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ASIAN CEREMONIAL 'BREEDING-SESSIONS', PRIVATE ORGASMIC 'FERTILITY-RITES' & PROLONGED SULTRY 'BABY-NITE REHEARSALS' WITH FERTILE CLIMAXING-WIVES BRED TO SOAKED FULL-WOMANHOOD AS DESPERATELY-SHAGGING HUBBIES DEEP-CUM INTO WOMB-CORES TO SIRE THEIR FUTURE HEIRS. Biologically-Primitive & Balls-Draining 'Conclusional-Fuckings' with Pussies Receiving Potent and Arousal-Charged Breeding-Cum while Contracting in 'Deep-Cervical' Up-Taking Orgasms as Seed is Laid-Deep into Open Hard-Climaxing Wowb-Gates while Baby-Nite Couples Perform their Conjugal Duties. These Soaked Asian Breeding-Sessions & Rampantly Fertility-Driven Conceptional-Events are Privately Consummated during Charged & Primal 'New-Life' Ceremonies by Groups of Fertile & Steam-Heaated Breeding-Couples.


BREEDING-SPA, english-subtitles not-original.

Ceremonial Pussy-Worship, Group-Sperm Breeding


FERTILITY FUCKINGS, HOT DEEP BREEDING SHAGS http://www.japonicsex.com/video?v=dmlkZW9faWQ9NDM0ODkxJnRhZz1tb3RoZXIgc29uJnR1YmU9eHZpZGVvcy5jb20mbGFuZz1lbiZrZXk9amFwb25pY3NleC5jb20#.UuniDyg9nrU

Welcome to The Breeding-Temple of Deep-Cumming Pleasures where Couples are 'Slow-Trained, Sexually-Conditioned and Pleasure-Prepped by One or Several experienced Bi-Femme Partners, to Climax Frantically-Hard and Intimately-Together during 'Conclusional-Fuckings' that end in Numbingly-Mindless & Cream-Pie'd Co-Cum Releases. Sensual-Sessions of Prolonged Orgasmic Pussy & Clit-Worship Sessions, Slowww-Teased Cock-Head & Man-Cumming Pleasures, Prolonged and Kink-Charged 'Couple-Training' Scenes and Mindlessly Frantic 'Breeding-Bed' Rituals That are Worshipped, Privately-Practiced & Celebrated, .. as Primal, Biologically-Primitive and Steam-Heated Sexual-Sacraments while Hot, Fertile-Couples are Slowww-Teased, Engorgement-Readied & Pleasure-Trained to Take Extremes of Sexual-Heat before they're allowed their Conclusional-Fucks then 'Finally Induced' To Cum Their Brains,... Hard, Deep & Together as they Lustfully-Fulfill Their Nasty-Hot Pleasurable & Very-Adult-Conjugal 'Breeding-Bed Duties' while they're helped to 'rehearse' or "Coached" to Actually-Consumate their potently-charged and rampantly edge-tensioned Baby-Nite Moves as they're intimately-tutored To Mutually-Orgasm while they desperately ground-out the burdens of their pent-up & deep-sexxing energies, spasming-together in their Co-Cummming, Cream-Drenched & Baby-Nite Breed-Cummig Releases.

Cock 'Needs-Pussy' & Pussy 'Needs-Cock', It's Natures Primal Way and we're 'Sexy Slaves-of-Nature', ... The Urge-To-Merge, The Need To Breed, The Desire for Fire, ... Admit It, We Can't Resist It. We Follow Natures Hot Command ...We're Fuck-Pleasure Slaves to 'Way Down-There'. :)

The Long, Slow Cum-Prepping Pleasures of 'Breeding-Bed Fuckings' are Natures Primitive Way. Breeding-Bed Preppings 'Build' A Males Most-Potent & Arousal-Charged Loads & Orgasmically-Open & 'Pleasure-Train' A-Pussy, 'Conditioning It' For Up-Taking The 'Deep-Breeding Cum'.

Before A Couple Breeds Their Pleasure-Organs Should Be Properly Slow-Prepped, Coddled, Deep-Sucked, 'Tease Trained' & Pleasure-Conditioned, Till They're Throbbing At Their Fullest-Engorgements, Gushing Their Rivers of His-&-Her Pre-Cum & 'Totally-Aching' For Their Primitive, Co-Orgasmic Fertility-Release.

