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Lady Sonia 'HandMaidening' a Hot Fit Cou

cut n paste ...

'Bringing Up The Breeding-Cum'.

A Soaked, Slow-Teased, 'Full-Engorgement' Cock-Glans Prepping as the Males Balls Slowly-Fill with Steaming, Nearly-Jellied Breeding-Cum while his Shaft, Glans & Cock-Head are Orally-Worshiped and 'Patiently-Prepared For Breeding-Pussy'.

Pleasure-Preppings ..


A 'Cock-as-Sex-Toy Shagging' without a male climaxing Coupled with Deep Strapon-Stroking-Pleasures as the Goddess is Pussy-Prepped and Womb-Conditioned for Her Deep Eventual-Orgasming.

'Goddess "Induced" to a Deep-Cervical 'Uptaking-Climax'..

An Induced, Slow-Toy'd, Patiently-Teased Clit-Pleasure-Climaxing that Cervically-Opens Her Womb-Gate for the Contractional-Uptake of Breeding-Bed-Cum, while Her Male-Consort, Orgasming Along With-Her, Sprays Her a Pent-Up & Arousal-Thickened Load of Potently-Viscous Deep-Breeding Jelly, ... Close Enough, but not where it counts the most.

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