Mabadi laughed, finding it amusing that this woman was not used to the smell, ''If you think the smell is bad, then wait till you taste it,'' he said grinning.

Susan looked up at him, still stroking his penis, ''I cannot do that,'' she protested.

''Why not? Don't I deserve a reward for making you feel good?'' he said.

''I...I cannot do this to my husband,'' Susan replied.

''You already past that line, the moment you said those words while still stroking my cock,''

Susan realised that she had continued to stroke his massive member without knowing so, all the while complaining to him, ''Now you realise what you want, just follow with your body and everything will be good,'' he encouraged her.

She wanted to refuse, but something deep inside of her felt that she had to. She needed this; her body was sweating at the thought of sucking his massive cock, the thought of having that strong smell in her mouth. It made her more excited just wondering how strong his taste would be, and how far she was willing to go.

Susan lifted his cock over her head and with the tip of her tongue she slowly connected with his shaft. The taste was strong and fierce, backing her away for a second because of it.

Slowly she licked his shaft again, getting used to the taste the more she continued. She could feel his veins on the shaft, as she passed her tongue over.

She kept jerking his massive junk while still licking his shaft, feeling his veins pump furiously as she did so. Soon pre-cum began to ooze from his tip, flowing downwards, covering her hand. She kept stroking his long shaft, smelling his strong pre-cum in the process, until it reached all the way down to her tongue.

The taste of his pre-cum made her jump, it was far stronger and brutish then his shaft. She kept on licking and lubricating his dark shaft, feeling his veins twitch every time she passed them with her tongue. Mabadi moaned and could not but stop moving back and forth, hoping she would soon take his dick in her mouth.

''I want to feel your mouth,'' Mabadi moaned, ''Put it in your mouth, don't make me wait.''

She had no intention to hesitate anymore, she came closer to his penis-head. She stuck her tongue out and licked it, tasting a strong gluey sensation in her mouth. She got to the tip of his cock and hesitated a bit before sucking his head, ''That's it, oh yeah,'' Mabadi moaned as she began sucking and blowing his cock, drooling insanely while doing so.

He thrust his penis a bit into her, every time she'd head him, just so that he could get more of his dick into her mouth. Susan felt his warm head spewing pre-cum while inside her mouth, she gulped and swallowed it all down, feeling a warm liquid going down her throat.

Mabadi felt his dick throbbing, and he was near to explode. He grabbed Susan's head and began pushing her closer to his crotch, whilst his dick went deeper inside, passing her tonsils.

''All the way down,'' he said, hearing her gasping and gurgling while he kept on pushing her head closer to his crotch.

Susan could feel his penis making its way down her throat, and tried to stop him. Unfortunately Mabadi had no intention to stop, but instead, to thrust it back and forward while still being deep down her throat.

Susan gagged and spewed saliva and pre-cum from her mouth, as Mabadi's dick kept going back and forth, passing her tonsils again and again. She could her him yell and moan as she f***ed herself to endure his long head-bangs.

''Get ready, I am about to burst,'' he said, while holding her head firmly. His dick was now so deep down her throat that tears were coming from her eyes, as she tried to breathe heavily from her nose; smelling his strong sweaty scent.

''Ahh! Fuck, here it comes!'' he exclaimed, as she felt a hot bursting liquid shoot from his tip making its way down her throat. She swallowed as fast and as much as she could, since he would not let her go.

She could feel her stomach filling up with his semen, as it kept on coming. She kept on swallowing as fast as she could, but the quantity of sperm coming from him was too much for her to swallow, and soon it began to go upwards rather than down.

It burst out of her mouth as an overfilled champagne bottle, and then from her nostrils. She could not breathe, and began to panic as Mabadi still held her head firmly.

Finally after exclaiming one last moan, Mabadi let go of her, and Susan instantly detached herself from the penis. She turned around from him and on all four began gasping, coughing and throwing up sperm that had not made its way to her stomach, unto the floor.

Mabadi kept stroking his dick that was getting softer and more sensitive, but at the same time was still erect and wanting more. He looked over to Susan and saw her coughing up while on the floor, with her ass against Mabadi.

When seeing that huge behind, and her pussy still dripping, he felt that it would only be faire for him to give her a special bonus.

He went down on his knees and grabbed her behind, while she was still coughing and breathing, and then aimed his semi erect dick at her wet vagina.

''W-what wait, no,'' she said, when she felt Mabadi's head poking her hole.

He then f***efully thrust his dick inside of her gaping vagina, holding her from behind firmly and sliding his dick deep inside her.

Susan gasped and felt a string of orgasm hitting her, when he penetrated. The penetration was so sudden and so fierce that she fell in a lustful state, screaming high pitched moans as he kept on thrusting.

Her entire life had been confined to one man, a man whose dick was not bigger then a finger. But now she was getting a taste of another man, a man whose dick was five times bigger than her husband's.

Thrust after thrust he kept on making her feel unknown sensations that were hidden in her body, his thighs kept hitting her hips as he banged her furiously, making loud and splashing noises.

''Fuck, how can you be so tight!'' Mabadi uttered.

His dick was passing through the points her husband had once explored, and gone beyond to a place where no one had ever been before. She could not feel but extreme pleasure arise within her, as orgasm after orgasm passed through her.

''D-don't stop,'' the only words being uttered by her as Mabadi kept pounding her hard.

He held her around the hips and banged the craving pussy of hers, feeling his dick pressing itself a tad deeper inside of her, '' You have no idea how long I have wanted to do you!'' he exclaimed while banging her from behind.

Mabadi then began to furiously fuck her, and she could feel his dick enlarging, spreading her insides further. Soon he exclaimed, ''I am about to come again!'' but Susan did not respond, not until he said, ''I am going to bust it deep inside of you!''

''Wait please don't release inside of me,'' she said, but Mabadi had no intention not to.

''Why not?'' he said.

''I- I don't want to get pregnant,''

''Then say it the way I want it!'' he began to thrust harder

''What?'' Susan felt it difficult to concentrate as he began to do her faster.

''Say, please don't cum inside my pussy!'' Mabadi grinded his teeth, now very close to explode.

''P-please don't...Ahh!'' she begged, but he would not make it easy for her to respond.

''What is that? I can't hear you?''

''Please, please don't cum inside me,''

''Say it right!'' Mabadi yelled.

''Please don't come inside my pussy!'' Susan yelled, resulting in an unexpected climax within her, as Mabadi unleashed his ejaculation deep inside of her, breaking his promise.

Both of them yelled and moaned, as she was getting the orgasm of her life while he was filling her womb, resulting in both of them finally falling unto the floor after it had passed.

They were breathing heavily on the floor not saying a word to each other, and with no sound emitting except for the sudden popping of Mabadi's penis exiting Susan's vagina.

With sperm exiting her hole, Susan closed her eyes and tried to just slip into that warm silent darkness, and fall asl**p.

Mabadi smiled while starring at Susan, feeling himself proud that he had conquered the wife of his racist agent, ''One down, one to go.''

To be Continued…

by Pervosuxx Marina
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2 years ago
great story...please, more?