Only Then are a Couples Pleasure-Organs Both 'Primed & Fully-Readied' so a Male Can Hard-Fuck & deep-Seat His Jellied-Ropes of Cum as His Lady Orgasmically-Opens Her Womb-Gate & Receptively 'Up-Takes' His Breeding-Balls Seed.

So Before You Breed 'Take The Time' To 'Fully-Ripen' Both of Your Pleasure-Organs .. They Will 'Reward-You' with a Juice-Soaked, Pent-Up & Frantically-Nasty Ride While They 'Force-You' To-Breed & 'Breed-You' By-Force as You Desperately Fuck-2-Cum on Your Sweat-Drenched & Steam-Heated Breeding-Bed.

if Your're a Lifestyling-Couple 'Invite In' an Experienced Bi-Milf or a Hot & Sensual 'Fuck-Coaching' Partner who'll Help You Be-Sure That Your Pleasure-Organs are Fully-Engorged, Streaming Rivers of Pre-Cum & Are 'Totally-Aching' for Their Nastiest, Tension-Charged 'Breeding-Fuck'.

Only-Then, .. When You're Both 'Conditioned' and 'Fully-Readied' will it Be Time .. Time For Cock To Frantically-Shag, To Primitively-Pump & To Breed-Fuck Deep, Until It's Spraying A Drenched & Cream-Soaked Womb In The Thickest, Most Potently-Jellied Breeding-Cum Seed.

Only Then is Time For Pussy To Take-Cock Deep, ... To Milk It With-Tightness & Coax-Up Its Lava Till It's Rampantly-Stroking Cock-Head is Dropping Its 'Jellied-Sperm Cum' while Pussy's Receptively-Dilating, Orgasmically-Contracting & Drawing-In-Seed as It 'Opens For Cum-Loads' To Flood The-Bed of It's Womb-Core.

'Fertilize' & Be 'Pussy-Bred' as You Perform Your Primitive-Role On Your Soaked & Steam-Heated 'Breeding Bed' ... It's Natures Primal-Way.

Admit It, .. We Can't Resist-It. We'll "Do-Anything' To Hard-Cum & Deep-Breed, ... To Mindlessly Fuck-Shag & Cum-Out Our-Brains, Till We're Breathless, Senseless & Totally Climax-Spent ... It's Natures 'Primitive-Way' & It's Nature That Totally-Rules Us .. . We're Abiding, Obedient-Fools. :)

Libidinally-Kinked, Neo-Tantric Lifestyling-Group practicing 'Slowww-Sex Ceremonies & Slow-Teased, 'No-Leather Tanric-S&M'' at Miami OPC laying groundwork for a series of Slowww-Pleasured, Post-Porn 'Neo-Tantric Kink Classes', of Prolonged, Slow-Teased, Ultra-Soaked Orgasmic-Energie-Raising Scenes focused on * Adult Pleasure-Energie Worships, * Femme Orgasmic-Expansion Parties, * Soaked Slow-Vibed Full-Engorgement 'Clit-Training Worships' ( with Hard-Cock 'Used' as Pussie-Stroking Sex-Toy}, * 'Intimately-Guided' Fertility-Rites (with Breeding-Couples Pleasure-Trained, Slow-Teased, Kinked, Toy'd & 'Shag-Coached' by Attentively-Sensuous Bedside Milfs), * Extended Clit-Training Lessons, * His & Her Pre-Cum-Milking Ceremonies, * Amrita-Nectar 'Femme-Cum Worships' ( with Femme-Cum 'Slow-Milked' then 'Used' Ceremonially, * 'Forced Mutual-Climaxes' (with Breeding-Couples Slow-Teased, Pleasure-Prepped, Engorgement-Trained & Shag-Coached then 'Induced' to Hard Mutual-Fertility Orgasm during their All-Out Conclusional-Shaggings, * Ritual Slowww-Sex Ceremonies, * 'Intimately-Assisted' Breeding-Bed Sessions, * Sperm-Worship Ceremonies (with Sperm 'Used' in Sensual Creatively-Kinked Wet-Pleasure Rituals), * Deep-Soaked 'Yoni-Training Pujas (with Goddesses Full-Stretched & Deep-Stroked by Males wearing Wide-Girthed Cock-Worn Lube-Pumping 'Wrap-Ons'), * 'Training-Pleasure' Orgias', * Prolonged 'Assisted-Full-Engorgementing Rituals' (with an a Assisted-Couple, Together and Side-By-Side Patiently "Brought-To' then 'Kept' at Very-Near Orgasming-Energies while they're Toy-Teased, Slow-Oraled, Ass-Stimmed & Genit-Massaged until they've been 'Fully-Conditioned' & 'Readied' To Be 'Induced' to Their Hard Mutual-Ultra-Cum), * Slow-Soaked FFM Sperma-Vibed Clit-Training Orgias (with Orgasmically-Charged Cream-Pies & Condom-Dribbled-Loads of Tease-Milked-Sperm 'Used' by the Goddesses as their Oraling, Toying & Clit-Vibing 'Lube-of-Choice', ... and More.

