Helping Her Breeding-Friends

In an intimate conversation over a glass of white wine at Brandi's home, her hot young neighbor,
a new member of her lifestyling-club and a cute newlywed in her early twenties, confides to Brandi that she and her well-hung husband had been trying to 'make a baby' but without apparent success. Knowing that Brandi's had c***dren and having watched Brandi 'in-action' at their playclub she trusts Brandi's judgment in these delicate matters. She wants to know why she can't get pregnant and mentions to Brandi that, "maybe we're not 'doing it right', . what do you think we should do?".

Brandi, although 'somewhat' taken aback, considers her hot friends request, this girl seems to be really asking for help. Hummm? After some amount thought she decides her course of action and tells the wife she might be able to solve their personal issue.

The following day Brandi calls and invites the couple to come over for dinner. She suggests that afterwards they stay for a long, ultra-soaked and steam-heated night of adult and enjoyably-primitive 'breeding-bed lessons'. Brandi's play-coached couples before but this will be new for her, helping a fit hot couple during a real-deal fertility-coupling, a sweat-soaked tutoring-class complete with 'breeding-bed 101 lessons', ... plenty of foreplay, endless amounts of pussy-eating, nipple and clit worships, slow male glans-milkings, wand-vibed toyings, hard bareback-fuckings and then finally the 'f***ed creampie-release' while the wife is being 'induced' to heavily-orgasm along with her violently erupting hubbie. Brandi and Janice know they'll also be pussy-pleasured and fucked-deep as they teach the succulent wife a whole new set of clit-pleasing skills while they also 'pussy-tutor' the extra-thick hubbie, teaching him the steam-pumping arts of fertility-driven 'stroke-shagging techniques'.

Later in the day when the couple arrives Brandi and 'Janice', an attractive busty bi-milf friend of Brandi, greets them at the door. They nervously say hello then after a short pause they retire to the living room where they all sit for a talk over tea, ... It's a very-frank discussion, ... about the ins and outs of baby-making which Brandi's been 'carefully-researching' at euro-porn sites on the net.

While the attractive couple listens Brandi patiently explains that breeding-sex 'is somewhat tricky'. The wife responds that she knows that breeding-sex is 'somewhat sticky' but Brandi stops and corrects her. "uh, ,,,, i said 'tricky', .. not uh,.. 'sticky', .. although it is, .. sticky-too, sometimes".
Brandi smiles as the couple nods at her in total-agreement, looking as though they'd received an intimate inside-secret and Brandi, pulling back slightly, begins to 'somewhat-reassess' the couple sitting before her. She thinks "maybe these guies aren't the sharpest blades in the drawer" "humm, well-whatever, they're both super hotties regardless" and then Brandi moves on.

She explains to them that "you probably can't get pregnant in a public pool, ... maybe". She says that "as far as I know no one's ever gotten pregnant in space, and that's maybe because coca-cola really-works up there where the fizz is weightless". She adds that some fish breed by turning inside-out, that space-aliens breed with just about anything including toasters, and that "sometimes in Germany and Japan it takes a whole roomful of guys and lots of saucers, cups, bowls and gallon-sized stainless-steel pitchers to get a girl finally-going. she adds that black-guys seem to be pretty much in-demand and all-of-the-time, ,,, mainly for breeding cute-hot blondes, but that there aren't too many cute-hot blonds she was able to find that have had all those babies, so maybe their 'big-thingies' are shooting-blanks, but that one she finds puzzling and she's been thinking of doing some personal research about it" she says. "Also this,,, at farm yards in Brazil", and then Brandi stops and reconsiders, .... "well, I'm not entirely sure what it is that they are actually trying to breed down there so I really shouldn't talk about it now". Brandi stares at the floor and seems puzzled in discomfort. In any event it's totally obvious that she's done her internet breeding-sex homework and the couple's correspondingly impressed.

Then she gets down to the-core of her findings. She tells the couple that breeding-sex has to start with a long steaming-session of slow-teased full-engorgement-games, ultra-slow oralings, well-lubed cock-milkings, long patient clit-vibings, pussy-pleasures and nipple worships galore, lots of massage sucking and toying and 'very-creative' foreplay, sometimes pretty-kinky so that the couple involved has been 'properly-prepared' before they 'finally-engage' in their 'conclusional-shagging', ... their all-out and biologically-primal baby-nite fucking.

While the couple listens Brandi explains that a males most potent and thickest-loads of sperm can only erupt if they've been slow-teased and pleasure-coaxed up, so that his balls fill deeply and are bloated with the freshest and healthiest of his breeding-cum. He needs to be pleasure-primed way 'before' his baby-shags with his wife. She tells the wife that the deepest femme-orgasm, the hard-cervical-'uptaking-climax' which draws-in a males thick and potent-loads can happen best when a wife's been toy'd, oraled, slow-teased, clit nipple and pussy-pampered and 'almost' induced to-cum several or more times well-before she takes her husbands breeding-cock. "It's important that before you two breed", Brandi says, "your husband needs to be aching-to-cum, he needs to be readied like a mortar, cocked, primed and on a real hair-trigger. "And it's just as important" Brandi says to the wife, "that you're hotter than a fresh peach-pie, just just radiating pussy-heat and streaming in pre-cum". She adds, "so before you're actually baby-bred darling, and while Janice is pre-cum milking your hubbie, you'll need a long wet-stretch of serious 'woman-to-woman' love, .. slowww, toy'd, oraled and patiently-applied to prepare-you for your passage to-womanhood ... your hubbie can 'watch-us' while he's glans-prepped, Janice is terrific at 'keeping men' at their fullest erotic-engorgements, and that darling should help both of you getting there".Finally brandi looks at the couple and says, "Your only problem will be handling the engorgementing-build-ups and the edge-pleasures, they can get pretty intense but Janice and I will be there to help you both ride-over those 'crises of control'. "Do you know about LaMazz-style breath-panting ? it can help you take the heat"

Brandi explains that the long, wet warmups are very-important for babymaking and they need to be hot, over-soaked and almost 'too-pleasurable'. She also mentions that she'll personally-work with the hubbie demonstrating for he and his wife while she physically coaches-him in the moves best-suited for breeding a hot and receptively-fertile wife.

