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Welcome To the Sultry Sexual World Of Intimate BedSide HandMaidening :) What's a handmaiden? i am, and i adore providing these soaked & sapphic-arts to my couples, covereds or to barebacked real-breeders. i was patiently taught in austria by experienced lifestyling bi-wives where slow, sultry & very-adult sessions with handmaidens are appreciated, desired & much sought by cpls at private off-premise venues.

i practice in upscale Miami OPC with sexy sensuous friends. for sessions of deep-eroticism i arrange into private-rooms with a special cpl or small coterie of marrieds i find alluringly attractive. i work With-Them, intimately, languidly & sensuously in the traditional 'Edge-of-the-Bed' mode that handmaidening involves. while a cpl trysts i offer them varieties of enhanced erotic-pleasures. T

The Slow, Involved & Thuroughly-Adult Deep-Sexing-Pleasures which they couldn't physically-arrange or possibly-provide to themselves. Most handmaidens are bi or strongly in love with the sapphic. We focus our energies on the wife we are with but we also pay considerate-attention to the husbands, encouraging their BASEST male-instincts towards their wives wife B4 helping-them to fully-satisfy their most urgent & primitive needs.

Our role is to body-coach, encourage & extend a couples ultra-soaked foreplays & xtreme adult-games & to help-stimulate our couples to their hottest fuckings while guiding-them, verbally & hands-on.

Personally? i LOVE to sloww-tease a breeding couple so i can induce them to-cum together in frantic CO-ORGASMUS. Its THE Primal Mutual-Climax that so-many fertile couples desire & crave, a co-release so deep soaked & tension-charged that those cpls know it best as 'The Baby-Maker' & i extend & heighten-it for them mit speziell body-werks & couples-toyz.

whether i handmaiden for sex-healings or in bonding-pleasure sessions i provide heavy clitoral-support, sensual massages, LONG vibrator'd teases, sensuous kinks & full-body coachings as extreme pleasures, vibe-guided shag-trainings & 'hard' co-climaxes continue for hours on end.

if you'd enjoy learning to 'handmaiden' in slow, femme-soaked trysts that are driven, rampant & ultra mutually-pleasurable then send me a note here at XHam

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