Privately-Exploring Extreme Neo-Tantric "Deep-Breeding' Ceremonies and Private 'Orgasmic-Expansion' Scenes in the Orgasmically Pleasure-Charged, Slowww-Teased & Sweat-Drenched Styles of the Ancient Indo-EurAsians & Group-Tantric ChakraPuja Fertility-Rituals With Homage to Femme Sexual-Pleasuring Energies & The Steam-Heated Femme Pro-Creational Powers.

Experienced Master and Ultra-Sensuous Model/Dancer, Videographer, Sex-Writer, RN, Miami-Lifestyler, Photo-Shop Freak, and Very-Bi MILF-Mistress. I practice Yoga, Blue-Tantra, Kerreza, Sex Majik, Sensate Slow-Sex Marathons and Consensual Neo-Tantric-Kink. I Hostess and Structure Prolonged, Ultra-Sultry 'Fertility-Prepping Sessions' and 'Breeding-Bed Instructionals' with several attentive MILF-Friends. We patiently work side-by-side and edge-of-the-bed while 'tease-training', 'intimately-helping', 'hand-coaching' and 'deep-pleasuring' Fit, Fertile Younger-Couples at our Upscale Miami Tantric-Kink OPC. Our large and well-appointed 'Breeding-Beds' have been The Center of numerous, sexually-heightened, tease-prolonged, creatively-kinked and Rampantly-Adult Procreational-Events, 'Intimately-Guided' Barebacked-Breeding Scenes that Inevitably-Conclude with 'Induced Mutual Breeding-Cum Climaxings', ... the HARDEST, Most Powerful Co-Cums & Deep Orgasmic-Releases Most Couples Will Ever Experience.

We privately Slow-Train newbee club-couples in the Sultry Erotic-Arts of Heightened, Sexual 'Breeding-Pleasure Scenes', Slow-Coaching Consensual-Couples during Ultra-Soaked-Sessions of Real Orgasmic-Fertility Trystings. We work with Bareback Male-Champions and their off-the-pill Vixens , ... Juicy, Attractive & Uninhibited-Lifestylers who have strong durational, multi-orgasmic capacities, kink-driven desires and creatively extended deep-breeding climaxes relentlessly on their minds. Couples who want to experience the most-deliciously-kinked and ultra-adult pleasures, their longest and deepest erotic-heat, their juiciest levels of disoriented & slow-teased pre-cumming tensions, their most fevered and rut-tensioned pleasure-organ engorgments, their highest extremes of breeding-shag energies and the Maximum Unloadings of their Hardest Co-Mutual Climax-Releases.

The Romans, Indo-Eurasians, and Indian Tantrists believed that Very-Heightened-Pleasures and Prolonged Sexual-Breeding Ceremonies, in which influential-couples were 'attended', 'pleasure-coached' and 'intimately hand-guided' by experienced bed-side Pleasure-Helpers, would increase the likelihood that they'd sire a strong and healthy male heir. Fecundity Rtes were commonly practiced in both public and private throughout Asia, the Orient and in Europe as well, for over five hundred years. Even today these traditional 'Intentional' Fertility-Ceremonies continue, mainly and very-privately in Asia and Europe. We know now that ceremonial gender-choosing is a popular myth but bio-science has also discovered that the newly-created and deeply embedded male-sperm cells which are eventually drawn-down on during long, excessively-heightened and protracted deep-pleasuring-sessions are indeed the Fittest, Freshest and Most-Fertile that the male has to offer his babe-femme-lover. It has also been unveiled that The Longer a Woman is Full-Body-Pleasured, Clit, Nipple and G-Spot Worshipped, Pussie-Stretched, Shagged-Hard and 'Kept' at Tease-Prolonged, High-Tensioned Erotic-Heat then the Harder and Deeper She'll Eventually Cervically-Orgasm. Hence the greater chance for an 'Uptake' or 'Womb-Seating' as Her Mindlessly-Pistoning Stud Flood-Sprays Her-Core in his Freshest, Most Potently Pleasure-Primed Sperm, ... those Viscous, Arousal-Thickened and Nearly-Jellied Ropes of Steaming, Biologically Shag-Charged Breeding-Bed Cum.