Then she explains that 'deep mutual-orgasms' are 'always best for babymaking' and that once she and Janice have helped to prepare them they'll be 'hand-guided' and full-body 'pleasure-coached' during their fertility-shagging 'conclusional', to keep things vary-hot, intensive and prolonged for them. "During your conclusional-shag we'll keep you both soaked, moaning and abnormally-pleasured and we'll encourage you 'to-last' until we decide you're 'finally-ready' for your breeding-release". "Then", she tells them,"once we're sure you're both at the peak of your conclusional-shag Janice and I will intimately 'induce-you', with very adult-stimulations, to a deep mutual-cum, so you'll orgasm for us in tight hot contractions, frantically and together to ensure both of your pleasure-organs are released-together in a full and proper breeding-bed climax". Brandi explains
to the wife that she'll be orgasmed first, possibly with toys, while her husband is mindlessly steam-pumping her pussy. "Once Janice and I sure you're actually-cumming and that you've definately begun to get off we'll manually-trigger your husband then help both of you out while he's frantically dropping his load".

Brandi explains to the wife that after the cream-drenched co-explosion Janice and she will oral and wandvibe her, using the hormonally-laden creampie as ultra-sensual stimu-lube while bringing her to climax-again, to orgasmically 'open her' while she naturally 'womb-seats' her hubbies thick and potent creampied-seed.

Brandi then adds, "As for tonight i can't promise you anything, this may or may-not take and this might not work rightaway". The couple looks a bit worried until Brandi says, "you may require a few 'repeat-lessons', some of which could include my husband and a few other creative friends of mine, there are some toys I can think of and a few other things as well". "It might 'help' if you watched some other couples, couples 'rehearsing' their babymaking skills, or maybe a few adventurous couples I know from the club couples who could actually-breed along side of you", "Hmmm, that might be a possibility". The presentation being over Brandi says "Think about what we've discussed, we'll return in about fifteen minutes".

Brandi and Janice leave the room and for several minutes the seated couple enters into a quiet private conversation. It's hard to say what they're discussing but they seem to have no apparent reservations. When Brandi and Janice return the couple stands and announces that they agree to a session, Brandi's therapy sounds good to them, .. almost too to be true. Then they ask if dinner
could be skipped so they can go straight to their tutoring. Brandi reassures them, "everything's ready", then tells them to "relax and just go with the flow". As Brandi turns to go she can't help but notice the glazed look on the couples faces and that the wife is lightly touching-herself with her hubbie growing a hard-on already bulging through his slacks.

Brandi and Janice leave the play-room then after several minutes they both reappear, Janice wearing colorful sensuous lingerie with Brandi 'nude' beneath a sheer white-silk kimono loosely tied at the waste. Brandi's gorgeous breasts and invitingly tipped nipples are apparent through the white silk fabric and the smooth-curve of her perfect-ass is just barely revealed. Imagining what's in store Brandi's pussy is already soaked in a thin-sheen of femme-juice that glistens on the skin of her top inside-thighs. Brandi tells herself "I've got to focus, this is not gonna be quick, this not a friday-nite swing party, this is a 'breeding-session', sultry, nasty and primitive, we're in for a long haul here, and oh god !, we're all gonna cum our-brains silly tonight".

At Brandi's signal Janice asks the couple to disrobe which they do. They are gorgeous and they're both already streaming their pre-cum. Janice leads them upstaris and into a candlelit playroom. Inside is a plush and well-appointed 'baby-nite bed' with a headboard-mirror and adorned with colorful pillows, a large soft-quilt and several soft thick towels. Beside the breeding-bed is Brandi's carefully prepared 'pleasuring station', a silk-covered end-table that holds a slew of toys, sensual jars of lubricants, incense, massage-oils, thick towels, several vibrators, a few cockrings, clit-buzzers, a small whip and paddle, ass-toys, an ass feather in an oil flute, thick dildos, a handheld magnifying make-up mirror and more.

She asks the couple to lay down on the bed and Janice positions herself beside them. Brandi suggests they begin with the wife as she'll need more in the way of a warmup to prepare her for role in the breeding-love. Then Brandi sits beside her partners and begings to 'intimately help' and verbally-direct as Janice and the couple proceed with a juice-soaked round of sultry and ultra-slow mutual-oralings.

While Janice and the couple 'warm-up' on the babynite-bed Brandi casually moves to the pleasuring-station and she chooses a vibrator from the end-table then, loosening the waist-band on her sheer silk komona she slowly-joins the partners to begin a pleasurable-session of steaming and primitive 'baby-nite tutoring', one she's sure will satisfy Janice and herself and that will definitely 'solve the problem' of the newlyweds next door.

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