In the spirit of all this, :). and in the effort to increase our Much Needed U.S. Population Count ( Think of the Chinese, .. ), we explore these extended fecundity sessions at our private Miami OPC, adding contemporary toys, unique adult-kinkings, lewd games, incendiary visual-routines, structured sexhibition-shows, multi-partnered 'tensioning-warmups' and more, as well as employing the traditional Erotic-Arts of Sensual, Bed-Side, Bi-Femme 'Handmaidens', ... experienced, erotically-creative Older-Vixens, who 'manage', 'scene-coach' and 'hand-guide' each younger-couples pleasure-buildups and breed-shaggings while using toys, clit-vibes, suggestive filth-talk commands, ass-stims, balls handlings and manual-massages as they 'Induce Those Couples', at The Very-Height of their Rampant & Frantically-Pistoning Fertility-Shagging Frenzies, to The Hardest Mutual Breeding-Bed Orgasms That They'll Ever Experience ! All to ensure that the male involved brings up His Biggest, Freshest Impregging-Load while his Honey is Unusually-Opened, Ultra-Conditioned and Pleasure-Primed for Her Deep-Breeding while She's 'Fully-Receptive' to Fertility-Cum In-Return, ... Orgasming-Her-Brains while Her Body's in Total De-Inhibition, Naturally-Opening The Guard-Gates to Her Sweet-Spot and Landing-Pad for Her Lovers Sperm-Flooding Deep-Cum Release that Gushes Relentlessly Non-Stop and Thoroughly-Over Her Receptively-Orgasming Breeding-Seat Womb-Core.

These Protracted, Assisted and Extreme-Pleasured Breeding-Bed Sessions are definitely Not For Everyone, ... Especially Not for the shy, nor for the Remotely Feint of Heart, ... but plenty of fit, sultry-hot and Ultra-Vital Lifestyling Couples enjoy the soaked, charged-thrills and disorienting highs of being Taken To Their Limits, then pushed Even-Further as they're 'Intimately-Helped' to experience Their Maximums in this Biologically-Primitive Realm of Soaked and Delirious Breeding-Bed Action.

During Sessions Breeding Couples are intimately attended and hand-guided by Sensuous Bi-Experienced 'Breeding-Bed-Helpers', Experienced Cougars and MILFs who know how to bring and keep a couple at extreme levels of Disorienting Pleasure Heat, until they're Ready-To-Breed-Shag and be Orgasmed-Hard and Together. Sessions are Beyond Hot, Soaked in His and Her Pre-Cum with Abnormally-Hardened Clits Nipples and Cock-Glans, They're Rampantly Orgasmic, Frantic, Manic and Overly-Tensioned at points throughout. There are Heightened Extreme-Pleasures Prolonged and Intensified by Adult-Games, Slow-Toy'd Teases, Stimulants, Nipple and Clit Worshippings, Slow-Femme Pussy-Milking Routines, Vibrator-Play, Ass Stims, Lite Pain, Very-Adult Kinkings and More coupled with Intensely blistering Breed-Shaggings and then the 'Induced Mutual-Orgasms' at these sessions Biologically-Primitive & Overly-Soaked Conclusions.

Elements of Sessions Include

* Fit, Younger Couples 'Involuntarily-Induced' to 'Hard Mutual-Fertility-Orgasms' by Kink-Sensuous Bi-Femme 'Breeding-Bed Helpers'.

* Intimately-Guided 'Fecundity Ceremonies'.

* Femme-Focused Multi-Orgasmic 'Expansioning Ceremonies'.

* Maximum Mutual-Orgasmic-Releases,

* Slow-Teased 'Fertility-Training Rituals'.

* Prolonged 'Just-Shy-Of-Orgasm' Play.

* His-&-Her Slowww-Teased 'PreCum-Milking Rituals'.

* Adult Euro-Pagan 'Fertility-Style' Group Sperma-Worships.

* 'Lubre-Erotique', ... The Femme-Cum and Sperm-Charged Group-Pleasure and Fertility-Worship Lubricant, banned in many Euro Lifestyling clubs but still used 'privately' within groups that safe-play for it's Heightened Erotic Effects.

Beside the large and well appointed breeding-bed stands our silk covered end table, The Pleasuring Station, festooned with dildos, cockrings, soft thick towels, fluted jars of oils, sensual scented, lubricants, incense burners, candles, clit toys, g-spotters, ass stimmers, nipple-suction-jar-cups, handheld magnifying makeup mirrors, lite whips and ass-paddles, wrist restraints, hitachi wands, open-fronted ultra-girthed cock-shaft expansion-sleeves that leave cock-heads 'exposed', finger vibes, oiled feathers and more. These biologically primal bred-training-sessions can last several or more hours while clits, pussies, nipples, g-spots and cock-heads are brought to throbbing full-bore engorgements with couples gasping through waves of intensive pleasuring-buildups while they're coached thru numerous crises of pre-orgasmic control. Abnormally heavy pre-cum flows soak sheets, balls and inner-thighs before couples are 'allowed' to finally-shag then 'forced to mutually-cum', deep, hard, long and together as toys, ass play, filth-talk and manual-stims prolong and magnify their full-load conclusional-releases.

Couples are patiently toyed, full-bod massaged, ass-played, slow-oraled and slow-teased till they've been conditioned and readied to their highest levels of primitive rut heat and to breathlessly disoriented pre-cumming-tensions before they're finally allowed their 'Conclusional Shagging'. Then and only then, while they're streaming their pre-cum and drenched in sheens of pleasuring-sweat are they intimately guided and hands-on helped to mindlessly deep-stroke before being 'involuntarily induced', and at the peak of their frantic union, to a Hard and Mutual Breeding-Bed Orgasm as they seal the deal in rivers of hot, steaming femme-cum co-mingled in the heavy, arousal-thickened loads of potently-viscous and abnormally-jellied ropes of breeding-bed sperm.

Toys, slow vibed teases, manual stims, ass-play, lite pain2pleasure apps and verbal encouragements are used to trigger each shagging couple to their hardest, most primitive fecundity-climax, with our femmes triggered first via oralings, manual play, clit and ass-toy stims followed by their male consorts who are induced to full-load release with sac massage, verbal command play and special male anual toys.

Couples Cum Hard as they're 'forced-to-full-release' at the peak of their conclusional shaggings , with gutturally moaning vixens cervically-orgasming in rhythmic, uncontrollably powerful uptaking-spasms, violently dilating and contracting around their champions overly-rigid shafts and abnormally distended cock-heads as tightened, pumping man-glans involuntarily spray hot, dense jets of fertility laden femme-seeding milt deep inside the womb-gates of their darlings till the couples collapse in a mindless swoon of release-exhaustion. But the now-grounded couples fertility-session is far from being over.

Next, the gathering with special toys of the couples spent co-mingled cream. Then the dribbling of their co-cum into a cut-glass challis and it's mixing with clear glass rod as it's suffused within a warmed melange of astroglide, aloe-vera, ginseng and viacream to then be 'used' in cermonial sperma worships, dispensed via decorative jars and dribbled from ceiling-hung 'hanging-condoms' fir use in the foam-fluffed cream-driven oralings, in the cream-soaked toy-arts, in the slow sensuous nipple and clit-worships, in the cock-head milking-massages and in the cream-soaked 'foreplay-only-shaggings' that erupt among the players who've witnessed the previous breeding-bed scene, all of these moves lubricated in the rich and slippery meringue-like froth of this charged and stimulating melange, until each breeding-couple and All Present have been reignited and readied again for the next fertility-driven breeding-bed ceremony.
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What a cool fixation you have, and it's great to see you write at such length about it. If I were an uber-rich Jagger type who could travel the world breeding with sexy women without having to live with the consequences, I would never have gotten a vasectomy!

Oh, and nice to meet another Shay Fox fan. I've made a few photo galleries of her.
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Just your profile page is almost sensory overload, its extremely erotic and sexy and it just makes me want to know and see more. I'm so hooked.
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Thanks for your invitation.

More of our cum clips are available at our profile.

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